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  1. Congratulations to the winners! High level gameplay, and I enjoyed the games very much! I cry everytime
  2. ok one small new vid
  3. EDITED: Uploaded these to youtube, they would get deleted off the other channel
  4. Exactly this. I've tried looking to see the effect so many times that I've gone wondering if its not actually bugged, because I just never got the impression it made a single hit point of a difference. Even worse, trying to hit the rear instead of the side has ended up in me missing quite a few shots. And that just feels bad - if you can't even see the difference between a side hit and a rear hit, you realise that you would need like 50 succesful "Rear hit instead of side hit"s just to make up for missing that one shot. Today, whenever I get the choice between targeting front, side o
  5. [SEMI LONG READ - SORRY] One of the most important issues regarding balance for me is that I actually really dislike playing as Soviets. Yeah they are the slow but heavy firepower Faction, where the Allies are the quick and nimble Faction. The thing is, though; A good working Allied team can still present a heavy frontline with really high fighting power (think of: Mobile GAP + Medium tanks, Arties and Mechanics). In fact, a really good Allied front can probably beat any Soviet front, IMO (just IMO tho, lol). A good working Soviet team is, however, still completely tied to
  6. If @ryknow69 was behind that chrono rush, I will add my vote for him! We were seriously impressed by that one on the soviet side EDIT: If I'm not too late, I would also like to mention @forg0ten1and @SilverShark. High level play and they outscored me like every game too
  7. Happy birthday! I will attend, though probably not as much as I did last time
  8. Forg, who actually wanted to donate $50 but accidentally pressed the 0 key twice J/K - Very nice and generous man!
  9. Had a lot of good teammates, but apart from the people already mentioned i'd like to say Ryknow69 and KSK_Nico. We got some great teamwork going over VC! EDIT: As they were already mentioned I didnt think I should mention them but still: GUMMIEL and AZStalker
  10. IA is such a loving community A guy shares a reticle and the two reactions are: 1. I TOLD YOU HE IS HACKING 2. Your reticle is shit Never change guys lol
  11. To be honest, I find it strange that a big one is an orbit on his middle all the time. The weird thing is, I'm from afar notice and they fire at me while I am invisible. So, in conclusion; my vitality and armour are a centurion with 1 shooting take.
  12. Sometimes I'm just so happy that I don't play IA
  13. The expansion we deserved but didn’t get
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