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  1. Please make it manually select the language. This is going to be a huge issue when helping people troubleshoot things if its not in English by default.
  2. This is simply not possible to realistically accomplish with the ways IA is set up. The PT icons have their text on the image themselves, the kill messages are generated server side, and there are many other ingame textures that contain text as well.
  3. Doing uninstall on IA removes all the config files and any additional files downloaded by ttfs which repair does not do.
  4. Try uninstalling rather than repair.
  5. Can you try doing an uninstall on it and then reinstalling it?
  6. Interim Apex needs its own client installed. Make sure you have the IA client installed in games.
  7. Heres limas video. his link didn't work.
  8. GDI has spies though.
  9. That wasn't a bug lol. I used a command to make you fly in the air that day LOL.
  10. I need to fix the ceiling on those maps to only have physical collisions, not projectile collisions.
  11. Use the left click against grenadiers. The right click uses a flamebased heat weapon that doesn't damage the grenadiers flame shield well. The primary fire which uses a normal shotgun shell does.
  12. The SSM no longer homes on aircraft.
  13. Being banished from the Island makes me a sad durr.
  14. I have MSAA 4x on by default in the IA client. That will smooth out everything except alpha textures. Those require supersampling to smooth out. Although now that I am thinking you may have turned on FXAA in the ingame performance menu which will smooth out alpha textures (it really just blurs them). I recommend turning fxaa off though. Its nothing more than a smear filter. It looks decent right now cause you also have MSAA 4x on.
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