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    • Ouch, sorry dude. Hmu on steam for venting if you need an ear.
    • Just broke up with my gf, so not currently interested in this game. If anybody wants to take my spot or if you want to throw a bot in my place, that'd be fine. Have fun. Huh, forgot to submit this. Doesn't really matter much I guess.
    • Before you send in Night actions, one more thing I would like to point out. You know it's forbidden to miss-use Battle/Day Actions that you can't perform, this was a rule before but wasn't much highlighted. This is now emphasized due to the fact each day you have refreshed ##SHOOT action. If you can't SHOOT, don't try to prove it next Day (e.g. "look I can't shoot because I typed but GM ignored it, so I must be a building/submerged/something else"). For this reason there will be a penalty in place, and most likely if someone miss-uses SHOOT (or any other) action, their first coordinates will be revealed on naval map (the first unit tile from top left). Thanks for understanding, this is just a precaution so that the game mechanics won't be abused as much.
    • Lynch 1 Result [Lynch Result - Success] Players have decided that TheIrishman is going to be lynched today! TheIrishman, the Soviet Attack Submarine, will not fight for Stalin anymore! His coordinates were B9:B10:        NIGHT 1     After the lynch, the night falls soon. The Naval base staff is getting ready to sleep and Allies are planning a night kill (Depth Charge) right now. If you have any Plan Actions you want to perform during the Night, please send them now via PM before next Day starts!      Night Guidelines   During the Night - Plan Phase (24 hour duration), Allies will have to decide to kill a Soviet player. They must also decide who will make the kill. However, certain people in both the Allies and Soviets have special roles they can use during the night to kill, protect, disrupt, or gather information. Some roles carry a certain risk while others give a little more freedom. When the new Battle Phase begins, everyone will see who has died during the night and find out what side they were on and what role they had. Please note that most of the Night Actions (except NK & Spy Plane/Scout actions) will be marked on quadrant(s) on the first Naval Map next day (not explicitly saying which though). All hits during the Night will be marked as well.
      Plan/Night actions are done classic way by the Private Message, same as resolved action replies. If you have a night action and do not inform me by PM in advance before the next Battle phase begins (preferably asap, but not later than one hour before the game starts), otherwise you do nothing that night.   Forum Posting during the Night/Plan Phase is limited - 2 posts per player max. Players who won't comply will either receive a gimmick or a force vote on themselves.   Additional Rules: No quoting mod communication or other out of thread communication. No out of thread communication unless specifically allowed by the mod. No content-posts after death unless allowed by the mod. White-noise that doesn't affect the game is fine. Use your best judgement, but remember that anything you say can be taken by the players to mean something it doesn't. If in doubt, say nothing. The same goes if you aren't playing, and double if you aren't playing and have been spoiler-ed. Don't try to break the game. No silliness like telling everyone to make a role-claim post and encrypt it, then reveal their encryption keys/methods all at once for example. No saying "my role PM has X characters in it" And if you come up with it, and you're a little too proud of coming up with it as a way to get around the spirit of the game, don't post it. Mods, do your best to prevent this crap in the first place if you can. Don't give everyone with the same role and/or win condition the exact same wording for example. "Outside influences" such as bribing, threats, promises, whatever falls under the above. Don't do it. Don't be an ass. This includes "busing" fellow scum/cultist teammates. By busing we mean revealing fellow scum team members as scum to spite them or gain townie points. No backseat modding. Unless the game's GM/Mod asks for forum moderator assistance, let them handle it. Especially if they have forum moderator privileges themselves. This is more of a respect/courtesy thing than a rule. Pointing out that the hammer has fallen and no one should be talking until the moderator handles it is fine; deleting posts put up after the hammer isn't. If you signed up for a Mafia Game, you're expected to participate actively. It's up to a GM to setup a minimal post quota for each player so that the game won't get hampered by inactive players. If you know you won't be able to play for more than one day, it is your responsibility to let the GM know in advance. Please don't try to be an Internet detective to find out who was online where and when. Not only is it not a good way of hunting down players, it's also a bit creepy and unfair for the person. Don't base most of your case on someone around "his last online time was X thus he was online at hammer but didn't post/vote" for example. Don't abuse the Board's Voting system - don't up-vote/down-vote player's posts unless you are allowed from the mod Don't edit your posts in game thread      Players alive/end day CVC Time Left: No time left   CVC: Alstar voted nobody Category 5 Hurricane voted nobody ChopBam voted TheIrishman FRAYDO voted OrangeP47 JackoDerp voted TheIrishman Jeod voted Category 5 Hurricane Killing You voted nobody Nodlied voted Voe OrangeP47 voted Voe Shade939 voted TheIrishman Voe voted OrangeP47   8/11 votes casted so far TheIrishman has the most votes - 3  
    • At least we'll have some stuff to discuss tomorrow!