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  1. I see this thread has been completely derailed from what i believe is an ongoing and significant problem. I took the liberty to hide some of the unneccesary personal attacks at the end, but I'll have it stay open in case anyone else would like to drop their five cents on the topic of building restores.
  2. Voe


    We've had that feature back at BHP. It used to be problematic, as sometimes you do not want to be moved to another channel automatically, when all your friends are in another, locked one.
  3. I agree that it is unfair. It benefits the winning team as they generally have the map control. Imagine a situation where one side is winning by a margin of 1-2 buildings, and is constantly besieging the other. Even in a case of a break-out and a well coordinated counter which would destroy a building belonging to the currently winning, with their map control they have a chance to get it all back and bring the losers back to square one. What happened in our match was the opposite - the losing team managed to outmaneuver the winning side so hard they not only wrested the map control, but also successfully defended, nuked and rushed their way to victory in the end.
  4. When Nod lost every building but the HoN 10 minutes into the game, all the GDI had to do was to finish us off. CJ and I were on comms and we literally threw in the towel, manning the roof Oerlikons and waiting for the cycle. But instead of finishing, GDI bought a shit ton of snipers and zippos, getting started on the killwhore train with 1 hour 5 minutes of the map still remaining (!!!) at the point when Threve joined, only 1 or two GDI players still kept pushing in with Mammies/Disruptors, so we've donated Threve for a Commanche and ran EMP Grenade/Commanche combo for the next good 30 minutes, all while GDI was still attempting whoring with snipers and Zippos. The fact that we gathered those 3 building restores within that 1 hour (all of which spawn midway through the map) only shows how little the GDI tried to push and maintain map control.
  5. Not as if you were spending your money on the wall while you were still the king.
  6. Well I wanted the winter to come today, but Retal saved the day for you, sooo... You better watch who you threaten, Oranje.
  7. ##vote Louis I just want to see the world burn.
  8. Do you not have a holding, Rubeci? You do have an army, so it's just the lack of holding which could prevent you from becoming king.
  9. I'm a ranger, I sallied beyond the wall.
  10. ##vote Rubeci Don't let my dreams be memes.
  11. There are only 8k wildings north of the wall. Looks like Rubeci is marching with the remaining 45k south.
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