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–Commands Information–
Command Alias Description
!rank - Shows player rankings. Usage: !rank, or !rank playername
!nextrank - Shows the requirements for next rank. Usage: !nextrank
!monthlyobjective !objective Shows the Objective Players can complete this month. Usage: !objective
!objectivestats !objstats !statsobj !statsobjectives Shows the remaining requirements for Objective completion for this month. Usage: !objstats
!teamchangeme !tcm Request a team change if You are a Objectives Winner. Usage: !tcm
!tagme - Tag yourself. Usage: !tagme yourtag
!lastseen - Shows the last time a player joined. Usage: !lastseen playername
!claninfo - Shows all the information from a clan. Usage: !claninfo, or !claninfo shortclanname
!defect - Defects your preferred team. Can only be used once every minute. Usage: !defect
!alltimestats !allstats !rankstats Shows detailed statistics for the specified player. Usage: !rankstats, or !rankstats playername
!kd - Shows a player Kills/Deaths ratio. Usage: !kd, or !kd playername
!rankignore - Ignores the specified player when calculating ranks. This command is for moderators.
!rankallow - Stops the specified player being ignored calculating ranks. This command is for moderators.
!delrank - Deletes all rank data for the specified player. Only for moderators.
!update - Forces an update of the statistics website. Only for moderators.

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