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ECW Released! (Plus hotfix)

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[blurb]First patch of the new year brings several new units as well as many improvements! Hope you enjoy! [/blurb]

First patch of the new year brings several new units as well as many improvements! Hope you enjoy! 

New Features

  • A Dodge Charger has been added to the civilian unit roster. It is RWD, does 0-60 in about 5 seconds, with a top speed of about 200 MPH. (I wanted to do Mustangs and a few others but the license for these vehicles requires you email Ford to ask permission and I honestly couldn’t be bothered.) 


  • The San Casina Police Force has now upgraded to these Dodge Chargers as well, although they use a slightly older model than the civilian version. Their Charger is AWD, does 0-60 in a little under 5 seconds, and also has a top speed of about 200 MPH so they are almost identical in stats and performance. 


  • A new mech, the Juggernaut, has also been added to the fighting force. This mech has twin gatling guns as well as dual-particle cannons. It can overcharge its weapons as well in addition to its normal mech abilities. 


Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug in the file hashing making it much slower than it had to be. Hopefully this fixes players who were stuck waiting for long periods of time (to the point of thinking they had crashed on initial load). 
  • Removed a bunch of old textures that were no longer in use. 
  • Fixed DM_MysteriousForest not ending at game over. 
  • Reduced the opacity of vehicle dazzle effects so they are less blinding at daylight times.  
  • The AI Police DeLorean no longer has super sight (for some reason it was able to see up to 1000 meters instead of 300). 
  • 15 more buildings can now catch fire. 
  • Morning and dusk times of the day are now brighter. 
  • Check-in streaks now will always work even if the server hasn’t crashed since the player had last earned one.
  • The 3 mech PTs now are re-placed randomly at the 3 locations every time one is bought.

4.png Hotfix

  • Quick fix for the Police Charger's LOD was snuck in, on low LOD it looked like the lights were on.
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3 hours ago, Cat said:

Snowmobile fix when?

Love the new police car!

Snowmobile fix would require some pretty heavy engine lift, maybe someday if I find 5.x suitable and they fix the physics bug it'll be fixed, basically it suffers from the same issue that the RC vehicles do.


Excellent, I think I got it on sale for like 20 bucks when it was normally 50, little disappointed that I didn't notice it was one with the older tail lights but it still makes the police force look much more modern I'd say.

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