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  1. Just to flex before July 4th. Happy Canada Day any other members of the eternal leaf.
  2. 'twas a joke. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_tracing_(graphics)
  3. I'm still waiting for Ray Tracing.
  4. What's to stop the EMP from just becoming a MAD Tank? Something slow, rarely used effectively, and almost never bought? Utility vehicles don't have the best track record in W3D Games.
  5. I'll pass this time. Thanks though!
  6. That sounds like a heck of a thing to balance all those spawn locations.
  7. I'll point out it has been Orange this game that has constantly butted heads with the cop on D2 and D3.
  8. I'd rather go for the scum no one suspects than the one many suspect. I don't want this to come down to a 1v1 because no one suspected the last scum. ##vote Orange
  9. You know I'll still go on my Orange is scum rant even though Retal is an awful cop. First off, he was the one chasing down Louis the most (who we're assuming was the miller). But then conveniently jumped onto the FRAYDO train, which FRAYDO called him out on really hard. And I'll even mentioned that FRAYDO suspected me of being scum, but surprisingly he didn't target me for the Oracle ability. I'd say by that fact he didn't means he was actually hiding his actual thoughts and that's why he also said Orange was leaning town. He was doing double-speak, his real scum suspect was Orange, but he was trying to figure out who the team was, so he targeted someone he didn't talk about much and was unsure of, KY. And then we have Retal who gave both a scum and town read on Orange. I'm going with him saying the town read to throw the scum team off the trail. So if anything we should trust the cop on a scum read at least.
  10. I'm not really sure how to defend myself from the bandwagon here. And now a suspected scum basically defending me isn't helping. Really my entire read this time was that Chop was the cop because of how cocky he has been and FRAYDO being the Oracle caught me completely off guard.
  11. Oh and I thought Chop was the cop. Which also screwed up my scum read. At least I didn't post and look like a fool.
  12. Also @OrangeP47 confirmed Neutral, town and scum.
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