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  1. I remember him doing some tank battle 1on1, then a couple of us came to our teammate's aid by blowing Atari's tank up. He went running and shooting after that same teammate of ours, but we shot him down before he got a killing shot. TL;DR Two or three of us came between him and another guy dueling. I think. Alstar's countdown was actually spot on, it was amazing 10/10
  2. It wouldn't be a proper patch if the medic didn't get nerfed Good patch though, it was very nice to see NBNW again!
  3. I agree; especially against the soviets -- flame tower takes ages upon ages to take the damn thing down Like 15 hp per shot? And it has 600/600
  4. Are people still playing? I'm kind of interested, played risk quite a bit in the past
  5. Hmm, what was so bad about it then? Now that it's fixed, I suppose you can tell us right? lol Well all credits to Push who was the first to actually see the tactical dangers xD
  6. I actually took another look and have to conclude that soviet rocket soldier can actually easily bomb the War Factory and even the barracks from there, provided they kill the pb first So yeah I'd have to agree :D
  7. In continuance of my (now fixed) discovery of terrain in CanyonRiver; Was I supposed to be able to get here? It doesn't really provide any tactical usage, sadly, but it didn't feel very intentional. Looks like I can see some end-map glitches? On that note, guess the map
  8. Poor Thomaslai
  9. Before we went, I asked Swirly how the hell we would get past the FTs He had a nice solution lol
  10. Now I'm kind of starting to doubt whether the sarcasm in my posts is visible at all I mean, the core defender actually handled 30 titans with ease in Firestorm -- even a very very downgraded core defender would obviously be way overpowered in Reborn Not only that, but it wasn't even a Nod unit to begin with, strictly speaking. Only CABAL used it in that one special occasion. You didn't really think I was serious here, I hope
  11. If you didn't get it; the image is (I think quite obviously) fake, lol
  12. So the other day, I was just going about my day, being super salty about how Nod was completely underpowered as I usually am, complaining to my friends about how they really needed that Core Defender in Reborn I mean, they're implementing Limpet drones from Firestorm now right? So why not give Nod the Core Defender as well? You might think it's overpowered but just give GDI some way of destroying bridges from underneath it and they should be fine, like in the original game Emboldened by these thoughts, I was taking another, more careful look at the mysterious image And I noticed something odd. Like, there's some kind of weird pixels in the upper-left corner Hmm...Maybe I could use my CSI zoom-enhance tool on it? I KNEW IT!
  13. So this was 3v3 on StormyNight, I think I quickly noticed that Silverlight and Totd had set out to hunt each other down all game After some wild soviet attack, I saw Silver crouching into our Barracks, most likely waiting for Totd to spawn or trying to hatch some plan to kill Totd anyway The thing is; it didn't seem like he knew that I saw him getting in there So the first thing I did was go on teamchat, notifying everyone that Silver was purposefully hiding in our Bar Once Totd was available (IE: right after the 'he's still there' message) Totd crouched down, slowly moving into our bar himself Figuring that this would be a showdown between 2 legends ambushing each other, I thought I had to come up with some way to distract Silver from Totd's arrival I guess you can see how it went
  14. Dude you might wanna consider punctuation :D On topic: I think the hunter-seeker might be implemented, buying it gives you a random chance of either killing a technician, or blowing up the enemy ConYard/War Factory (gg) depending on how much you sacrificed to the god of RNG Games will forever be centered around who gets the luckiest Hunter Seekers, or buys the most, doesn't that sound great
  15. Nod are obv finally gonna get the Core Defender