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  1. This is a real "virgin hoarder vs the chad raider" deal. Thanks for everyone who said they had TP.
  2. I'll be passing this time. Just too busy unfortunately.
  3. Pfffft I am so, so sorry about this. I was building my new computer and it was a horrid, horrid nightmare to deal with. I got frustrated and completely forgot about the game. Sorry again!
  4. Ah sure. One more for the road. I'll take a break after this mafia though.
  5. Hey @NodFan. Pretty sure I remember you from the closing years at BHP. Hope you've been doing well. Now can we recruit you for mafia XD
  6. Fancy looking! Thank you for sharing!
  7. I actually feel honoured to have been night killed. I've really felt useless for so long and to be worthy of being targeted was nice.
  8. This is one of the best time line write ups I've seen. It's years old now and probably inaccurate in some parts, but it's still an amazing afternoon read. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/196957-command-and-conquer/faqs/13721
  9. Sorry for the AFKness. It was Spooky Night and we took the kids out. It was also the first snow storm. It was a rough night. Poor iLTS. RIP (I couldn't confirm with Retal if the Dutch thing was just for the day before I go to bed, so sorry if I broke da rules).
  10. I'm just thinking about meta right now and I'm fairly sure Louis wouldn't be scum, just looking at meta. She had a rough time with being away from the game due to work with the last game. If I was her I'd specifically request not scum to make the game more interesting. Something like a weaker town role or even a neutral.
  11. Louis kan toch niet twee keer achter elkaar uitschot zijn?
  12. Excellent opportunity to learn another language and you pass it up. "Okay, so why did you lie?"
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