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  1. Raptor29aa

    I would agree considering the Nod War Factory MCT is on the second floor and attackers must wait for elevator, while the gdi one is to the right of the big main door. (and don’t tell me Nod’s War Factory is harder to repair than gdi’s War Factory, because the mobile repair vehicle can repair from the outside the building.)
  2. Raptor29aa

    Why not just make the bridge destructible? Although I do suppose giving an extra meter or two of hieght would suffice. (Lastly I can almost get an HT from soviet ore filed to island via water... it was awesome. I don’t know if that was intentional) Edit: I am joke by the way about blowing up a bridge just to get off a better V2 shot.
  3. Raptor29aa

    All excellent changes except why only 20 AT mines on sea mist? (That’s 5 dome side, 5 middle to block demos, 5 helipad side to block that huge water area, and 5 in base to block stolen reinforcements.)
  4. Raptor29aa

    Almost as if the cruiser missed the memo to only bombard half the island 🌴
  5. Raptor29aa

    I will say joining up against a common foe is good for morale and good for low numbers on a server. Games just like sports, conversations, dances, or films can’t be constant high intensity. There needs to be some relief, or intermittent rest/slow down. (It also helps new players hang in there longer than me and Catting or Totd vs kitkat59 and likesburritos) Lastly co-op makes me miss gunnie and his crazy co-op ideas. (I also miss Shocky Gonzalez but that is a story for another time)
  6. Raptor29aa

    Well, I suppose if you found a desperate but intelligent and brilliant female programmer... I could see the touch part working... maybe. But even if you found one you'd have to scare off the army of her male coworkers/possible jealous busy bodies. Much easier to go to a university, find a teacher's assistant, bribe them with a little money (they don't get paid anything real so this part may not be that difficult), and have them make the coding project an extra credit class assignment... done. And no nerds get harmed or women wooed, yet the bribe would cost you.
  7. Raptor29aa

    I currently live in Arizona and wow you got the cactus right. They always grow vertically no matter what slope they are on and some have no arms and some have multiple arms.
  8. Raptor29aa

    Will the power plant being destroyed shut down the chromosphere?
  9. Raptor29aa

    Haxxing sounds like techno wizardry which the angry mob will not tolorate! burn him at the stake! He turned pyryle’s tanya into a nute.
  10. Raptor29aa

    Wow... 2018... I gave up map making after my last computer kicked the bucket, but with the announcement of new tools I think I might give it another try. Looking forward to all the amazing stuff! (Reborn roboot sounds Epic) (RA 2 is making excellent progress!) (keeping fingers cross for soviet migs)
  11. Shhh... if don’t use logic it Will just frustrate Mihaita12. (Although I suppose a brick of reality thrown through the window of fantasy is healthy... and hilarious)
  12. Raptor29aa

    Getting a tank and gaining some target practice.
  13. I will say I am pleased with seeing that worm eat tanks like a big armored pac man. I was also surprised to see all of the tanks and aircraft. I didn’t know you guys had so many assets ingame. I would like to see one closer, maybe a spec profile/post of one of the units. Lastly that desert looks massive! (I almost feel like Laurence of Arabia or Ben burr viewing it) Also do you guys have issues loading maps or lag?
  14. Raptor29aa

    Hey flarguns still hurt. Maybe a burn pistol may not be the right direction. (It would give that awesome hand a purpose) On the other hand If Volkovs grenades (and kovtillery) did self harm if in splash range then he wouldn’t be much of a CQC unit. (Just like how the rocket soldier does self harm in CQC also) PS I have no idea why my text looks different in this post
  15. Raptor29aa

    A high tech pistol with specialty incendiary ammo... I like it...