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Tiberian Sun Reborn Teaser Video


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That... was.... AWESOME!


can't... hit.... the like button... fast enough :f5h:

(oh wait that means i'm liking then unliking it [whoops])


Ok, on a more serious note that was really good and you can tell that a lot of effort was put into making it.

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I helped film this (was one of the wolverines and one of the juggernauts), but there were several scenes shot that weren't included. Is a larger trailer coming?


Yes, we got many scenes and this is just the short version. I plan on releasing a second (and possibly third) video with more of the footage I got.

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Of course! Ask away!


For most of the clips, there were several people in the server who were willing to help set up scenes. I used the !spec command to make myself invisible and just spectate the match, where I could float around, and then I turned off my hud with the `hud command.


From there, I used FRAPS to record quite a few scenes, and for the part where I put myself in video, I used a green screen. That was probably the hardest part to work with because it was hard to get the lighting right.


After all was recorded, I added in all the sounds and music one at a time.


Programs I used:


Sony Vegas (Re-rendering)

Magix Movie Maker (Most of the scene editing work)

Adobe Aftereffects (Green Screening)

Adobe Photoshop (individual picture editing, especially for the still images at the end)

Audacity (Sound Editing)

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Fuckin beautiful! Takes me back to the old days, and the real old days. Keep up the great work. Also on a side note i'd like to know what happened to DarkAngel and Renardin. Staff on the old team dating back to 2007.

I think they stopped working on reborn long time ago which was why it became part of bluehell.

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