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  1. Pillboxes are really easy to kill. Aim for the roof. Tier 1 vehicles and infantry and meme on those pillboxes. I agree with everything above except this: Bring back old apaches.
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/582494871?t=01h01m27s 1 hour 1 minute 27 seconds. Check it out.
  3. It's a command. It's called !char Whenever I'm low on HP or about to die, I quickly type !char It's available at Vet Rank 4, if I recall correctly. It will give you a random character, including spies.
  4. Guard55

    IA Server

    Sorry to hear that. From what I've heard, some people are being throttled because of the whole coronavirus stuff.
  5. I live in the land of virigins. Virginia. Northern Virginia to be exact (yeah I know.) Thankfully, I have all I need to last a month.
  6. I really like the choice of blue. Reminds me of some old army toys that I have from my youth.
  7. I hope these games have modding support because the sheer amount of mods for the entire Command & Conquer series (except Tiberian Twilight) is mindblowing,
  8. If I recall correctly, the Lee Enfield can one shot headshot anything. It just has some bad inaccuracy at times.
  9. It'll definitely be a meme and a half. I'll need to see which classes have the ability to sock someone in the face with their fist.
  10. I'm a bit on the fence about this one. The idea that an infantry unit that costs so little can do so much damage to a building by itself, more damage than a combat engineer, sapper, or a technician/hotwire, really makes me think. At the same time if you're letting one slip through the defenses, no one is to blame but the people that let them slip through in the first place. I'm more in favor with buffing the other infantry choices instead of nerfing the home guard or red tide. EDIT: Didn't the AT Soldier/Shotgun Trooper have a Sticky Bomb way back in the day?
  11. Hmm. I've only gotten knife kills. Should try having a brawl in a map one day.
  12. I love me some flame tanks.
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