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  1. I love it all, your wish fulfillment service is still swinging at 100%.
  2. I was barely able to keep up with a BTR and I had about 8 chances (b4 it made it back to the enemies line) to shoot it, maybe 6-7 hit (map filled with terrain, which I like btw) and it was just barely below 50%. It feels as durable as and seems to do as much damage as a Light Tank (yes, $50 difference) that it's a proxy light. Which I would not anticipate, nor desire. It doesn't feel like a heavy scout, It seems like an auto cannon toting speed machine. I've never attacked an APC with a Light Tank before so I cant contrast the experience, but I've destroyed dozens of Soviet Rangers, and this feels like almost 2x the machine for $150 more.
  3. In my small experience the BTR seems too effective vs Light Tanks.
  4. This game is as polished as Kane's scalp. Also, yeah, you are bringing in IA influences to APB. I remember vividly the threads on techies and engies not repping vehicles and giving infantry classes extra weapons not in RA. Oh well, I don't have the same fire I did a decade ago, go ahead taint the purity of the game. :P
  5. I believe it's been about 2 days since the last time I could see to servers for IA, has something foul happened? I hope not.
  6. Wow, awesome replacement for the Soviet ranger, which sure did feel like a bandage, now it's fluffy and looks to be good fun. My first question is, is it aquatic? looks like it could be A map focused on Einsteins Lab? Hmm, a reboot of that 4 direction defend map? *crosses fingers*
  7. Thank You for all of this information. I now know what's going on in game much better, no more salt. I guess I'm used to things being done in a transparent way on W3D. I like a lot of the changes.
  8. Yeah the update is bonkers bad, this is what happens when you let the liquor do the thinking. I personally feel that a lack of change list and notifications reeks of "I don't want to explain myself because I can't"
  9. Invisible Ladders....Y? Industrial Strength - Horseshoe shaped cliffs surrounding both bases. Please add even an infantry path if not a full on vehicle ramp for access to the ridge from the inside of the bases. It seems to me that the vehicles GDI can take at start vs the vehicles for Nod to steal are completely mismatched. Nod has a comparatively pathetic assortment of vehicles that can't rival the impact that GDI gets from even having 1 MSG. Blazing Sands Problem - Nod gets easy vehicle access to outer cliff. Solutions - 1) Give GDI similarly easy vehicle access (I can understand the balance decision not to). 2) move the forg silo almost directly across from the GDI base right at the top of the infantry path up, instead of the middle of the map. Gunner +1 to squishable - Not enough glass in that cannon yet. Churchill I've been using this obsessively for months now paired with the $100 Tank Crew. I feel and have mentioned in game that I think it's the best combined value for $500. I could see the Churchill being worth 700+ as is. The issues the vehicle has is too much health and it's the best anti-infantry vehicle with 2 machine guns for 400. I've run up to and through a Lancer, all because of the volume of fire. I'd suggest decreasing it's health by 20% and consider some tweaks to the hull mounted machine gun, maybe give it a hull flamer instead. I don't feel that speed is the problem for this tank, it's the size of the map that skews it's worth. TOW Humvee I'd suggest increased reload time 30%+ or remove. Rocket Soldier Officers They perform their bukkake dance and all the defenses get invalidated. Problem - range + accuracy <- nerf one of these to prevent server wide rqs GDI rep vehicle $350 is so objectively worse and slightly more expensive then the Nod equivalent Because map size does skew the viability of certain units is it possible to dis/allow certain units on maps they're problematic or make no thematic sense?
  10. The best idea for implementing attack dogs I've heard in over a decade is the Kennel functions like an anti spy scanner that plays bark noises and maybe even a dog model that shadows the spy. I also have to report the sad news that I agree with Threve (:^O) that APB is as balanced as a game can get. Please, you can change maps, models, skins. Don't change the balance again outside of unit tweaks.
  11. Mirage tanks need a camera change, off center or something because it's a vehicle that benefits greatly from V aiming and that center of tree trunk camera eats my a$$. Tree mode needs to be tied to the deploy key. The GDI twin TOW $1800? with the AI machine gun, loses the AI machine gun when armour is upgraded, kick in the nuts... bad feels. GDI vehicles list are varieties of Medium Tank, 1 with AC alt, 1 with good AP, one with mortar, etc. So can we take all of the in game redundant Medium Tank options for GDI and put them into a randomly selected spawn when you purchase the medium tank option. I know it would mean those tanks would all need some balancing to bring them inline at a certain price but I think it'll reduce clutter and hopefully allow other unused vehicles into the game for GDI. Currently it feels a like 8 flavours of vanilla. Where's the MK2 rep gun for the builder classes? Feels like the man is keeping us down, the 90% demand it now. Brain dump is complete, thank you for observing the mess, that is all.
  12. I was missing these maps, I think they're the better ones for TSR.
  13. OMGs I cant join the reborn server its at 40/40! (Never thought I could say that again) This year is crazier then Gary Busey.
  14. Hi, I was just on Ridgewar and the Soviet Ore Truck was stuck in the ore/gem field for the 5-6mins I was playing. I tried ramming it even trying to push it towards the Refinery didn't help. Not sure what caused it but I haven't seen that in a long time.
  15. I've found by counting points that HESH is more effective against structures then any other type of shell. Also, Thank You Guard for writing this out, I did not know
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