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  1. I got a week off coming up so I'll have to pass. Paradoxically, the more free time I have, the less I'd be inclined to participate in Mafia.
  2. To balance it out, we need cats. Allies get cats, Soviets get dogs. Simple as.
  3. Good in the sense of making things interesting, not helping anyone in any way.
  4. I like being generally suspicious regardless of role. It screws everyone up which isn't so good for a simple setup, but good for a more complex one.
  5. Cat 5 could probably have won even if General was lynched. I honestly didn't suspect him at all.
  6. Ah well. I feel I put a good defense, for the one person who saw it.
  7. It probably would have went better if I didn't think we had an extra 24h. The late role claim couldn't be helped.
  8. So uhhh. Pepsi or coke?
  9. I've been betrayed. I knew there were 3 scum all along!
  10. If the head's still attached we can lynch him again.
  11. @Killing_You Since you've been watching, why don't you come back to life and save me.
  12. Not a good check tbh. I can barely be consistent in the same sentence
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