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Found 128 results

  1. For some reason, whenever I try APB it automatically exits before I get to the loading screen. I've repaired, done a complete uninstall (thanks revo!) and nothing works.
  2. here is the error.log file, this only happens on w3dhub APB 3.5 officail server. i tried to take a SS of the popup i push prtscn i go the MSpaint and ther paste is grayed out so it must not be allowed to take a SS. i found crashdump file but cannot upload it on here its bigger then what is allowed to upload.. ty errors.log
  3. crashdump.20210221-185358-r11895-n1.dmp
  4. Hi I'm trying to load A Path Beyond and the game just won't launch. Reborn and Imperial Apex work fine but APB just sends me straight back to the hub launcher.
  5. so i just installed this plugin and tried to import the scud launcher file into blender but it didn't load the textures. can anyone point me in the right direction?
  6. Hi, in mission 2 of campaign i need go to Nod Communication Center, if i enter the game crashes, any Ideas how to repair this?
  7. made sure im using the game exe. and close and tray again but nothing happens...
  8. So I just found out that this was a thing. I read that I needed a patch so i went to the TT website and downloaded the 4.7 client from the site and its not letting me choose a folder to install the client. I also have downloaded renegade from the origin play store, and when i click on the join server option it does nothing but bring up the origin page with renegade on it. I just figured i need a patch. Anything helps thanks.
  9. I can't install ECW from the launcher without getting this error-
  10. Tonight I was banned from the Interim Apex Official Server for offensive language/behaviour. I fully admit that my behaviour in recent weeks has been unacceptable and I have been extremely offensive, but I promise I will refrain myself from such behaviour in the future. I have been playing Renegade since 2004 and I do not want to be alienated from this community. I have had a lot of personal issues in my life lately and I have found myself being an ass online to vent my frustrations, but I will stop. It will not happen again and I will go back to being a welcoming member of the Renegade commun
  11. When I installed W3D it had me add Renegade, but I picked the wrong file and now I can't change it. Instead of launching the game it just opens the Origin launcher. I tried uninstalling W3D, but it apparently doesn't remove all files so it still remembers the bad link. Any suggestions other than manually removing all files from my computer and starting over?
  12. Good Evening all. IA has boosted over 40 players daily and has become quite possibly the last hold out for Renegade in the world of today. What originally started as a prime game played in the United States has become a game modded and loved by those worldwide. With this said, there are many players that come from various countries and would like to enjoy a game in their native language. To date and to the best of my knowledge there is no translation files supported for IA, however with your help we can change that and in-turn create multiple language supported versions of IA. With the popular
  13. I can't seem to be able to play the campaign. Every time I finish a mission it sends me back to the main menu. I have no idea what to do.
  14. I forgot password but remember my sn to sign on to w3d hub launcher... any help with my password since I forgot this????
  15. I install the game and almost at the very end of it an error occurs:
  16. Hello everyone! I'm unable to login and my password is not working on the Launcher. It's always saying that the login and password are incorrect. I tried to create a new one here on the forums but It did not work as well, and I don't know what to do. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  17. Hi all. So my dad used to play c&c Renegade when I was a kid and I would spend hrs watching him til I was able to get my own hands on it . Basically m struggling to get online.. I click join server np it loads into joining game then backs me out of the app (exits alone). Is there any1 that could give me some support to get me on track pls maybe I'm just a n00b and am doing something wrong. I'm dying to get online here!
  18. Intro I've been sick the past few days, so I thought I have a look at what's happening in the old Renegade Forums. I came across an announcement post by Jerad for ECW and couldn't be more excited! Many many years ago I remember playing RP2 online. I remember being on a certain beta version for a long time and flying around in the interior universe, exploiting !save/!load server-side commands to slowly gain Z height through terrain. I never did work out how to get into the weed house, but I think I discovered a secret mod/admin area above an interior once. I also never discovered h
  19. why is w3dhub APB 3.5 Official not join able its grayed out yet there are 10 people playing on that server...
  20. Interim Apex is immediately crashing as soon as i open it. A small white box appears for a brief second and then it vanishes. Toshiba Satellite C655; WIndows 7; 64 bit; 3.00 GB RAM, 2.86 usable; Intel (R) Celeron (R) CPU; 925 @ 2.3GHz 2.29GHz 221 GB Hard Drive 37.2 Available. Using Microsoft Security Essentials. No addons. Haven't managed to get the game to launch yet but Renegade will play otherwise. errors.log
  21. So when I try to play online I get a message about not having the right version of TT installed. I have the latest 4.6 so what's goin on here? I can still join games via renlist but I really wanted the W3D launcher to work. Also hello if anyone here remembers me.
  22. I'm getting the 'an error occured whilst trying to connect to the W3D Hub backend API' message when launching the hub. I tried following the support post about editing a hosts file in my computer but it doesn't appear to have worked. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?
  23. Now do i add a signature like my rank to this post? Edit: Don't worry i figured it out!
  24. Strangely, i never seen ANY topic talking about that red alert: a path beyond and tiberian sun: reborn servers are down 3 days ago, are they temporarily down or for a long time?
  25. When i run the Launcher it opens then after a few seconds it automatically closes by itself. Can someone help me out? errors.log
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