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  1. Still working and will do so to provide product, and my county in my state has zero confirmed cases (not to mention I live in a rural area about 70 miles in every direction to the nearest city). Keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way. Townsfolk here fear mass exodus from the 3 cites around us, so much so the mayor phoned the governor over it. (And yes 2% of the people here are doomsday prepers 5% are retired veterans and 30% don’t live in town but in small areas a mile out) And I sometimes feel like like I and a few of my staff are the only sane ones during this whole thing. Hearing crazy stories like, “x” nation is ready to invade, to aliens, to the four horsemen of the apocalypse, to government coming to get them, to illuminate bs. (Sorry had to vent a little, I didn’t know being a manager would involve lion taming the general population)
  2. Interesting how that tank has no turret. The tank is a big cannon fixed to a wheelbase for recoil. It could pass for Nod weaponry since most Nod weapons are either missile, laser, tiberian, or old soviet stuff (red alert style twin cannon/rocket territory).
  3. I work retail... yea these last two weeks were a mud walk. But these memes pulled me through. It’s been a pain and a big pain to most of my team keeping the product flowing. It’s like trying to fill a bottomless hole, and customers are upset it’s not full yet. Anyways stay safe out there the end of this virus is near Fun Fact: toilet paper is mostly comprised of water and a sawdust-like wood pulp (and bleached white).
  4. I lock my vehicles when I’m saying hands off Jabroni. I complain to mods when player tries to ramb and tip my locked vehicle -or blow it up- (Although, I would not make a good mod because I lose my cool when someone destroys my vehicle when I leave it to change character.)
  5. Excellent! This is good news especially for Infinite Isle, because from the cliffs the obey gun of the past could one-shot every defense.
  6. I thought the root of the problem was blowing up a building by throwing a stick bomb at an MCT without entering the building (As in C4 does nothing if the attacker can arc the explosive without entering)
  7. ... I just got an Idea 💡. The Orca Fighter could be a good ship escort craft. Since A.) it’s missiles need open space to hit anything And B.) It lacks a machine gun for Close Quarters Combat (A good strategy to take down any aircraft) (personally it would need extra ammo to be an anti-aircraft aircraft because of the low DPS)
  8. SideNote: If you do want to make a tank for the Forgotten War Factory, keep this in mind: None of the tanks are Amphibious and thusly creating an amphibious tank would definitely earn my vote.
  9. Understood, it’s best not to rock the boat, the orca fighter better being unused than overpowered (as for the banshee, it has excellent DPS and armor for bombing runs on boats)
  10. For some reason I can’t figure out how to do polls on the forum, I apologize. I was going to ask people would they A). want a cheaper orca fighter B). A more Armored one C). More damage -OR- D). The 2,500 Orca Fighter is fine as is The reasoning behind the poll is that I see the Orca Anti-Tank being used more often but it is the cheaper of the two. -The Orca Anti-Tank is half the price, does twice the DPS, and has a machine gun to kill off infantry with. Downside slower and less armored. -The Orca Assault is the cheapest, does the most damage in a single run (because of the high ammo count without reloading) -obvious down side is the slow ROF, and has less armor (but hey can’t beat that low price). -Orca Fighter is faster and better armored than the other two, and can dump a full salvo in alt click. Downside -less damage -no machine gun -very little splash (not good against infantry) -twice the price -has to face enemy to attack (unlike machine gun) - slower ROF due to reload speed (better for wide open maps). -All Three have approximately the same weapons range Anyone have any other Thoughts? Did I miss anything regarding aircraft? And what do you choose when selecting GDI aircraft?
  11. At first impression I didn’t like the idea that was until, I was on the receiving end. The side I joined didn’t act like a team, but suddenly after the death of the power plant the side I was on started acting like a team. We held the field, helped repair each other, started co-ordinating strikes against defenses and waves of enemy tanks. And after 15/20min of this we found a crate that got the building back. It was the above experience that convinced me building restore is good for the game. I’ve had the opposite experience where I’m on the winning side and after the first building takedown (the airfield) our team stops caring and goes everyman for himself. Attacking the enemy one tank and one person at a time (like a cheesy kungfu movie). They got the building back and my team threw a fit. What did they expect was going to happen if they bought the lightest fastest tanks and aimlessly charged opponent one tank at a time. (And worse the opponent repaired the husks).
  12. -Have Obelisk guns spawn after 30min and maybe every 30 min instead of map start-
  13. I can vouch that he is mortal and can be killed. I’ve seen him die three times. 1)I ran him over once. 2)Another time I killed him via pion. 3)I did kill him when he was at red health with a chem grenade as he was hiding behind a rock. As far as whether his skills are legitimate, no clue. Neither can I confirm that he is not part machine.
  14. Yea I do agree, the microwave tank doesn’t really hunt down infantry or tanks or buildings for that matter. I still haven’t figured out it’s role, but it is a cheaper version of the Tesla tank. As for the concern with Nod’s upper tier tanks. -The Stingray is a great option for putting the hurt on the average GDI tank (the three round shot is good). I feel the backhand tank is a bit weak when it comes to attack power (the speed and armor are fairly average) The Stridsvagen is like having the Nod anti-sniper in vehicle form. It’s not as good as a sniper like the prism tank which can harm, tank, driver, and building. At long range the tank sniping is fun, but at close range it’s sad becoming an expensive GDI trophy. Lastly it’s more a defensive than offense weapon because of the lack of building damage)
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