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  1. Something to remember: a projectile being fired from high altitude doesn’t need a lot of propellant or ordinance to do considerable damage to a ground target.
  2. Before my old computer kicked the bucket, I tried to go back from level edit to edit the map I was working on. (To get it into level edit I had to split the ground into six pieces.) So going back to edit was a pain. I’m not skilled with texturing so I can image the difficulty of going back. Something about playing ping pong between two programs sounds tedious. Also developer scripts stuff sounds tedious also. If I try my hand at making a map again I will back up my work and I will keep it simple. Maybe something more infantry only. Like a hill top/Mesa tip match. (Or a box canyon normal match).
  3. If it were low tech and no helicopters, maybe soviets could still get Yaks? (Although the moment I mention yak I know someone is going to remind me that the castle walls are too high for airplane flight... but I can still dream)
  4. Good to see you Raap. Believe it or not I have been a fan of your unique map making abilities since.9935. Although you wish some of your earlier maps were buried deep under Chernobyl, I find them to be very imaginative. You weren’t satisfied with the same green boxed canyon design everyone else made. This how you will be remembered pushing both the game’s norms and limits. ps (thanks for retuning a few maps)
  5. I find it interesting that tunneling is the answer to a Siege... in medieval times they would tunnel under walls to surprise an enemy and break a Siege. If a door were added it would need to be a red access only door. And I don’t think the allies need one (phase tanks and helicopters and apcs are adequate transports.) Although, Pro: would offer cool secret Volkov route to retake the castle. Con: would create spy tunnel (currently there are two ways in 1: suicide helicopter Or 2: walk in the front door)
  6. Looks like those dogs are Hurrying down to their local Kremlin Fried Chicken
  7. +2 just wanting to hear the sound "you got mail"
  8. Wait I know what the image is... it's a train! I like trains
  9. Yea forg0ten1 blends in well as if unnoticed. Timeaua was responsible for designing an awesome train, and building design. Too bad the W3D doesn't do train mechanics well.
  10. I wonder why this post isn't on the launcher ;-)
  11. That wolverine first person pilot view is awesome! I can now look my opponents straight in the eyes as I fire at them. 🙂 . Maybe the tick tank will get a cool turret camera option for when it deploys. Lastly: I remember a while ago timeaura was working on a core defender. Maybe that old project was given new life and revived.
  12. @Pushwall I will mention Ridgewar no more. Simply because it was not designed for Yaks. A map like Alpine lake would've been a better idea. As far as helicopters are concerned, landing and turning off to a side pad(s) would work. (I think all production buildings have that capability.)
  13. Should Yaks be added to Ridge War?
  14. I remember that. There's no way I would want anything indestructible on a map. I was just trying to suggest some sort of variety. Something odd to break up the chaos. Be it a destructible turret or pumps Or even meteors raining down from the sky or a lava flow would be an interesting change like dust storms on pipeline. (By the way I do enjoy the random cyborg commando on FOI.)
  15. Wow, I had no idea the AI scripts were that extensive for called in bots. I thought it was a way point based preplaned thing (as in destroy objective ABC and if encounter enemy then logic). But I was wrong it's more an independent set of rules based on situation not map destination. As in bot encounters or is ordered to situation 1,2,3 then act ABC unless 456 happens then refer to XYZ and once XYZ clears return to 1,2,3. The first requires map cues while the second does not... nice