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W3D Hub

Since 2015, W3D Hub has been the authority for developing games on Command & Conquer: Renegade's W3D Engine. The team has cultivated a strong infrastructure and knowledge-base that continues to expand and evolve every year. We have built our team with developers who have a large amount of experience creating mods in the engine; some of whom have been actively developing content ever since Renegade was released back in 2002.

Our mission statement is to preserve the knowledge of how to develop games using the W3D Engine, as well as to create projects that push the engine to the edge of its capabilities.

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Download, patch and join online multiplayer servers for Command & Conquer: Renegade*, Red Alert: A Path Beyond and Tiberian Sun: Reborn all in one place!

*Note: To manage Command & Conquer: Renegade, a valid installation from Steam, EA App, or the original discs is required. Command & Conquer: Renegade is NOT freeware.

Join our Testing Team

Here at W3D Hub, we have a dedicated testing team of hobbyists who spend parts of their free time testing new features and upcoming releases for the games developed at W3D Hub - both for released and unreleased games. Whenever the developers need something tested and bugswept, we step in and deliver on that request.

There are many different kinds of tests that we run, each with their own goals. We have playtests that are held to gather feedback on balance and new features, as well as any potential bugs that we may find whilst playing the game. These are held as big testing sessions where everybody is expected to show up. We also have bugsweeping tests are tests that are held either online or offline, alone. They consist of the more boring work of sweeping maps and features for bugs and reporting them on the forums and the bugtracker.

Testing comes with quite a few expectations. In return for early access to unreleased content, we expect you to spend time testing our games, not just in playtests but also in the boring repetitive work of bugsweeping and other things that aren't just playing the game. However, testing does open up more opportunities to rise through the ranks and learn the skills the developers use to make the games. So if you're interested in learning and wish to someday become staff, then joining the testing team is a good first step.

Disclaimer: Testing is in no way a paid position. W3D Hub is a non-profit organization of hobbyists. Anything that gets donated to W3D Hub is used for the maintenance of our infrastructure. Nobody gets paid; we develop and test these games as a hobby.