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  1. I vote Momok, the silent workhorse of the team!
  2. Removing headshots, because you get one shotted, and then reintroducing one shotting V2s at the same time?
  3. Probably not, it's all busted atm.
  4. Frog is a gift which keeps on giving.
  5. Very nice, I'm a huge Civ2 fan. I'll definitely give it a shot.
  6. Yeah, I'm dead. Now's the time for shitposting.
  7. We got the other one, perfect. ##shoot Mojoman
  8. I'll rather wait to see if anyone comes to Mojo's defense.
  9. So here one of 5 things happen: We vote lynch Mojo, another scum flips, yay for us. We vote lynch someone else, at which case I shoot Mojo tomorrow, die, get revealed as Ivan and Mojo dies tomorrow. Mojo shoots me, kills me, I flip Ivan but he doesn't die. We lynch Mojo. Mojo shoots me, I don't die, but Mojo doesn't die either. We lynch Mojo. Mojo shoots any other player, Mojo doesn't die, we lynch Mojo. I'll keep my shot to myself until tomorrow, as the votes start settling down. This game is over already.
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