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  1. Einstein

    Lol refresh to see my edit
  2. Einstein

    Please look back at some previous posts and read carefully. W3D Hub is not out to destroy anyone or anything. Our original "mission" here was simply to be a place for all the mod projects that wanted a part in it. Now, this has morphed somewhat, and as danpaul mentioned earlier, we eventually plan to support renegade and list all the servers which wish to be listed on our launcher along with that. Something which we are not in any way obligated to do, but have chosen to do anyway for the good of all W3D communities and projects. No strings attached. EDIT: Clarification: It appeared to me as if you were referring to all parties in this statement. I see now that this might not be the case. Ignore if I misunderstood.
  3. Einstein

    We do not "troll" in any official capacity. Any comments made about soft drinks or such like are intended to simply remind us that this is a gaming community and whatever happens is likely not worth fighting over, while simultaneously working towards a solution (even when it may not exactly look like it).
  4. Einstein

    Thats subjective bud, I'm a coke boi. Dr Pepper is king though!
  5. Einstein

    The current setup of IA is unique in that it uses ttfs (as it always has I believe), but we also distribute it via the launcher. Its simply another way to download it and join. Normal renegade clients that connect will be prompted to download the missing files as always, while launcher users will already have them. Thats it.
  6. Einstein

    For the record (minor detail, clarification point here): The W3D-Hub launcher does not list renegade servers because we don't currently support renegade or have any stock servers. Also, beings as the game is not released as freeware by EA, we can not distribute a full installable copy of stock renegade. And even if we did so, we would likely only list our own stock ren server(s), as renlist is a different tool performing a different job, aimed at a different crowd.
  7. Einstein

    At this point, I see no reason to take the conversation private. As long as it remains civil, I think it can probably be handled here.
  8. Einstein

    @shaitan Hello! I've heard your name for years but I don't believe we've ever spoken. Nice to meet you. And thanks for the IRC help, etc. And Wally is just bantering as he said He does that. I'm not going to issue an "official" answer to this question or anything, but I did want to try to get something clarified really quick. What do you mean exactly here? Whats getting installed twice? Thanks.
  9. Einstein

    That would be so much work though. Pushwall doesn't have much help with APB stuff, much less the funds to hire MiG pilots and Cruiser captains. I do it for free tho
  10. Einstein

    My sources tell me that the portal has stabilized.
  11. Einstein

    Hello there, and welcome to W3DHub! Be sure to check out our community rules so that you stay out of trouble 😉 Currently we don't really have the man-power to start another fresh project from the ground up. But you are welcome to begin development yourself if you have interest and aptitude for it. We have tools and tutorials available to learn all about development on the W3D engine, as well as many development veterans who love to teach. If that sounds like something you would be interested in doing, just speak up!
  12. Einstein

    Completely understandable man. Look on the bright side though! You've spawned another tester! You can play together in a couple years
  13. Einstein

    "Launcher failed to connect to backend" error, problems updating games or launcher There are a various few situations in which the launcher can not correctly connect to the w3dhub backend to download updates for itself and for games. We have determined that these issues may commonly be caused by a DNS misconfiguration, which could reside on your PC, your router, your ISP, or elsewhere on your network, and may be the product of malware, user tampering, or the failure or delay of DNS propagation. There is a troubleshooting step to identify a DNS-related issue, which in some cases also seems to serve as a workaround (not solution) for these issues. By installing a manual entry in your PC's "hosts" file, some users have reported restored normal operation. Begin by navigating to the following file and opening it in notepad: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (note: the "hosts" file has no extension, and it will not function if it is saved as a .txt file) Once open in notepad, add the following line to the bottom of the file: secure.w3dhub.com Do not edit any other part of the file. Save the file, and close notepad. See if your issue still persists. If it appears to be fixed, great! If the issue persists, remove the line you added to the hosts file immediately. Remember if you leave the line, as you may need to remove it at some point in the future.
  14. Einstein

    @des1206 Any chance you want to rejoin the team?