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  1. Again it's been about 2 days. Servers MIA.
  2. In my experience I'd say the commands to get access to buildings happen less then 10% of the time someone tries to run into a building, not all the time. However when it does happen it's really obvious and rq's follow. Just because only a few people abuse it (currently) doesn't mean it's not a problem. I would never suggest removing the mine limit, it would fudge the entire game. It was just the only context that could justify needing more then 8 mines to an entrance. I don't understand your comment, you used 55mines on 1 building, or you used 55mines spread across all buildings? If it's the latter, It takes around 8 mines an entrance route and 4 outside of a PP = 20 for 1-2 rush protections per route + obvious beacon spots. So I'm assuming you put 4 hidden mines at every entrance route and you'd only fully kill 1 person, maybe 2 if they're low armour characters. To protect against the commands you need 10+ per route, not going to happen. The time it occurred to me to do so, I called !support in a Hand of Nod and within 30secs a fast vehicle zipped into the base and the bots just ran out of the building to get squished, although the Rocket Officer shot a bit b4 being noobed. Maybe in an enclosed space like a PP it may work. . It's totally fine to agree to disagree.
  3. It's not about positioning of mines when 3bots (1 gunner) and an !char use can be applied to remove mines that are hidden. Then it's about volume of mines, if there weren't a proxy limit then I'd have no problem. I feel I can speak on that with some authority, as I'm pretty good at sneaky mine spots. I know nothing of the requirements changing for !support, I also don't know the original requirement either :P. When I defend a base I get (assuming we're not losing) about 30-40% of the veterancy of those who are attacking in w/e fashion. Can't call !support, only the players who were in the field have the veterancy required to do it. I doubt (Tesla7man) would have the vet pts in that situation either. !support in a building is rarely a choice except if it's right now being attacked. Do it ahead of time and they run out of the buildings ASAP. For the record, I have no problem with !ammo it's got lots of justified utility.
  4. I still disagree. To my experience all the renegade games are at their best when requiring and rewarding teamwork. Commands are the antithesis of teamwork. They're a crutch that rewards solo commandos to play by themselves. Commands let you bring your own allies so you don't have to engage with your team to be successful. Most salty for me, they poop all over any attempt to proxy mine a building, as long as you have a high enough veterancy.
  5. It seems to me that the list of commands break TF out of this game. For example player uses !weap until they get something that's effective against an MCT. Player gets to the enemy building walks up to door, takes 2-3mines uses !char, back to full health, walk through the last 1-2mines or use !support to clear them. Inside call !support and/or !vehicle then do w/e dmg you set out to do with the !weap the player has. Even just using !char as an in battle refill on the field is a sweaty thing to do. To be fair I limit myself to stuff I think is not BS, I don't use beacons on large maps with low player counts for example. So I may be the only one who has a problem with the abuse able nature of commands. Thank You, salty rant done.
  6. I can say personally that when I used to play that map (I never do anymore) it regularly ends with tremendous amount of bad feels for the losing side. I think 80% of that map is good and should stay the way it is. The part that ruins the experience and turns it into a cheesable map is that there aren't even infantry paths from the inside of the base up to the cliffs surrounding the bases. The idea of giving the enemy team an easy overlook with barely any way for the defending team to get up there and stop it is terrible map design and needs to be changed ASAP. Until that happens this map will be forever known to me as Industrial Cock Inhaler. Please end this lunacy.
  7. Tis the season to kick Krampus' ass, fa la la la la etc.
  8. Many moons ago the mammoth had varying degrees of self repair all within the 50%-100% range. It quickly got out of hand in larger games when the repair was above 75%. I'd be okay if it got a bit of armour back just to ward off the worst of small arms fire, say <30% of total armour would be my suggestion.
  9. I've tried the vehicles in question and they work great now. Many thanks sage.
  10. From the little I can recall, at its core was a fight over 2 projects with only enough team to do 1. So it degenerated into which project was more worthy of time and pettiness ensued.
  11. I've noticed it most (probably because I rely on it) on the Tortoise and the 2xTOW missile vehicle for GDI.
  12. I've noticed, quite frustratingly, that for the last few month or so after the big update the turrets cant prioritize targets anymore. If there's 2 infantry around my vehicle shooting at it but a base defense or a vehicle even 2x the distance away, the AI picks those as a target over the infantry shooting at me. Why? I can't fathom. Even refocusing with the T key they snap back to being useless.
  13. I love it all, your wish fulfillment service is still swinging at 100%.
  14. I was barely able to keep up with a BTR and I had about 8 chances (b4 it made it back to the enemies line) to shoot it, maybe 6-7 hit (map filled with terrain, which I like btw) and it was just barely below 50%. It feels as durable as and seems to do as much damage as a Light Tank (yes, $50 difference) that it's a proxy light. Which I would not anticipate, nor desire. It doesn't feel like a heavy scout, It seems like an auto cannon toting speed machine. I've never attacked an APC with a Light Tank before so I cant contrast the experience, but I've destroyed dozens of Soviet Rangers, and this feels like almost 2x the machine for $150 more.
  15. In my small experience the BTR seems too effective vs Light Tanks.
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