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Found 199 results

  1. This one is for the future. But with all your battlefield experiences, what global voice commands have you often wanted press/say but it's just not there? Remember all voice commands now identify the speaker unit/vehicle. The commands should be time-sensitive warnings where either 1. you are too busy to type out the details, or 2. it's an urgent message that needs to be heard over a flood of text. Remember also urgency can be achieved by spamming a VC multiple times instead of needing a new line. For me, we should have these new ones: Incoming attack force - people can be alerted an
  2. COMPATIBLE WITH LATEST A PATH BEYOND RELEASE! Texture pack last updated 2016/06/22 for Delta's 3.0.6.X release. See changes/additions below. All content featured in this texture pack should be compatible with the most current/recent patch of Red Alert: A Path Beyond. Enjoyed playing Red Alert? Ever wanted to play Red Alert: A Path Beyond with faction colors? Then this texture pack is for you! The textures contained in this pack will colorize the characters and vehicles of APB to represent their house colors from the Red Alert RTS. Allies will have the followi
  3. Hey guys, Something crossed my mind this morning which made me create this thread, and that is, where did the talented level creators from the broader W3D community go to? Since Delta launched I've been the sole person to do the occasional level contribution. In past versions of the game, we had a number of people contributing content, so I'd like to figure out what caused this, and perhaps I can assist in improving things on this front. Is it a problem with the tools? The lack of available knowledge? Or something else? Community created content has always been a big part of past APB
  4. So, I will cut the introduction short and state the stuff as it is. Most grief when it comes to map balance being scewed in Allied favor comes from a single unit being a pain in the butt. And said unit is Artillery plain and simple. So let's start with the obvious and compare Arty to V2. + Higher mobility due to tracks > wheels. + Higher versatility due to higher ROF and ability to turn. + Higher sustained DPS on enemies due to less punishing misses. + Way better at self-defence: easy to kite slow large soviet vehicles and kill infantry pestering you at close range. + Hi
  5. So I'm not really sure where to put this as I've been meaning to post this all day but I wasn't too sure where exactly, as the bug tracker is gone and the Report Bugs link is also broken so I guess I'll stick it here? Anyhow I recall this bug was actually fixed sometime ago in a changelog but it seems to have resurfaced as I discovered several days ago and I wanted to be sure if this was the case but anyway, standing in a certain spot between the small passage of the barracks allows you to use the Golden Wrench or Repair Tool at the full repair rate. It may not seem like a big deal
  6. This soundpack converts a lot of the engine start and idle sounds of the ground vehicles in Red Alert: A Path Beyond into (almost) perfect loops of Retrowave/Synthwave tracks. The vehicles affected by this soundpack use the following songs: Light Tank: "Telecom" by Power Glove Medium Tank: "Raining Steel" by Perturbator Heavy Tank: "Built to Kill" by Lazerhawk Mammoth Tank: "Death Squad" by Perturbator Phase Tank: "Flightwave" by Com Truise Tesla Tank (and MRJ): "Chaos" by Lazerhawk APC (and Minelayer): "Access Point" by Stoned Presidents A
  7. [blurb]Naval refinements and traffic dispersements and urban environments, oh my! Get the latest developments today![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.k.png[/thumb] Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update INFANTRY AK/M16/MP5 damage to boat health up by ~7% (0.35 -> 0.375) AK/M16/MP5 damage to boat armour down by ~29% (0.175 -> 0.125) Remington Slug damage to boat armour down by 50% (0.375 -> 0.1875); DPS now matches primary fire M60/PKM damage to boat health up by 12.5% (0.333... -> 0.375) M60/PKM damage to boat armour down by 25% (0.333... -> 0.25
  8. While digging through some old DVDs I found a bunch of fan maps from back in Beta. These seem to be from 1.2.0. up until 1.4.0. If anyone wants these maps, I can upload them somewhere and put a download link here. This is the list of maps I found:
  9. Golden wrench spam seems to be quite the source of rage as well as failed attacks that honestly should have succeeded - even after being nerfed from its old RenAlert state of literally instant full repair to merely trickling up ~9% of a building's health per second (which, it turns out, is still a damn lot given technicians repair 2% per second) and capping out at 2/3rds of it per purchase. Given how long it's been around, I can see why some people might think it's just "part of the game". But maybe it's time for it to go? After all we've done away with quite a few alienating antique features
  10. Hey guys, A few people seem quite unhappy about the map, particularly the ground based vehicle meatgrinder that it was designed to be. I'm making this topic now to see how many people actually dislike the map. If the vote for removal has no-voters in the lead, then I recommend the removal. I won't be asking what issues some people have with this map, because I will not be doing a major revision. I'm currently working on the Hostile Waters revamp which means I don't have time for another revamp. Further more if both my contributions are unpopular enough to both be pulled, I might
  11. W3D Tournament of Shame Reward – 100$ to MVP of winning team, 50$ to MVP of team that lost. Proposed Map Rotation – RA_Pipeline, RA_ RiverRaid, RA_Zama, RA_PacificThreat and RA_CamosCanyon. Break of RA_Antlion between RiverRaid and Zama and break of RA_Wasteland between PactificThreat & CamosCanyon. Hey guys! Given the success of the recent PUG’s and the community revival happening, I’m resurrecting my idea of a tournament with a small cash prize (Since CDN is a joke). Basically, it’ll be a 5 map rotation, consistent teams (obv), with the short 5 minute maps between sets of
  12. Mammoth tank vs. vehicle armor is 66% more effective than a heavy tank, very effective in stripping armor! BUT Mammoth tank vs. vehicle health (stripped of armor) does the SAME damage as a heavy tank, not more! Not sure if this was intended by the devs. If you are a mammoth supported by a couple of friendlies, be sure to target vehicles that have armor first! You do 66% more damage! Otherwise you are just a heavy tank in damage output.
  13. Hey guys, So I've been making an effort lately to play APB more often (mainly to get back in touch with the game so that I can deliver better content). Now normally I won't openly discuss game balance as I leave that to other people, but this topic isn't really about simple numbers tweaks, it is about the entire unit design of the Soviet Grenadier, and why I think it needs to be completely overhauled and break away from RAlism in order to make more sense within APB. The in-game feedback about the Grenadier seems pretty consistent; A lot of people find it a cheesy, low-skill unit that
  14. Okay, so awhile back I was talking about how I was crashing a lot. I did a complete reinstall and that got fixed, so this isn't the same problem. From as far as I can tell, that was caused by one file failing to download correctly during an update and then the repair function failing to catch it. This is different. On Ridge War, about 3/4 of the time I enter one specific area my computer freezes so completely that I have to power cycle it. The sound even stutters to a stop before the game is frozen on the screen, no keys not even ctrl+alt+del respond. This happens in the area slightly
  15. Those were some really good games this weekend! Makes the community feel very alive. Thanks everyone!
  16. Playing a game on Ridgewar today using a streala vs several Longbows was extremely frustrating. The LBs were often within my reach, but unlike the Hind, their faster speeds meant only the missiles that tracked actually hit. I know this is a code issue the dev team hasn't been able to fix. I just want to ask if it is possible you guys can look at the SAM missile tracking code to see how that works flawlessly?
  17. Man, even when the servers are empty, I can still have fun on RA_CamosCanyon_Bots ... 100 bots 100 vlimit. And a shoddy fps for nostalgia (poor old q9300). Hour or two at a time. It's great. All the years that have gone by, I have done similar things. But anyways, does anyone else feel this way? Or does no one like just joining a horde of bots for a slugfest?
  18. Which old maps should we bring back to the game? A couple on the list are already in progress, but we're interested to hear your feedback! Be sure to include your reasons for liking those maps and any suggestions you have. If your favorite isn't here, please be sure to mention it!
  19. Hello everyone, I had an opportunity to play APB earlier today and I realized Hostile Waters was removed from the map rotation. Recently I had a conversation with Pushwall about this map, so that decision doesn't surprise me. But what I personally haven't been able to determine is why people dislike the map? So here is a poll, I'll give it a few days to let it generate a clear result. I'll discuss my options with Pushwall after that, so that I might perhaps obtain the updated assets and do some overhauls - if the map itself is the problem. Meanwhile, let me know in this t
  20. I feel the reason supply trucks are effective is because the driver can call people using a horn. Can we give the APC a horn too? It will help to call people to form rushes, or make other infantries in the battle aware that a friendly APC is nearby to take cover in.
  21. [blurb]Be sure to check out the latest development update for Red Alert: A Path Beyond. Featuring many changes to infantry, vehicles, aesthetics and maps![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.7.png[/thumb] Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update INFANTRY TOZ secondary fire spray angle down from 7.5 to 6. RPG-7 damage up to 90 again, reload time up from 2.5 to 2.8 (DPS change is negligible, but the extra damage means it kills LTs in one less shot from the side, so it's a little more viable against early LT rush) Grenade damage to all buildings up ~4% (0.3375 -> 0.35) VEHI
  22. [blurb]Join us for an extra special April Fools game night! Rangers will roll and Submarines will fly![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.c.png[/thumb]I would like to first thank you all who attended the previous game night. As was mentioned in the announcement for that one, there is another coming right up this Saturday! I can promise you, this is one not to miss! April 1st, Saturday April Fools' Day Special! 7:00 PM GMT (EU) & 9:00 PM CST (US) Official APB Server
  23. Could make them more useful? I bring this up because much of the what made this feature insanely overpowered in much older versions of APB are no longer there: you can't steal while inside a vehicle anymore - so no outright flipping the bird to AP mines (Gamma fix) you have to be touching the silo computer instead of any part of the silo - making it even harder to avoid mines (Delta fix) there's now a short delay between entering the stealing zone and actually stealing - so you can't just jump out of your vehicle, insta-steal before the mines trigger or before enemies can kil
  24. [blurb]Listen up, soldiers! We have two game nights coming, so get ready to mark your calendars![/blurb][thumb]thumb_apb.2.png[/thumb]Listen up, soldiers! We have two game nights coming, so get ready to mark your calendars! The first game night to come will be March 24th, this Friday. March 24th, 7:00 PM GMT & 9:00 PM CST Official APB Server Note that we will have two set times for our gaming sessions this Friday, one for our EU players and the second for our US players. Of course, you can join at both times if you would like! After this game night, mark your
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