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  1. I took a look at the rankings page today, and noticed that the allied grenadier is not considered to be a valid unit in its own right there yet This ranks very low on the to do list, off course, but I thought I'd point it out. You probably knew anyway Same goes for the soviet ranger
  2. Love the changes and also love that the grenadier is back! It will probably need some tweaking for better or worse, but thats to be expected I really like the idea of its new role
  3. This would change the balance of the artillery a bit, do you argue in favor of that? I myself would like the deploying feature, but probably not if ramming becomes impossible. No real opinion on pivoting. I do find that the artillery's recent price increase has made it much more of a gamble than before - if indeed you fail in lining up shots for the various reasons given by NodGuy, you've wasted a pretty big sum of money. I would like to see something (small) change about the artillery to relieve this feeling, though it could be anything. Maybe even a front camera angle to help you see trajectory and impact better.
  4. I like the idea! I'm also biased toward more options
  5. Hmm, I definitely don't have anything against any one player, I really think it's an overall feeling. I might be wrong though, and just have to get used to it. Maybe it'll all get better in a few weeks. This sounds like an interesting discussion! I'll first try getting better / getting a bit more used to the new gameplay elements before i form an opinion
  6. I definitely was exaggerating -- I guess my arguments arent based upon facts as much as id like to. I am more about general feeling, it seems. You bring very valid examples to the table, and I definitely like that paradrop idea! In the end, though, I would simply argue that infantry has the ability to kill other infantry too fast right now. Experienced members of APB and APB members with high end computers/connection seem to have quite the edge over newer players. I am obviously a newer / more n00b player. The question on my part is: how much would you like the 10+ years experience APB players to have an edge over newer players? And how would you like high-end gaming PCs to play a role? (again: this is coming from someone without a high-end gaming pc, so please take that into consideration lol) I would think that the older APB gets, the fewer players it draws. Maybe it would therefore not be the best idea to implement gameplay rules that enhance the advantage of older players over newer players. Then again, and I stress this, I am an outsider. I know you have spent lots of thoughts on this. I just figured I might post something like this. Maybe its better to put emphasis on the older players instead, for example!
  7. Nice to find someone agreeing with me! Going back to DanPaul's post, even though I find Pushwall's argumentation quite valid in that the team has tried to reduce other gameplay elements so it isnt '10 mins walk vs 5 seconds fight', I still think that that scenario probably happens more than I would like. I think it's due to the fact that headshots can make kills possible in less than a second. So my argument would be that walking across the map might very well take up to 10 mins in the larger maps. Maybe its a bit less in most maps, okay. The problem, as I see it, is in that one can get killed in single infantry combat in less than a second today. I've walked an entire map several times before, only to be killed by pyryle in 0,2 seconds when i finally reached the enemy base. My first conclusion is definitely that he's really good and i should up my game. But my second conclusion is that i just spent 10 minutes only to get killed in less than a second. Which kind of makes me feel like pressing the escape button, and quitting.
  8. Thank! Definitely gonna try this, lol. And I really should have an upgrade soon, due to getting a job...but then the job will probably mean I almost cant play anymore Hmm I myself kind of consider it a trade-off ingame as of now: I either hit the ground near the target to kill it through splash damage, or try to directly hit it. The thing is, going for direct hits almost never works due to the predicting and dodging game and the time involved for the shell to get to the target. When you miss the direct hit, you usually dont hit the ground either, so its an all or nothing shot. So going for ground hits and splash damage is mostly it for me -- the fact that I sometimes get a lucky direct hit just comes with the game. I wonder if other people go for direct tank vs infantry hits deliberately? I guess it's an option if someone is against a wall / will receive damage from the splash all the same.
  9. I gotta have to post that I don't like this change I was kind of getting into infantry combat, but since the patch my performances have been dramatic I suffer from the screen briefly freezing at times, especially when new public messages are received -- this, other small lag issues and a not-up-to-date gaming computer makes me feel ill probably never start being able to hit really small hitboxes I'm off course definitely not one of the more skilled players, but all things considered for me, this gives me a feeling of getting hammered by the older and more elite players a lot harder, with little room for improvement I have off course not been around since the beta, and definitely don't wanna come across as someone who thinks his opinion is important in this community; I just felt I needed to point out that this patch can make gameplay harder for some people, especially the newer ones And yeah, I could and should always try and upgrade hardware if things are supposedly so bad right now -- that's one of the reasons you shouldnt give too much regard to my opinion on this one lol
  10. lol
  11. It does, any more? How about this (also obviously one of my random issues, lol)
  12. Does anyone have any good C&C or APB memes or pics? If not, they're definitely worth making imo I have my own library of pics, which automatically comes up on my pc as a screen saver I think my humor is a bit too dark to start posting though
  13. Yak Flying Circus MCV RUSH (Okay, I've not seen this one in action yet, but using the MCV+mechanic to soak up damage during a tank assault would actually make some sense, wouldnt it? Maybe im crazy)
  14. Right between the boobs eyes!
  15. Aah okay! Well considering what you have said, I would think that the things that I've pointed out are only a small part of the RQ problem. It does then not seem to have to do much with rankings, at least. So I guess the next question would be as to what RQ is really about. Boredom? Not personally wanting to lose?