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Chronotank (the second demo)


Chronotank (alternative)  

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  1. 1. Do you want to travel at the speed of light, or keep the original Chronotank from Lunar Paradox?

    • Yesh!
    • Nah.

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Time will tell, sooner or later... But anyway, it took me two days again to finish another script for Red Alert A Path Beyond - an alternative script for Chronotank. In overall, it is a crazy unit for "Lunar Paradox" map. However, new Chronotank, as well as Chronosphere, may cause Chronovortex which would try to destroy buildings and units of your teammates. Joked at the end of video :biggrin:

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I already commented on discord  but you don't seem to have noticed so I'll repeat myself here.

I can't help but notice that you are deliberately going out of your way to only target the ground and never target anything else. And you get dropped at exactly the spot you target, but a few metres above it. So I get the feeling that targeting the sky would put you above the flight ceiling (or toss you into bluehell if there is no flight ceiling), targeting a wall would put you inside the wall, targeting an underground ceiling (for example inside Complex's tunnel) would place you outside the map, targeting part of a building roof that's easily targetable like the WF slant roof would put you up on the roof, and targeting the middle of a vehicle would cause you to sit on top of the vehicle, meaning you just instantly win against any lone vehicle that's not a TT with no skill required. If any of these are true this system is not viable. Also it means we lose the chronoshift effect, but I'm sure that's a lot easier to fix than any of the other issues.

I get that you have a lot of fun making these but you clearly know that the system is extremely flawed as it stands :v 

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3 hours ago, NodGuy said:

Your poll confuses and infuriates me!

I thought so too, and I didn't want to make a poll, but suddenly did it, lol)) Can we delete that?

24 minutes ago, Mojoman said:

Doesn't he just mean for this to be on Lunar_Paradox?

Yep, this is an experimental feature and only for that map. On almost any map with vehicles it gets killed fast after reaching hostile defenses.

3 hours ago, Pushwall said:

Targeting the sky <...> wall <...> underground ceiling <...> slant roof <...> middle of a vehicle

When player presses Deploy key, he moves just straight at his facing direction, with safe spawn and height check if there are buildings and turrets around. There is no check for vehicles and soldiers below and above tank at the moment (as well as for underground tunnels with large non-habitable amount of space above, but Chronotank may just ignore tunnels and go above the ground, need to check that actually), but after some adjustments it is possible to fix, as I made it for my old mod =)

4 hours ago, Pushwall said:

It means we lose the chronoshift effect

I've tried how does it look in original game. It has nice effects and logic. I guess there is no problem if mixed with alternative in some way. It is up to you, however...

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