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How to form a complaint

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If you have a complaint about a moderator or another player please follow the instructions in this topic.


First of all put the name of the person you have a problem with in the title.

In the tag area, put the following "Complaint [MOD/Player [Playername]]" in the [] brackets. Use what ever is suitable for your problem.

Once that is done, there are a few things that need to be added in your complaint like the time and date of when the problem your are facing happened, and logs or screenshots as evidence to help you with your point in your complaint.

You also need to add a description of what happened.

An example for an issue:

topic:[Complaint] [Mod] [triattack] triattack
Tag: Mod

W3D euro Server 26 December 2006

triattack was combat refilling and insulting player_X during this game and after people said something about it he started to ban everyone.
i think this should not be tolerated and his powers should be revoked.

[IRC LOGS here]
[21:45:22 26dec] Cabal: triattack STFU or i ban everyone.
[/end irc logs]

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