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  1. Yet again, I alone achieve victory in a mafia adventure.
  2. I see no problem including mexico as an available to play minor. It's a pretty fun nation, especially with human US and UK not fricking you up.
  3. I have a feeling I know who the first Britain candidate is.
  4. @Cjx0rlisten to Threve. There were no mods, nobody to warn the offenders or call them out, what do you expect us to do? Go and kick them, ban them? Had we been banning people on their first offense and leaving it at that, you would have already been banned and your posting permissions would have never been returned. So how about instead of throwing a tantrum and pointing fingers you stop for a moment and consider the situation in a more rational manner?
  5. Blazing sands pillboxes get me every time There is also that thing where IA pillboxes are insanely difficult to kill, compared to APB. Their weakspots are on top, so if you're in a flat vehicle or an infantry on flat ground, you have a hard time hitting them.
  6. Voe


    This I like.
  7. Given the current state of the game, perhaps this thread deserves a bump.
  8. Voe

    ROZ mod abuse

    I don't see what Roz has to do with you being a white supremacist, @Testament. In fact, if you have any complaints to make, why not create a separate thread instead of posting in this one? @thedisclaimitory I know you're still in secondary school, but the use of commas and fullstops should already be behind you. Use them.
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