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215 1k Seamless Textures Release - Grass


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You spent a good amount of time on these, and for Renegade a lot of these are solid!

I do think you went a little overboard on the quantity, as you're unlikely to ever use all of these. If you made just 10 good ones, you'd have been fine as well. :)

Do keep an eye on excessive in-texture tiling, and try to keep the texture density roughly equal between textures - in some cases you are much further 'up close to the grass' than others, so if you were to blend those 2 textures side by side, it'd look like part of the grass is absolutely huge compared to adjacent grass textures. :v

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Thanks guys Some of the lower quality textures were seamed with an auto seam sealer in Paint shop pro 2020 but after i got up to around 40 i began using the Offset option and did them myself because the auto seam sealer has a glitch plus doing it yourself as you said Raap is a better way of doing it. I'm still using Paint shop pro 2020 for all my stuff there's so many neat things you can do with blending by using Masks in layers. I have photoshop but I like PSP2020s user friendlier Interface 

I am also planning to release my collection of Blends i made. I have over 100

Yeah some textures are closeups whereas some are farther way actually there's been a lot of textures that were originally closeups but i resized it than filled in the free space with clone so the texture would be 1k

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