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  1. Raptor29aa

    The Avengers would have nothing without Tony Stark Financing the thing. And also building the awesome stark tower!
  2. Raptor29aa

    Players mistakes

    @aaaaaaaa I sometimes try for a pedistil beacon if the enemy team gets overconfident and leaves their base wide open and doesn’t re-mine. (Worked only once but it is worth trying) *Secret when on winning team I often switch to camping my own base. Because I know someone will take advantage of an empty base*
  3. Raptor29aa

    As long as he pays you the Monopoly money he owes you from passing go, you should survive.
  4. Raptor29aa

    @Jeod level up! @Nodlied are you perhaps a banker?
  5. Raptor29aa

    I think 3 sec or even 3.5 is way too long. I think 1.2 to 2 seconds is long enough. I would just like a delay to avoid the deadman throw scenario. Because as it is right now I can dynamite any defense on death. (Which means if My opponent is not camping or fails to see the small object land on the defense I win. He only thinks I suck at attacking, till he notices he is losing a tower with each attack. BTW best places to stick on is on top of tall defenses or if you can in a crease/seam.) Granted I love using it on my opponents; I absolutely hate it being used against me. So I’d rather not leave the deadman throw option.
  6. Raptor29aa

    Good work guys. I am surprised at the speed in which you guys work, btw shouldn't there be a link to the Mammoth Editor?
  7. Raptor29aa

    @Threve and @Kaskins I believe option #2 of giving it a delay would be the best option. (Granted trying to wait 6 seconds to place 2 dynamite on a 36inch mammoth is very unlikely the tactic is still in the realm of possibility). I don’t want to alter gameplay too much by limiting the explosive potential of the tank commander. I would just be happy that flying an orca at a defense/Sam site and being able to Dynamite it before dying won’t be an option. (I’ve seen someone exit their vehicle and throw a dynamite before or at the same time the obelisk hit them. I am still confused how that is possible.)
  8. Raptor29aa

    Three second delay Pro: makes it harder for an opponent to jump out throw one jump in and drive off/fly off Con: makes it nearly impossible to attach one to a fast moving vehicle Con: attaching a dynamite to your tank’s husk to prevent capture before dying will be more difficult. Pro: base defenses won’t be demolished as easily Con: it is the only effective suicide tactic for killing base defenses (beside cloaked goliath). Pro: Helicopter + dynamite won’t kill your sams. Pro: Pioneer and Sapper turrets won’t have to be replaced as often (saw one dynamite remove 3 turrets and severely damage the last one) Con: lag negate/ mess up the throw Pro: the dynamite keeps it damage Con: Tank commander unit would lose popularity Edit: Con: Tank commander is the only swimming unit with dynamite
  9. Raptor29aa

    Yay Photos!!! I always felt the GDI barracks was cramped and had provided little coverage against artillery compared to the HoN. From the looks of it the underground section would help in defense, but also makes it possible for cyborgs to infiltrate since the emp mines would be more noticeable. Reborn lives again
  10. Raptor29aa

    I think the game night was a success, but if announced a few days out would be even more successful. (Thanks for your help, sorry about the countdown timer)
  11. Raptor29aa

    I will be there <iframe src="http://free.timeanddate.com/countdown/i6nnwii7/n137/cf12/cm0/cu4/ct0/cs0/ca0/cr0/ss0/cac000/cpc000/pcfff/tc66c/fn3/fs100/szw320/szh135/tatTime%20left%20to%20Event%20in/tac000/tptTime%20since%20Event%20started%20in/tpc000/mac000/mpc000/iso2019-03-02T17:00:00" allowTransparency="true" frameborder="0" width="202" height="61"></iframe>
  12. Raptor29aa

    They at least showed in-game clips of it.
  13. ProTip: The numbers still work. 1-4 infantry and 5-8 vehicles and the down/ up arrow changes the page down/up one page. So I can press “E” + 4 for Engineer then press “E” + down + 8 for a tank. Much faster and no clicking
  14. Raptor29aa

    IA was a new flavor of ice creme, I mean W3D which explains the boom and bust cycle. I’ve been too busy lately and dealing with personal stuff to be on. More people will comment in due time. As for the servers I’d say wait till closer to February. (In fact a lot of gaming companies don’t advertise much between New Years week and Valentine’s Day)
  15. Raptor29aa

    Agreed, I might have to see if I have any redneck friends with both good sound recording equipment and a wide enough variety of weapons. (I don’t know why I have the feeling the former will be the challenging part). Anyways, -recoil: mostly eye candy, but it does explain weapon inaccuracies and why targets need to be lead when firing, and etc. -ADS: I feel about this the same way I feel about sniper scopes; sometimes when sniping you want the scope, other times it’s more fun to shoot from the hip. This mechanic could be accomplishable through the sniper scope mechanic for weapons without a secondary. -Bullet damage drop off: I was never much of a fan. Some games it works well, while others it either cheapens the skill it take hitting your opponent, or promotes attrition damage. -partial reloading: considering the way a lot of weapons are designed it is not that beneficial. Like a partially reloaded rocket launcher? Or pistol? Or shock weapon? Or flame thrower? Shovel? C4? It mostly applies to machine guns or shotguns.
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