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  1. Maybe purchable upgrades? Like armor +25? And the upgrades go away on death. maybe damage buff like +5? Just an idea
  2. Not ammo upon pickup, more like refillable by terminal or tank; and as for the !ammo command I think there is a 65 second delay between commands. (I use the command a lot) I’ll do the math later today on how long the wait for !ammo is and how many shots the Obby/AGT can do during that time, then I’ll cut the number in half so there is a wait time between refills. (Unless someone beats me to it) Anyways if the weapons where nerfed in by very limited ammo (yet droppable and refillable) then maybe less of a timer restriction would be necessary and it could perhaps add something new to the positive gameplay experience
  3. Limited ammo would be realistic, but not refillable wouldn’t be fun. It would be better if a person had to refill often than camp a single spot for a long period. Besides unrefillable weapons are useless if the weapon drops upon death. I would rather kill the guy who brought the pain on my base and serve it right back to him than pick up an unfillable nearly empty weapon. my thought give it 12 shots and then need a refill. It’s enough to kill a single base defense and then need ammo. Also make it droppable on death as to reward the person who brought the guy down. A). It gives incentive to go as a group instead of alone because the risk of the enemy capturing this tech is high B). Limited ammo keeps the weapon useful for a support role in an attack (making each shot count) C). Refillable makes this weapon useful if captured D). Makes weapon less of one man army
  4. Combat Engi doesn’t need more repair (mkIII), because of his combat ability. Maybe just 2 incendiary grenades. As for Tank Ace/Tank Commanders they become very powerful/important after both the tank auto repair upgrade and the gizmo repair upgrade. How powerful you ask? Inside of a vehicle that self heals try able to take on non-upgraded PICs/ Railguns. Also, yes please give the 400$ pioneer/sapper an MkII so they can help repair buildings and mid field tanks.
  5. And... horrifying EA flashback thanks forg0ten1 (scrin ruining the mythology)
  6. No disrespect, but you have no Idea/Inkling how much work the Original Reborn team put into this work. Wallywood stands on the shoulders of all the creators before him. So his blood sweat and urine shouldn’t be seen as greater than all of the fluids/effort contributed before him, that would be intellectually dishonest. The captain is not of greater value than the entirety of the crew. As for Capitalism look to EA in how it separates assets per employee, and how anyone working for EA signs over work. Capitalism works in Contracts and Informed consent... I don’t think anyone working on TSR2.0 had informed consent to wallywood assuming ownership. Communism simply assumes control by force, no paperwork necessary.
  7. I worked with these people and tested with the original Reborn Team back with Renardin before APB had gotten the project. Now sure Wally can claim rights, but not intellectual property. This is more of a right to reproduce issue than a property issue. Wally is not arguing that he made the mod assets, but that he has the reproduction rights. AKA claiming publishing rights. So... how close was Reborn 2.0 you ask? In my mind we had to balance aircraft and tweak infantry recoil (spoiler we added a little recoil, because guns feel more powerful and real with that). From previous videos/posts in the last year you know 2.0 had reworked lighting, new maps, new building models, new textures, sprint function, better explosions, and etc. give it a few months and it could’ve been ready... Also the meeting in question that was last weekend, how do I know? Because W3D team never cancels a test match. As to Wally’s motives? Who knows? EA owns the C&C franchise so he can’t make money off of the project. He could try and brag TSR 2.0 is his in a job interview, but that would be intellectual theft and easily disproven. Does he disagree with creative content/direction? Who knows he hasn’t disagreed before that I know of. Is this a jerk move to delay an ongoing collaborative work from being released before summer’s end? Absolutely. ... Will this tarnish Wally’s good name and create animus toward old producers and his legacy... I’ll let you be the judge. My thoughts - Some children don’t play nice with others and so they need to play dodgeball by themself- Disclaimer: the above are my thoughts and opinions and in no way represent W3D hub or it’s stance toward the issue at hand
  8. Maybe an Enlarged (bigger/longer) version of pipeline with aircraft?
  9. I did testing with a friend and found that yes the Orca Fighter is the best at killing other aircraft, except the Hind (or any aircraft using the bullet secondary). It’s weird we found out that it’s faster to kill other aircraft with the long range machine gun than missiles. The Hind can remove the Orca Fighter of all it’s armor in one chain gun burst. Other aircraft take 3 seconds to remove the armor. After today I will no longer use missiles while dogfighting in the skies. You notDMB were correct in mentioning bullet death.
  10. Sorry to interrupt, tried an Orca Fighter rush on Ridgewar and seven where able to kill 2 bars of Nod refinery health, then the long reload happened. Most laughable rush ever, and I warned the whole team this vehicle is nerfed beyond use. All the aircraft where shot down before a second salvo could be unleashed. Which is why the Orca Fighter’s reload time... is wayyyy too long. [Besides to kill the building we would’ve needed to survive long enough to reload 3 times (extra ammo upgrade added to get the 3rd reload). Currently the feat would take approx. 50 seconds... LoL) So... we could’ve paid the extra 500$ for bombers or for half the price for orca anti-tank (3x the damage with no annoying reload).
  11. I agree with all of the above. In fact I do miss the Apache Escorts’ lasers, it just made it worth buying. I do have one more thing to add. Decrease the Orca Fighters really long reload time. It does 25% dps of the orca anti-tank, is twice the price, but also has difficulty killing other aircraft because of the ridiculously long reload time.
  12. I found the orca on eBay but it sold a month ago for 989$ us new and in original package https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Joyride-Studios-Gamepro-Dan-Elektro-Signed-Series-4-45-100-Action-Figure-/142845728391?oid=173558672128 the more I look online the more I see that these toys are selling for $$$
  13. Now is also a good time to take up forgotten hobbies like wood working, carving and etc. I recommend newbies start with pine, those who want more of an art piece go with aspen, and those who are up for a longer lasting but slightly difficult project go with walnut wood.
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