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  1. You can keep your inferior Polish toilet paper!
  2. @Threve yeah I've been observing the NY situation from afar. "The South" is pretty shut down as well, but some people are still out and about. I'm still doing a few things not at home when I have to, but am limiting my interactions where at all possible. If I'm not exposed already, I will be soon because my wife is employed at Vanderbilt Medical center, and is deemed essential. Aside from her going to work every day, we're keeping in for the most part. Shelter-in-place orders are coming out as well. @MPRA2 Hopefully this will be over in time for you to get something done. Put back that fancy government check when it comes in lol As a side-note: I still have not bought toilet paper, and we have plenty...
  3. Walnut. Hard as crap but beautiful for sure. Made anything cool? Start a thread if you want to showcase your woodwork!
  4. I can affirm that this is the position held by AR's project leads. I worry about this myself, and my personal opinion falls somewhere around here, but I'm not in charge @Killing_You is spot-on however. Much has changed, and new mods are now held to a higher standard because of how Delta raised the bar so much above everything prior. Plans may still change, but there are no current plans for a non-complete* release. By "non-complete", I am referring to a certain milestone that the leads have in mind.
  5. I shall supervise. From at least 6 feet away.
  6. The TT "scripts" package is actually the entire game engine. We often refer to it as "scripts" because it does contain many additional custom scripts for extra game function, but it is indeed the engine itself. The same engine that the editor requires to do its thing. They must be modified and upgraded together, since they share a common codebase, otherwise the editor would not know about new engine capabilities.
  7. So in stock renegade (and some mod projects) the objects and strings are stored in an "objects.dbs" file, which is essentially just another .dat file, just with a different extension. Extract that file with w3d3x or XCC mixer and you will get what you need I think Westwood did it like this to make object/strings updates small and painless.
  8. @Raptor29aa managers everywhere are getting it pretty hard right now. My wife is a nurse manager and she has brought home some stories... Four horsemen though, thats always a fun one 😁
  9. Einstein

    Small Update

    We have been having retular US evening (really late UK time) games for several days. Much fun!
  10. Maybe its different in your country, but here the men stand up to pee, and thus require no toilet paper. Therefore your calculations are somewhat flawed
  11. lolwhat? Are you saying we don't use enough or something?
  12. This is dumb ^ I've not bought toilet paper in like 6 weeks. Not because I couldn't find it, but because I already had a 12-pack. Guess what? Turns out that between me and the wife, we average using one roll a week... As for food, we caught it early and bought A FEW extra things (needed groceries anyway), and we're still good for another ~10 days before we absolutely have to buy food. Dr Pepper however... I may have to venture out into the wild in the next couple days to restock on that EDIT: Not saying that you are dumb, but that the hoarders are dumb. No need for that mess - yet.
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