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    Life has been extremely busy lately. I’ve started my own business, gotten married and taken on the role of step dad to three awesome kids. But life has also never been better thanks for asking. As for Reborn. There are currently a lot things I’m not happy with. Mostly balance wise. But I can assure anyone concerned that OWA and Pushwall are working hard on fixing a lot of them. Another thing I wasn’t too happy with was some of the building layouts. Example the GDI bar and WF. BUT Chopbam and ICE have been kicking butt in that department. As for how I got into modding is kind of a long weird one. But the long short of it was, I started out as a player, then tester, then sound artist, and made a joke one day about taking over Reborn and somehow it became a real possibility. I wrote up a full change log of everything I would do differently and assured everyone it would be it’s own game, different from both Renegade and APB. Enough people liked it and I was kind of thrown into the role. Thanks for the awesome questions
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    Funny you should ask 😉 Beta also introduced the PT sidebar menu (made to look like RA1), instead of the Renegade menu re-textured. It had aircraft buyable at the main PTs instead of their own dedicated "poke terminals" as they were previously. As for the era between 1.2 and Gamma, its basically just a slow process of things changing from what you see in beta, into what you see in gamma. I'll try to find a changelog for that. After 1.2 is done, I think we're going to try to get 9935 worked up too. I've already tried it with the same new scripts we're using on 1.2 and there doesn't seem to be much that needs fixing.
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    Is this on? What? It is? Brilliant. So I just talk on this, or... oh, okay. Welcome to the APB Honourable Mentions thread! You have voted for the top three players who have participated in the Games Night. Without further ado, let's give a shout-out to: @Pushwall! Thanks to your team skills, piloting skills and ability to adapt to the situation, you collected 4 votes. Congratulations! @Dghelneshi! Your being a great teamplayer and consistent hard work has not only earned you a $5 Steam Card for a runner's up prize, but also an honourable mention at 4 votes. Reach round with your arm and pat yourself on the back! @Silverlight! Although people don't talk a lot about your game skillz, a lot of emphasis was placed on your tactics and planning helping to win the day multiple times, enough for you to sit with 3 votes. A job well done in my opinion! Though we may not have much to award you with, know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Great job to you three! With luck, I hope to implement this more often, so while you may not win any gifts you will get recognition for being fantastic players. I'd also like to thank everyone who participated in the Games Night; you are helping breathe life into this community!
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