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  1. You know trouble is waiting to happen when Threve shows up
  2. Happy Canada day my dear colony.
  3. And it wouldn't be threve without his ridiculously stretched raveshaw
  4. I can see the MEMP being utilized as an ambush vehicle, stopping Nod rushing with their vehicles and allowing GDI to fight it off. I like
  5. P1000 Ratte, because the Maus and the E-100 just wasn't big enough for Hitler. Also apparently for propulsion, the Ratte would've used engines off of either U-Boats or whatever battleships they had going at the time.
  6. You know the Mammoth will be piloted by yours truly
  7. I really need to have that as my profiles rank
  8. You should be a historian for an alternate what ifs.... Also hump three times a day to keep the doctor away
  9. Good thing the Maus was only that, the Germans tried the E-100 and halted it to focus on said Maus. which ended up being a Soviet Trophy in Kubinka
  10. Imagine that some nation has developed a tank that's near enough the same as the Mammoth Tank/Apocalypse Tank (twin fuck off guns with twin missile pods as well as it being four-tracked) with the same level of durability as well as the ability to conduct independent battlefield repairs. How would everything work out? Would the main guns have an autoloader system similar to that of WWII-era battleships as opposed to having a four-man loader (two per gun; one inserting the round and the other inserting a charge of some sort), would the pods have to be manually reloaded? More to the point, how would you steer a vehicle that utilizes four tracks instead of the traditional two?
  11. This thread blew up quick
  12. >diet coke >evil mastermind Whelp, i know what I'll be drinking
  13. They're memes nonetheless
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