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Found 23 results

  1. Another topic we’d like to hear the community on. I’m sure there’s at least a few people who would love to see Attack Dogs get added to the game. The biggest issue I always hear is are Spies powerful enough to warrant adding them into the game? I’d like to see some brainstorming on this topic. What could make the Spy better to allow the team to add the Attack Dog?
  2. I’d like to use this topic to get some general feedback from the community. If these buildings were to appear in the game at some point, what would you want them to do? What would their purpose serve to gameplay? Let’s get those gears turning!
  3. Here is something that the Reborn crowd will be familiar with, the GDI Mobile EMP: This is not textured in this image Here is a GIF showing in game screens: 3 Stage GIF I am indifferent with how this turned out.
  4. This is my first attempt at creating a model for a game. I feel like being unable to fleshout a texture for this model makes it harder to progress further on the finish. I'm using Gimp, the approach I took is extrapolating the palette from the MiG & using heal tool to fill in then make some contrast using paintbrush do make it less granular & better define. Just recently I overlayed light\dark areas & exposure filter then brushing light-yellow scratches w\ the layer switched to Overlay mode. The undamaged variant looks bland probably because no indents\seems in the texture, not sure how to simulate those from the C&C MiG textures, it feels like their method is to take premade textures then retouch to add height feel to them. Another thing I'm wondering is how many polygons are too many. I'm sitting ~300 faces using plane foils untill I boil the model down manually or using optimize before exporting.
  5. Hi guys. I have a question for you. I'm trying to understand the way that the original Red Alert works and I want to know something. "On the medium speed setting of the game, how long does it take for a Mammoth Tank to kill another a Mammoth Tank in seconds?" I'm currently working on visualising the balance data from RA1 and am using the Mammoth Tank as my control group. I would like to know how long (in seconds) Mammoth Tank A takes to kill Mammoth Tank B if Mammoth Tank A force fires on Mammoth Tank B from this position: I'm want to know this because I want to know whether my own control is accurate, or whether the Medium speed setting varies from player to player. To do this, just load a skirmish game of Red Alert as Soviets with lots of starting units and get your Mammoth Tank to fire on another using the force-fire command (Ctrl+LMB). You can get Red Alert from https://cncnet.org/red-alert Cheers!
  6. [blurb]The update everyone has been waiting to see![/blurb][thumb]thumb_apb.7.png[/thumb]Hello everyone! Welcome to the late night update! The update you've all been waiting for the past few weeks! I'm your host, Coolrock-o! I bring you an exciting new showing of what's been in the works for the past few months. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy getting this all ready for the fans that have been sticking around all these years. Be happy that Pushwall is here, otherwise none of this wouldn't be possible! I know I have a lot of you on the edge wondering what this is all about by now, so let's get to it! MiGThe MiG is finally finished, and will be added into the game come the next patch. More details will be released in the developer blog! For now, I have a very nice render to show off the final product. This should be a nice flash back for anyone familiar with the Red Alert cutscenes. Model by @Sir_Phoenixx | Texture by @Fabian| Render by @Dghelneshi With such a flashy new MiG being added into the game, which threatens the Allied Navy, we decided that it was also time to overhaul the naval units. Let's face it, the older models have served their purpose! Gunboat While the best looking of the two ships, we still felt that this ship needed a new look to match the other detail wise. Here's a look at the new Gunboat! Again, more details will be given once the developer blog is released. Model & Texture by Omegavision | Render by @Dghelneshi Let's jump right into our last update for the night! DestroyerThis has to be one of the biggest improvements to a vehicle this game has seen in years. Hands down one of the best looking vehicles currently in the game. This will be your go-to when protecting your fleet from incoming Yaks, MiGs, and Hinds! Model & Texture by Omegavision | Render by @Dghelneshi Along with all this happening, the Soviets also need to see an update also. Currently a WIP, but I wanted to share this with you guys anyways! Missile SubSorry for the picture quality, but it's the best I have for this sneak peak. Hope you guys don't mind! Model by @Kane000 This one won't be ready for a while, but it'll be coming with hopefully a new Attack Sub later this year! With all that said and done, I hope you guys enjoyed this little teaser. I swear I'm forgetting something though Oh that's right! How silly of me! Cruiser Model & Texture by Omegavision | Render by @Dghelneshi IT'S HERE NEXT PATCH! GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!
  7. Why does he suck so much now? I know that people said to try it against a tank, but that's why Soviets have a rocket soldier for, right? I can hardly seem to kill infantry at all with him now. Maybe I just remember how good he was on maps like FoI and Fissure. Not exploding on death was kind of a let down too. What're your thoughts?
  8. I'm curious on what everyone's thoughts are on the current state of the Shock Trooper? I could be wrong, but is the range shorter than I remember? I find it hard to believe that the Rifle Soldier was always able to out range it. Also, I really miss the splash damage. Probably because out of habit, I'm constantly aiming for the legs. Still seems the same when it comes to vehicles. Haven't noticed anything that sticks out. Seem to do roughly the same damage to them that I remember.
  9. Last one for tonight! What happened to unit pricing and money in general? I found it so odd getting my first Ore Truck dump after returning all these years, only to get $350. I decided to check the PT, and noticed a lot had changed. Ore Trucks are only $700 now? That seems a bit crazy to me. I see plenty of people buy an Ore Truck right away, and by the time you get your next dump, the game has already entered end game. What I mean is, it feels like there's no early game now, minus the usual infantry rush to the other teams base. This has also changed, as you now start with $350. This leads to people rushing with Rocket Soldiers early on, which also means that you hardly ever see V2/Light Tank rushes anymore. Maybe this is what people prefer now, but I personally don't. I've also noticed that Volkov now has a price of $1800. I'd assume because of his recent weapon changes, but even then it doesn't seem he needs such a high price. For $1800, he shouldn't be killed in a single head shot (which I thought he had protection for at one point). Seems a little steep to me. Tanya also remaining at $1200, while he's at $1800 seems odd. Tanya can destroy an entire building in 30 seconds, while killing most things coming her way (depending on the player), while Volkov has been made to be more of a sniper now (I haven't had much success). I liked the pricing how it was before. What're your thoughts?
  10. You guys should check out this thread over at Renegade X forums: https://renegade-x.com/forums/topic/76197-rebuilding-cnc-mode-or-ren-for-that-matter/?page=1 They talk about the whole C&C mode of Renegade, and a couple of guys have specifically mentioned A Path Beyond and Reborn: "Differentiate infantry classes more with full loadouts, as opposed to just one weapon swap and a little health. The biggest issue I had with Reborn/A Path Beyond is how restricted infantry felt. The classes were maybe a little faster, or tougher, but aside from that most just had one weapon... which started feeling EXTREMELY boring to fire when you ran across something you couldn't fight at all. Varied? Yes. Entertaining for more than 10 minutes? No. I think RenX/OldRen did better at this, with at least throwing the timed C4 on units, and X adding in abilities. I'd definitely add more abilities/'Grenade types, and just things to keep characters from feeling like one-tricks. " "Personally, I'm not into purchasable repair tools as repairing is a special ability and should be something only a special class could. I like if players are forced to work as a team and mix their group with different kinds of characters, not being all-rounders.I'm aware it would limit a player's usefulness in the field, but that's what teammates are for. It wouldn't be as boring as Red Alert Path Beyond and TS Reborn, since those games even restrict C4 and pistols to most classes and Renegade X has more features. The idea is to make it more RTS-like but even in RTS basic infantry are only limited to rifles, rocket soldiers and engineer/infiltration classes would die easily to even basic infantry (but they are lucky enough to get a pistol, they are completely defenseless in RTS games, forcing you to rely on other combatants to escort them)." I personally would like purchasable repair tools. But as you can see from the feedback from these die hard Renegade guys, its all a mixed bag. But I like what the first guy said - after 10 minutes it gets boring. Maybe thats why the server only has like 20 guys for a couple hours every couple a days a week. 20 guys is when any Renegade game gets fun.
  11. The medic as it is seems fairly overpowered. The issues I see at this time are: 1. The heal rate is amazing, so much that I can solo commando, and out-heal fire damage WHILE BURNING (which never stops, unlike volkov). The heal rate could be a bit slower to remove this commando ability. 2. The healing of groups. Since it isn't possible to make the medic work like it did in game (1 unit at a time), it becomes insanely overpowered in small games, and even in infantry matches of 10 v 10, as it is very much impossible to kill reliably with a huge team of soldiers running circles around it. As a workaround, I suggested limiting the amount of heal packs it can use to something like 10-20 at most, to at least force it to not be able to continue an endless assault. The flamer is now USELESS against them, as the heal can be spammed to get rid of the burn issue, and the healing out heals burning anyways. Even 10 packs would last, if the medic timed them each time the pack ran out. 20 would be overkill, but at least it's not unlimited. (This would finally make the pack tactical, either choosing constant heal, or choosing to keep it running longer, by using it when needed) As for the weapon, I see no problem with it. My issue was that I am nearly invincible SOLO if I use my auto-heal correctly (which never stops, unlike volkov), rather than the weapon being OP. The issue is the mass survivability not the ability to fight. Lastly, making increases to time switching between is POINTLESS, that isn't the issue that they can heal and fight... the issue is that they can heal endlessly, and that they can survive too well alone and become a mini-commando.
  12. In-game if you type !help you'll find a list of commands and !tagme is one of them, but if you try to use it you get the following error: "[APB] You are not allowed to use this command." Please make it so we can tag ourselves. If we can pick our name and create a setjoin, we should be able to tag ourselves. Plus, this would mean we wouldn't have to hassle mods in-game for this.
  13. I can't be the only one who thinks this is very uncomfortable to look at? Is it possible to return it to what it was before, where it wasn't so intense? Another suggestion: When I was playing Renegade earlier I used !td to donate credits to the team, I liked how it showed this: Is it possible to a) make it so just typing !td donates all credits and b) tell us how much the individual gets in addition to how much in total? It's nice to know how much each team mate gets when I donate X amount. Thanks for reading.
  14. Just wanting to open a discussion about the Chameleon Spy for Nod in Reborn. I know a big patch is coming out eventually, but I think this might be a good opportunity for feedback about a unit I feel should be heavily modified. Why do I believe this? The Chameleon Spy, in my opinion, is a teamwork killer. The main use of the spy is not to gather information or covertly steal a vehicle that's left sitting around (though if it happens, a bonus). The main use for the Spy is to go out on your own and wait, maybe hide in a corner and wait for someone to spawn, go up behind someone and stab them unexpectedly, but has very little to contribute to team play. Perhaps the use for the spy could be killing an engineer that's repairing while your allies are laying siege to the base. Well, if your teammates are already attacking the base, other infantry are more than likely storming structures and any engineers are fighting for their lives or buying other units. Overall, I feel the Chameleon Spy doesn't add to the team play of the Nod side and if anything, puts them at a disadvantage, or encourages killwhoring at the end of a game. What are other's thoughts on this unit? Personally, I'm not sure how it could be fixed without making to too much like the Spy from APB. Sorry for the negative nancy of a post.
  15. [blurb]We need your input on several APB features and fixtures! Come and let us know your opinion![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.5.png[/thumb]Several threads have started recently, asking for your feedback! ChopBam asks, "Which APB maps should we bring back?" Raap asks what improvements can be made to his map, Hostile Waters. Pushwall asks how everyone would feel about implementing an anti-stalemate feature. Visit these threads and others in the W3D Hub Discussion forums and express your thoughts!
  16. Hey guys! For those of you who have been living under a rock not noticed, our friend Raap has been trying his best to finish up a new rendition of a map he made way back in the APB .9935 days - Hostile Waters. While many of the staff and testing team have had a great time thus far playtesting the map, nothing compares to the feedback that can be gained from a public test. Therefore, it has been temporarily added to the regular rotation! If you haven't played it yet, jump on the official server and have at it! When you're done, come back here and share your thoughts. The map is nearing completion and Raap says he's in the final stages of cleaning and prettying it up. If you see something that is really bad out of whack or if you find a bug, tell us about it here. Otherwise, if you have some positive comments, those are more than welcome too. Our developers and in this case, fan mappers, need all the encouragement they can get! Thanks!
  17. Is it possible to make it so the CTRL, ALT, and CTRL + ALT commands menu shows up instantly, like how Renegade X does it? I'm probably never going to memorise the commands so it would be great if it didn't take as long to load up the menu. Nothing major but just a small suggestion that'll greatly improve my and possibly others experience. Cheers.
  18. Would it be possible to make it so when we press a certain button our vehicle comes to a full stop? I hate it when I'm trying to stop but my vehicle slowly moves forwards or backwards. Thanks for reading! Back to Pacific Threat...
  19. Hi, I'm Tiny a very old Renegade player from back in the day I've been reading the updates about this A path beyond, so yesterday I decided to download it and give it a try and all I can say its awesome. So keep up the good work and a special Thank you too Pushwall for helping me understand it more and showing me round a few maps. Regards, Tiny.
  20. Is it just me, or is credit income when shooting infantry... completely missing? Unless you land a killing shot, in which case it seems almost like only the person who did the kill gets any credits - and only for the amount of damage they did. Correct me if I'm wrong, there, but that's what *seems* to be the case every time I've played Fissure the last couple days. That's pretty darn frustrating, especially as soviets when an allied medic is in play because it makes actually landing kills that much harder, which means making any credits at all is that much harder. It's rather frustrating.
  21. I was playing today, and tried out the new APB snipers, and found I liked them- until my well aimed shot went to the left unexpectedly, Snipers are very hard to use on oddly moving targets, without having to get a miss because of unpredictable inaccuracy- this was not a good idea in my opinion what do you all think?
  22. I want to just do a general survey here. How many of you can hear the linked sound? https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/95/Sound_test.ogg Let me know what type of speakers you have, and also what occupation you possess.
  23. One of the founding values of W3D Hub was to increase the openness of our development process and get the community more involved with the work we're doing, not just on the games but the tools and infrastructure surrounding them. As such I've decided to create this topic to see how interested our community are in the development of the launcher and see what feedback you might have on features as they're being developed. If there is a positive response to this I will consider doing more of these for the launcher and other non-game related W3D Hub projects. Anyhow, with the blurb out of the way, here are some very early WIP screenshots of a new feature for the launcher, namely the ability to download news from the website. The current plan is for each game to list its own news items individually and also provide a combined "all news" (including community news not shown under any game tab) on the "Home" page of the launcher. One of the first issues I realised we had was that we could only show you news for TSR with the way the launcher worked before - only showing you the games you were allowed to install. That has been changed now so that all games will be listed, allowing you to browse their latest news. Part of this change was adding a new "this game is not available yet" banner to the top of the game page for those games which are not yet released. This is shown in the screenshot below; For games that are released the page looks like this; The design and theming work for this is still very early WIP, some of the things that need adding are; - Date of the news post - Replacing the "i in a box" icon with an image themed to the news post (this will also go onto the w3dhub.com website homepage, which uses the same backend service to download news items) - Improved text formatting - A link to read the complete news article online We're interested to hear what you, the community, would like to see from this feature and hear any suggestions or other feedback you might have. Let us know your thoughts Also, let me know what you think about seeing future WIP updates on our tools and services. Is this something you'd like to see more of? Is there anything in particular you'd like to know more about?
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