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  1. Einstein

    Glad you got it working!
  2. Einstein

    No worries Gary, I think we are all on the same page except sammy. You said nothing wrong here and have no reason to apologize (though I do appreciate you doing it anyway). If anyone should apologize, it should be sammy. But oh the minutes that seemed like hours when we would wait for the server count to drop to 27
  3. Einstein

    I didn't know this was a joke thread. ❤️
  4. Einstein

    The content of this thread is actually out of the ordinary compared to "normal" around here (and we kinda prefer it that way). We've had a pretty pleasant time of peace during the APB Delta years and have enjoyed it quite a lot. Speaking of Delta, check it out! Its always changing, and usually for the better.
  5. Einstein

    Hey guys. Lets take it down a notch in here. The yelling and stuff. You know how to be good. So be good.
  6. Einstein

  7. Einstein

    I deslike you
  8. Einstein

    I would employ the use of a registry compare tool. There are many free tools that can take a "snapshot" of the state of your registry, and then allow you to compare to other snapshots taken at different times. This comparison will reveal what is actually being changed.
  9. Moved thread to proper forum. Also welcome to W3D-Hub! Unfortunately the launcher only supports the default location currently for installs and working files, etc. But there is another option until this feature is added. https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-take-advantage-of-symbolic-links-in-window-10/ A symbolic link is like a shortcut only better. The system sees whats on the other end as actually being where the link is, even though it is somewhere entirely different, possibly even on a separate drive. Proper use of symlinks could fix ya.
  10. Einstein

    Cartoon Kane reminds me of David Draiman more than Joe Kucan. Or maybe Howie Mandel? Definitely not Joe Kucan though. Just me?
  11. Einstein

    Actually no lol. You do know what we call " the ACK meme" right? Its a spin off that. Those are definitely different people haha
  12. Einstein

    I think this about sums it up P.S. I'm sorry. EDIT: Also, any "message" that EA might take away from the extreme backlash will likely be some stupidly inverted thing like "derrrr, I guess nobody likes C&C anymore".
  13. Einstein

    The rebellious bastard child of the Chozo. No matter how many times you kill her, she will always be waiting for you again in the next game. One bad gal...
  14. Hey guys, just a quick note about the launcher. Several of you have noticed that you can no longer log into the launcher and have notified us of this. After some digging, we have found the cause and we are working on it. Basically it is a side-effect of the last forum upgrade a few weeks ago. Between now and such time as we should have it fixed, it is possible that more people will begin to experience this issue. Fear not! This does not mean that things are still breaking or getting worse. We have our best people on it and hope to have a solution up and running Soon™ We will make an announcement when this issue has been resolved.
  15. Einstein

    Yeah, I'm going to have to agree that your system is lacking a little bit man... 😕