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  1. Mojoman

    I was looking specifically for the post about Mirage and I managed to find it.
  2. Mojoman

    Ah there we go, I had to use the Waybackmachine's actual website and not just google it.
  3. I remember a couple years back finding a website that had some archived images of the BHP website with limited working links. Does anyone happen to know where I could find that again? I've done some Google searches, but came up with nothing.
  4. Mojoman

    We do need more tanks with giant eyes TBH.
  5. Mojoman

    Yah know what, I'll jump in again after my long hiatus.
  6. Mojoman

    Evenin' sir.
  7. Mojoman

    >Work at 7. Whelp.
  8. Mojoman

    I'll say no to this. Too complicated of a setup for me just getting interested in Mafia again.
  9. Mojoman

    Bark spam or no doggy. The only logical thing to do for skins is to have them all be members of the Paw Patrol.
  10. Mojoman

    The real solution is the introduction of a poorly thought out ranked-matchmaking system. And then add loot boxes. EA would be proud.
  11. Mojoman

    EA has only done good things for the Command & Conquer IP. I can't wait to see this new, innovative, revolutionary, stellar, exciting, unpossible, malcontent, ashtunkutcher, experience.
  12. Mojoman

    Haha I hate everything.
  13. Mojoman

    I wish you would stop talking about me.
  14. Mojoman

    Gonna be busy for me next week so I'll sit this one out.