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[CANCELLED] CYOR - Christmas Edition


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Hey folks! The holiday hijinks will start on December 12th! It’s Christmas-themed Choose Your Own Role! I expect to see plenty of recognizable holiday characters in this one, but to be inclusive I’ll accept role requests for modern (as in, still widely celebrated) holidays set around the same time. This includes Hannukah and Kwanza, for example.

Examples of holiday roles? There’s The Grinch, perhaps Ebenezer Scrooge, Frosty the Snowman, Buddy the Elf, Jesus Christ, or maybe even one of the Three Wisemen, and who could forget ol’ Saint Nick himself? Or maybe you’re feeling a bit sneaky and want to go with a lesser-known character such as Miles Finch (he’s an angry elf!) or perhaps a role with some more supernatural power, like The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. Point is, there’s options. Lots of options. Except Die Hard. That’s not a Christmas movie.

This game will feature items, so please include at least two with your role request! I can’t guarantee they’ll both be used, so if you have a preference please mark one a higher priority.


  • Killing_You
  • Chopbam
  • OrangeP47
  • Shade939
  • Louis
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7 hours ago, Jeod said:

Nothing fancy yet, will add a more detailed post later. Just want to let you all know that this game will start December 12th. Only Christmas-themed roles will be accepted. Hanukkah, Kwanza, and any other similar holiday roles will also be accepted.

Die Hard roles will not be accepted.

I'll sign up.

Though on that last note, the last 20 minutes of work a bunch of us just goofed off by going through the shared drive folder of photos of past year's Christmas Cubicle decorating contests, and apparently a few years ago someone entered with a Die Hard entry that included placing a cardboard cutout of John McClain in the ventilation duct above their desk. 

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