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    • I can look into it. But the idea is that the best answer is the first reply, which serves to help others looking for the same answer.
    • Just a simple "Your game has been updated, would you like to read the changelog?" on the launcher would probably suffice.
    • So I can't really help you much beyond this point, but here is an idea for you as this is what I personally do. Instead of designing a level game flow on paper as your first step, design a setting first, a theme and associated aesthetics. It could be a simple unplayable scene, but it can end up giving you a lot of ideas based on how you mess with a simple environment. It's how my last three notable levels evolved. Siege was just a castle initially as I toyed with the idea of how a man-made structure could be a level's centerpiece where the specific requirement was a large open outdoor space for airplanes. Hostile Water's icebergs started as just a test to get neat looking ice effects in W3D, none of the gameplay got added until after that. And my current project was literally born from taking an environment into the W3D engine, even now some of the gameplay components are not set in stone. You could say, Raap, maybe this is why u maps iz bad, but I return to you; My bad mapz are certainly quite unique in many good ways as well. It might not work for you but, you know, maybe it does!
    • MODERN WARFARE 2 REMASTERD THEY DINT RELEASE A TRAIELR BECAUSE SOME DUMB ^$# DECIDED TO SHOOT UP A SCHOOL SO IT GOT POSTPOWENED  to what like October or after bo4's release and yes it will be campaign only for a short while but people believe they will put in multiplayer because they don't want to lose there money and they have hinted at mw2 remasterd in a live stream so and mw2 got me into fps games because after renagade I was like ehh il stick with elder scrolls for a good bit until I got into cod and the ac universe and battle field and also battle front 2 the original and the new one and if you dint know they complete overhauled the game and now there doing a clone wars season but anyway mw2r is coming out before Christmas but after bo4's release  and if you dint know 2019 is when mw4 is coming out because there were a hole chunk of leaks and rumors  and hints form the creators them selfs  and reveal has been hinted in a mwr special beach themed map remake on a fence outside a construction sight hinting at a summer 2019 reveal
    • My biggest concern about vehicles would be about players getting rammed off the edge of the moutain. I could place blockers, but that would seem artificial. Also the design might not work with V2’s and artillery (I might have to go with a radar dome instead of a War Factory). I might have to come up with a new design for a map. And I have another idea for a map, but It’s not ready yet as a design so I will just have to let it cook. 
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    • Alright people, small thing here. I'll be going on a one week holiday, starting today. That doesn't mean I can't GM the game anymore, I'll still be able to do that, no problems. However, I may not be around all day to do the CVCs anymore. Think of it as a one week version of Monday when I went to see the old engines that are pathed across steel tracks. That said, I'll be fully able to do all of the day and night resolving, so don't worry about that.
    • Yeah, overall, the one thing I'll state is whatever happens don't let Orange get that Crowbar or I'm pretty certain he becomes unstoppable, and don't let Stability drop too low or else Orange might be capable of pulling off a day kill/night kill combination leaving me to see if I can somehow stop him by myself...
    • Original July Crisis lasted 8 days and could have easily gone longer. I'm hoping we can do speed phases if my investigate cat5/roleblock Orange is successful.
    • Also, that's till a depressing amount of time for this game to drag on if it does turn out Orange actually needs to be taken out before this game ends... Most likely because he had some day ability that let him take control of the investigation, which I'd assume would probably function if the same player is investigated twice in a row.
    • I'll also point out that the only time items are taken from a characters is if their status is suspicious or hostile, so someone should grab the Crowbar now instead of later, since it'll take at least four days before it could be used to forcibly change Orange's status.