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  1. Hello @Aceolu, and welcome to W3D Hub! Sorry to hear that you're having issues, but maybe we can help. For simplicity's sake, lets undo your Bibber's fixes, or at the very least, disable compatibility mode. It should not be necessary. Your PC's specs are fine, no issues there ^.^ What specific server are you trying to join? Or does this happen with all Renegade servers? Just to clarify, you don't have a "Renegade" folder in your "Documents" folder, correct? Also, check in your Renegade install folder for a "ttversion.txt" file and let us verify that you have the latest and greatest. I'm pretty sure the launcher does this automatically, but it never hurts to check. Get back to us with this info, and hopefully I or someone else can help you! Thanks!
  2. "Invalid ID" can occasionally be caused by quitting or crashing and then trying to rejoin too quickly before the server "realizes" that you've left. It gives that message because a player (previously you) with the same nickname is still in game (or so it thinks). In this case, just waiting a few seconds solves the problem. But do post a screenshot and give as much info as you can, and we'll try to verify what is happening
  3. Maybe make this function an option/setting? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Perhaps I'm unfamiliar with how this works, but doesn't !vote allow a popular vote to decide what happens? In which case, would he be the sole one at fault here? Also, (assuming that people get to vote) wouldn't the vote of many "no" override a "yes"? Just trying to figure out how he managed to do this all by himself. Unless I'm missing something still, I (personally) do not see where this guy deserves anything more than a "hey don't do that". Unless he does this super frequently, I would just be the bigger guy and not let it get under your skin. On a different note, this statement is quite a few degrees worse than "trolling".
  5. Wait, so. The map changed. Dude didn't like it, so he voted to skip. Dude left after you guys railed on him. And... what, you're just complaining now? Sorry if I missed something vitally important here.
  6. Hey guys! Stuck at home again? Nothing to do? Going crazy? No problem! Note it down in your calendar and lets all hop onto the APB Delta server next Saturday at 8pm GMT to honor the memory of our guy Wyld1. Why not? He liked to play games, so lets go play games! Do we really need an excuse!? Go Go Go!
  7. Update: As I feared, Wyld lost his battle with cancer. He was an older gentleman, and had been dealing with this for several years. While his family has deemed it acceptable to give this information, they do request that his identity and other personal information not be given publicly. #cancersucks
  8. On behalf of all the staff and testers, I would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Wyld1. We have only now received word of his passing, but it appears that he left this world some time in February. He was a long time player and member of the Renegade community, as well as a tester here at W3D Hub, and on top of that he was a great guy. He will be missed by many. At this time we do not know any details, and we would ask that there be no speculation on this subject. We will pass this information along if/when we learn more.
  10. You can keep your inferior Polish toilet paper!
  11. @Threve yeah I've been observing the NY situation from afar. "The South" is pretty shut down as well, but some people are still out and about. I'm still doing a few things not at home when I have to, but am limiting my interactions where at all possible. If I'm not exposed already, I will be soon because my wife is employed at Vanderbilt Medical center, and is deemed essential. Aside from her going to work every day, we're keeping in for the most part. Shelter-in-place orders are coming out as well. @MPRA2 Hopefully this will be over in time for you to get something done. Put back that fancy government check when it comes in lol As a side-note: I still have not bought toilet paper, and we have plenty...
  12. Walnut. Hard as crap but beautiful for sure. Made anything cool? Start a thread if you want to showcase your woodwork!
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