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  1. This is excellent feedback thanks, I’ll try the BDRM. Also I forgot about the Nona mortar, it’s not an easy to aim vehicle, but I will give it a shot too. Any advice on how to counter the Nod Anti-tank Comanche on the open waters? (Had no luck recently on hostile waters)
  2. Just an idea, the super spy (from the crate) is targeted by defenses when uncloaked. why can’t the spy be targeted by defenses if he shoots or plants a flare outside a building?
  3. I’ve noticed this over the course of many games now as GDI whenever Nod has stealth anti-tank Commanche, GDI can’t seem to advance in Naval combat. (And yes I’ve tried using ADATs, it’s the ambush/lack of response time that sucks) Although on maps without Nod aircraft I have found GDI dominates the Naval Combat, because Nod Naval is seriously lacking any high tiered units (and yes I have tried the AMEX to counter GDI Mrls and ADATs) Any advice/ thoughts?
  4. Raptor29aa


    Here is where I do agree GDI is almost too simple to use. The strategy is get a bigger tank.
  5. Raptor29aa


    1) Pioneers turrets can’t see cloaked units unless either A) detetected by detector unit/shot at -or- B) previously uncloaked in range of turret (they have some sort of memory when in range) 2) Don’t forget Nod has more Artillery than GDI add a stealth generator for increased fun (for more fun add Erebus for killing Adv Guard Tower) 3) I disagree Nod does have some decent armored vehicles like the tick tank and T-62. Now the super tank does have decent armor, but I am still not sure how to use it. It feels ineffective at damaging enemy armor because of the slow ROF or attacking buildings (I only use It for it’s AI turrets to end game bother my opponent) I think the super tank should have slightly less damage and slightly higher ROF 4) I agree Nod needs something like the ADATs for water combat (the range + damage + inaccessibility of water) I’m thinking some sort of long range water inferred tank (it would help with trying to hit a hover mrls) 5) at full speed Nod bikes are not too slow (otherwise helicopter missiles would be useless when chasing one down) 6) Nod stealth units have a nitch when it comes to capturing neutral structures. As in GDI captured AA/silo insert stealth helicopter and its Nods. Drive a tank over to it to recapture and... ambushed and it’s Nod’s again. (So yes Nod will have more money on neutral silo maps). Edit: I am not sure how I changed my font. Possibly it might be from posting from my phone
  6. Just up the minelimit and problem solved. It takes 2 mines to kill the spy. The biggest issue is that some maps have a lot of doorways or roof ladders/entrances and not enough mines to protect them. Example: Take the map Vile Facility mine limit last I checked was 80. The HON has 2 ladders 3 doors (12 mines). The power plant has 2 doors 2 ladders (8 mines). The Refinery has 2 doors, 1 ramp, 1 ladder (8 mines). Construction yard 3 doors, 2 ramps, 1 ladder, 1 window (14 mines) Com Center 2 doors 3 ladders (4 if counting tunnel ladder) (10/12 mines) Air Strip 3 doors, 1 ramp, 1 ladder (10 mines). Let’s total up the baseline for mines needed to protect against spies 62/64 mines that leaves 16 for offensive, field use. But I forgot to mention 2 mines won’t kill a Hotwire... so now add 30 more as in 2 more per door and total needed to secure the base is 92/94 so Nod is 14 mines short. (If no ladders are mined 80/82 is just enough for doors and ramps). So yea the issue is not spies being strong or sneaky, but there not being enough mines to cover the base.
  7. Raptor29aa


    I have an idea, maybe bring back the Nod Mobile Gap Generator, but give it a tiny cloaking diameter. It could help defend against GDI early base/harvester rushes. and definitely give a small armor boost to Nod mobile repair vehicle. I will say this, Nod has a lot of good support vehicle roles. Need anti-infantry? Flame tank. Need artillery? Poin/v2/a lot of options. Need a sneak attack? Stealth tanks. Need armor? T-62/Tick/super tanks Nod lacks something like the big repair mammoth, but it has the stealth generator. conclusion, Nod is very versatile just needs better backup/repair
  8. Raptor29aa


    @kickmofo Are you kidding? The previous version of the Ezekiel wheel tank was like a cloaked mammoth tank. They where able mass invisibly, move out unnoticed, and 3 together could take on an advanced guard tower and win. My objection is not to how it performed individually even though it was a fire and forget it took any still to use has you recloak weapon. My objection is when for less than the cost of a tick tank you could mass an invisible steamroller. I remember seeing 36inch mammoth with 2 ion titans getting wreaked by 4 Ezekiel tanks because of their armor and DPS. Both sides had repairers maybe that had something to do with it not sure. My point was that a cheap powerful tank that was cloaked was just being spammed almost every map. I would only agree to reverting the Ezekiel wheel tank’s stats if it was more expensive. Something cloaked and so powerful should be expensive. Considering it was used more than tick tanks and artillery in rushes. And was often an early game rush of choice (early as in first 10 mins)
  9. Raptor29aa


    I’m still trying to figure out the difference between the stealth tank’s role and the phase tank’s role. both shoot 2 missiles, both cloak, both have medium range, and both have tracking. The EZ wheel tank lost some of its ROF (two clicks instead of one) and armor, but gained some speed... it’s like a bigger phase/stealth tank. (-My thoughts on roles- ) ->stealth tank: -fast -low armor -low damage -long range -average ROF ->phase tank: -average speed -average armor -medium range -average damage -average ROF ->Ezekiel Wheel Tank: -slow speed - high armor -medium range -high damage -or- fast speed -low armor -average damage -long range -high ROF -Edit- roles are a scout, a work horse, and a specialist -Edit- I am not including the inferred tank because it doesn’t shoot missiles and thus is in a different category all together.
  10. Raptor29aa


    I would agree on the tick tank, because it has enough armor to take a beating. Most people have to shift their strategy now that 3 ez wheel tanks can’t charge a GDI armor column like they used to. Stealth should be a quick hit and fade or slow armored ambush... in-between is overpowered. Nod shouldn’t just be about stealth, and I know people don’t like rethinking strategy, but Tick tanks, goliths, T-62, V2, artillery, and super tanks do have roles too.
  11. Dumb smelly mutant known as the marauder (big one with plasma cannon) outranges any base defense. But I do agree the major downside is that they are very slow and wide... and easy for stealth infantry to attach C4 to. (Yes it does work surprisingly well) but stinky no, I would only accept the word gooey. ps try the templar you won’t be disappointed... reload? sure after my minute and a half of carnage...
  12. I thought that is where the forgotten hub comes in handy. Like the forgotten scavenger has a repair 3 gun and moves faster than the average unit (it is useful even if the hon/bar is alive) . Besides some dead opponents drop a class change powerup.
  13. ... shallow gave ... the map whose name must not be spoken
  14. For GDI the ion titan and the 36 inch (good missile splash too) are great at clearing infantry so is the zippo and the Spaag (if you know how to aim it). Nod has the Pion (poney) and super tank (AI guns always help) and not to mention flame tank and Tunguska, or just run them over with a stealth tank. Winter assault, I would agree that the tunnel width was strange I had a list somewhere of vehicles that could fit for both Nod and GDI sides. The diameter is different per side, Nod could fit an ore truck through if they get the angle right. Also aircraft work well on ships if you don’t slow down. Or if the boat is really big there are blind spots you can hide a tank in to kill it. I think I know the name of the map but I have to ask is the map snowy and does it have an obilisk? (The map lacks swimming and forgotten units, but it’s still fun) Also that cave can be secured with mines and sapper turrets (that and make sure to get the gun that spawns there sometimes it’s a pic). cold wall (needs forgotten sniper unit, lol) but yea that map needs some tweaks. When ever I play it I try to A.) secure the wall (it has turrets plus money) . Then B.) I try to secure a path to it (this is where pioneers help. Or just secure the tunnel entrance (there is one underground). Also ion cannon beacon help clear the wall for an assault. Out of time but willing to answer/put in my 10 cents.
  15. Hey Guys, first off topic post but the company game stop is about to go under. Which can mean two things, one pull out your stocks now, and get ready for cheap consul games! It’s like the movie collection I got for less than a dollar when block buster closed. I have no idea what that will mean for Internet sales, but I am keeping my eyes open for liquidation sales.
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