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  1. Needs to be featured in a mod or map. Tis good
  2. That map. I still see building restore a grey area. Personally the way I would see it is this... -On maps without Construction yards, buildings should only be restored the once via the pick up. Any more subsequent pickups renders it null and void. -On maps with construction yards, disable it while the construction yard is active. Should the construction yard be destroyed, enable the pick up and play it off as statement above, restore once - disabled permanently for that structure after.... Again that's my contribution to this clusterfuck of a thread. Also Roz, Nod sucks balls.
  3. I swear I played a game before that had building restore on a map with a construction yard.... that great under map, the one that takes place in an abandoned allied naval base
  4. I'd say it's a ball kicker if advanced base defences (AGT/Obelisk) could be restored. Which brings me to ask, how come they can't anyways?
  5. This feature is a grey-area zone for me imo. Just my five pence
  6. Building restore annoys me because it means the enemy has a chance of a comeback, which means the fight will be going on longer. Which is good because it means I can spend more time making love in my Mammoth Tank 36 Inch.
  7. nevermind it's working now
  8. I like to access via the Hub because I also like to play APB with some bots :) But yes, it's still not working :(
  9. Whenever I want to load up the hub, it keeps telling me that there's an error in trying to connect to the Hub's back end API. Can anyone help me please?
  10. >crushes Nod Buggy Whelp time to recreate that cutscene from TS
  11. Non modded C&C? MARV only because it's funny as fuck to steal your enemies tiberium while at the same time stealing their will to live. Modded C&C? - Mammoth Tank 36 Inch because yes
  12. What's the green square thingy on the Mammoth anyways?
  13. Who's a good boy? You are Mammoth MKII Lemme throw a Nod at it please
  14. You know trouble is waiting to happen when Threve shows up
  15. Happy Canada day my dear colony.
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