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White Wolf

Don't Ever Let Me Retire

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Soldiers, warriors, comrades in arms...


I've been playing Command & Conquer since 1996.


And with so many other games and projects pulling for my attention, I just want to say one thing:


Don't ever let me retire from Command & Conquer!




I'm not saying bug me to death to get stuff done, but don't ever let me forget where I came from.


I have "GDI" and "Commander A9" written on my paintball uniform for a reason.


I bear the GDI Tiberian Sun logo as my default logo for all of my online profiles for a reason.


Some of my most sensitive passcodes are associated with Command & Conquer for a reason.


I continue to blast Frank Klepacki's work on my computer and MP3 player while I work out for a reason.


I fall asleep to the Tiberian Sun Menu Theme for a reason.


My dogtags says "GDI" for a reason.


Don't ever let me stop, especially if I feel like stopping.


So poke me on Steam and Skype (see my profile), call me up for a game.



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You know you're a C&C fan when... all of the above. ;)

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