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Found 199 results

  1. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update General Fixed a bug with tracking weapons that caused the tracking to frequently fail. To further accommodate the tracking fix, a bunch of tracking and formerly-tracking weapons have been amended; see below. If you are equipped with a tracking weapon and aim at a vehicle, you will get a lockon marker showing you what part of the vehicle the rocket will try to home in on. You can no longer access purchase terminals through walls. Scrolling your mousewheel down during gameplay no longer causes the sidebar to be scrolled down
  2. I'm getting the error installation failed: It also fails to extract when trying to update W3D Launcher. I've tried the solutions elsewhere on this forum, like deleting the launcher folder in AppData and downloading it again, but to no avail. Can anyone help me out?
  3. So we already know that Seamist is set up to end the game if the objective building dies. Lunar Paradox has the same thing going on when the WF dies (though I believe it's not been seen yet) because the map also contains a helipad that is invisible and therefore unkillable (which had to be done to make aircraft purchasable without making room for a "real" helipad). I now realise that I could combine this feature with the "trigger an event X number of times" logic used in FoI and Siege to make it so that if a team loses ALL their production buildings (Barracks, War Factory, Helipad, Naval/
  4. Hey everyone, I noticed that it's been over a year since the last time someone posted on Reddit. Crazy considering how big the platform is and could bring in a lot of new players by just talking about the game, sharing pictures, and so forth. I decided to make two quick topics on r/gaming and r/commandandconquer. It would be extremely helpful to go upvote and comment on these and get them noticed. Please take some time to do this and get some new faces on the servers!
  5. hi all, i'm a student and was wondering if i could get the magnificent 3d models from here. i'm doing a project in my school, evolving the favourite game of mine - Red Alert, and wanted to do a homage, which envolves real footage and 3d models. can you help me please? thanks!
  6. Why does he suck so much now? I know that people said to try it against a tank, but that's why Soviets have a rocket soldier for, right? I can hardly seem to kill infantry at all with him now. Maybe I just remember how good he was on maps like FoI and Fissure. Not exploding on death was kind of a let down too. What're your thoughts?
  7. Hello everyone, I just posted on Reddit again, and would appreciate everyone taking a moment to go upvote and comment on the topics. Let's bring awareness to to APB, and W3DHub in general, and draw some new players in! Link to the r/games topic here. Thank you!
  8. I'm curious on what everyone's thoughts are on the current state of the Shock Trooper? I could be wrong, but is the range shorter than I remember? I find it hard to believe that the Rifle Soldier was always able to out range it. Also, I really miss the splash damage. Probably because out of habit, I'm constantly aiming for the legs. Still seems the same when it comes to vehicles. Haven't noticed anything that sticks out. Seem to do roughly the same damage to them that I remember.
  9. Hey guys, I am hoping that I may be pointed in the right direction on this one. I seem to either be lost, blind or dumb (unsure what one). I am coming back to APB after a very long break from the game and was hoping to get some practice in single player before a US/NA server is set up. Does APB have any AI maps, or am I remembering a feature that never existed in the first place? If it does have AI maps, how do I access them? Thanks for the help everyone, I am excited to come back to this game.
  10. I bring you great news! You will be happy to know that rank images for A Path Beyond are working again! In order to grab your rank image, find yourself in the ladder (it can be Overall or Monthly), open your stats page and scroll on down to the bottom. At the bottom of your user stats page you will find this. From there, you can copy and paste the BB code and include your rank image in your forum signature! You can do this where BB code is applicable, meaning you can include this in your forum signature on other forums you may visit besides our own. It's free advertising for your fr
  11. Last one for tonight! What happened to unit pricing and money in general? I found it so odd getting my first Ore Truck dump after returning all these years, only to get $350. I decided to check the PT, and noticed a lot had changed. Ore Trucks are only $700 now? That seems a bit crazy to me. I see plenty of people buy an Ore Truck right away, and by the time you get your next dump, the game has already entered end game. What I mean is, it feels like there's no early game now, minus the usual infantry rush to the other teams base. This has also changed, as you now start with $350. Thi
  12. https://www.w3dhub.com/ranks/apb/ Thanks to the hard work of moonsense715, rantanplan and the team , our APB Stats page has just been completely overhauled! Sporting a more modern and clean look, our stats page is a sight to see. The overhaul itself was primarily made to better support mobile devices. The menu, located to the left, offers easy and convenient access to the other pages of our statistics. Find your place on the Overall Ladder, check the Rankings to see what it takes to be promoted to Praporshchik, and read over the Achievements page and understand what you actuall
  13. Good Evening all. Having played for a while I have accrued some sounds from the years that I game with and would love to share it with everyone. Some of the sounds I didn't like and replaced it as such and others I thought could use a little bit of a change or some spice. I hope you all enjoy, add some new flavor to your game and play on! Download Here <------------------------- Installation Instructions are as follows Navigate to your data folder by going Computer>Program Files (x86)>W3D Hub>Games>APB-Release>Data Once you reach t
  14. I Think It Would Be Cool If There Was A Sell Building Feature, I Think. Say, For Example, You Want To Buy A Harvester, But You Don't Have Enough Money. You Could Just Sell a Building Such As The Barracks For Example And Then Harvest Some Tib For Your Team. This Could Be Done By Making A Sell Area In Each Building That U Just Walk Into To Get Money I Think. I Think It Could Open Up A Lot Of Possibilities I Think.
  15. Summer APB season 2018 is on the way so I've streamed some matches from Friday and Saturday, on Saturday we even got few large player games with ~34 players on! Friday 29/06 Saturday 30/06
  16. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update Can you tell I'm running out of things to say in these? There's still more coming up, like the Chronotank and RockTrap overhaul, but I didn't want to put this patch off any longer. Enjoy! (.1 and .2 are just to fix some post-release issues) General Bullet ricochet sound radius up (15 -> 20m) You can now learn some basic information about your unit by pressing H. Crosshair is now dynamic; the less accurate your weapon, the more its lines move away from the dot. Jumping/falling will produce a considerable effect here, and
  17. Version 2.0.0


    Edits of War Factory door and roof textures to tile better. Results vary.
  18. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update The shotgun/volkov overhaul is done, hope it works out! Next on my plate is some more map fixer-uppers. In the future, expect to see RockTrap revisited as a Fissure-esque barracks/silo map, and Coastal Influence set up so that boats/missile subs can actually attack things going around the ocean side of the central island! General Replaced the incredibly low quality team icons on target boxes with higher-quality RA team flags. Reduced frequency of texture cleanup calls (so more performance boosts) Sun dazzle actually works now (it was bro
  19. Installing and playing some games on APB May 6
  20. http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/solomusic/Metal_Ground.mp3 After winter holidays, I was trying to make something new. As a result, I composed this simple melody and published in VKontakte as usual, but only today decided to publish it in YouTube. Inspired by one of my favourite universes which is Command & Conquer Red Alert.
  21. Used to play this game a lot back in the day with a few friends and was really hoping to come back and see people still playing. Even joined the discord which was eerily quiet and was told people are usually on around 7pm-8pm GMT but have yet to see anyone on the server, is there anywhere else to talk to people who still play this game so can try organise a few troops to establish battlefield control?
  22. Hey guys, Since I'm officially done with APB level contributions, I'm more or less free to pick up the occasional small tasks. The first thing I've worked on today was an updated Soviet Airfield, since I really did not like the existing low resolution single black asphalt texture that was on it. I've had to make sure not to modify the existing geometry much, else complications may have surfaced in various levels. The screenshots below are 100% material/texture work with no geometry changes outside of vertex coloring. The runway stripes glow, making them easy to spot in ni
  23. I'm feeling more and more that the building ladders aren't really that beneficial for gameplay. While they do make a good defensive position for infantry against tanks in the middle of your base, the thing is, normally people only use their own rooftops for defense when they're losing badly enough that they can't make a comeback, so it just draws out the game. Or because they're snipers - a unit that could probably stand to be a little better in general and not need to rely on high ground so much. Or the Sub Pen which I'll discuss a little more later. They make scouting on the smalle
  24. Now that the ever-irritating online bug with bot vehicle turrets is fixed, and a change to Metro has meant that its bots are sadly left without vehicles, I'm going to work on adding the option of botmatches to some more maps soon. Which ones should I try first? If it looks like there aren't many maps in this poll, it's because there are a lot of maps where bots would still be problematic. Bear in mind that bots wouldn't know how to use naval units (especially subs due to the specific circumstances needed for subs to attack) and that while they can use normal VTOL aircraft, they won't
  25. View File War Factory Door and Roof Edits of War Factory door and roof textures to tile better. Results vary. Submitter KevinLancaster Submitted 02/11/2018 Category Custom Textures
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