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  1. GaryOak

  2. GaryOak

    Let me just interrupt here. How does this game not have Gary Oak?
  3. GaryOak

    Wait, weren't you part of the EMD clan back in Renegade? Good to see you, Ice!
  4. GaryOak

    And despite having 200% the naval transports they had, we somehow still lost this. Get Renguard people
  5. GaryOak

    Rest in peace.
  6. GaryOak

    I was having doubts regarding your argument, but capitalising every first letter made me see your point of view.
  7. GaryOak

    Wait what lol @Sammy: From your comments it looks like you really took offence to what I said. I'm sorry. I never meant to insult you, and overall, you should never take anything I say too seriously. I'm actually quite the retard, you see.
  8. GaryOak

    Sorry Sammy
  9. GaryOak

    Somehow, all this time, SammyD has been an 11 year old kid. He was an 11 year old kid when APB started, and he is an 11 year old kid now. SammyD is an ageless phenomenon. God bless you Sammy.
  10. GaryOak

    I remember him doing some tank battle 1on1, then a couple of us came to our teammate's aid by blowing Atari's tank up. He went running and shooting after that same teammate of ours, but we shot him down before he got a killing shot. TL;DR Two or three of us came between him and another guy dueling. I think. Alstar's countdown was actually spot on, it was amazing 10/10
  11. GaryOak

    It wouldn't be a proper patch if the medic didn't get nerfed Good patch though, it was very nice to see NBNW again!
  12. GaryOak

    I agree; especially against the soviets -- flame tower takes ages upon ages to take the damn thing down Like 15 hp per shot? And it has 600/600
  13. GaryOak

    Are people still playing? I'm kind of interested, played risk quite a bit in the past
  14. GaryOak

    Hmm, what was so bad about it then? Now that it's fixed, I suppose you can tell us right? lol Well all credits to Push who was the first to actually see the tactical dangers xD