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  1. Invisible Ladders....Y? Industrial Strength - Horseshoe shaped cliffs surrounding both bases. Please add even an infantry path if not a full on vehicle ramp for access to the ridge from the inside of the bases. It seems to me that the vehicles GDI can take at start vs the vehicles for Nod to steal are completely mismatched. Nod has a comparatively pathetic assortment of vehicles that can't rival the impact that GDI gets from even having 1 MSG. Blazing Sands Problem - Nod gets easy vehicle access to outer cliff. Solutions - 1) Give GDI similarly easy vehi
  2. The best idea for implementing attack dogs I've heard in over a decade is the Kennel functions like an anti spy scanner that plays bark noises and maybe even a dog model that shadows the spy. I also have to report the sad news that I agree with Threve (:^O) that APB is as balanced as a game can get. Please, you can change maps, models, skins. Don't change the balance again outside of unit tweaks.
  3. Mirage tanks need a camera change, off center or something because it's a vehicle that benefits greatly from V aiming and that center of tree trunk camera eats my a$$. Tree mode needs to be tied to the deploy key. The GDI twin TOW $1800? with the AI machine gun, loses the AI machine gun when armour is upgraded, kick in the nuts... bad feels. GDI vehicles list are varieties of Medium Tank, 1 with AC alt, 1 with good AP, one with mortar, etc. So can we take all of the in game redundant Medium Tank options for GDI and put them into a randomly selected spawn when you purchase the medium
  4. I was missing these maps, I think they're the better ones for TSR.
  5. OMGs I cant join the reborn server its at 40/40! (Never thought I could say that again) This year is crazier then Gary Busey.
  6. Hi, I was just on Ridgewar and the Soviet Ore Truck was stuck in the ore/gem field for the 5-6mins I was playing. I tried ramming it even trying to push it towards the Refinery didn't help. Not sure what caused it but I haven't seen that in a long time.
  7. I've found by counting points that HESH is more effective against structures then any other type of shell. Also, Thank You Guard for writing this out, I did not know
  8. I think you guys are selling Westwood short in their ability to adapt to changes creatively and change markets themselves. The wouldnt have weak audio game with frank there, ever. I think they could have gone and made a great MMO out of their Lands of Lore franchise. Blade Runner association. Even the niche Legend of Karandia series could have spawned an interesting game. I do hate EA for imposing their awful time deadlines on a company that valued taking time to imbue something with art, craftsmanship doesn't produce quickly.
  9. I was thinking that if the AGT gun gets a timer similar to the OB gun. One way to balance out the power of these weapons is that once the timer runs out the bearer of the gun gets killed from the unstable tech?
  10. On the inf side builder classes get Mk2s, otherwise seems good. Vehicles - basic repair vehicles disparity in cost inverse to their use. On a personal not I'm not enjoying the difference between a Nod tracked repair vehicle and a Mammoth repair vehicle. The only thing the Mammoth repair vehicle is better at then the Nod version is it has a lot more HP/Armour. I'm not sure how the repair rates between the constant repair of Nods and the burst of the Mammoth.
  11. I agree with all of it except for - Combat Engineers receive Repair Gun Mk III for the reasons listed in posts above. I would like to add - Why do Nod and gdi have differently priced tier 1 vehicles? 300 for Nod and 350 for gdi. It makes the gdi repair vehicle, which is already worse then the Nod, more expensive?
  12. It seems to me that the random weapon pickups that have littered the maps recently (not crates) are way too powerful of weapons to just find on the ground. I found a nuke beacon and a PIC just sitting in the destroyed RA refinery building right outside the enemy base in Vile (lots of other maps have this problem to) at the beginning of the game. I hope some changes can be made so that either the low tier weapons or mid tier weapons can be picked up for free scattered around the maps and once the game has matured then the high tier weapons can spawn. Thoughts?
  13. I'm facing a roadblock to joining any Renegade servers in the form of Origin. How do I get around having to sign in to Origin first before the game will start from the launcher. Then Origin only starts stock Renegade with no option to join the server, even with Ren minimsed. Thank You for any help.
  14. That video gave me a distinct Serious Sam vibe. I was waiting the whole time for the sound of screams to start.
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