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  1. I think the request was already answered, either a kill zone or a no flare zone. The main issue is the vagueness of rules, and the lack of enforcement... but really if it can be designed around it doesn’t have to be enforced. I prefer design over rules... Example APB beta vs delta and the no roof flares issue. Roof access removes mods and rules and banning. Edit Clarity: (when I said lack of enforcement I mean I have witnessed during a 12v12 match moderators saying yea sniping/shooting from up there is ok. Yet they didn’t mention being up there to flare is not ok)
  2. Can you comment on how the AAPC’s gun will fair against the AAPC’s mortal enemy the Harpee and banshee?
  3. I don’t know the original TS didn’t allow infantry to walk off steep cliffs/embankments; you had to find a ramp.
  4. The AAPC depends on the devs vision. Some FPS games are more like chess or some are lore like cards. Chess: set pieces/units, set game-board/terrain, heavy focus on bilateral conflict, tactics, movements/formations, and key targets. Cards: varying decks/units , wild cards/power ups, heavy focus on multilateral conflict, strategy, chance, and lining up hands. It all depends on the level of randomness and variation the devs want the units to have in the in-game environment.
  5. @AAPC: Interesting concept by the way. It never occurred to me that maybe the same unit could have a different weapon layout. Just hear me on this/suspend judgement for one moment, instead of having one gun why not add some variation and increased choice? Not saying this would be a TSR 2.0 thing, but it could be a future asset. Think about it not just selecting the unit/tank but also selection it’s payload/weapon type. Think about it incendiary vs armor piercing vs Tiberium. And not just tanks but for infantry too. Or maybe it could be a veterancy perk for after 2.0? This could be a cool future feature.
  6. Raptor29aa


    @Cjx0r I have noticed the stack from time to time, but didn’t know there was a command attached to it. I just noticed that for a while I’d get on and see one side change a lot player name wise while the other team Changed little, which I thought was a glitch. There was one time, I played 3 rounds before giving up on the possibility of winning. (I know that the other team was probably saying ha ha rage quit. But seriously 3 rounds is approx 4 hours. A rage quit would be like crying over 20min of not winning) If a command was responsible for it I’d have to say I wish I knew about it so I wouldn’t be on the “newbie” side for 3 rounds. I have no idea how the comment thing works, but I could guess it with one word... moderators?
  7. After giving the pros and cons a lot of thought, it is better to have the bots for the sake of new players. Reasoning: (skip if logic bores you) New Players are used to different engines than W3D (or at least different control environments). The APB dev team have gone a long way to help the game be more user/new player friendly. Yet nothing can help a player gain skill/adapt to a game faster than aiming at a moving target and even more so a target that shoots back. Thus players online are important. But a good portion of server players currently have a high skill level, which to someone just learning a game can be frustrating. Some new players are not ready to be seemingly insta-gibbed (translation killed almost instantly with a few rounds of ammo) repeatedly while being taunted. And phrases such as get-good don’t work if there are no moving targets to practice on. —Enter AI bots, they can be predictable but tough moving targets. Depending on the difficulty setting/programming they can allow new players the practice to “get-good” and better learn the controls to the game. If a bot kills you it won’t taunt you, and most people won’t take it personally that an AI bot killed them. Sure bots can be frustrating to kill, but the player will have same bots on their team, which negates some of the frustration. With AI bots there are no “stacked” teams. Also as an added bonus the AI team players will in turn help new players learn support roles. (Let’s face it a lot of games recently released, lack team support/sharing mechanics. Excluding reviving teammate mechanics). Also I know players who start a new game typically would like to learn the controls in a non-online/competitive environment with moving target to shoot at. And what better opportunity is there than a bot map? Conclusion: I hope bots will help new players learn and adapt to the controls and physics of APB. I also hope bots will help close the skill gap between new comers and old veterans. I hope bots will give the necessary catalyst to raising the player count for APB. (And who knows maybe they’ll be loved enough to get a home server side?)
  8. So... ramming into the Mk2 with a devil’s tongue(or any fast vehicle) to get under it’s cannons to slow down/stop it and cause it damage... is no longer a valid strategy. Hmm... sweet 😎 very monstertruckerific
  9. I just saw this youtube video and felt it was worth sharing Main Points of Video: Usability of tools/Utility of tools -> Creativity -> Determination (opposite of RQ) Learning Curve -> Specialty -> Team Roles Guidlines/Policies -> Less Cheese (cheap wins) -> Fulfilling accomplishment / not feeling cheated Ease of Intuition / Decision making Hints -> Less Confusion / Less Helplessness -> Increased Skill / Strategy over time Complexity -> Frustration (Not Difficulty)
  10. At bare minimum you’d want the MEMP to follow your group as an insurance against a group of cloaked enemies (which is either a stealth tank or tanks/cyborgs hidden by a mobile stealth generator).
  11. Knoxx - Doesn’t like Monday’s (one of my favorite DLC endgame bosses)
  12. Yes, it is not the first time. Let me tell you a story: I was in a car with friends and the driver was inexperienced at driving. Someone in the front shouted the road is flat and long let’s go 115! Full speed ahead! And others shout lets go 20 It’s safer! Then I am yelling both speeds are aweful! please between 55/70. So the driver went 25...
  13. I wonder if it is a reference to mission 8 where Nod captures Umagon
  14. These are old ones but are still my Favorite Memes
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