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  1. I noticed that Soviets had dogs in RA1 and then later both Soviets and Allies had dogs in RA2 Strangely after the tiberian meteor hits and tiberian dawn rolls around no dogs. Later in tiberian sun this creature emerges the tiberian fiend. I think it is possible that the large numbers of dogs became mutants? This is Lore not cannon, but I think it answers the question
  2. A Queen Ant 🐜 building... while I do like the idea of a large Tesla Queen, I feel a Giant Queen wouldn’t be scary (then again maybe I just lack imagination) I could see the larva thing working as a bot mechanic for a Co-Op map.
  3. After careful consideration and reading the posts, I will say this. Sometimes you are on a team with paste eaters (example a guy that shoots at a nuke beacon for 30 seconds... yes this happened last Wednesday). But that’s the coin toss. Whenever someone interferes with that system, then it must be decided is it balanced/fair? Swapping with someone who is willing keeps balance and is fair, but changing the team count isn’t. (Luck keeps a game interesting) As far as skill gaps go, I have learned a lot over time playing with skilled players. I’ve also taught unskilled players tips and
  4. It doesn’t have a #mm laser cannon, just a spitfire laser chaingun same stats as the Nod infantry. I was referring to a laser cannon when I said “mm laser gun” And sure keep the 500$ classic, I was just saying Nod has 4 APC machine gun type vehicles (and yes I am including the laser chaingun) As for repeating weapons there are so many missiles used across multiple tanks I was giving examples of weapons types for both Nona and BDM chassis; No need to hit the panic button. Lastly, no need to name call with n00b. It's not classy.
  5. A few Ideas for Nod 1.) Remove the 500$ BRDM 30.cal -why because BDRM-2 is 50$ cheaper has a better machine gun and is an APC also. (Yet the seats would have to be upped from 3 to 6) -Or remove the BDRM-2 (It’s weird to have two cheap APCs with mostly the same armor) 2.) the BMD-1 would be a great counter for an mrls if it either had A) more speed or B) better range or C) better armor. 3) After removing the 500$ BRDM (Or BDRM-2) the empty slot can go toward creating a new tank. -A.) BMD TOW Or M40 Or twin missile launcher? -B.) Nona 75mm laser gun Or twin
  6. Not so fast, I posted about over-nerfing a month ago. When I stated that newbie or “overpowered weapons” are important in creating fair imbalance. As in the answer is not remove the fun from that tank, but should be raise up a countermeasure that is equally as fun. (Also Threve agrees with you too)
  7. I disagree mrls are fine, Nod simply has no good water tanks. I think instead of nerf a fun unit, why not give Nod an equally as fun water tank. (Besides most people asking for nerfs ask for a range nerf. Mostly because Mrls armor is not very strong. Although if the range gets shortened it will lose its usefulness on land as a base defense killer and lose it’s reputation on water as an anti-aircraft unit) I know what you’re thinking what about speed? it flips too much on land at full speed for a nerf to affect its balance. -So the best Nod has on the water at the moment is the AMX, t
  8. That video just inspired me to create something, not sure what. Keep up the good work 👍🏻. On a side note: I Strangely find myself relating to the fictional lone medic. Existentially speaking, A created being wanting to create. @GaryOak The only political message I could see is possibly the dream of a utopian society (although I am too cynical from my retail experience to believe the general public could reach the progressivist goal of utopia)
  9. To be honest I turn up the sound effects. Something about hearing explosions in surround sound immerses me in the action. (Well not true surround sound just four speakers) I only notice the music while running or lull moments in the game. It is a good silence filler. (Before music was map Independent, I used to know which map I was playing by song)
  10. ^ This has potential (laughs fiendishly) -more than half my teams leaves... *activating skynet*
  11. Sweet Less Dieing! Because a rush is less fun with the coil continuously zapping.
  12. Just a few thoughts I think if you wanted more RTS power in an FPS world you would need bots to purchase and order around. (Also makes for an easy 3rd person top down view) -switching from first to third would also mean the player would have to “possess” a bot. Also in most RTS games there is usually a limit of one commander per team. And If so that would mean every player gets a base... -Or players would have to share... (Nah I would probably blow the shared funds on 3 AI harvesters)
  13. Interim Apex was simply a renegade mod until becoming a stand alone and then joining W3DHub. Interim Apex attempts to answer the question, “What was it like before tiberian sun?” So it has an abundance of units from multiple C&C games (and technologies). (Its more of a game of chance and cleverness than structure and movement, more like card strategies than chess strategies) -I hope the above description helps
  14. I wonder if one day fissure would be repurposed as an ants vs humans map
  15. What I meant was lessen the damage increase the projectile size. (Last I checked it was a tiny point). A small electric bolt on a small moving target can be rather tricky, add in the slow reload and missing becomes unnerving.
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