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    • Perhaps an alternate option (something close to Raap's) could be to take a slightly different direction from my original plan, and make him a siege specialist just like the "mid-Delta" bionic arm grenadier - make Kovtillery his defining feature and more suited to vehicle-sniping, but make him worse at close-range AT/AP somehow. A possibility there could be to make him the only infantry who can't regenerate so he doesn't want people getting close to him in the first place, but would still be able to fight most units off in fresh condition. Though that's probably not the best way of handling that, as that means you can just buy him when your base is getting invaded, most likely autowin vs any invader, and then refill afterwards. Another option could be, as Mojoman said, tanking down his speed so he can't so easily get away from engagements he doesn't like. Thinking over my original plans, I realise there's a specific set of things infantry can do to be useful on the front lines: fight infantry effectively in CQC (Volkov, Flamethrower and basically everyone who uses small arms that aren't basic pistol/sniper rifle) fight vehicles effectively (everyone except flamethrowers and small-arms users) kill buildings at a reasonable speed (C4, or Kovtillery+ exterior damage and good range, or captain+ MCT damage. This is probably the most important one when you aren't expecting your vehicle to survive too long.) repair units (Mechanic, and Medic on maps with an infantry focus) special scripted stuff (like engineer mine detection and spy infiltration) If Volkov lost kovtillery/kovnades, he would be reduced from points 1/2/3 (no other infantry unit can claim to fill 3 of these points, though some come close to being good at a third - he's so good because he can do so much) to just point 2 (let's be real here: his shotgun isn't that great outside of ladder-camping, his real CQC powerhouse nature mostly comes from the nades) which means he'd just be a shock trooper that is tankier but worse at handling mechanics and ceases to contribute much once the Allies are pushed back into their base. Worth $1500? Probably not. And pretty boring because oh hey how many anti-tank infantry do the Soviets have now? RPG Trooper, Shock Trooper, Volkov, Grenadier for no-barracks situations, and then there's the Flamethrower who does it the best of all units that aren't designed for it but it's not what you buy him for... And those first 3, the actual anti-tank units, not having much to distinguish them from one another.
    • This has now been resolved! Thankyou for your patience.  
    • There's a reason we don't use this engine's bouncing logic. It is broken to hell and back. When the napalm grenades had it, they were incredibly luck-based weapons that more often than not would either fall through the terrain if it was 100% flat (like a building interior), or jump 50 feet into the air upon hitting the terrain if it wasn't 100% flat. Either way, it then exploded uselessly far away from any unit (I guess the quirk of hitting non-flat terrain could be useful if Reborn jumpjets ever invaded APB...) I'll do some tests with the slug and see how it plays out.
    • I have an idea how about the AT secondary bounces like a grenade and the AP secondary is a single slug
    • We are currently experiencing a TeamSpeak Server outage. We're not quite sure what's causing it just yet, but we'll try and get it fixed as soon as possible. Please bear with us as we work to rectify the issue. For now, please feel free to use our Discord server as an alternative for VOIP. Cheers![blurb]We are currently experiencing a TeamSpeak Server outage. Please bear with us as we work to rectify this issue.
      Edit: This has now been resolved! Thankyou for your patience![/blurb][thumb]thumb_tsr.0.png[/thumb]
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