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  1. Anytime. If you have anymore information or updated information about Ammo types, just throw it into this thread.
  2. Guard55


    Comcast? Comcast.
  3. Guard55


    Unfortunately that's endemic with a lot of games. US Players will definitely have an advantage over EU Players, OCE Players, SEA Players, etc., because the server is on the east coast of the United States. With that being said, skill is still the major deciding factor in the outcome of a battle. Sticky bombs are already good. Wut.
  4. Guard55


    Has that been addressed? Is it against the rules now?
  5. I agree with Raptor 100%. Don't nerf please. There have already been enough nerfs that destroyed the viability of some units. Hence why they get reverted back. The Hover MLRS is super easy to kill. Having difficulty with them on Infinite Isle? Get a Hind, or even an Apache. Just fly above it's aiming deadzone and you just win. It's armor is already paper mache, and most tanks will one - two shot kill it on the super weakspot. Especially if you use a Tesla Tank. Example down below. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/763695303 Thankfully you aren't the only one. Some
  6. Guard55


    Toxic players will be toxic and they'll just find any excuse they can to get rid of you. Just ignore their temper tantrums and keep playing. I may not agree with the backing out and doing !swap tactic, but it's not against the rules yet. It certainly does not excuse players for being toxic.
  7. Yeah, I find HE is good against light vehicles, but against medium or heavy its not as good as HESH. (Unless its a Koksan)
  8. Hopes and dreams are your hopes and dreams. You hope you can sneak into the GDI base and blow up the Comm Center, but instead you run into 2 Mammoth Tanks that are firing HEAT at you non-stop. Your 800 credit Stealth Tank is no match for the steamroll that is about to happen. That's when you grab an SU-122 or a T-62 and fight back. The HEAT on the T-62 is also extremely powerful. I would recommend using it against structures and defenses, along with infantry, and using AP for vehicles.
  9. @Anon_Kat AP is Armor Piercing - It does more damage against vehicles than HEAT but it has no splash damage. It does less damage to structures than HE or HEAT. If you direct hit infantry, you can one shot them 9 times out of 10. Generally, it has a faster projectile speed than an HE shell. HE is High Explosive - It has great splash damage and is good against infantry and structures. If you land a shot on a tank with HE, you can still do some good damage but it'll be less accurate than an AP shell from a Main Battle Tank or a Tank Destroyer. HE shells are generally slow moving project
  10. Angry Player Simulator: The Salt Fields
  11. And cheese! Don't forget about that!
  12. The complaints typically roll in when they encounter a player with exceptional skill, or encounter an entire team of these guys. Somewhat like no one noticing the misses, but only noticing the hits. I've noticed that some players have a hard time distinguishing between the strength of the weapon vs the skill of the player. A good player can make anything seem OP. A below-average player can make the most OP weapons look mediocre. I never really had a problem with stealth Comanches when I found out how easy it was to kill them. In fact, it's criminally easy to destroy them that quickly.
  13. I'll admit, I haven't used it at all. I should use it one day, just to see what it is like.
  14. @Kickmofo I think the gameplay is definitely getting better, not worse. There is always going to be some adjustments needed in every patch. That's the nature of the game. The meta seems to be constantly evolving. More vehicles, infantry units, and weapons are becoming viable now. The server is hardly dead. In fact, its been very active recently. Today, we had quite a large population that was retained for many matches. Starting from 10:46 AM (EST), all the way to the end at around 6:00 PM (EST), we had more than 8 players on the server. The largest amount of traffic came in at around 1
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