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  1. At least the Soviets appreciate the game https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Path_Beyond
  2. Now I know you said you're done with level contributions... But what about the level that has never been conquered... A TUTORIAL LEVEL! Dun dun dun!
  3. Not the biggest fan of the door. But I actually really like the roofs for both Soviet and Allies, especially the Soviet one.
  4. The attempts are appreciated though! Sometimes it just doesn't click with people unfortunately.
  5. I went too far down the meme hole.
  6. Not much off the top of my head to be honest. Any change to the timing either will make flares useless (an extra 10-15 seconds makes it too easy to disarm, less time makes it too hard), reducing damage to buildings sort of negates the point (Why try to sneak in and use this if it doesn't kill anything and gives the enemy a bunch of points if they disarm it?). Then again, maybe they could have damage reduced on buildings, but increased on units. So instead of just, oh hey there goes our barracks and War Factory because of a flare, GG, the A-bomb essentially obliterates infantry and vehicles in the entire base, leaving a brief period where the enemy would be very open to an assault. I know this has been the opposite of what patches have done (I believe some vehicle armour has been made more resistant to A-bombs?), but rather than this 1-hit GG, it could make flares into a really good support weapon. It would also discourage the 'lone wolf' style with flares. Where you just buy your Jeep and Tanya and head off on your own, instead you'd have to coordinate with your team to launch an assault. This might also be a lot of work though, considering building cover and terrain types affect how much the bomb damages I believe? Also when anything isn't OP offensive in this game is tends not to get used as much (See the history of medics). Not trying to hijack the thread with this at all. But tweaks to the flare system may also discourage a lot of roof camping.
  7. I really like ladders to be honest. As has been said already, it's extra routes for attack / defense by players, I like the options. If a bunch of rocket soldiers are camping on the roof of a dead building; 1. You can generally hide behind other buildings / cover 2. If you do have an arty/v2 they're just sitting ducks 3. If they're just sitting up there waiting for vehicles, those shotgunners can just run to another building's MCT and kill it, given that the rocket soldiers would either have to slowly go down the ladder, or jump off and take a lot of damage or die. I like the idea of keeping the current ladders and adding a team ladder / elevator / door. As said above, the door would probably be camped, but at least if there's a hatch or door, that's a lot more room to move around and you can get into a more fair fight without getting headshot repeatedly. It also gives room for flanking the enemy, where one person goes up the team route, and another person goes the open route. So even if the enemy runs and kills the guy going up the open ladder, they'd have their back / side turned to the enemy coming from inside. Or maybe the flare thing needs tweaking. Since you essentially need a non-combat unit to go up the ladder to disarm the flare, which requires the engineer / techie to take on a Tanya / Volkov (usually ends badly), kill the Tanya / Volkov and then purchase a techie / engineer to disarm the flare (time), or have a team member in waiting to run up while the enemy is engaged in a firefight / already dead (But usually a flare isn't placed while a bunch of players are just sitting around in the base, meaning the personnel available is limited).
  8. The good old days.
  9. Could you post some screenshots of the rail cart and underground tunnels? Sounds like it could be an interesting concept to start off an infantry map.
  10. Yay! New update means new interest!
  11. Anyone gonna be streaming?
  12. I'm out. Thanks though.