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Zee Hypnotist

W3D Hub Launcher Guide


Having trouble getting started with the W3D Hub Launcher? Here's a nifty walkthrough!



Step 0. Download and install the Launcher. (This can take a few minutes.)


Step 1. Open the launcher and click "Games"





Step 2. Click the game you want to play. For now, the only game available is Tiberian Sun Reborn.





Step 3. Click "Install."





Step 4. Wait for the game to install completely. You must leave the launcher open during this process.





Step 5. Join any available server (More will appear as more games are released). It may take a few seconds for player count to display, but you can join the server immediately.





Step 6. If this is your first time playing after installing, you may have to configure your video / audio settings. Sometimes these settings will not actually take effect until you start the game for the second time. Additionally, if you click your monitor (Generic PnP Monitor in the example image), you might reveal more resolution options that are specific to the monitor you will be playing the game on.





Step 7. You're now in game!





If you have any issues, feel free to post here, or in the Help & Support forum!

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