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  1. Yeah man, no hurry here. If you want to wait or cancel, all good. If you want to go ahead to get your mind off things, all good too. Up to you
  2. Nah, I still can't put together a coherent argument. Though I do have this urge to shoot people the first day I meet them...
  3. Carried by Shade we were. Then by FRAYDO and KY
  4. And look at the boi who didn't use the starrrr
  5. Oh! Game over? Nice! ##detonate
  6. Even if it has an intentional pass feature, the windstorm would have messed up where it went. So I'm inclined to believe that Chopbam can't use the star in any way today.
  7. Also this. I could see it having a cooldown if it isn't passed randomly. Lynchproof / bullet proof for a day is pretty powerful. Maybe even a 2 day cooldown?
  8. Why push for it right now? Chopbams been pretty trustworthy today, which is townie enough for me after we pushed him yesterday.
  9. What the heck. I forgot Retal was in this game?
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