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[Tiberium Resurrection]

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Thank you, we got something special for you this time... Tiberium Resurrection 3.0 showcase / trailer premiere is today 7pm CET, you do not want to miss this 😉 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGb5iWz0R-A

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TR Ready

Hello everyone, after successful release of the trailer / showcase, I decided to talk a bit more about the new sub-project TR Ready!

My vision for this project is to make most of the well known Tiberian Sun and Firestorm skirmish maps renewed and "attractive" again while including part of Tiberium Resurrection in it. I am trying to achieve this with the following features:

  • the remastered maps are more balanced, much more detailed and with better lightning than the vanilla ones
  • the remastered maps feature new red "bloody" tiberium alongside with many patches and changes to already existing units and building
  • each remastered map has its special attribute / modificator to make the gameplay unique and interesting... you can read about modificator straight from the Permafrost (2-4) below!

You are playing [4] Permafrost. The ground is completely frozen and very sturdy... Everything takes +20% time to construct!

At last, every remastered map will have its showcase video on Tiberium Resurrection YouTube channel! These videos will come out pretty frequently, so be sure to subscribe to not miss them. Here is the first one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eXuygfEl_E

I believe, that you will like the changes I made to the maps!

As always, have a good day and stay safe! :P

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