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  1. ChopBam for Ministry of Memes
  2. @ChopBam never fails to deliver with the memes
  3. I have studied ChopBams' dossier and have come to the conclusion that he is the man responsible for many memes created, whether posted in here by him or not.
  4. Thank you guys for these memes
  5. code is 111222932 xjoeeftw/jenny tellya
  6. Man its not even April 1st
  7. The biggest disappointment for him is that he's drinking Diet Coke, not YEO-CA Cola
  8. Holy shit we need to beg EA to release this
  9. I've got some appropriate sounds for the Tiger II if you need it
  10. View File War Thunder pre 1.91 sounds Here are the sounds I shamelessly found from War Thunder and decided to use for A Path Beyond The 105 L7 gun (Centurion MK10) replaces the sound for the Medium Tank The 75mm M3 gun (M24 Chaffee) replaces the sound for the Light Tank The 120mm M58 (M103 Heavy Tank) replaces the sound for the Mammoth Tanks twin guns The 100mm gun (T-55) replaces the sound for the heavy tank The 128mm PaK 40 (Jagdtiger) replaces the sound for the Artillery The 90mm M3 gun (M26 Pershing) replaces the turret Submitter Goliath35 Submitted 04/08/2020 Category Custom Audio  
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