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Tiberium Blender Package - TBP by Olmteka

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Tiberium Blender Package - TBP
You can always visit C&C Blender Forge (https://discord.gg/v6zPHsPN) on Discord to find screenshots and news about the development, have a discussion etc. It is under the projects section (right at the bottom).

TBP is a free to share project aimed to eventually give a complete starting point for 3d artists and mod creators to have a basic reference, 
visual understanding and examples of the cornerstones in the
Tiberium universe, it does already and will contain textures, shaders, meshes and examples
of most common assets shared by any theme around Tib.

You can check out my signature or visit this link to access the repository, it is all free to share, and you  can modify the source files, I am updating it daily or weekly/monthly
depending on the complexity I need to learn, but has already some cool things for all you Blenders, 3dMaxers and CADets to enjoy :) As long you credit me down the line.

All good :).

Current Version : 1.3!

v1.0 Content:

TibGrenades (x2, ideal for tiberium spread, one can be used as a mine or a garden lamp?)
TibCrystal Shader (original https://www.blendswap.com/blend/17242 Thank You Jarmynt! Is a piece of art). And tweaked by me)

TibScenes (quick start setup scenes with lightning, more to come as I work)
TibGround Cracked (texture based shader can be used as a texture to be baked or a decal part of other shaders/objects)
TibDawn CrystalPods (mesh, tweaked shaders, textures and particle simple particle effects (advanced incoming)
TibSun Crystals Low Poly (textured based shader and simple meshes ideal for RTS or low poly projects)
TibSun Crystals High Poly (shader heavy and high poly count in perspective to lowpoly, very nice glow, ideal for scenes or unreal/unity etc)1526804949_TibSun_Crystals_Shader_HighPoly(GreenBlueRed)_Crystals_HighPoly_Render_Blue.png.a23daf0b379d4c451172f463d6eab72a.png

V.1.2 Update:

TibEArth's Shaders
(UDK Old, Basic shader, Procedural Shader, TibDawn EArth shader)
TibMap's (TibDawn, for printing or reference)

A few months back, I did a UDK planet shader, modified for the Tiberium era. (Uploaded it too)
UDK Version Video Link

I got today the idea to learn to do it in Blender, result is 5 different TibEArths  (Procedural, TibDawn, TibSun, TibWar3, TibWar4). 

You can adjust the shader with real NASA textures (added them to the MEGA depo)

Bonus: I will make small Map textures of the political or zone situation in each of them.
Tiberium Dawn was easy, as the tiberium was the easiest, as Tiberium was barely visible from space without instruments. (If I am wrong, please inform me)

TibEArth Procedural shader was edited from a great tutorial (YouTube - Completely Procedural Earth (Blender Tutorial) - Link), with a few tweaks and Earth textures the nodes would replicate the continents accurately. Will get back to it later.
Update 1.3:

Added the first 60 trees! 10 Trees, 50 variations (no leaves, small leaves, small trees, small branchers)

For those seeking sprites for C&C RTS engines.
.fbx has no textures, you need to recreate them yourself, but they do have 2 material channels and 1 uv map
.blend files contain texture/shaders included

This is how they look after being imported in 3dsMax - by Scipcion
He used the .fbx versions. I am uploading them now, should be there in a few hours.
If no .fbx present. Use the .blend files to create them. 

Alright, dividing the Foliage categories further to:
- Temperate
- Winter
- Desert
- Mutated (Light)
- Mutated (Heavy)

- Shrub and Bushes
- Trees
- Monster Trees
- Rocks
- Mushrooms

And further:


Thanks to the contributions of Felicia, a talented Blenderer we are going to get much more tree variations! 🙂
Including Africa Nod campaign staples like these and so much more! A gem of creator. (Can vouch, I am a top tier Patreon suporter)

https://www.patreon.com/FeliciaWhite/ to check out the work and support it! 

The list grows
daily/weekly/monthly depending on my free time.

Link to the MEGA depoMEGA Depo Link
Gallery at ArtStation: ArtStation Gallery Link

Hope you find it useful and enjoy it!
No more pictures here, the thread would be MEGA (get it?) :D. Please visit the ArtStation profile for more.

My other Art/Creations:
Some Bullshit Self Representation Link :)
ArtStation - OlmTeka
Olmteka - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
OlmTeka - VFX Artist, 3D Animator & Graphic Designer (vimeo.com)
OlmTeka - YouTube

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v1.3 update
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