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  1. dblaney1

    That wasn't a bug lol. I used a command to make you fly in the air that day LOL.
  2. dblaney1

    I need to fix the ceiling on those maps to only have physical collisions, not projectile collisions.
  3. dblaney1

    Use the left click against grenadiers. The right click uses a flamebased heat weapon that doesn't damage the grenadiers flame shield well. The primary fire which uses a normal shotgun shell does.
  4. dblaney1

    The SSM no longer homes on aircraft.
  5. Being banished from the Island makes me a sad durr.
  6. I have MSAA 4x on by default in the IA client. That will smooth out everything except alpha textures. Those require supersampling to smooth out. Although now that I am thinking you may have turned on FXAA in the ingame performance menu which will smooth out alpha textures (it really just blurs them). I recommend turning fxaa off though. Its nothing more than a smear filter. It looks decent right now cause you also have MSAA 4x on.
  7. Wow MSAA is being done as supersampling in Wine from the look of it. The alpha on the trees is definitely being supersampled. I manually enable this on my end in windows with NVIDIA control panel but its interesting to see that Wine is doing this by default. Its also impressive to see how well wine emulates direct3d in opengl. The Launcher using 3d acceleration is normal. WPF was created specifically to use the GPU for rendering as well as be DPI independent as it primarily uses vector drawing rather than bitmaps. It was introduced in Window Vista.
  8. dblaney1

    Combustion engines have electrical systems. What do you think spark plugs are. Banshees definitely do not outrange any of the AA defenses. Its not even close, the AA defenses have nearly twice the range. They must be using one of the blind spots. The Ob Gun thing I do want to make a delayed spawner. As far as mutants go the heal rate is substantially reduced.
  9. You would get the option to select 3840x2160 resolution.
  10. Hi Brahma. Can you try changing the MSAA mode to 0 from 4. You can put everything else back to the default. No need to lower those down so low.
  11. Interim Apex now fully supports 4k resolutions. The HUD is properly sized and the mouse speed in the Purchase terminals is correct. The game looks beautiful in 4k. Anyone with a 4k display make sure you set your resolution to it for the best experience.
  12. dblaney1

    Have you Played the new Winter Assault on Interim Apex. It takes place on the ruins of an old Allied Base.
  13. dblaney1

    If you guys are gonna keep us blocked on renlist than MPF needs to remove any IA maps they have on their server.
  14. Its standalone. Does not require renegade to play.
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