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  1. Description A stuck spot on coastal_influence. Video is attached.
  2. Description There is a deep crevice on RidgeWar against a concrete wall by the destroyed Allied Refinery outpost that can trap infantry, and vehicle units against a nearby tree. Behind the Soviet War Factory on CanyonRiver, you can get vehicles stuck between a tree and a wall. Reproduction Steps (RidgeWar) Walking on either end of the crevice as well as from the side will result in a trapped infantry unit. Driving downhill, a vehicle can be trapped against a tree. Reproduction Steps Driving towards the War Factory, a vehicle can get stuck against a tree and a wall. (One-Directional)
  3. Ignore, made comment by mistake
  4. Description The Tesla Tank can become stuck inside a crater in front of the Allied base near the lower Turret road. Reproduction Steps Driving away from Soviet Base into crater. Driving towards Soviet Base into crater.
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