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  1. Also when a spy steals my Mammoth Tank, the Soviet team mostly destroys it almost immediately right? So is the end result not a point advantage to the Soviets in almost all cases of the spy stealing a vehicle? Granted, you've made another player pay for a tank that you used. But that's not always that much of a problem. Aside from that though, I really like the option to steal enemy vehicles just for the sake of it, and would not like to see it removed.
  2. Normally, this idea would be a bit too much, but since the active playerbase has grown alot since Covid-19, I think its worth thinking about. Maybe even program the server to mention it every now and then eg. Or something
  3. Having not actively taken part in this particular night, I guess I shouldn't vote. Maybe we should do some kind of periodic election for players who have been actively making the game awesome or who have shown brilliant plays in games apart from the official game night. I could definitely name a few people who deserve praise!
  4. How could you not put any rap music over this
  5. It's done pretty well. It's not the very best remake ever, but it's definitely not a failure like the warcraft remake. I haven't tried multiplayer yet btw. One of the things I sort of miss are game mechanic and game content upgrades. Sometimes I'm bothered by bad path-finding and overall dumb unit behavior (Like when you order a group of tanks to flank attack and enemy base, and 1/3 decides to drive there straight through enemy Tesla coils). On that part, it's just like in the originals. Maybe if I'll play multiplayer, I'll find they've upgraded that, though. I've read that some multiplayer mechanics aren't put into the campaign games. For now, its a pretty good remake, but not on par with for example Age of Empires 2 DE (which really upgraded graphics ánd content ánd game mechanics by huge amounts). EDIT: Just to give another example: In the 6th GDI mission, you get a single Commando to destroy a certain Nod structure. The mission opens with you having to destroy two SAM sites, so a Chinook can arrive to transport you around. The thing is, destroyed SAM sites sometimes randomly spawn riflemen, who unavoidably and immediately open fire on your Commando after you C4 them. In my first play-through, both SAM sites spawned 2 riflemen, and my Commando was down to 1 HP before I even made a single mistake. In my second play-through, I came out of it with 100% health, because no riflemen spawned. It's a bit of a pity that they didn't just fix these kind of issues IMO.
  6. It makes it so much easier to spot spies too
  7. Nice post, Des! Like Fraydo, I find them very refreshing and take my time to read. A few questions / remarks on this one; - Just to be sure: Did you test this in equivalent circumstances? Because, off course, the strength of a full-HP flametower should vary depending on the number of players, right? - I would argue that, as implied by your post, the Chronotanks niche lies in the unorthodox Chrono mechanic. In some maps, transporting multiple chronos behind the lines (hopefully unseen) is just the thing to shift the balance. - Overall I get the sense that you find the CT to be a difficult unit to use cost-efficiently, and I definitely agree with that. I also note that losing CT's can give the commies a lot of points..
  9. I obviously have no friends add me pls :((
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Hey AZ. This is the first time I've seen your content pass, but I gotta admit I was surprised and hooked by your creative, video editing and storytelling skills. I'm out to watch the rest of your content!
  12. Complete barbarian here, I always click all the way through to my purchases
  13. Happy birthday (In advance)! I'll try getting online for the game night tonight
  14. Tested it once for ya, came up with 26:33. Though I manually timed it by using my cellphone. EDIT: I did not have any space between the mammoths during that first test. I retested with 1 space between them like in your screenshot, and I came up with 26:50. Again, manual timing. The difference with Dghelneshi could offcourse be caused by the timing of the exact moment we start and stop timing (I've tried to start as I click to start the force fire, and stop when the final shot lands and Mammoth B's explosion begins)
  15. I think this idea would only increase the problem. Right now I feel the HT barely wins over the MED in direct combat, but just as you pointed out, in the HT, it's harder to land every shot. I think one of the reasons the shots are harder to land is because of the double barrels; the two barrels simply can't have the same aim, so you'll miss a shot or two in a pinch. I feel that right now the outcome of MED vs HT is thus dependant on the 'skill' of the HT driver to land every shot with his two barrels. If he can, HT wins. If he misses some, MED wins (Offcourse dodging and maneoevering play into this as well) A HT ROF increase and damage decrease will actually increase the skills needed to operate the HT, whilst leaving the MED for what it is. Ultimately, I think Push has a point (I mean the guy is busy with APB balancing 24/7). This may be the best balance possible without making one of the tanks useless.
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