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  1. You'll find me to be the most ardent proponent of hygenic lifestyle, thank you
  2. I'm just doing a calculation where if both of you visit the toilet for No1 4x a day, 7x a week, that's 56 required toilet paper uses for No1 alone. Now, add 14x No2 within the same timespan and we're arriving at 70 cases of toilet paper use a week, 20% of those heavy duty. And you do that with 1 roll?
  3. You either use a bidet, or have some very smelly living space
  4. The root of the problem is that, in its current form, the red tide/home guard is so cheap that you can buy him immediately upon a match start, and blow an enemy building BEFORE they get a reasonable chance to mine the entirety of their base. When the base is mined, you'll need a techie/hotwire to get through. Red tide/home guard have 1 purpose right now - bumrush the enemy base at the start of a match and knock out a building right there and then. All while being retardedly powerful. Without the need to use an !ammo drop (which you can't afford at that stage). And it's exactly how they're used. A stupid unit design.
  5. Spot on. The stickies can be thrown at the MCT while the enemy is shooting at you. Not only they won't be able to disarm them, the bombs themselves are also likely to kill any upcoming defenders.
  6. Chad 100 dalla combat unit which can blow up any building in 30 seconds vs. Virgin 400 dalla cannon fodder technician with 1m countdown, disarmable explosives. Which part is so hard to understand? The cheaper unit with anti-tank nades should be more effective at building killing than a designated building demolisher
  7. Ressuply tanks don't work on the driver, for whatever reason, so why would I buy them? Also, what Threve said. This game is meant to have a bloated economy. You have 48k worth upgrades, 6k tanks, and any meaningful late game unit+infantry combos cost you 4k+ every time. Unless you're driving in an infrared all game, only taking engagements you're confident to win, you are going to die. And then, you do need that money. For me, !ammo drops are crucial when i lose the war factory. When I need to be sneaky and preemptive with my infantry play, i can't afford the luxury of running back to base every time i run out. Making it more expensive (500 is the cost of another infantry piece, which is often difficult to afford in low-eco games), defeats the purpose of it altogether. If you want to nerf it (and i don't know why would you), increase the cooldown.
  8. I am against making heavy infantry unable to drive vehicles. IA is already super skewed in favour of vehicle play (read: infantry sucks conkey dock). Just because a few of them are actually worth their price (Gunner and BHGunners), doesn't warrant a nerf. Moreover, even a nerf is preferable to the "unable to drive alone" "reliance on teamwork" argument, as you cannot rely reliably on something this reliant on other player's unreliability.
  9. A Vertigo Mafia? I would never forgive myself missing one
  10. Looks like me mentioning it on discord finally got people to notice T62 outranges not just the AGT, but every base defense and non-artillery unit in the game. It's the most broken element currently in IA.
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