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  1. I'm not sure about my commitment level right now. My school's strike might end next week, then it'll be busy catch up for the 6 weeks we've missed.
  2. , in its wisdom,
  3. pulled a 180
  4. Can I buy that mustache btw.
  5. Good to see you around Raap :D. Personally, I haven't in a while just with a bit of burn out on the game (I liked when there were constant balanced changes haha :p). Looking at the ladder, it seems to have quieted down since the summer.
  6. Oh wait wrong thread. GM isn't dead yet.
  7. We share google calender and never thought about that interaction haha
  8. I've also recruited Misa into my mafia game haha. Perks of being her husband. I'll tell her in the morning about this game.
  9. My game is starting on Monday, but I'll be watching for sure. Also if FRAYDO actually chooses to be Spooky Scary Skeletons, please kill him softly with RNG.
  10. ##Be Helpful
  11. Sorry fam. Hosting a mafia game on another forum, and I just know if I try to host and play a mafia game at the same time, something's gonna get screwed up. I'll start resolving day actions here and calling everyone spooky, scary skeletons over in the other forum.
  12. SAD FACE. Come back snipe!
  13. These have been fun to go through
  14. Herro
  15. Jeeze guys. I'm actually sorry. I was just trying to mess with Jeod, I didn't expect it to go this bad.