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  1. So about 6 months ago, I played with Sole Survivor a bit, and actually got it to run standalone (without renegade) and with the latest 4.6 scripts. But it had issues. It is such a custom piece of moddery.... SomeRhino (its creator) may be the only guy who could fix it properly.
  2. What a coinkydink, I'm kinda back now too
  3. Update! A much-needed scripts feature was added today. Developers using the latest 4.6 update can now globally enable or disable the VIS (visual culling) system permanently. What and why? Well, VIS was used originally as a way to squeeze some performance out of the game by "culling" visible objects once they were a certain distance away. It uses fancy math and requires lots of manual setup on the part of the map maker in order to work correctly. So from then (long long ago....) to now, some changes have been made to this system, as well as the level of meticulousness paid by the map makers to its implementation. So what we get when we dump new engine code in with a 12+ year old version of a W3D game, is some really funky looking stuff. What we call VIS errors or "holes". Things that display incorrectly, and can actually be very distracting or confusing depending on where and when they appear. Ok so why is this important? So with 12+ years of engine improvements in other areas, coupled with the (comparatively) simplistic nature of older games/maps, what we get is the lack of need for a visual culling system. So we turns it off The ability to toggle the system off completely with a setting, INSTEAD of having to import every single map and remove or fix the VIS information is obviously desirable. And it has instant benefits! Compare the screenshots below for a fine example of the weirdness that VIS can cause (first shot), versus just turning it off (second shot). Notice that the FPS is still pegged out even with the system disabled. Performance impact is zero. In other news, development on this has been stalled for a little while now, but hopefully will pick up again in the near future. This is the first notable update in a while, but a very important stepping stone on the road to release. We are so close! Stay tuned and hopefully this thing will be in your hands soon!
  4. Gonna be honest, I just skimmed the OP. But buy a SSD. Don't question it, just do it. New, used, high end, low end, everything needs a SSD for the OS drive. Aside from that, have fun, and buy what you can afford that can do what you need. Shoot the middle and plan to upgrade in ~3 years. Good luck!
  5. Mission maps and co-op maps are about as close as you're going to get to a campaign around here. I personally would love for all the different projects to have their own spin on their inspiring game's SP campaign. But it would take years of effort to produce, by which point, you and I might be the only ones left to play them....
  6. Lots of silence lately, and for that I apologize. I just wanted to make a quick note here that this thing is not dead, not at all! I have just not had time to work on it in a couple months due to some IRL things. But stay tuned, it is coming soon™
  7. Beings to be feared the most are the ones that do not speak....not because they are unable....but because they do not deem you worthy of their words.
  8. @LiMaDo did you ever solve the issue with your router?
  9. I've done both, and my recommendation would to just go air cooled unless you get some outrageous chip... water is cool'n'stuff, but fans are much easier and cheaper to maintain in the long run.
  10. Nice. Well then I'll start by recommending Asus for a motherboard manufacturer. Yes there are alternatives, and yes the alternatives can work just as well, but after ~10 years of being in the computer repair field, I can safely say that Asus has a leg up vs other manufacturers. Good stuff. Also found in many HP and Alienware machines just re-badged 😉 Same for the GSkill brand of memory, though I'm a little less attached to them. I did see my first ever failed memory stick of that brand last week though. Crucial, Kingston, Mushkin, Samsung, all are good brands of memory though fairly speaking. For a CPU, just get something you can afford...lol Power supply, any "80+" certified unit is good, I highly recommend the Seasonic brand, but Thermaltake and others are fine too. Just make sure it can drive everything you have. GPU....again, whatever you can afford. For OS drive, I highly recommend Samsung SSDs, highly discourage buying A-Data SSDs. Other major brands are fine, but I've been selling Samsung to my customers for years and I've only ever had one to fail and it was physically damaged somehow. If your board has the option for a NVMe or m.2 then definitely go that route. For storage, definitely recommend Western Digital. Anything works, I've just seen long life and reliability from the WD drives. I think thats about everything....all the high points anyway ^.^
  11. This ^ is exactly what I was talking about haha. Remembered the name wrong. Its been years since I've encountered that particular issue. Don't feel bad, I messed it up the first time too, and it was a customer's computer (when I worked at a computer shop), and I was also lucky that system restore was working (although I despise system restore overall). There will be filter entries for each drive, so its just a matter of determining which set to delete (and I don't remember how to do that unfortunately). Building your own PC or going the easy route?
  12. @Goliath35 Do a google search for deleting drive limits in the registry. Its difficult to explain, but basically sometimes you can get a temporary/leftover/incorrect/other registry value that affects how your disk drives work (any drive), and it can cause the type of issue you're seeing. Be very careful performing this process, because you can make your computer not bootable if you delete or modify the wrong value. Good luck!
  13. I think he probably means all staff.
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