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  1. Mojoman

    EA has only done good things for the Command & Conquer IP. I can't wait to see this new, innovative, revolutionary, stellar, exciting, unpossible, malcontent, ashtunkutcher, experience.
  2. Mojoman

    Haha I hate everything.
  3. Mojoman

    I wish you would stop talking about me.
  4. Mojoman

    Gonna be busy for me next week so I'll sit this one out.
  5. Mojoman

    There are always traitors and heretics and those tainted by Chaos. All must be purged.
  6. Mojoman

    I'm at least setting a safe lynch precedent.
  7. Mojoman

    I still stand by my iLTS vote. And hey, if it was earlier in the game, you all woulda thought I hit a scum.
  8. Mojoman

    I was never good at analyzing. This is fun to watch.
  9. Mojoman

    That sounds like 100% mafia to me. Honestly, iLTS has been on every mafia list from the start of the game and now he's going after me as the easy target to end the game. We have a cop report on iLTS that is being counter claimed, meanwhile I have no investigations done on me that have been brought forth. ##vote iLTS
  10. Mojoman

    Oi you. Whatcha editin'?
  11. Mojoman

    Miller is really hard to disprove without having the actual vanilla scum dead. Frankly, all the scum could claim to be the miller based on cop reports finding them as scum.
  12. Mojoman

    That would essentially be putting three non-veterans on the scum team, I think Jeod tends to balance with at least one veteran on scum to guide them. So yes, I agree with your assumption there other than the obvious of me being on a scum team :p.
  13. Mojoman

    Town is village? Then who's driving car? And there's me night posts.
  14. Mojoman

    I really don't have a choice. If I put myself out there, I'm gonna get lynched more than likely. I've had suspicion on me since D1 for interactions with you, I was involved in the push the lynch now-confirmed town FRAYDO. I've been a suspect in every single combination of scum team. The only thing I've said of value since D1 is that I'm a safe lynch. I've had no night actions reported to be done to me. Frankly, if I try to push on anyone, scum can easily play me into any team or place they want.
  15. Mojoman

    My best bet was FRAYDO, but that was clearly wrong. I'm at a loss for who it could be.