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  1. Its back up as of yesterday.
  2. If you vape or smoke please quit as soon as possible. Your chances of a severe reaction are approximately 14 times higher if you have done either within the last 3-4 weeks. It has to do with the hairs in your throat becoming desensitized to needing to cough which increases your risk of pneumonia. The hairs do recover mostly within a few weeks. This is important for those young and old. We do not have enough hospital beds and respirators so the more people with severe reactions the more people will die if we run out of resources.
  3. Kaskins we can probably improve it by adding the lower tier items to the spawn object list multiple times.
  4. I got the 25th anniversary as well. The obelisk and Tesla coil got me lol. Had to have those.
  5. I will look into different warheads for sticky bombs. Something that damages tanks more and buildings less would be a good option.
  6. There are in fact people with reflexes that good. Have you ever seen people in the speedrunning community. They have even better reflexes than sniping requires.
  7. Quick correction. The TTFS folder is inside the IA folder itself and not in Appdata. C:\Program Files(x86)W3D Hub\games\ia-release\IAFiles\InterimApex\
  8. i want to be a mib

  9. Next map it will use the correct model.
  10. I checked. The t-62 does in fact have the wrong model set.
  11. If the t62 has the wrong model when unupgraded that needs to be fixed and will be done asap. Its a pretty easy thing to fix for us.
  12. This is very unlikely to happen. Its far too much work to maintain and we make strings changes all the time. IA is also using an english only strings file so the base game stuff is all in english as well.
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