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  1. Drop a link, now you have my curiosity
  2. Someone's gotta keep vital supplies coming through, and with the amount that a freight train pulls I'd like to think someone out there is getting their basic commodities on the dot
  3. I'm from the UK - Birmingham specifically. Our country is in lockdown however I am a keyworker (railway engineering). I'm burnt out, but I'm doing this for the country. I like to think we're in war and I'm doing my bit for king and country
  4. It would certainly compliment the current SU/ISU vehicles Nod has in their inventory.
  5. [128mm warthunder gun sound intensifies]
  6. Finally, got an excuse to try out this new sound file
  7. Because the soviets need something to store their coffee in before every battle
  8. There really needs to be a 4-part co-op map for the giant ants tbh
  9. I'll try and find the soldiers for you bro, and originally this was $80 on eBay
  10. I've still got the little GDI and Noddie soldiers with it. I'd also sell it however since I've had it well over 2 decades ago, I can't sell it without its original packaging
  11. I've had this mammoth for a while and I'm not sure if I should leave it unmolested, turn it into the soviet mammoth tank, or Mammoth 36?
  12. I just like the Mammoth tbh
  13. Mammoth win ery time
  14. [Stares at this thread with Mammoth Tank 36 intent]
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