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[CANCELLED] Mafia Roulette


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Mafia Roulette

What is it?

A twist on classic mafia, Mafia Roulette uses a deck of cards composed of power roles, with the players as static roles to control them. There is still a typical day and night phase, however there is a smaller draw phase between them where the Host resolves new cards per player and shuffles the deck if needed. The cycle is Day>Night>Draw. The number of cards each player starts with depends on the number of players in the game.

Instead of relying mostly on abilities to figure out who the mafia are, town players will also need to rely on player strategy—what actions a player takes and why. A town-aligned player may make more investigative plays, while as mafia-aligned player may focus more on destructive-style plays.

Static Roles

Each player is assigned a static role. These are usually vanilla roles with no static abilities, but a few static roles do have special abilities that the player keeps permanently. For example, a Traitor is a mafia-aligned static role that doesn’t have contact with their partners. A Card Cop can choose one player per night and view a random card in their hand.

Roulette Deck

The basic Mafia Roulette Deck consists of 52 cards—a standard game has 8 players who each begin with 5 cards, leaving 12 cards. Each time a player plays a card, it is discarded unless otherwise stated. When there are no cards remaining to draw, the discard pile is shuffled and becomes the draw pile.

Host Rules

The 52-card deck shall be pasted into a list randomizer (random.org), and cards dealt in ascending or descending order. The host shall track the randomized list as the “current shuffled deck”. When no cards are left for players to draw, the discard pile is shuffled—the host shall again use a list randomizer to shuffle and shall track the list as the new “current shuffled deck”.

The host shall track player hands. When players use a card, the host shall track the intended target if any. The host shall choose whether to make card plays public knowledge, or hide that information and simply reveal the discard pile during each day phase.


Game start is TBD pending 8 player minimum.



Category 5 Hurricane




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Also, as a buy-in, tell me what your strongest mafia game memory is and why.

Mine is Endgame Mafia, because as a GM I feel it was my best-designed CYOR. As a player it's APB III, because I hit the ground running when I came back in 2016 and claimed my "scummiest scum who ever scummed" title by bussing Nodlied, bussing myself, and bussing the GM.

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For me, there is probably four that stand out.

First is my first mafia game at BHP, which was a properly epic CYOR game in which I played as the KILLER MINE LAYER, in which I broke the game by forming a protection ring with Allie29 and was armed with daykills by Retaliation to boot. Together we were an unstoppable town army, for good and bad.

I killed a scum!pzeper just out of the blue the moment it was revealed I had a gun, and later killed a town!Chaos_Knight because of some bad reasoning. Also only ever killed town with my mines. The game was huge and had a ton of things happen in it. Jeod was scum Dr. Robotnik, I remember that. Also remember M1Garand8 was scum. And town won.


A later BHP game I remember is the embarrassing time I lost in a 3-person LYLO with scum!Allie29 and a town player that I don't remember, I think I only saw once. The loss was embarassing because I carried out a vote test with Allie29, I caught him in the trap, and then let him get away with it.

Back then most games had majority-vote hammer rather than timed hammer. So with 3 people, the first town player to vote wrong effectively ended the game. I decided to test Allie29 by voting, watching him come in to the thread, unvoted as he came in, and sure enough he voted. If you posted quick enough right after yourself, new posts were just appended to the end of the last one, so he wouldn't see the unvote. I wanted to see if he would prematurely celebrate his victory by jumping on my vote. He did vote, as the trap was intended to provoke, but he didn't celebrate. He kept up appearances as I poked at him for a response after. So despite falling in to my trap, he actually convinced me he was town anyway. And then I lost the game for town.


Third is a game that was played on another board that Westy was hosting. I mentioned this one during the last game. During the course of this game, I literally saved the day for town.

The role I was given was a one-time use ability to set the time limit for the next day phase to 24 hours. Seemed like a bad role to have as town, figured I'd never use it. Later a town player got lynched, whose role would cause the next day phase to be skipped, so there would be two night phases in a row. I petitioned that since my role said to set the next day phase to 24 hours, instead of just reducing the time to 24, that I should be allowed to extend the day phase from 0 to 24 hours. Westy told me he didn't design the role to work that way, but he liked the ingenuity of it and allowed it. So literally saved the day.

Also during this game, Allie29 (boy he sure shows up alot in these, I miss playing with him) and I were certain that the other was scum and were attacking each other hard. Somehow we both came to an agreement that someone else was scum, so we both voted that person while still sizing each other up. The person we voted for was lynched, and was the last mafia, but Westy decided troll us and made a pretend night post as if the game was still going. I don't remember how long he kept up the charade, but it was long enough for us all to collectively flip shit, I remember that.


Last is the Death Note Mafia game, and the battle with OrangeP47 during his first game.

I still remember the intense amount of work I had to do to catch him as a Kira (scum in that game) and also convince the rest that he was scum, made harder because I was also technically a Kira and everyone already knew it. I wasn't part of town, but I was working in their interest the whole time. The whole "reveal of the plan" from Orange and KY was pretty epic as well.

While in the end I think I think the game wasn't designed very well and only the various Kiras were capable of winning, I still view that game as a pretty epic showdown.

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Tiberian Sun: Reborn Mafia II and the legendary shitpost.

On 2/1/2021 at 4:10 PM, FRAYDO said:

Sweet! I got Impostor!



On 2/7/2021 at 1:56 PM, Killing_You said:

GAME OVERThe base personnel corner those who they believe to be the infiltrators, only for them to open fire. Soon after, Nod reinforcements arrive, and the base falls...

FRAYDO, the Elite Cadre, is victorious!
OrangeP47, the Rocket Soldier, is victorious!


On 2/7/2021 at 2:06 PM, Retaliation said:

Honestly this is all minor compared to not considering that I was playing against a meme team. If they were ready to lie about the confessor they were ready to lie about vehicles.


On 2/7/2021 at 2:08 PM, OrangeP47 said:

Both the confessor and the MSA lie were FRAYDO's idea, he truly is a scum god and I am a mere mortal.

One of my favorite mafia memories, up there with Nodlied's The July Crisis Mafia when I played as Kane.

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For me I would also have to say Endgame was my favorite. I remembered Jeod really screwing me over in the end by forgetting to put a certain item back in my possession costing me to lose to mafia in the end. But honestly though, it was a hell of a game.

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3 minutes ago, Louis said:

For me I would also have to say Endgame was my favorite. I remembered Jeod really screwing me over in the end by forgetting to put a certain item back in my possession costing me to lose to mafia in the end. But honestly though, it was a hell of a game.

Huh? I don’t believe I made any mistakes that game.

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12 hours ago, Louis said:

I had to read a bit to get to the part but as I recall you forgot to give me a stone but I got killed right after it was fixed.

If I remember correctly I knew your intention so I did pit your power stone against Brigitte’s day kill and you lost the diceroll.

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