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–Server's Rules Information–
Official Red Alert –A Path Beyond– W3D Hub Server Rules
1 – No blocking the computer controlled Ore Truck.
This applies to both your own team's and the enemy team's harvester. You can attack player controlled harvesters however you like. If you are unsure if the harvester is player or computer controlled, don't block it. This includes any action which would cause the harvester AI to become stuck, such as ramming it against a wall.
2 – Do not use exploits.
Exploits are listed in the Exploits and Abuse section. If you find an exploit or a player using one, please report via our bug tracker.
3 – Do not intentionally obstruct your own team or intentionally help the enemy team.
Intentionally obstructing the enemy players and helping your team is just fine though!
4 – No extensive harassment of any individuals on the server.
Competitive taunting is encouraged, but don't single out people and harass them personally, we're all here to have fun. If someone is harassing you, either pm a moderator ingame, or come onto IRC to report it to a moderator if you don't wish to report it via the forum.
5 – No offensive language on the server.
You can call the Allies scum all you like but if you start using some epithets we don't like you could find yourself in trouble. This is related to the previous rule.
6 – No use of 3rd party programs or hacks to gain an unfair advantage on the server.
This includes aimbots, wallhacks, other 3rd party cheat programs and advantage skins. If you want to use your own skin or reticle and you're unsure, ask a member of staff, or show off your work in our Commnity Projects forum.
-How to report a player-
To report a player breaking any of these rules, post the incident on the Player and Moderator Complaints Forum. Try to be as descriptive as you can, which server, the time and a screenshot helps.
You can also PM a moderator ingame, or come onto our IRC to inform one of the moderators at irc.rencorner.com.

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