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  1. Upload any C&C related memes here, I'm bored.
  2. Holy shit what happened to the old Commando ''Yo'' whenever a new reply was made to a thread?
  3. Goliath35

    APB Saturday Skirmish

    Of course it's on a night when I am working
  4. Just a typical freedom bombing rush
  5. Is that a dog tied up? :/
  6. @Threve Mans gotta hump three times a day yannoe
  7. @Einstein As for cooling, liquid or classic air cooled?
  8. Own build, but when the time comes, I'll ask you guys the best specs and builds. I'll sort the budget when the time comes however.
  9. @Einstein Funnily enough now that you mentioned that, I saw multiple posts about the issue I am having, and multiple replies have stated to go into the registry and delete two registries, UpperFilters and LowerFilters. I did just that and my computer was stuck in a reboot loop, so I had to do a system restore. Thankfully it automatically made a restore point and all of my important files are still safe But in the meantime, I'm going to be ending up buying an entirely new gaming PC. But I will save up money for that first, as I also need to buy a van for work
  10. Game session tonight? Count me in
  11. Actually, I might open up one day and clean the DVD drive and see if that does anything. For the first time, I'm a n00b on the PC world XD
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