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Found 101 results

  1. I downloaded W3D launcher and I have renegade from Origins. When I run the launcher it just prompts me to pull up origins and open Renegade through there. I obviously dont remember my login and password from ages ago. I thought this was just supposed to Direct Connect me instead of bringing me through Renegades menus?
  2. Hey I Have registration with ma Twitter Account, are i can not Login with the W3D Hub Launcher to Join a Server. What is the Problem ?
  3. My game crashes the moment I try to boot it up for Multiplayer. Whether I click Join game on a server, or just click Play Now on the W3D Launcher (Singleplayer seems to work fine though.) When I click either Join game or play now, it boots the game up, briefly flashes the main menu, before opening a "Testing Bandwith" window. If I leave it alone, it breifly flashes "Joining game" but then just crashes. If I click skip, it briefly goes to the main menu, and then crashes. I closest thing to a modification I have is Bibber's fixed Ultimate Collection launchers, and the .exe is running in Compatibility Mode for Windows XP SP3. There are no other modifications. I can't send a crash log, because the folder they're supposed to be in doesn't seem to exist?? If I go to Documents>W3D Hub there's only a Launcher Folder, with an errors.log that I know doesn't relate to my situation, but I'll send it here anyway. The Launcher says the files needed will be made next time I launch the game (Because whenever I try clicking User Data Folder, it tells me the filepath doesn't exist) , but I literally can't launch the game in multiplayer to make said filepath, and Singleplayer doesn't make the files. So I'm kind of at a lose of what to do. I really don't think it's my Computer specs, if it's required to know: I'm on Windows 10 with a 2TB HDD, and a 240 GB SSD (The launcher's installed on the SSD, the game's installed on the HDD with Origin) I have a Radeon RX 580 GPU, with a Ryzen 7 1700x CPU, with 4 Sticks of 4GB DDR4 3000MHz Memory for RAM. The weirdest part to me is that while Base Renegade doesn't work, Red Alert: APB Seems to work perfectly fine errors.log
  4. I realize this might be a common issue easily solved, But iv'e been out of the loop for some time. i was given access to the APB server once be for, But now when i try to launch and relaunch it i get the version mismatch error, How do i correct this? I couldn't find a general download for it nor did my client update.
  5. Hi, sry for my english skill becuase i am korean and i am going to play renegade after a long time. i have a copy of C&C renegade for korean official localized edtion(not a localization patch by users). but there are many mistranslations in this game. so i want edit these mistranslation furthermore i want to translate the any renegade's mods. with xcc mixer, i exported strings.tdb from always.dbs and i opened strings with tiberian technologies advanced string editor. there are no ploblem with display korean alphabet(Hangul) text in editor so i edited mistranslated korean text. after edited i have ploblem with display edited korean strings in editor. it just become broken text which mixed special character. so i exported the table and i edited it with notepad++. after edit, i opened strings.tdb with string editor and i clicked import table. and just crash without error message. i thought import table with opening strings.tdb is ploblem, so i import table without open any tdb file. but result is same. how can i fix the crash error? i want translate game. is there any other string editor than this? please help me.
  6. ''W3D Hub Launcher has stopped working'' Every time i update the launcher it's not run-able Im using all AMD win7. Im not sure how it fixed itself last time i believe with another update But now every (nearly) Every update it keeps giving me this message. Does anyone else have the problem? I hope its fixed
  7. Hi, so i want to host my own server for CnC Renegade. This is something i haven't done in about a decade now and would like to know how to get it online. Either starting from scratch or how to update the old one to make it compatible with the latest version of Renegade and display on Renlist or the W3D server list. All help would be greatly appreciated. Attached is a screenshot of the old server FDS console running at the present time. Probably last run about 9 years ago.
  8. Hello!I am new!WHere Can I help transalate?
  9. Hi everyone) I need your help. I recently downloaded RenegadePublicTools to edit the C&C Renegade game. So here. I opened the Renegade Map Editor, and it turned out that there are NO resources (soldiers, cars, buildings, weapons, etc.). What should I do? Maybe you need to install any resources so that I can create maps for C&C Renegade? Please help me(
  10. Problem clicking on servers.. when i hover over a renegade server it will illuminate when i click join but it wont do anything else. Idk if i need to reinstall w3d launcher or what.. I have downloaded the patches i needed from cnc.net Note: this is my first time installing the game. Please help me, im not very computer illiterate lol
  11. I have renegade original purchased from origin but when I want to play online through W3D but instead origin opens with play button for renegade hence I cannot join a server.
  12. Edit: Cant launch game.. I can hover over the play button but it wont launch the game or anything from the w3d hub. This is my first time after installation. Any suggestions would be appreciated......
  13. Tonight I was banned from the Interim Apex Official Server for offensive language/behaviour. I fully admit that my behaviour in recent weeks has been unacceptable and I have been extremely offensive, but I promise I will refrain myself from such behaviour in the future. I have been playing Renegade since 2004 and I do not want to be alienated from this community. I have had a lot of personal issues in my life lately and I have found myself being an ass online to vent my frustrations, but I will stop. It will not happen again and I will go back to being a welcoming member of the Renegade community. I'm very sorry.
  14. Hello, I am a former C&C Renegade player. I recently bought the pack on origin, and I try to play onlinge. The problem is that I regularly lose the connection to the servers, whatever the ping. Is there a punkbuster or other equivalent to install? Thank you
  15. Good evening all. @DMB @notDMB Is having a problem where a custom HUD was redone for IA by me and isn't working because the numbers fail to show. I've told him to put all the files (Hud.ini , d6Hud) into the proper places and it still doesn't work. He's tried installing and uninstalling to no avail along with messing with the settings. Any suggestions on what to do next? (P.S. The very exact same settings work for me and my computer.)
  16. Help ikeep trying to join a game and it always crashes after the ne check
  17. Hey, can you increase the renderdistance somehow? You cant really see far because of the grey void.
  18. hi, can someone tell me what those blue sings on the tanks barrels are? Please tell me i can turn them off somehow, because they are annoying and distracting.
  19. hi guys I am new on this site, I am an old man who has been playing the C&C series games off line for a very long time.. I do on occasion play Renegade on the exodus server. I just purchased a new computer and I know I need a download from xwis to be able to play, only I can not find it on that site, would one of you computer wiz guys be able to post a link here so i can do the xwis DL and be able to play again online thank you very much for any help in advance
  20. Hello, somehow when i join the server i am always allies, 100% of the time. I have this since i first downloaded the launcher and it really prevents me from playing APB. The !swap command doesnt seem to do anything either. Very few times, i think its when the round just started it gives me an answer to that command but i cant remember it correctly, if it was an error or if its disabled. And even on an empty server i cant switch teams and i just join allies.
  21. I just not long ago found out how to use it, it doesn't give you many options but i love the way you can move the terrain around and even more i like the texture blender, i've gone through Renx and s3dmax 8 with W3D patch and i still can't find a way to blend textures, i know how to do it in Ren X but it's somewhat complicated. Vertex paint for example i don't know why you can't simple paint and blend textures with the Vertex Paint tool Also i have a question. when you create a heightmap through LevelEdit, is there a way you can move the terrain?
  22. Hey there! I'm having some difficulty playing ECW. When launched via the W3D launcher, I'm taken to a black screen and all I can hear is music. I somehow connected to the server and could hear the sounds of vehicles and what not. Attached is a video of what I see. (Ignore my friend asking about a Japanese dish.) Unfortunately, the recording only lasts a couple of seconds before automatically stopping. Curiously though, when connected to the server I see nothing but light blue. Any help would be appreciated.
  23. so i followed all the steps to playing online, and when i click play or join server, it takes me to origin and then does nothing. i need help. please and thanks
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