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  1. Fair enough. I appreciate that. Understandable. Wait, so is it if a moderator thinks it's long or if I think it's long? Is it me asking another moderator that it's too long and they agree, or is it something else? I'm a little bit confused. I'm of the opinion that 5 months is too long. I'm willing to discuss the length of time and come to an agreement. I appreciate that a lot. Thank you for your patience.
  2. I have a series of questions that I would like answered for clarity. Is not the deal a plea bargain? That in itself is an admission of guilt, but having a lesser charge so instead of being permanently banned I would be forced to either record or livestream my gameplay. If it's not a plea bargain, then what is it? Will you be actively watching the livestream or will you watch the VOD later? Will you be willing to watch every VOD and every livestream, and each in it's full length? Why 5 months? Are you going to be watching me for 5 months? Will you be watching every livestream of every match that I do for 5 months? How will 5 months grant me a clean slate? How will livestreaming/recording for 5 months clear your verdict?
  3. Happy Friday. I don't think it's much to ask for someone to at least review the points that I've made previously. I don't see how a dead horse is being beaten If I am still willing to clear things up, make my points and statements, and cooperate. I'd say it is more akin to refusing to acknowledge or listen to my points. If my points are being looked at, then it should be courteous if someone would at least acknowledge them. I was permanently banned with no prior warning based on suspicion of guilt. Guilt has not been established or proven with absolute certainty. That itself has been admitted. If that is the case, then there would be no need for the defendant to have to prove anything. It's not fair to ban someone simply on suspicion alone. No one had approached me previously with the information. I would have been perfectly open to discussing the matter as much as possible and clear up any misunderstandings. If there was concern, why wait until the 4th of November to ban me for an incident that occurred on the 30th? Regardless of this, I still provided reasons for the way I act in the video. My points have not been disproven, only dismissed or ignored. No reason has been given for my points' dismissals. Show me how I'm snapping to players, show me how there is guilt. Not just for my sake but for other players. I want this to be as thoroughly explained as possible so that people reading this may gain insight on both parties. An unhealthy precedent would be set if people are banned simply on suspicion alone, with no concrete evidence to back up that suspicion. I have addressed every single point that has been brought up and provided counterpoints, but my counterpoints have only been dismissed and not countered. Some are dismissed for disbelief only. Nothing other than disbelief is given. Why the disbelief? What makes any of this unbelievable? Just because there is disbelief in what I've said, doesn't prove that there is guilt. Disbelief in what I've said, doesn't disprove what I've said. If I have been so meticulous and thorough in addressing every point brought up, then the same courtesy should apply to my counterpoints. If my counterpoints aren't being looked over, how do I know if my video footage will even be looked over? I'm not trying to be difficult. I am trying to plead my case and be as honest as possible, not just for my sake but for others. Once again, I have a 10 minute video, using Shadowplay Instant Replay, of me playing on November the 2nd on Interim Apex. That is 2 days after the incident and 2 days before my ban. To be specific, it is on the map Vile_Facility. I'm willing to address any further points that are brought up.
  4. I appreciate the kind words and the responses. I am grateful that you are being patient and trying to come to a resolution. It's true that he could've gone literally anywhere else, but made the strange decision of remaining out in the open and in such close proximity to the Titan. It's been established that he likes to engage enemy vehicles regardless of his position. I've iterated my points before but looking back on the other posts, my statements are still being called into question, despite them not being disproven. What leads my previous statements to disbelief? What is unbelievable about them? That has yet to be demonstrated. He didn't type something, he didn't change his mind, etc. Should have, would have, could have. The reality is, his movements were easy to predict because of the clues he left behind. He already demonstrated his desire to engage armor and even looked at the titan. When you understand the plan and motivation of an enemy it's not hard to find where he could be next. As a result of this assertion, I was able to make the shot. He made his choices, not me. It doesn't prove that I'm using RGH though. How is it consistent with RGH? What am I snapping to? The video doesn't show that. It becomes speculation. It still doesn't show me snapping to players or to anything. It is me moving my character sharply because that's how I play. It was a pretty good shot, but not impossible. I lined up my crosshair so that his head would walk into it. Below is why I was shift walking. Running along would make it harder for me to line up my crosshair. I could still make the shot while running but running would still increase my chances of missing. I didn't want to risk missing my shot. Since I'm an SBH, using the scope will cause me to go out of stealth. I don't want to squander my opportunity by revealing myself before I shoot. It's not a fabricated claim and it's not backwards to my idea. It isn't until PXD2000 showed up at 11 seconds in 'Title 2' that I grow suspicious and wonder if there are any possible enemies hiding beneath me or if any SBHs had accompanied him out of the base. I walk not only to make myself less audbile but it also helps when lining up my crosshairs. You can't get that same precision while running. I made a big emphasis on remaining less audible because at Title 1, start of the video, it's been 15 to 16 seconds since I've shot and killed PXD2000. I snap towards the road leading from the Nod base because I just killed PXD2000 coming out of it and was checking to see if anyone else was going to come out. 31 seconds elapse before seeing Darius engage armor. After killing him, he was who I was concerned about since he was operating in the area. After enough time had elapsed and no one had pushed the rooftop, made noise, etc. I decided that Nod would be more concerned about engaging enemy armor that are actively engaging them in close proximity to their base, than engaging a single GDI SBH on a rooftop with a ramjet rifle. Darius lends credence to this because his main focus is on the enemy armor. It's why I left the rooftop at at 22 seconds in 'Title 1'. The vantage point no longer served it's purpose and I moved on to the GDI vehicles' position to engage enemy troops in the Nod base and help assist with the siege. My purpose at that point would be to kill as many engineers, technicians, or anti-vehicle infantry as possible so that the vehicles can do their job and destroy the base. It became so obvious that we were going to win, that I began to use explosives to start hitting the buildings at point. It would, however, be an admission of defeat which in itself can be interpreted as an admission of guilt. How can I prove you wrong if you haven't proven that I'm guilty yet? The videos still do not prove with certainty 100%, with no doubt, that there is guilt. You speculate that I'm guilty. It is not my position, as the defendant, to prove innocence with videos. It is the job of the prosecution to prove guilt with the videos. It still has not been proven that there is guilt. Presumption of innocence still applies. As explained above, it is not pure luck. I've already explained and demonstrated my tactics and reasoning using the same videos that have been provided. Regardless if you believe my tactics or not, there is still no decisive proof that there is guilt. My tactics still have not been disproven or countered. We are left with only conjecture which is not enough to warrant a ban. Since there is no absolute certainty that means there is still doubt. That means guilt has not been proven decisively. If guilt has not been proven decisively, presumption of innocence. One cannot ban someone simply on thinking they are guilty. One must know they are guilty and prove they are guilty. If it somehow helps my case, I have a 10 minute long video of me playing on November the 2nd on Interim Apex. That is 2 days after the incident, and 2 days before my ban.
  5. I'm holding down shift yes, so that means I'm not looking down my scope. I don't know how RGH works but going on what you said previously, someone can just rebind the button to something other than shift. Just because I'm using shift, which just so happens to be the default button for a hacking program, does not mean it's an indication that I'm hacking. That would mean that literally anyone who shift walks could be a hacker. The video does not demonstrate that I'm hacking. Once again, that's conjecture and speculation. People aim differently from others. That's just how I aim. It's not an indication of an aimbot or an RGH because there hasn't been any proof of me snapping to players. The video does not demonstrate that I'm hacking. The only point made so far regarding this is that I snap my character around a lot. That's just how I move. Once again, that's not an indication of hacking. I have indeed played for 17 years. It's simple, there is a wall in the way if I crouched. A good compromise between running and crouching would be walking. Walking is also a good compromise if I was also actively looking for targets and wanting to engage them almost instantly. After 17 years of playing, I would know that crouching near head level at a wall and firing is a good way to cause splash damage to yourself if the server thinks my projectile hit the wall instead, even though clientside I clearly hit over the wall. You can see that a lot with rocket launchers, tib auto rifles, etc. Sometimes, depending on how high the wall is, the gun may not even fire at all. In this case, the gun doesn't fire at all depending on the angle. Considering where the target was relative to my position, being crouched will cause the ramjet rifle to not fire. Testing it out in singleplayer will demonstrate this. The argument about standing up after crouching to fire falls flat when you realize that split seconds are precious to engaging a target. It also falls flat when you realize that there is sometimes a considerable delay in firing, if you tried firing but the wall was in the way, when you stand up after crouching. Having both those delays would seriously impact my ability to engage enemies. There were times where I had to jump on top of the wall precariously just to fire down on an enemy on the street, for fear of hitting the wall because the server said so, or just not having a clear line of sight because the wall is in the way. So yes, it doesn't seem to affect aiming but it certainly affects the ability to fire my weapon. I wouldn't leave it up to random chance to be able to fire my weapon effectively (or fire at all). Regardless if you buy it or not, I made the shot by calculation. My statement has yet to be disproven. The video still doesn't show conclusive evidence of me snapping or demonstrating the use of RGH. My intention was to hit the area where he could be generally, with splash damage, but instead I hit him directly. With the previous engagements that I've had with him, he doesn't seem to zig zag at all when trying to disengage. He tends to run to one direction and jump multiple times. He just engages a vehicle regardless of cover as seen in the video. Sometimes he makes an attempt to get into cover, but he'll still take significant splash damage from a vehicle if the vehicle fires back at him. He engaged enemy vehicles using a railgun out in the open in 'Title 1'. Once again, the video doesn't show me snapping to him or demonstrate the use of RGH. It was a pretty amazing shot and it stunned me after the engagement ended. I was awestruck at the fact that I landed that shot, that by the time I had recovered, Darius already wrote the word 'HACKER' in all caps. I don't like to tilt players or cause a scene. If I ragged on him immediately after getting accused of being a hacker, that's just being rude and it's completely uncalled for. Hence why I chose not to say anything at all. The fact that I landed the shot speaks for itself. No amount of words could describe how amazing it was. I exclaimed in real life, along the lines of "OOOOOHHHHHH!", but didn't feel the need to do so in game and felt that it would be uncalled for and asking for a provocation. The last thing I would want to do is cause a scene or make an enemy. I am aware that they know that I'm in the building, but I don't think they knew specifically what floor and exactly my position on that floor as they pushed the stairs. I think they thought I would relocate to try and hide on a different floor or even ambush them considering how I revealed my position previously. I was worried because the Hotwire died and someone kept repeatedly running into the proximity mines. The stairwell leading to the various floors was mined, each floor up. Someone kept repeatedly running into those mines, thus allowing him to get closer and closer. It came to a point where he even triggered the proximity mines that were placed near the entrance to the roof. Somehow, he still survived and was directly below me. The other times someone ran into the mines, someone died. I don't recall if it was darius or the other SBH or a different Nod member that I'm not aware of, that died repeatedly from the mines. He wasn't killed this time and I could hear his character shout in pain from the afterburn damage. I've seen people deliberately clear as many mines as possible with their own bodies, so that their teammates could proceed unharmed. I didn't know if he had friends with him or not on the floor with him, directly beneath me. All I know is that last I saw, there were at least 2 SBHs. Even if he pushed the roof, he would still have to try and find me because I managed to conceal my position again. I still would not take the risk of running around, making it obvious my exact position on the roof. He was quite literally directly beneath me, because of how loud I could hear his footsteps and the pain noise. He made the choice to not push the roof, not me. How was it determined? I would like to see proof of how my targeting and aiming is the same consistency of RGH. I missed a fair amount of times in Darius' video. When I engaged him as a Black Hand Laserchaingunner, I suppressed the ramp to dissuade him from going up it. He still went for it though, allowing me to hit him enough. The videos don't show me aiming at players through the map. In fact, the video shows me turning my back to two SBHs. How would you know if their names showed up on my screen or not? Once again, which players were being targeted by me? All you see is me looking around, not even aiming at things specifically at some points. It ends up being conjecture and speculation. That in turn, becomes conjecture. As a result of it being conjecture and speculation, it's not a valid point. Speculation and conjecture is not enough to ban someone. There is no video evidence of me using RGH. That hasn't been demonstrated or proven yet. It is taking my statement and making a speculation that I am guilty while not proving that I really am, also not disproving my previous statement. The only way to prove that I am guilty is if there was concrete clear evidence, not conjecture or speculation. One could speculate as much as they want, but at the end of the day the only way to prove a crime is with concrete evidence. I would love to be unbanned. The burden of proof is on the prosecution, not the defendant. How would recording videos after the fact, prevent conjecture that already exists since the 30th of October? How would it retroactively disprove something that hasn't been proven yet? You have to prove that I am guilty, not think that I am guilty. That has yet to be done. I'm not concerned about this being visible in the future, I'm glad that it's public actually. You believe I'm guilty but have yet to demonstrate that. You don't believe anything I've said so far from my testimony but have yet to disprove anything I've said. You refuse to believe my statements without having any evidence to disprove them, beyond just deciding they are false. I'm willing to cooperate and continue trying to find a resolution in all this.
  6. Good afternoon @Threve I thank you for the kind gesture and even going as far as to modify the deal to make it easier and more manageable along with notifying other staff to review. I went to sleep last night and thought some more about this. I was wondering if you could elaborate more on the 54 second long video called 'Title 1'. The claim being made here is that I'm scoping in and still remaining stealthed. My counter to that is that I'm walking. Looking back on the video, you can actually see my character go from an aiming animation to a walking animation. The only way to return to the aiming animation is by shooting, hitting 'C' to crouch or by scoping. You wouldn't return to the walking animation if you were still presently scoping with the ramjet rifle or any weapon with a scope. You can see that at 7 seconds, I crouch not scope in. If the claim is that I was walking and then scoping and then un-scoped, you wouldn't immediately return to the walking animation then. The aiming animation would still linger for quite a long time. I never made the claim that I wanted to be silent, but to reduce my audibility and sound. Regardless of the volume in this case, walking footsteps will still be harder to detect than running. The reason why I walk and not stand still, is because if someone is aware of my presence I don't want to take the risk of standing still and letting them get a clean headshot on me or even a lucky headshot. I had been sniping in that spot for a good deal of the match and I have no doubt in my mind that Nod was aware of where I was. Even If I am stealthed, someone could try to prefire or shoot the locations that I was previously standing in. A good player would prefire or even suppress the area I've been firing from. Another reason brought up before, is that I don't know if the other SBH and Nod troops are still directly beneath me or not and I'm trying to limit my audibility. One reason I haven't brought up yet, is that I'm stealthed and scoping in would bring me out of stealth. To remedy my inability to scope and my desire to be accurate, I walk. Running at full speed would affect my aim if I'm trying to shoot without the scope. Lag is also a factor that would impact me if I were running rather than walking. Shift walking doesn't de-stealth you. Also, If I were using an RGH/ESP as is claimed, then what am I locking on to? Who am I locking on to? The video doesn't demonstrate this. There are times when It appears I'm looking straight at the GDI base, when I'm really looking at the part of the roof near the stairwell. The snap movement is me checking my surroundings and seeing if there are any enemies incoming from the Nod base and if anybody is on or near the adjacent buildings. Judging someone's aim from another perspective isn't reliable in this case, simply because my aim is being processed serverside as opposed to clientside. My aim looks choppy when viewed by another person, whereas it looks smooth on my screen. If the claim still stands about me being scoped in while still being stealthed, I wouldn't be able to move my aim that fast due to the sensitivity level from being scoped in. If the claim is that I'm using a soft aimbot, going back to my previous point who am I locking onto? If the claim is players, how is that determined? The video doesn't show that. Going back to the video that Darius provided, it doesn't demonstrate or show me snapping to him. It cannot be determined conclusively that I made the shot using RGH. At that point, it becomes conjecture. Please note, this post is not a rejection of your offer but I'm merely trying to lay down all the cards on the table and look at the facts. To accept the offer would be an admission of guilt. If I continued playing on the server with the equivalent of parole, people will look and treat me differently. They would believe I'm a filthy hacker, a criminal. I am not guilty, I am very much innocent in this. I'm not convinced that there's enough evidence to warrant a perma-ban. The only thing we have at this moment, is conjecture.
  7. I appreciate the kind gesture and words. If it's not overstepping in any way, do you think it would be possible if a higher up can review the plan? I am quite limited as to how many videos I can record. Just a 10 minute clip will eat up 3 gigabytes. Imagine a full size 1 hour and 45 minute video of a single match. That would be beyond my capacity and would reduce the amount of time I can play on the server. Playing everyday will be impossible unless I upload every single match on Youtube as soon as it ends. Knowing Youtube, an hour and 45 minute video will take twice as long. I understand the need for evidence and to show that I'm not hacking but this will only actively discourage me from playing. To record every single match for 5 months would put a serious strain on the already limited hard drive space I have. I understand that I can delete a video after 5 days but if I play multiple matches in a row, I don't know what to do. I'm not declining the offer, but I'm just wondering if it were possible to iron out the details. I'm more than willing to come to some sort of an agreement.
  8. That is true, I walked so that the enemy could not hear my footsteps. There were people directly below me at one point and I was concerned that they could hear my footsteps if I just ran around on the roof. In the event that they pushed past the Proximity mines and tried to engage me, I was prepared to fight them, hoping they didn't know my direct position. It doesn't matter if he can see me before he can hear my footsteps because he wasn't on the same level as me. He was directly below the floor I was on at one point. Visibility isn't the point, but audibility. I could hear him clearly even with the titan engaging Nod troops. I have music turned off. The Titan has lulls in it's firing pattern, so I try to listen in as closely as possible when it has ceased firing. For me, the titan firing isn't even really that loud. The Titan's position relative to me, is farther away than the Nod troops that were previously in the building. I wasn't scoped though. I was only walking. If this were true, then why wasn't I snapping to people while holding shift? It doesn't help that to another player, someone else's aim looks jittery or snappy. The video being in 20 frames per second doesn't help either. I wasn't scoping in. Even if I was scoped in, the mouse sensitivity would be way lower than what is shown on the video. I'm turning my character rather sharply because I'm not scoped in. I wouldn't be able to do that if I was. I did calculate a stealth unit to move to that area. I managed to hit him directly but that wasn't my goal. I've been to that area before and know how fast an SBH moves. Eyeballing it and doing the calculations in my head, I could determine that. The reason why I didn't shoot him when he picked up the M4 was because I wasn't aiming at that point specifically. By the time I moved my crosshair over I thought he probably moved away behind the tree, which is what happened. I did not feel confident that I was going to hit him and I didn't want to reveal the fact that I was tracking his movement. If I hit him with splash damage, he could hide behind the tree, restealth, and safely relocate away. If I was going to take a shot, I want to be confident that I can do it. During the 13 seconds of movement, I didn't hit him previously when moving in between the chinook and tank wreck because I wanted him out in the open with little chance to run to cover. I had different places in mind of where he could've been and I picked the correct one. I knew for a fact that he had an interest in getting near and engaging that Titan. Unfortunately for me, my follow up shots were poorly placed, but fortunately the Titan was quick to react. I calculated his location and did not use the MSA. There wasn't one in range at the time if I recall correctly. I brought up the MSA because if I did track him using the MSA (which I didn't) the radar is not a reliable way to determine if you are spotted by one on that map. If the MSA had spotted him and the Titan didn't shoot at him first, it could be because the Titan was too preoccupied looking in a different direction or wasn't paying attention properly. There are a lot of different variables and reasons why that could happen. As mentioned previously, I stated that I don't know if one was present or not at the time of the event. I pointed out that it was likely towards the later part of the match. Looking at the footage it appears to not be present but it definitely showed up later on in the match. The shot I made was not consistent. This was a unique and rare opportunity for me and because I was aware of his previous whereabouts and the direction he was moving in. Thus, I was able to make the shot. On any other day I would not have been able to calculate where he could possibly be if he didn't leave a trail of clues. Him showing his tendencies to engage enemy armor, leaving clues, and me predicting his movement made me actually land the shot. A lot of it is guess work when dealing with a stealthed unit. I just happen to have correctly predicted where he would be. The video posted above is how the map looks to me and what things look like from my perspective. At 1:20, looking at the general area, the fog doesn't affect visibility at all from the rooftop to the buildings across the way. If there are any questions or any testing that wants to be done, I'm more than willing to help.
  9. I've watched the first video of the titan where I shot him. He left a trail of clues. I had been tracking his movement for a while and heard him when he engaged the Hotwire at 17:50. When he left the building he later engaged the Hover MRLS at 18:02, decloaking himself. I could see that he was damaged when I looked at him from the rooftop while he was aiming at the Titan at 18:07. I had tried jumping and getting a clear shot on him but I couldn't due to the angle. He cloaked and since he was aiming at the Titan when he was uncloaked, I deduced that he was going to engage it or had some interest in getting near it. The Titan even fires at him at 18:11, so he knew he was in the area. He picked up the Tiberium Sniper Rifle at 18:16, so I could tell he was still in the area. Later, he picked up the armor at 18:21 leading me to believe that he was still present. I continued looking around that general direction and saw that he had picked up an additional weapon. It was the M4 with the suppressor at 18:29. For a good duration of the match, he was engaging armor as an SBH (Stealth Black Hand) so I knew he was going to engage the Titan. Interestingly enough, at 18:40, the titan swivels his gun away from the SBH and then back to him when played back at 0.5 playback speed. It seems like the Titan knew of his position before I fired. I knew he was going to that area and I took a shot in hopes of hitting him with splash damage. By calculating the speed the SBH runs at, the distance of the M4 from the titan, and his tendencies to engage enemy armor, I hoped I was going to catch him. My intention was to do splash damage so he could be revealed and I can hit him with follow up shots but I ended up hitting him almost directly. I predicted his movement because he left a trail of clues in his wake, studied his behavior, and did some calculations in my head as to where he could be next. I was fortunate enough to have correctly predicted where he would go next. I thought in my head that he would engage the titan and then run for the tunnels at 18:42. For the entirety of the match he was playing Stealth Black Hand which is why you see me walking, holding shift. He had a teammate with him as well, so there were 2 SBHs that were operating in that specific area. I wasn't aiming down using a scope but I was walking. It uses the same animations. In another engagement, I could hear his footsteps beneath me and near the stairwell before he got blown up by Proximity Mines. In the video 'Title 1' I was so cautious because I was afraid he could hear my footsteps above him and I decided to walk and generate the least amount of sound. I didn't know if his teammate was present with him or not. My aim is rather unusual because I don't move my mouse smoothly. I move it very suddenly and very precisely, making it look as if I was snapping to stuff. Looking at 'Title 1', you can see that I'm not aiming at anything in particular, but rather scanning and moving my character sharply one direction and the other. At 0:17, he was engaging armor with the Scorpion Railgun and he revealed himself, which is how I killed him in 'Title 1.' The enemy had made their presence known in the building beneath me before, making me think they were still there. I looked into the distance multiple times because a Nod Commissar and a Black Hand Field Engineer were repeatedly using FAV .50s to get to the buildings across the way. You can see one of these FAV .50s at 18:49 at the back of the wall inbetween both buildings. One more thing to note. If I had an ESP/RGH, I would've engaged those 2 SBHs at 10:10 of the 'Interim Apex' video, or in the very least aimed at them. Same with 13:00 to 13:23. That map in particular is very buggy when it comes to the Radar. Depending on where you stand in the map, things will disappear and reappear at random on the radar. At 10:00, his SBH comrade appears and disappears on the radar. I wouldn't count on the Radar to detect if an MSA has you detected or not on that specific map. There was another GDI MSA near the Nod side of the map, tucked away in the corner near the ramp where infantry could go up or down. I don't know if it was present when I killed him or if it showed up later on in the match. An SBH was revealed near that position later on. I would like to clear up this misunderstanding as much as possible. I wish I had video footage to prove to you what I'm saying is true. If there is anything I can do, or any questions you want to ask me, I am more than willing to cooperate and get this cleared up. I've been playing for 17 years and not once have I ever hacked or cheated. I want to keep playing on IA because I have a lot of fun and it's a great way to relieve some stress and in general have an enjoyable time. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to tell my side of the story using the video footage provided.
  10. Hey guys! I need some help. I just got banned by Threve for RGH/ESP when I was playing on the Interim Apex server. I was on the server when the map was 'Scorpion_Hunters'. I'm very confused, as I had played on the server previously after October the 30th. I do not hack or condone hacking.I have never hacked in C&C Renegade and never will. I don't know why I got banned. Please help.
  11. Yup! That was the issue. Turns out, having Nvidia settings in the systray and the ingame overlay would cause it to be a black screen. Disabling both makes the game visible now.
  12. Wait, you think Nvidia might be causing me an issue? What apps do you have running in the background when that happens?
  13. I can't seem to find ECW\Render\RenderDeviceWindowed. I checked in My Documents, W3D Launcher folder, ProgramData, Program Files, etc. I forced it to launch in windowed mode with the config.exe Still a black screen when launched in windowed.
  14. Interim Apex works without any issues. I just installed APB and it works perfectly fine.
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