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  1. A Vertigo Mafia? I would never forgive myself missing one
  2. Looks like me mentioning it on discord finally got people to notice T62 outranges not just the AGT, but every base defense and non-artillery unit in the game. It's the most broken element currently in IA.
  3. Any map other than Mt Pass allows for a counterplay to PICs. As Threve says, try pitting 4 LCGs against 4 Mobius Suits and watch the PICs melt. In 5 seconds.
  4. There is literally nothing better in life than screaming at your dumb teammates in @alphoca's voice
    The absolute best thing to ever happen for the W3D project.
  5. Voe


    While there isn't anything wrong with it per se, it's also generally a server killer. About the stealing and selling vehicles thing, plus the threats, if you guys feel he deserves a 1-2 week ban, go for it. The next time you catch him pushing the boundaries just issue the ban for "repeated offences".
  6. I like how mafia was originally meant to be this fun social game of reading people and catching clues. I guess the folk at MU found the "social" and the "interaction" part of the game too difficult
  7. Congratulations, especially to @iLikeToSnipefor making it that far despite the town making all the right decisions. You know, i actually verified myself insane Night 1. Had you killed anyone else but me, it'd be over. At the same time I'm happy how the other townies picked up how absurd my NK was Night 1, from scum's perspective. I was already the best lynch target for Day 1 (had we elected to do so) due to most information being revealed on me. Also, killing KY Night 2 to force ChopBam into Orange vs iLTS was perfect
  8. Good luck to all parties
  9. I mean, we have 1 sane, 1 insane, 1 paranoid and 1 naive cop. Whatever scum does, he has to assume the role of one of them. Sooner or later we'll have 2 people coming up with the same results, and that gives us a 1 in 2 guaranteed hit.
  10. I have nothing against ending the day right now. Also +1 to iLTS post.
  11. I'd also like to mention how iLTS/myself and ChopBam/KY reports came in pairs, giving one another a town/scum read. Orange is the only one who stands out
  12. The players who'd received Scum reading Night 0 should investigate themselves Night 1 to verify for insane/paranoid. Everyone else (ie those who received Town readings) should investigate the targets yielding Scum from Night 0. And obviously, ##vote Nolynch extends the game for more reports to come in.
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