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  1. Einstein

    *puts moderator hat back on* Lets not continue to hurl insults at each other in public. It will only make things worse and derail this, drag it out longer, you get the idea.... Thanks. *takes moderator hat back off* Since you elected to start this in public, and air out everything where the whole world can see on this forum, do you not think it would also be a great idea to let the whole world see how we solve this? I really think hiding the discussion at this point is a very poor move.
  2. Einstein

    Oh no wait, I didn't mean to kill the discussion off. I just want to understand what is going on because I don't. I didn't mean for you to go hide the discussion now, that is not necessary. And plus, things are kinda transparent right now so it might be good if they stayed that way.
  3. Einstein

    Well, you replied before I was done typing my book 😛 This was done literally forever ago and has been talked about numerous times. It is very common knowledge, I'm sorry that you were not informed. [Original post] Let me preface this post by saying that I will not be speaking right now on behalf of W3D Hub, but rather as just me, Einstein, a player/user, nothing more. I've been pretty inactive in recent months, not doing as much as I normally do, or being present as much as I have in the past. I hear about current events and occasionally visit the forum and read a little bit, etc. Don't really have time right now to be "involved" as I usually am, thus me speaking as myself and not as a representative of this place. I have a reputation among those who know me for being (or attempting to be) unbiased and objective, respectful, and a little bit over-analytical. Its just my nature. So briefly here, I am going to 1) state what I am seeing/have seen, and 2) analyze what I have seen. Many weeks ago, an issue was raised by the leadership of RenCorner and MPF to the general public of W3D Hub in this thread here, which at face value seems to be a sudden demand and/or call to action regarding the Interim Apex project (previously Imperial Age). After some heated discussion, the roots of the problem are exposed, etc. Some solutions are proposed, nothing really gets done, the discussion goes to PM, I lose track of it, and it eventually basically dies from what I understand, though the problem was never resolved entirely. Some aspects of the problem (ex: the mishap with the IA download accidentally containing some renegade files which were thought to have been removed in the initial release version) were promptly addressed and resolved, and as far as I know, that was one of them. Other bits, such as "the fairness of the IA project existing in the same universe as stock Renegade", have been rather put off by both sides for another day. The entity in command of the Renlist backend blocked the IA server from the list, and then *silence*. Though I do hear that as a result of these happenings, @danpaul88 has stepped up and volunteered his own time and keystrokes to develop and evolve the W3D Hub launcher into a platform which can one day support stock Renegade, as well as all the stock (and modded) servers, which are currently available via the Renlist tool, in addition to all of the in-house projects which are currently available via the launcher. Fast-forward like idk....couple months or something. Earlier today anyway. Unrelated drama about things that I admittedly do not understand (because I've been out of touch) is happening in this thread, and again seemingly very suddenly, and for some reason hi-jacking a thread of completely unrelated subject matter entirely, another post, by the same, representative of the same, expressing basically the same. In response, @OWA resumes the conversation from somewhere close to the point at which it died before, reiterating that there are some questions from the prior discussions which were posed to the individuals which have grievances, which have never been answered. A little bit more back-and-forth, and OWA's questions are now answered. OWA has presumably not seen the reply yet, and has not responded yet. Whew! Now we have arrived..... In the interest of remaining unbiased, and also putting forth that image, let me just make one general clarification point. A person's Point of view / Frame of Reference can easily be mistaken for bias, but they are two different things entirely, though related. The angle at which an event was witnessed (Frame of Reference) when described by the witness, may appear to take the form of a bias, when in reality it is simply an incomplete picture of the event which transpired. Simply put, all of the accounts logged above being from one viewpoint does not necessitate that the witness (me) is biased towards that viewpoint. And now the Analysis.... Everything I have seen so far has consisted of forces/entities outside W3D Hub suddenly coming to the W3D Hub forum to air out grievances about how things are done here. Even going so far as to demand that certain things not be done the way in which they are, followed by threats which follow the pattern of "if you don't stop doing (or start doing) ABC, then we will retaliate by doing XYZ", which was followed through, citing repeatedly "cause and effect.....cause and effect". Lets look at some cause and effect then shall we? Exactly how would these individuals feel, if the staff of W3D Hub showed up in these other communities and started making demands? "Cause and effect". What would happen? What would happen, if after the W3D Hub staff, who, assuming that they were completely in the right (because they had perceived, completely unbeknownst to the inhabitants of these other communities, that they had been wronged by them in some way) showed up in these other communities and after making their demands, made threats, and followed through with these threats, because these other communities did not conform or bend to their will? "Cause and effect". How might that play out? It is peculiar to me, the double-standard which seems to exist in some aspects of this situation. Moving forward, please examine the following quotes: It would appear that there is some sort of breakdown in communication here. Correct me if I am mistaken, but it appears that @shaitan is stating here that the ultimate solution to this problematic situation is exactly what @OWA has said that W3D Hub is already actively working on and in the process of implementing? If this is the case, then will someone PLEASE explain to me what this is actually about? Because this looks to me as if it has solved itself, but that people were too occupied with the fighting itself to actually notice! Eh?
  4. Einstein

    Your maps is bad. ❤️
  5. Einstein

    Looks great! I have always loved the display images you come up with for each unit too, it makes these threads fun to look at
  6. Einstein

    /me demotes Fraynub.
  7. Einstein

    @FRAYDO is a like-farming weeb. I mean look at this guy, nothing is below him. Using Santa's name to boost his rep, and all of you fell for it smh....
  8. Einstein

    Try downloading the .NET framework 4.6.1 installer from the Microsoft website and installing it manually. I see in your screenshot that you have an "E" drive. It has happened before that installing to a different drive has not played well with the launcher. Please let us know if this worked or not. Thanks!
  9. Einstein

    Lol refresh to see my edit
  10. Einstein

    Please look back at some previous posts and read carefully. W3D Hub is not out to destroy anyone or anything. Our original "mission" here was simply to be a place for all the mod projects that wanted a part in it. Now, this has morphed somewhat, and as danpaul mentioned earlier, we eventually plan to support renegade and list all the servers which wish to be listed on our launcher along with that. Something which we are not in any way obligated to do, but have chosen to do anyway for the good of all W3D communities and projects. No strings attached. EDIT: Clarification: It appeared to me as if you were referring to all parties in this statement. I see now that this might not be the case. Ignore if I misunderstood.
  11. Einstein

    We do not "troll" in any official capacity. Any comments made about soft drinks or such like are intended to simply remind us that this is a gaming community and whatever happens is likely not worth fighting over, while simultaneously working towards a solution (even when it may not exactly look like it).
  12. Einstein

    Thats subjective bud, I'm a coke boi. Dr Pepper is king though!
  13. Einstein

    The current setup of IA is unique in that it uses ttfs (as it always has I believe), but we also distribute it via the launcher. Its simply another way to download it and join. Normal renegade clients that connect will be prompted to download the missing files as always, while launcher users will already have them. Thats it.