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  1. Complete barbarian here, I always click all the way through to my purchases
  2. Happy birthday (In advance)! I'll try getting online for the game night tonight
  3. Tested it once for ya, came up with 26:33. Though I manually timed it by using my cellphone. EDIT: I did not have any space between the mammoths during that first test. I retested with 1 space between them like in your screenshot, and I came up with 26:50. Again, manual timing. The difference with Dghelneshi could offcourse be caused by the timing of the exact moment we start and stop timing (I've tried to start as I click to start the force fire, and stop when the final shot lands and Mammoth B's explosion begins)
  4. I think this idea would only increase the problem. Right now I feel the HT barely wins over the MED in direct combat, but just as you pointed out, in the HT, it's harder to land every shot. I think one of the reasons the shots are harder to land is because of the double barrels; the two barrels simply can't have the same aim, so you'll miss a shot or two in a pinch. I feel that right now the outcome of MED vs HT is thus dependant on the 'skill' of the HT driver to land every shot with his two barrels. If he can, HT wins. If he misses some, MED wins (Offcourse dodging and maneoevering play into this as well) A HT ROF increase and damage decrease will actually increase the skills needed to operate the HT, whilst leaving the MED for what it is. Ultimately, I think Push has a point (I mean the guy is busy with APB balancing 24/7). This may be the best balance possible without making one of the tanks useless.
  5. This is definitely something that interests me, but I'm afraid I just don't have the time to keep up with everything
  6. The question everyone keeps asking themselves
  7. Ah I meant "I wouldnt say so" as a response to the original question of whether shotties are OP, so I agree with you there
  8. Hmm I wouldnt say so, but I haven't got that much experience with them since their latest change
  9. Well it would add gloriously unbalanced communist victory over capitalist pigs, for one.
  10. There's still a lot of campaign units to go for. To balance the allies Einstein and Stavros out, we could implement the soviet super tank, with 16+ as much HP as the normal mammoth tank and cruiser cannons: http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Super_tank Or the nuclear submarine from from the first counterstrike mission: http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Advanced_Tactical_Submarine #cantwait #balanced
  11. Are they purchasable as player characters? Or do they spawn automatically? What kind of abilities do they dogs have? I guess I'll have to wait for the actual update though.
  12. So basically you're saying we are gonna have the MiG and the cruiser? 💀
  13. Looks amazing, just what I've always pictured the ultimate Renegade to be. Im kind of looking up to the learning curve, though. I suppose the best way to learn all aspects of the game is just to start playing?
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