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Found 93 results

  1. Hi everyone) I need your help. I recently downloaded RenegadePublicTools to edit the C&C Renegade game. So here. I opened the Renegade Map Editor, and it turned out that there are NO resources (soldiers, cars, buildings, weapons, etc.). What should I do? Maybe you need to install any resources so that I can create maps for C&C Renegade? Please help me(
  2. Problem clicking on servers.. when i hover over a renegade server it will illuminate when i click join but it wont do anything else. Idk if i need to reinstall w3d launcher or what.. I have downloaded the patches i needed from cnc.net Note: this is my first time installing the game. Please help me, im not very computer illiterate lol
  3. I have renegade original purchased from origin but when I want to play online through W3D but instead origin opens with play button for renegade hence I cannot join a server.
  4. Edit: Cant launch game.. I can hover over the play button but it wont launch the game or anything from the w3d hub. This is my first time after installation. Any suggestions would be appreciated......
  5. Tonight I was banned from the Interim Apex Official Server for offensive language/behaviour. I fully admit that my behaviour in recent weeks has been unacceptable and I have been extremely offensive, but I promise I will refrain myself from such behaviour in the future. I have been playing Renegade since 2004 and I do not want to be alienated from this community. I have had a lot of personal issues in my life lately and I have found myself being an ass online to vent my frustrations, but I will stop. It will not happen again and I will go back to being a welcoming member of the Renegade community. I'm very sorry.
  6. Hello, I am a former C&C Renegade player. I recently bought the pack on origin, and I try to play onlinge. The problem is that I regularly lose the connection to the servers, whatever the ping. Is there a punkbuster or other equivalent to install? Thank you
  7. Good evening all. @DMB @notDMB Is having a problem where a custom HUD was redone for IA by me and isn't working because the numbers fail to show. I've told him to put all the files (Hud.ini , d6Hud) into the proper places and it still doesn't work. He's tried installing and uninstalling to no avail along with messing with the settings. Any suggestions on what to do next? (P.S. The very exact same settings work for me and my computer.)
  8. Help ikeep trying to join a game and it always crashes after the ne check
  9. Hey, can you increase the renderdistance somehow? You cant really see far because of the grey void.
  10. hi, can someone tell me what those blue sings on the tanks barrels are? Please tell me i can turn them off somehow, because they are annoying and distracting.
  11. hi guys I am new on this site, I am an old man who has been playing the C&C series games off line for a very long time.. I do on occasion play Renegade on the exodus server. I just purchased a new computer and I know I need a download from xwis to be able to play, only I can not find it on that site, would one of you computer wiz guys be able to post a link here so i can do the xwis DL and be able to play again online thank you very much for any help in advance
  12. Hello, somehow when i join the server i am always allies, 100% of the time. I have this since i first downloaded the launcher and it really prevents me from playing APB. The !swap command doesnt seem to do anything either. Very few times, i think its when the round just started it gives me an answer to that command but i cant remember it correctly, if it was an error or if its disabled. And even on an empty server i cant switch teams and i just join allies.
  13. I just not long ago found out how to use it, it doesn't give you many options but i love the way you can move the terrain around and even more i like the texture blender, i've gone through Renx and s3dmax 8 with W3D patch and i still can't find a way to blend textures, i know how to do it in Ren X but it's somewhat complicated. Vertex paint for example i don't know why you can't simple paint and blend textures with the Vertex Paint tool Also i have a question. when you create a heightmap through LevelEdit, is there a way you can move the terrain?
  14. Hey there! I'm having some difficulty playing ECW. When launched via the W3D launcher, I'm taken to a black screen and all I can hear is music. I somehow connected to the server and could hear the sounds of vehicles and what not. Attached is a video of what I see. (Ignore my friend asking about a Japanese dish.) Unfortunately, the recording only lasts a couple of seconds before automatically stopping. Curiously though, when connected to the server I see nothing but light blue. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. so i followed all the steps to playing online, and when i click play or join server, it takes me to origin and then does nothing. i need help. please and thanks
  16. Good Evening all. Just tonight my computer dropped again and it's about 5 seconds away from being Thanos'd out of existence. I made a thread almost a year ago asking which computer should be bought for work and received alot of great help/links while what i wanted. This is going to be a little different however as this will be my personal Gaming Laptop. Main games I play are Company of Hero's, Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun and of course Interim Apex. To help out here are some things. Computer I have now is HP Pavilion - 15z Beats Special Ed. Touch Laptop with; 8GB DDR3L System RAM. This peice of shit has a micro penis like 1.7 GHz, 800 GB Worth of Storage, AMD A8-5545M (idk what the hell that means but ok) along with a 15.6 inch screen. I have more trust in a live hand grenade than the quality of this HP Trash. It cost $599 when new. The computer i'm thinking about getting is a 2015 Toshiba Satellite S55-B5280 High Performance Laptop Intel Core i7-5500U(up to 3.0GHz), 15.6-inch HD Display, 12GB DDR3L, 1TB HDD for about $500 (Used). I used to own this thing and it absolutely kicked ass for everything i needed. The build quality was also very nice. Only problem is after a year the headphone jack broke so i couldn't put in my headphones. I sold it shortly afterwards. THINGS IM LOOKING FOR IN MY NEW OR USED COMPUTER - As much Storage as possible. (750 GB and above is where i'm liking) - Able to run programs without lagging or just being stupid. - Budget of sub $800 (Cheaper the better) - No HP Computers please. High Quality keyboard/build is really preferred. I've just had bad luck with HP since. - A normal or good sound card. I got a $200 computer once and it had such a horrible sound card I had to go out, return it and buy a Beats computer because I DJ'd music and also could barely hear anything properly. - 8GB RAM or better (More preferred but bias given to price at the end of the day.) - Large Screen (15.6 or better) , labtop Thank you very much to any and all who respond. I'm thinking of going with the Toshiba Satellite S55 but idk if anyone has heard horror stories from it, if there were any better options etc. I think i also heard that toshiba stopped making laptops? Ty all regardless.
  17. I am having an issue in Interim Apex, where i am unable to connect to the Official Server. It gives me an error, Resource Manager Error, after attempting to download map files. i had the same issue before on another PC about a year ago. but i managed to fix it by running the game as Admin. i have since gotten a new PC, and after installing, Interim Apex, i get the same issue, however i am unable to fix it this time. If anyone has ideas or knows how to fix this, please help me out!
  18. So I see that westwood space warps was not included in the 2017 version. I was reading that I can use max skins but whe I use it it works fine in max but not in the w3d viewer. So what am I doing wrong?
  19. Good Evening all. IA has boosted over 40 players daily and has become quite possibly the last hold out for Renegade in the world of today. What originally started as a prime game played in the United States has become a game modded and loved by those worldwide. With this said, there are many players that come from various countries and would like to enjoy a game in their native language. To date and to the best of my knowledge there is no translation files supported for IA, however with your help we can change that and in-turn create multiple language supported versions of IA. With the popularity of the W3DHub Language translation topic taking off I believe we can implement it into our games. I have pulled the string files from IA and have all the names of the various weapons, characters and vehicles as typed below. I am asking for the help of anyone to translate from their language to the game. I would preferably like to start off with Spanish and move on from there. Before posting translations below I would like to note a couple things. 1. I have provided numbers and different sections. When posting your translations simply post it in format like this. Also provide the language you're translating please as I will have multiple languages that I will be typing into files. The idea of breaking it into different numbers or sections allows different people to work on the same language (Like spanish) at the same time on different parts. Before translating I would post ( I am translating section 2..) and then edit it to include the translations so that others know to leave that part alone. ENGLISH ORIGINAL TRANSLATION 2.. Visceroid (Adult and Small) Visceroideo Forgotten Service Depot A Coisa de Forgotten Etc.. 2. If you would like to type it in Word or already have some data typed up then please attach it by file and don't worry about formating or posting it into this topic. The formatting on the forums isn't the best for something like this anyways so I would recommend using google docs if you'd like. 3. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT AT THIS TIME CUSTOM LETTERING (RUSSIAN CYRLIC LETTERS OR LETTERS SUCH AS Ö Ü) ARE NOT SUPPORTED AT THIS TIME. WHAT THIS MEANS IS THAT YOU'LL HAVE TO READ YOUR LANGUAGE WITHOUT THESE LETTERS. IF YOUR LANGUAGE USES A LOT OF CUSTOM LETTERING OR ALL OF IT AND IT BECOMES UNREADABLE/UNTRANSLATABLE IT CANNOT BE FIXED OR INPUT CORRECTLY AT THIS TIME. IF YOUR LANAUGE (Such as German) USES SOME CUSTOM LETTERING BUT IS STILL WIDELY READABLE THEN PLEASE POST TRANSLATIONS. 4. IA at the moment has 10 string files all of which are different and similar at the same time. I will have to mix/match through trial and error to see which files change what. This may take some time to do even after you post your translation. Please bear with me. I understand typing this stuff is alot of work and I would do it myself but alas I cannot. Thank you for any help and any contributions. 5. I have tried to shorten as much as I could to shorten the list. For example instead of putting in GDI AA Specialist and Nod AA Specialist I have simply just put one of them in. So while some things may look like they are missing from GDI or Nod side the words are shared actually and can be used for both. Furthermore I don't think there is a translation for CZ-75 so I am leaving it like that unless told otherwise. And now.. The translation list. (This will be updated from time to time. I still need to input weapons.) Again please post what language you'll be translating first and take your time if need be. Thank you @ everyone. IA Language Translation
  20. Hi.. i need help please idk why server show 0/0 players on w3dhub launcher and is not on renlist
  21. Good Evening all. I have been playing IA recently and it crashes from time to time and then asks for me to post it on W3DFourms to help diagnose what the hell happened. Rather than click "Ok" and say whatever (As %99.9 of times everyone does) i'm posting all the DataDumps the game gave me at the time of crashing to help incase anyone wants to fix or look into it. crashdump.20180930-014840-r8149-n1.dmp crashdump.20181112-003928-r8166-n1.dmp crashdump.20190217-063150-r8239-n1.dmp crashdump.20190315-050720-r8256-n1.dmp crashdump.20190327-044728-r8256-n1.dmp crashdump.20190328-033037-r8256-n1.dmp crashdump.20190405-015131-r8256-n1.dmp crashdump.20190407-044708-r8267-n1.dmp crashdump.20190413-034743-r8269-n1.dmp crashdump.20190413-042304-r8269-n1.dmp crashdump.20190415-033358-r8269-n1.dmp crashdump.20190417-044910-r8269-n1.dmp crashdump.20190419-081603-r8269-n1.dmp invalididdump.20190410-030857-r8269.bin
  22. So for the entirety of the game, this guy called KholdX has been team hampering our team by blowing up the Tiberium Trucks, pushing teammates, trying to move a Shield Generator away so the base would get shot and other hampering stuff. The only mod ingame was JO_MOMMA_USA and a couple of people, including me, told him about what this guy was doing for roughly half an hour without getting any response yet he was playing the game(saw him use a SSM) and he was quite high up the leaderboard. At one point I honestly got so mad I just raged at him in the PM telling him to lay down the f*cking game for a second and deal with him since he was doing it constantly for HALF AN HOUR. You wonder what his response to that might be, well this happened: [04:16:05] Host: SilverSmurfer has been killed by JO_MOMMA_USA. Apparently I was bothering this guy with the fact that someone was breaking the rules for an entire freaking game that he literally killed me with the command and proceeded to play the game again. That was the only 'response' I got from him about this situation, getting !killed. I've been a mod before and honestly I never did crap like this, I always dropped the game to check on people I was getting complains about. This guy doesn't belong to staff, it's not the first time he was the only mod ingame and he wasn't doing anything because he didn't know what to do(warning people about stuff, balancing the teams(he told me, and I'm not even joking) 'how do I do that)).
  23. I've managed to find my old copy of The First Decade so I can play C&C Renegade again, however I can't install it due to the fact that the CD-DVD drive will not read any discs whatsoever. I can't ascertain as to whether the disc is knackered, or it is indeed the component itself as I don't have a spare drive lying around. I will give cookies to any assistance on this
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