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  1. Sweet Less Dieing! Because a rush is less fun with the coil continuously zapping.
  2. Just a few thoughts I think if you wanted more RTS power in an FPS world you would need bots to purchase and order around. (Also makes for an easy 3rd person top down view) -switching from first to third would also mean the player would have to “possess” a bot. Also in most RTS games there is usually a limit of one commander per team. And If so that would mean every player gets a base... -Or players would have to share... (Nah I would probably blow the shared funds on 3 AI harvesters)
  3. Interim Apex was simply a renegade mod until becoming a stand alone and then joining W3DHub. Interim Apex attempts to answer the question, “What was it like before tiberian sun?” So it has an abundance of units from multiple C&C games (and technologies). (Its more of a game of chance and cleverness than structure and movement, more like card strategies than chess strategies) -I hope the above description helps
  4. I wonder if one day fissure would be repurposed as an ants vs humans map
  5. What I meant was lessen the damage increase the projectile size. (Last I checked it was a tiny point). A small electric bolt on a small moving target can be rather tricky, add in the slow reload and missing becomes unnerving.
  6. I think the microwave tank would be fine as is, if it were better against infantry. I had a Sydney that got ejected once. And She destroyed my microwave tank easily.
  7. Sorry about that, I originally posted in black, but then with my APB theme I could barely read it. Is there a setting best for all themes? I also fully agree with Guard55 ”I think part of the issue here is knowledge. If you aren't aware of weakspots, you won't take advantage of them”
  8. Please hear me out before you hit reply and pillory me with insults. I was thinking about IA and it’s balance, and something occurred to me. Newbie weapons are important. Here’s what I mean, everybody looks for the biggest firepower granted in every match (their BFG). Newbie weapons are BFGs at little to no skill. And 90% of players complain about no skill BFGs. But without these no skill BFGs the server would be a tiny group of skilled players and would never grow in number. Let me explain with an example: John a new player joins the game and all the weapons are high skill BFGs. John a new player will die repeatedly and not enjoy the experience, nor take the time to gain the skill to use the high skill BFGs. Now, imagine if all the weapons are no skill BFGs, then John a new player will get bored, feeling he’s mastered the game. Thus there should be some no skill BFGs, but with more high skilled BFGs. I will use my experience as an example: The M202 Flash (delta force flamethrower weapon) was awesome, it became my BFG. Best newbie anti-infantry gun ever. I even killed a few very skilled players a few times (mostly just by suiciding). Yet once I gained more skill I leaned toward the FN 2000 from Patch or the Auto-Assault-12 from Logan. I have yet to gain enough skill to use Havoc or Sydney’s quick draw headshot. But if I didn’t have that newbie weapon that no skill BFG, I might’ve skipped over Interrim Apex completely. Same goes for tanks! I was at first drawn to the mammoths (especially the 36inch), but now I am trying to master the Mirage tank or ADATS. Skill should not equal power at all the times. Instead I think combat is balanced when some weapons/tanks are no skill BFGs while others take 5% extra skill for 15% extra power. And No I didn’t forget Nod; my first BFG was the Blackhand minigunner. Slowly I enjoyed Petrova / blackhand trooper, the Nod fanatic (wink wink), and as my skill goes up the soon the shock trooper, ravashaw, and Sakura’s headshot power. Same with Nod tanks! When I first started it was all about the Stealth tanks (especially the Ezekiel wheel tank) and as of recent I’ve started using the Stingray, Ontos, and the Tunguska. Therefore: Low skill BFGs (Newb weapons) can also lead to fair imbalance. I say fair because for every character (A) that excels (and everyone then spams/uses) there will be a character (B) that will dethrone/excel against character (A). Then character (C) will out perform character (B) and so on. Eventually someone will realize Character (A) crushes character (Z) and the cycle will continue. Thus No character/tank is skilled at everything, and the game becomes unendingly interesting. If fair imbalance is done right everyone will complain and say “character A should get nerfed” until discovering character B will crush character A, and thus keeping a rolling cycle and strategy game alive. Any thoughts?
  9. I have a balance Idea, when returning the cloak, why not change the armor and payload. (Talking about the commanche anti-tank, because nobody even used the commanche escort, it could remain cloaked and still it wouldn’t be bought)
  10. I always imagined the blackhand commanche would’ve have a chem/flame thrower (Nothing cooler than uncloaking and burning stuff from a helicopter ) but yea I agree the microwave tank needs more armor or lesser price tag.
  11. From my experience, uninstalling the previous install and then installing the W3Dhub launcher and installing through the Interrim Apex tab section worked for me. If you have custom settings I could understand wanting to transfer over the files. I hope this answer helped
  12. You missed planting nuke flares, delaying enemy silos, sonar ping, and stealing subs/ vehicles (would be cool if they could sabotage helipads, airfields, and SDs in some way) but add a new power for only the best of the best of spies. A zone next to the kennel to temporarily disable the purchasing of dogs.
  13. Maybe purchable upgrades? Like armor +25? And the upgrades go away on death. maybe damage buff like +5? Just an idea
  14. Not ammo upon pickup, more like refillable by terminal or tank; and as for the !ammo command I think there is a 65 second delay between commands. (I use the command a lot) I’ll do the math later today on how long the wait for !ammo is and how many shots the Obby/AGT can do during that time, then I’ll cut the number in half so there is a wait time between refills. (Unless someone beats me to it) Anyways if the weapons where nerfed in by very limited ammo (yet droppable and refillable) then maybe less of a timer restriction would be necessary and it could perhaps add something new to the positive gameplay experience
  15. Limited ammo would be realistic, but not refillable wouldn’t be fun. It would be better if a person had to refill often than camp a single spot for a long period. Besides unrefillable weapons are useless if the weapon drops upon death. I would rather kill the guy who brought the pain on my base and serve it right back to him than pick up an unfillable nearly empty weapon. my thought give it 12 shots and then need a refill. It’s enough to kill a single base defense and then need ammo. Also make it droppable on death as to reward the person who brought the guy down. A). It gives incentive to go as a group instead of alone because the risk of the enemy capturing this tech is high B). Limited ammo keeps the weapon useful for a support role in an attack (making each shot count) C). Refillable makes this weapon useful if captured D). Makes weapon less of one man army
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