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  1. So... ramming into the Mk2 with a devil’s tongue(or any fast vehicle) to get under it’s cannons to slow down/stop it and cause it damage... is no longer a valid strategy. Hmm... sweet 😎 very monstertruckerific
  2. I just saw this youtube video and felt it was worth sharing Main Points of Video: Usability of tools/Utility of tools -> Creativity -> Determination (opposite of RQ) Learning Curve -> Specialty -> Team Roles Guidlines/Policies -> Less Cheese (cheap wins) -> Fulfilling accomplishment / not feeling cheated Ease of Intuition / Decision making Hints -> Less Confusion / Less Helplessness -> Increased Skill / Strategy over time Complexity -> Frustration (Not Difficulty)
  3. At bare minimum you’d want the MEMP to follow your group as an insurance against a group of cloaked enemies (which is either a stealth tank or tanks/cyborgs hidden by a mobile stealth generator).
  4. Knoxx - Doesn’t like Monday’s (one of my favorite DLC endgame bosses)
  5. Yes, it is not the first time. Let me tell you a story: I was in a car with friends and the driver was inexperienced at driving. Someone in the front shouted the road is flat and long let’s go 115! Full speed ahead! And others shout lets go 20 It’s safer! Then I am yelling both speeds are aweful! please between 55/70. So the driver went 25...
  6. I wonder if it is a reference to mission 8 where Nod captures Umagon
  7. These are old ones but are still my Favorite Memes
  8. While I do like the concept of the camouflage pillbox, I don’t think this specialized defense has a place in APB. Let me explain: for starters the current build is not designed/balanced for buildable defenses. Most maps have a few defenses making each one insanely valuable, and thus adding/subtracting one would immensely change the map balance (unlike the prior mentioned I.A. which each base has 15-20 if not more semi-easy to kill defenses). secondly, APB’s current pillbox design is made for combat in all terrain, for as you stated the flat design of a camo-pillbox leaves it two big blind spots: above and below. Thirdly it’s been tried before, and in two different conceptions: one was as you described but the gun comes through the roof to fix the blind spot issue. The other design being a pillbox with a cloaking device. The first concept looked rediculus. The second concept became pointless, because all the enemy has to do is wave the targeting reticule over where the invisible target is to see if it is still there. Despite all the above reasoning I do like the idea, and who knows it might happen down the road. But as for now there is little to no chance it would be implemented.
  9. @Kaskins I definitely enjoyed the post. I had no idea you guys were doing level overhauls. Sounds awesome! So on the topic of the forgotten they are definitely different than GDI or Nod already but there are some crossovers. GDI and Nod both have some tiberium weapons. Nod has a couple of mutants. What I think makes the forgotten unique is that their skill sets and strange presence. For example The Demolisher’s shatchel charge. The Templar’s suppressive fire tib chain gun. Or the speed at which the Assult unit moves with the chem-thrower. It’s enough to make an opponent jump. The forgotten are definitely specialists. as for the possible plans, I like the Scavenger idea of husks to cash. As for he Assassin I was thinking mirage tank technology, so he would look a tiberium crystal. The mutant legion could have a lot of tiberium grenades along with his melee primary, since grenades would supply health to forgotten infantry. Anyways most of my suggestions were just quick fixes/band aids for the current version. I am glad you posted your overhaul vision. Thumbs up
  10. I've been playing IA for a while now and I haven't paid much attention to the faction forgotten. So recently I tried to use forgotten infantry units whenever I could, and I have a few ideas to spice them up... or at least make their price tag and time it takes to capture the forgotten hub worth the effort. Thus I will discuss each unit below. 1. 150$ Mutant Assault : Not much can be done with this guy to improve, he's the cheapest and he regenerates in tiberium... he's basically a purchasable visceriod. (Ironically it would be funny if he turned into one on death) 2. 550$ Mutant Scavenger : This unit is fairly flat... it's just an overpriced engineer, except engineers pack more explosives, get better pistol headshots, and the free ones can build an ok/poor quality rifle turret. Thus I was thinking give him something unique, maybe a forgotten turret like a flame thrower or disc/grenade launching turret, something to be proud of. I'll go as far as to say remove the C4. I've not seen it used and besides there is the demolisher unit for stationary explosives anyways. 3. 650$ Mutant Assassin : I like this character except he has one big drawback he has to go to a tiberium field to heal, which makes him vulernable, because most of them are either in the open, in a valley, or lacking cover. Not very ideal for a sniper. So I was thinking give him an RPO-A Shmel (if I remember correctly in tiberian sun the forgotten often fired rockets). It doesn't have much range but it will say stay back to anything that may drive up on him. 4. 700$ Mutant Demolisher : He is rather fun to play, but lacks one important thing... self defense. And no I know what you are thinking... I am by no means saying give him a gun, that idea would be absurd, I would rather see him have a self destruct weapon or have more C4 explosives than that. What I would like to see is him have is a knife attack, but call it tiberium claws or something catchy. I tried to infiltrate and detonate a building with him once. And I found I either had to waste the C4 on the attackers or place it on the MCT and try and stand in the way of it's defusing. I jumped around like a moron and died with no building destruction. 5. 850$ Mutant templar : I found this unit a well rounded and very versatile unit. He is like Dr. Mobius, but with a machine gun and longer range. The range and accuracy make this unit worth the price as it does good damage to infantry and light vehicles. The templar is unique and fits well in it's nitch. I have no suggestions at this time. 6. 1,000$ Mutant Marauder : I am not sure where to start with this unit. It's a large, slow, and a semi-effective unit. I say semi-effective because he does less damage than Sydney or Ravishaw and is unaffected by upgrades (last I checked). The two units like him surpass him and can be upgraded to really surpass him. Sydney and Ravishaw also move faster and are smaller targets. To make matters worse the Marauder has a harder time dodging, finding cover, and combating infantry. I tried infiltration with him to see if I could use him in a non-field environment, and found the plasma gun does too much self damage for most indoor scenarios (that and the combined previously mentioned issues with mobility). This unit is not worthy of a 1,000$ price tag. It is a nice attempt at an apex forgotten unit, it looks big, tank like, and scary... till it moves slowly and fires its' gun. Recommendations for the Marauder. Option 1, he could get an ammo and hp boost to make him a endurance character. Also it's fun to be a constant pain in the butt. Even if your DPS is not at optimal efficiency. The low damage already exhausts ammo, yet the downside is someone on the other team can be a pain in the butt if the forgotten hub changes sides. Option 2, His plasma gun could be repurposed in a way unlike the portable ion cannon or rail gun; the plasma gun could have a slower projectile, but higher damaging projectile. Meaning light and fast vehicles (also helicopters) can dodge the shot, but larger ones won't. This would work well for stationary artillery, mammoths, tick tanks, and anything not moving. It would fill a nitch. The downside would still be infantry combat. Option 3, increase the plasma gun's range. this would make field domination easier (no need to leave the tib field) and increase the effectiveness against aircraft (which Syndey and Ravishaw already have). The downside would be the weapon out ranging minor base defenses. Option 4, add more grenades. This would be useful for both field combat and close quarters, since he cannot hurt himself with tiberium grenades. If not incendiary or emp are both nice touches to add for grenades. The downside would be increased efficiency against infantry (and emp grenades would make him devastating against tanks). I hope to see the discussions these ideas generate.
  11. I have a unique take on the matter... But first. If you lose the Hon/Bar you have 3 options. 1.if you kill an opponent you can become or pickup his gun 2. Find a crate 3. Find a forgotten hub I wonder as to why the discussion jumps to option 3? Anyways Instead of the same argument buff or nerf mutants, why not give them different and strange roles? I often ignore them because I feel they are just cheap copies of already offered units. (Besides most maps I see the forgotten hub ignored) I think the forgotten option should be equal and unique to the regular bar/hon options. (I have a lot of ideas but I don’t want to hijack this thread) Edit: I didn’t realize this was an old and dead threat I will create a new post with my ideas (for some reason I thought I was still in April)
  12. I agree, not having the obelisk gun appear at spawn would be fair... considering the alternative. Which is one shotting all the enemy’s AA/SAMs and minior defenses by the end of the first 5 min, thus ruining the beginning of matches, leading to 60 minutes of camping your own undefended base, while trying to get a lucky flare. And/Or- the obelisk gun is used to wreck the opposing teams starting vehicles and camp the harvester EDIT- But to stay on topic It would be interesting to see an obelisk gun vs AGT shoot out
  13. Wow, I did not know Command and Conquer games were popular in Russia 🇷🇺
  14. Maybe the island can be a tiberium island with the most horrifying of creatures... And strange looking mutant freaks... (or a random crystal silo)
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