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  1. Exactly this. I've tried looking to see the effect so many times that I've gone wondering if its not actually bugged, because I just never got the impression it made a single hit point of a difference. Even worse, trying to hit the rear instead of the side has ended up in me missing quite a few shots. And that just feels bad - if you can't even see the difference between a side hit and a rear hit, you realise that you would need like 50 succesful "Rear hit instead of side hit"s just to make up for missing that one shot. Today, whenever I get the choice between targeting front, side o
  2. [SEMI LONG READ - SORRY] One of the most important issues regarding balance for me is that I actually really dislike playing as Soviets. Yeah they are the slow but heavy firepower Faction, where the Allies are the quick and nimble Faction. The thing is, though; A good working Allied team can still present a heavy frontline with really high fighting power (think of: Mobile GAP + Medium tanks, Arties and Mechanics). In fact, a really good Allied front can probably beat any Soviet front, IMO (just IMO tho, lol). A good working Soviet team is, however, still completely tied to
  3. If @ryknow69 was behind that chrono rush, I will add my vote for him! We were seriously impressed by that one on the soviet side EDIT: If I'm not too late, I would also like to mention @forg0ten1and @SilverShark. High level play and they outscored me like every game too
  4. Happy birthday! I will attend, though probably not as much as I did last time
  5. Forg, who actually wanted to donate $50 but accidentally pressed the 0 key twice J/K - Very nice and generous man!
  6. Had a lot of good teammates, but apart from the people already mentioned i'd like to say Ryknow69 and KSK_Nico. We got some great teamwork going over VC! EDIT: As they were already mentioned I didnt think I should mention them but still: GUMMIEL and AZStalker
  7. IA is such a loving community A guy shares a reticle and the two reactions are: 1. I TOLD YOU HE IS HACKING 2. Your reticle is shit Never change guys lol
  8. To be honest, I find it strange that a big one is an orbit on his middle all the time. The weird thing is, I'm from afar notice and they fire at me while I am invisible. So, in conclusion; my vitality and armour are a centurion with 1 shooting take.
  9. Sometimes I'm just so happy that I don't play IA
  10. The expansion we deserved but didn’t get
  11. GaryOak


    Wow. People are attacking you for being on the same team? That's harsh
  12. I was mostly just wondering if there was one, I didn't directly see one in it, I guess. Well said raptor!
  13. Watched it! This one is quite a bit deeper or more emotional and philosophical than your normal videos. I'm wondering if there's a political message in it somewhere, considering recent events.
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