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  • Warning Tier - Yellow Alert

    • Disrespecting staff and moderators
      • We kindly ask that you respect our admins, staff and moderators at W3D Hub. Each member of the staff team has been chosen for good reasons and works diligently to keep this community running, so please don’t make their lives around here hard by disrespecting them. If you have a problem with a member of staff, please contact an Admin or Staff Moderator.
    • Backseat moderating
      • We kindly ask that you refrain from suggesting how the moderators can better do their jobs or what you would do differently in a given moderation situation. Our moderators follow a set of guidelines that allow them to moderate effectively, so any extra input on how we should punish certain users or make decisions is frowned upon; unless it is incredibly well constructed and justified.
    • Extreme NSFW Content
      • Whilst most of us enjoy a good taboo, W3D Hub is a community for people of all ages. We ask that you refrain from posting anything that could be considered extremely NSFW. This includes (but not limited to): porn, gore and images of a disturbing nature. Our moderation team will ultimately have the final say on whether your content breaches our rules; so keep the content tasteful please!
    • Warez & Illegal Content
      • W3D Hub has a 0% tolerance for illegal content. Please don’t post it or link to it.
    • Racial Slurs
      • Whilst W3D Hub acknowledges that using racial slurs in a non-racist way can sometimes be appropriate in a certain context, we also understand that writing comments on forums lacks inflection and can often be misunderstood more often-than-not. We kindly ask that people refrain from using racial slurs in any messages to avoid these misunderstandings.
    • Sexism
      • Whilst our games generally appeal to guys the most (PC gaming has always been a male-dominated environment), we ask that you treat everyone fairly regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. We’re all here to enjoy C&C, so gender does not matter in the slightest. Openly sexist and demeaning behaviour will result in a warning.
    • Harassing other users
      • We don’t take kindly to people harassing other users. If a harassment complaint is made it will be investigated by our moderation team and punishment will be dealt out accordingly. Conversely, if you are being harassed, please contact an AdminStaff Moderator or Full Moderator as soon as possible so that we can begin investigating.
    • Usernames and Avatars
      • You will be asked to change your username, avatar, and signature if any one of those are deemed beyond a reasonable doubt by moderators that it is intentionally harmful to the general image and well-being of the community. Violations may include, but are not limited to, racism, hate speech, promotion of political or religious supremacy, or directly attacking users on a personal basis.
    • Non C&C-related advertisement
      • Please refrain from advertising services from other communities, games or products that aren’t C&C related. Obviously if you would like to share a game you are enjoying, that’s fine. We draw the line at the point where an individual is trying to advertise their or their affiliate's services in a way that doesn’t relate to the C&C community's interests.
    • Spamming & Extreme Swearing
      • Please refrain from spamming the forums with mindless gibberish or posting to intentionally troll other users. Also please don’t fill a post full of swear words. We don’t mind a bit of swearing, but there is a line to be drawn somewhere. All of us just want to have a fun experience discussing and enjoying C&C, so please make sure that you aren’t compromising anybody’s ability to do that.
    • Intentional thread derailment
      • Please do not intentionally derail threads. It’s ok if you want to casually add something to the topic, but it is not appreciated if you intentionally try and start a discussion that isn't related to the topic you are posting in. For example, if you post in a thread about the A-Bomb in APB with an intention to change the subject to the Rocket Soldier balance in TSR without sufficiently linking it, that is considered an intentional derailment. If you want to talk about something completely different, feel free to create a new thread about it!
    • Regular low content posting
      • Please keep your posts clear, concise and coherent. Posting a single word or emoticon doesn’t serve to push the conversation forward in any meaningful way, so please consider what you are writing and whether it adds to the topic at hand.
    • Giant fonts and weirdly coloured text that blends with the background
      • Please refrain from intentionally and regularly using colours and font sizes that compromise other people’s ability to read your posts. We want to be able to read what you’re typing. Posting in black text on a black background makes it hard to do that!
    • Excessive usage of image macros
      • If you are a fan of image macros and memes, we don’t want to rain on your parade. All we ask is that you keep image macro posting to a moderate level. For example, if you regularly post bad Spongebob memes, it’s not something that we will find endearing. 
    • Necroposting - for repeat offences only
      • Please check the date of a thread before posting. If it is over 3 months old, then please don’t post in it unless you have a very good reason. Pinned topics are exempt from this rule.
    • Intentionally Circumventing the rules listed above
      • Please don’t try and creatively circumvent these rules in any way. We’ll notice and we will act accordingly.

    Moderation Approval - Orange Alert

    • Repeated offences of Warning Tier
      • If you repeatedly break any of the above rules, you will be placed on moderator approval. During moderator approval you may still post to the forum, but your posts are vetted by the moderation team before they appear in threads. Failure to amend your ways whilst you are on moderator approval will result in things getting worse, until a ban is ultimately issued.

    Ban Tier - Red Alert

    • Extreme versions of Orange Tier
      • See above
    • Leaking W3D Hub content without permission
      • We take a dim view to leaking W3D Hub projects to the public before they are ready to be played. It has happened in the past where trusted staff members and testers have leaked game builds to the public. We will ban anyone from all services without warning if they are caught leaking W3D Hub content in an unsolicited manner.
    • Spambots
      • We ban all spambots as soon as they make a post. Basically we hate artificial intelligence trying to talk to us. CABAL was a pretty bad guy after all.
    • Ban Evasion
      • If you are trying to evade a ban that is already in effect, we will continue to ban whatever aliases you are trying to use. If you wish to contest a ban, feel free to contact an AdminStaff Moderator or Full Moderator via PM.
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