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    • Have you Played the new Winter Assault on Interim Apex. It takes place on the ruins of an old Allied Base. 
    • I would love to see a map or two have old abandoned or destroyed Allied or Soviet bases, like how in Tiberian Sun we saw old Tiberian Dawn bases. It’s so cool!
    • [blurb]Just a little polishing done to the map and the message in a bottle system.[/blurb]Just a little polishing done to the map and the message in a bottle system.
      •    Added missing light emitters to the racetrack. 
      •    Added 3 more hidden teleport phone numbers for the bottle system that go to the ski hill, Santa's Workshop, and the Speedway.
      •    Fixed a pump jack that had an incorrect ID at the speedway. 
      •    Fixed an exploit in how Oil Tycoon is unlocked.
      •    Fixed a bug in the message in a bottle cypher system that caused numbers to be incorrect until you had the language completely unlocked (basically all the digits were off by one).
      •    Fixed a bug in the message in a bottle system that would cause it to be completely unlocked one letter later than it should have.
      •    Improved the message in the bottle cypher system for numbers, basically unknown numbers show up as symbols now instead of other numbers, symbols can show up as numbers, this should make it possible to decipher numbers where it previously was just numbers scrambled which made it excessively difficult. 
      •    Added 22 more new messages to the message in the bottle system.
      •    Updated 28 messages in the message in the bottle system that had out of date info or typos. 
      •    Renamed the in menu perk name for the Hawkeye's perk from Radar Operator to Sensor Master (match the unlock text).  
    • So the files you're referring to/want to put in are .wav or actual sound files? Not text based? As for donations I am not sure. IA and all mod projects here are created in free time and the artists/mods here are not paid. Everything is done by heart/soul. However the servers to host the game and allow people to play are paid for by donations. I do not know how much it is a month however donations are always graciously accepted. 
    • Honestly, that's a bit undecided. There's not much difference design wise between the two, so we could theoretically go with the design you mentioned (PP for small base, APP for large) without much issue. I will say that the APP might not be in the first release, but I'd like to eventually have it for variety. Agreed. If APB doesn't, we'll have it as a prop somewhere.
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