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  1. You would get the option to select 3840x2160 resolution.
  2. Hi Brahma. Can you try changing the MSAA mode to 0 from 4. You can put everything else back to the default. No need to lower those down so low.
  3. Interim Apex now fully supports 4k resolutions. The HUD is properly sized and the mouse speed in the Purchase terminals is correct. The game looks beautiful in 4k. Anyone with a 4k display make sure you set your resolution to it for the best experience.
  4. dblaney1

    Have you Played the new Winter Assault on Interim Apex. It takes place on the ruins of an old Allied Base.
  5. dblaney1

    If you guys are gonna keep us blocked on renlist than MPF needs to remove any IA maps they have on their server.
  6. Its standalone. Does not require renegade to play.
  7. dblaney1

    Ok I friend requested you on steam.
  8. dblaney1

    Thats so weird. I just completely cleared my ttfs and rejoined and it downloaded the entire thing just fine. Are you on IRC or teamspeak?
  9. dblaney1

    Can you try a complete reinstall?
  10. dblaney1

    Are you able to join now?
  11. dblaney1

    I am not sure thats possible as interim apex uses a custom strings file that doesn't have the other languages in it.
  12. dblaney1

    Hi Interim Apex's server IP is
  13. dblaney1

    Yeah I took care of it for you.
  14. dblaney1

    If you reinstall the TT scripts installer it should ask you to input a serial number. The other way you can resolve this is to install the Interim Apex client from the w3dhub launcher and play with that. This won't have the serial number linked to it. You should be able to play with Ivan275 as long as that name itself wasn't banned. Its probably kicking you due to the serial rather than the name.
  15. dblaney1

    Yeah microsofts windows defender/MSE is very good. you really dont need anything else.