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  1. GaryOak

    Well it would add gloriously unbalanced communist victory over capitalist pigs, for one.
  2. GaryOak

    There's still a lot of campaign units to go for. To balance the allies Einstein and Stavros out, we could implement the soviet super tank, with 16+ as much HP as the normal mammoth tank and cruiser cannons: http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Super_tank Or the nuclear submarine from from the first counterstrike mission: http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Advanced_Tactical_Submarine #cantwait #balanced
  3. Are they purchasable as player characters? Or do they spawn automatically? What kind of abilities do they dogs have? I guess I'll have to wait for the actual update though.
  4. GaryOak

    So basically you're saying we are gonna have the MiG and the cruiser? 💀
  5. Looks amazing, just what I've always pictured the ultimate Renegade to be. Im kind of looking up to the learning curve, though. I suppose the best way to learn all aspects of the game is just to start playing?
  6. GaryOak

  7. GaryOak

    Let me just interrupt here. How does this game not have Gary Oak?
  8. GaryOak

    Wait, weren't you part of the EMD clan back in Renegade? Good to see you, Ice!
  9. GaryOak

    And despite having 200% the naval transports they had, we somehow still lost this. Get Renguard people
  10. GaryOak

    Rest in peace.
  11. GaryOak

    I was having doubts regarding your argument, but capitalising every first letter made me see your point of view.
  12. GaryOak

    Wait what lol @Sammy: From your comments it looks like you really took offence to what I said. I'm sorry. I never meant to insult you, and overall, you should never take anything I say too seriously. I'm actually quite the retard, you see.
  13. GaryOak

    Sorry Sammy