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  1. Based on Threves video the beacon looked perfectly fine. I wouldn't go based off of the AI bots. Their pathfinding is pretty hit or miss.
  2. You could just make the nod weapon do more damage per shot and have a slower ROF.
  3. The m900 really should have either a 50 or 100 round magazine capacity. Theres no reason a drum style magazine would only have 30 rounds.
  4. The physics actually start to glitch above 300. Especially when the frametime ends up being 0 in some cases because of the way its calculated. With Vsync on its actually just whatever your refresh rate is. With it off its now just up to 300. Most games cap their framerates at 300 so its not an abnormal practice.
  5. This is absolutely awesome. Thank you so much for making this. It will make keeping up with my server when on the go much easier.
  6. When you have a moment can you test the tortoise again. I tweaked the priority values.
  7. We do use DP88's turret AI. I assume the issue may be that Kaskins (Yap) put the priority for vehicles/turrets much higher than Infantry on these turrets. Do you have an example of which vehicle this is an issue on. I can take a look at those turrets priority values.
  8. Hi if you get crash dumps for IA please upload them here. Also if possible give a brief description of what was going on ingame, which map it was, and where on the map you were.
  9. Can you upload your saved game file you are using to test this. I can't replicate the issue. I started the mission from scratch as well as created a quick save before the sams and loaded that and both times it worked fine. You can find the save games in c:\user\<username>\Documents\Renegade\Client\save
  10. You Need to start a new game instead of Loading one of the missions with the stars next to them. You are playing a single mission.
  11. Damage buffs are fine. Just do it like IA where the building must be alive to research the upgrade. If it has already been upgraded and the building dies the upgrade stays. If you aren't familiar with how the IA upgrades work I recommend joining and playing on a map with a Communications center. There is one on right now actually. The next three maps also have Comm centers.
  12. Make them work like the Comm Center in IA. You research unit upgrades that last the whole match. Similar to C&C3 secret shrine and tech center. I'll gladly port my scripts to 5.0 and give a tutorial on how to use them. Its very straightforward.
  13. Can you test it in IA? It will give us a better idea if your issue is scripts 5.0 (APB, AR2) specific or occurs in 4.x (IA) as well.
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