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  1. Its the server you are playing on adding those. its part of the ssgm/da vehicle ownership systems. I personally altered the code on my server to disable them. I only display the locked vehicle and free vehicle icons.
  2. Download the w3dhub launcher and the ttscripts 4.6. That will let you join all the servers. TT Scripts 4.6 http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/files/scripts-4.6.exe W3D Hub Launcher https://w3dhub.com/forum/files/file/10-w3d-hub-launcher/
  3. Blame the stupid competitive community for the Symmetrical maps. They want everything to be equal.
  4. They even put the boink sound in the video.
  5. Skirmish will definitely be included. It would be stupid not to. Especially since they are doing red alert on the same engine.
  6. I hope they have more rotations for the units. The turret rotation looks a bit choppy. But overall i do like the look so far. I hope they have a speed slider as well as the default speed in the original games was WAY TOO SLOW.
  7. The reason why in IA the turret isn't super low is because then it would end up aiming into the ground far too often. There are maps in IA where the camo pillboxes are super hard to spot. Blazing sands in particular sticks out. The camo pillbox also has tons of health (although IA doesn't have a normal pillbox)
  8. The server might be having some pretty serious issues right now. Unfortunately I am not home at the moment but I will try to see if someone can unplug and plug it back in.
  9. Mt.Pass actually doesn't have building restore powerups because it has a conyard. They don't spawn on maps with conyards since the conyard can buy buildings back. If you lose the conyard you are out of luck.
  10. Justintime isn't a mod.
  11. Please make it manually select the language. This is going to be a huge issue when helping people troubleshoot things if its not in English by default.
  12. This is simply not possible to realistically accomplish with the ways IA is set up. The PT icons have their text on the image themselves, the kill messages are generated server side, and there are many other ingame textures that contain text as well.
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