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  1. I'd like to nominate @Silverlight for selflessly driving @PXD2000 around in his ranger for a streak of dozens of Tanya building snipes Additionally, no nomination can go without @forg0ten1 and his relentless push towards victory even despite the grimmest odds.
  2. Melee units don't work in this engine. Especially AI controlled melee units. We've failed with the Chameleon Spy, we've failed with AR dogs, what makes you think it will suddenly work out in APB?
  3. What is this whole "friend code" you're all talking about
  4. Oh no, the old gren meta is coming back
  5. My 3-layered, aloevera velvet smooth rolls poop on yours!
  6. And I just bought another 24 rolls
  7. You'll find me to be the most ardent proponent of hygenic lifestyle, thank you
  8. I'm just doing a calculation where if both of you visit the toilet for No1 4x a day, 7x a week, that's 56 required toilet paper uses for No1 alone. Now, add 14x No2 within the same timespan and we're arriving at 70 cases of toilet paper use a week, 20% of those heavy duty. And you do that with 1 roll?
  9. You either use a bidet, or have some very smelly living space
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