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  1. I still like to have the thoughts that the World War II we all knew and fought on our PC's had intertwined with the early years of the cold war (Allies vs USSR irl to NATO vs Warsaw pact), I mean it would make sense in the way that some of the technology you saw in that alternate world war had some technology that existed irl (nuclear weapons, fighter jets, attack helicopters for example (albeit not on the same level, or was invented later on)). With that said, for the allies in particular as I've noticed some people whine and bitch about how the M1 Abrams (the medium tank) doesn't make sense to appear in the 1950's, you can always take a look at medium tank as the British Centurion tank. That's my 50p on the matter, so if you've read this you deserve a medal for this incoherent gibberish.
  2. If it's still a consideration for it, I'd be more than happy to be that model/test dummy for you.
  3. I'm liking the article so far. One thing I would suggest (in my opinion at least) is adding a small brief in game demonstration for said vehicles, what it's role is, and how to properly make use of said vehicles effectively.
  4. This website must be craigslist for C&C Sluts
  5. I assume the floating breach block on the gun of the titan will be fixed? Other than that, I like the new animations it gives the walkers some personified feels about them.
  6. I'm surprised there isn't a map where there's an abandoned GDI base, and the only vehicle that spawns for both teams to use are the old X-66 mammoths.
  7. *laughs manically in British Empire* You see why we keep her locked away in Buckingham Palace? She scares the daylight out of kids.
  8. Goliath35


    Can I bring my pet Mammoth 36?
  9. Goliath35


    You can tell I haven't played IA in such a long time
  10. Goliath35


    I'd assume squads were those paratrooper support powers that you could call in if you were either a veteran or elite ranking.
  11. Needs to be featured in a mod or map. Tis good
  12. That map. I still see building restore a grey area. Personally the way I would see it is this... -On maps without Construction yards, buildings should only be restored the once via the pick up. Any more subsequent pickups renders it null and void. -On maps with construction yards, disable it while the construction yard is active. Should the construction yard be destroyed, enable the pick up and play it off as statement above, restore once - disabled permanently for that structure after.... Again that's my contribution to this clusterfuck of a thread. Also Roz, Nod sucks balls.
  13. I swear I played a game before that had building restore on a map with a construction yard.... that great under map, the one that takes place in an abandoned allied naval base
  14. I'd say it's a ball kicker if advanced base defences (AGT/Obelisk) could be restored. Which brings me to ask, how come they can't anyways?
  15. This feature is a grey-area zone for me imo. Just my five pence
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