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  1. @Misa
  2. Just curious, I assume aces are low?
  3. Oooh ooh me! Will send you a PM in a minute.
  4. Yeah, delayed kill on Nodlied, then I targeted Verti because I thought it would cause some chaos. And apparently it did. A lot. Haha
  5. Probably Cat_5 TBH. I always try to go for the less expected one.
  6. Meh. Hindsight. I was just rolling the dice of who I thought could kill me. Had no idea RNG was still present.
  7. This game was really well played I think, even though town goofed a few times, there was a lot of voices pulling different directions, but still town managed to live until the end. I don't know if much would have changed if I read my PM fully first. Trying to convince Cat_5 that ChopBam was the bad guy would have been next to impossible.
  8. I had no idea about Irish. I thought you guys were all town and I was the last hostile.
  9. We actually manged to get the heat off us fairly well, all things considering.
  10. >gives mafia huge advantage >But don't use it guyz.
  11. I'm going to be consistently more involved in games from now on. The more I'm engaged the more fun it is (duh). I really enjoyed this game and I think I played fairly well. Also @kamuixmod I AM SO, SO SORRY WE LYNCHED YOU. I was actually up for the idea of not night killing on N1, but the train was already going on you and I sadly had to jump on.
  12. Yeah Orange's flip was brilliant RNG. But then we payed for it with Isaac's and my deaths. @Jeod I assumed when I used my ability of Nodlied, that I would get his ability after his death, and not be told what I was getting until then. Showing me what I was stealing was a big push to get Nodlied kill and kind of unfair in my opinion.
  13. FRAYDO confirmed last mafia alive.
  14. Hmm Gameover doesn't sound encouraging.