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  1. Voe

    Among Us

    I'll be happy to hop in if time allows.
  2. T-62 Simulator: The Game
  3. There is no risk in sneaking the whole way radar-invisible and your name tag missing. Your opponents can't see you, thus they can't counter you, thus you're taking absolutely no risk. Now that it's changed, you'll need to at least show yourself on radar if you want to blow someone's production structure up. I reckon it's a fair trade? This statement is just wrong on so many levels. I can assure you it takes less time to press E to jump out of your vehicle and then swing your shovel, than it is to spend 60 seconds driving to refill and back again in your minelayer. Unless you can't find the E key on your keyboard every time you should want to exit your tank, i suppose. Not to mention that giving up 1 infantry for the attackers for the 30 seconds it takes to clear the entire rush path is a lot smaller time sink than for the defenders to give up a whole player (unless someone can be in two different places with both their infantry and their minelayer) for the 8-10 minutes it takes to mine.
  4. Because it's unfair towards the base defenders. There is no mechanic in game which would allow the defenders to spot the crouching infantry, and on maps with clutter and/or tunnels, the defending team may be AWARE of a Tanya in their base, and yet be completely unable to find her. This threat potential can cost the match. Think Tanya+Spy sneaking through the tunnels on KoTG, avoiding the mines. Allied Minelayer is a huge time sink, which requires multiple repeated trips to refill. At the same time, the minelayer is unarmed and vulnerable to all forms of damage, which costs in repairs and repurchases. In return, 1 soviet player could buy a mammoth tank + engie and effectively clear the whole map in one go. It's completely disproportionate in terms of time and risk invested. Now, the soviet engie can still do it, but he needs a supply truck instead of a tank, which gives the minelayer a form of counter play.
  5. It's good vs everything and invisible on top of it. Now with lower range Volkovs the PT could've become oppressive.
  6. I'd like to nominate @Silverlight for selflessly driving @PXD2000 around in his ranger for a streak of dozens of Tanya building snipes Additionally, no nomination can go without @forg0ten1 and his relentless push towards victory even despite the grimmest odds.
  7. Melee units don't work in this engine. Especially AI controlled melee units. We've failed with the Chameleon Spy, we've failed with AR dogs, what makes you think it will suddenly work out in APB?
  8. What is this whole "friend code" you're all talking about
  9. Oh no, the old gren meta is coming back
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