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    • TeamSpeak is still pretty good even after all these years, but in terms of growing a community, Discord is leads and bounds ahead. What Discord is essentially a replacement for is IRC; it's fancy IRC with VoIP tacked onto it and it also copied Slack's UI and somehow made it worse. We started on IRC years ago, but as VoIP became a thing, it was great to hang out and chat to each other on TeamSpeak, because it was easy and it was better than IRC. People who were generally not comfortable with VoIP tended to stick to the forums or IRC (maybe on rare occasions idle in TS). Then Discord gained traction. You can cram 100's of users into Discord concurrently, just like you could with IRC, so it's great for housing a big community with lots of members that you can then engage with. The difference with Discord (compared to IRC) is that it's easily accessible and features emotes, gifs and HTML embedding that allows it to be a machine for keyboard discussion and re-posting memes that VoIP-exclusive applications like TeamSpeak never were. I personally use Discord to play games with friends since a lot of them turn their noses up at the thought of TS these days, but since nobody idles in the VoIP channels in W3D Hub, we've lost that casual chat spirit that TeamSpeak had, which is kind of sad. TeamSpeak are working on their next version, which I hope will bring the fight to Discord a bit, but we'll see.
    • idk I kind of like the low player ai bot matches because ,one your basicly playing 1v1 and, 2 you dont feel like you have a command over your team so its basicly straight up c&c red alert in fps mode at its highest ;why I say this is because one you can command your entire team depending if it works or not ,and 2 you can organize a rush a lot better with ai because they fallow your command instead of entire team in ,say a live match ,basicly not agreeing to rush when all the defenses of the enemy are gone ;okay you see what I mean :what I'm saying is you can organize a team better with ai ,than say a live player base in a live match on apb ,so I dont see your point but as far as maps I get that there are less bot automated maps for low player based servers but ,I dont think bots should be limited to say idk 3-6 maps I guess thats how many maps they can be playable idk if ,your an apb dev map creator or somthing like that please fix bots again because in say the map seige the bots dont even do anything they stand around at the purchase terminal for say atleast 3 or 4 seconds they spawn in and they die ,for some unknown an verry odd reason, anyway please fix bots so they can be available to all maps because 3- maybe 4 maps that bots are available is not good in my opinion ,anyway please fix this as we are all asking you guys to fix this problem either it be to get rid of them or to fix them please do somthing to the bots but atleast fix them.
    • It reminds me that topic of @FRAYDO, lol. If you know what am I talking about))
    • You are not alone, tovarisch)) I also know Andrey from UltimateBattles, we were configuring some sort of server plugins to run them on TT FDS 4.6, I as a programmer was busy to compile those for UB. It is sad to know that any of my work for UB was a waste of time, but it totally worth it, you know))
    • Funnily enough, I'm in the same boat as danpaul.
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    • Go ahead I guess? It's already a bit annoying having to completely overlook Pokemon because of how long it would take to train them, so I wouldn't really get in the way of a relatively minor cost reduction. At most, someone would save what? 2 Pokecoins if they had three different Pokemon they wanted to try and train before the game ended that could all learn that one TM? Edit: Yeah, they'd only save 2 poke coins then, since they still have to buy it the first time.
    • Quick possible rule change.  In gen 2, TMs are one shot (though HMs are repeatable).  In gen 6 they changed this so TMs are repeatable too.  This has overall been a quite popular change.  Do we want to go with that?  I'll let everyone comment on that matter for free to weigh in.
    • Edited the first post to make it more clear everyone gets 3 pokecoins (unless you battle).  Apparently I'd overlooked actually putting that in the OP.
    • Just another thing I'd like to add:  Please get your PMs in by at least ONE HOUR before Day Start (6 PM Thursday) to allow for proper processing of all actions.