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  1. Einstein

    I see what you did there @FRAYDO This man is a perfect replacement for Nodlied, I claim him
  2. Einstein

    Excellent notion @Threve I agree with this 100%. Most of us have unfortunately been touched by someone we know taking their own life, or even contemplated it ourselves, and the walls start closing in, we look at the world through blue shades, and everything is just bad all around. But a simple word from anyone who genuinely cares can turn that around very quickly, if they are simply allowed in where they can help. I would also like to offer myself up as a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on should anyone need it.
  3. Einstein

    Hello @Lamar ! This is a known issue, and is actually part of the reason for the latest update. The fix is to uninstall the launcher and re-download and install it. If that doesn't work, please let us know! Thanks!
  4. Einstein

    Yeah probably archive.org The real site has been down for around 3 years I believe.
  5. Einstein

    Mess with the Hoppity Hop.... You get the Poppity Pop
  6. Einstein

    Have fun choosing a color I'm not already wearing
  7. Einstein

    @Raptor29aa Normal users can't use html in forum posts (its a security precaution). But I tried "fixing" it, and it seems that the forum simply doesn't like the <iframe> tag, becasue this is the best I could get.... It might be possible but I'm not sure how to do it.
  8. Einstein

    The best one is the one wirh a single player power plant in one maps.
  9. Einstein

    Meme material right here ^
  10. Einstein

    Sometimes the servers may go down briefly for maintenance, or otherwise unexpectedly for some reason. Unless it is something serious, we don't typically announce it. The APB server will stay up 99% of the time. The Reborn server on the other hand crashes quite often, and we restart it when we notice that it is down.
  11. Einstein

    Lol thats exactly how they work. No power = no run. Modern day, with the exception of simple (definitely not military-grade) engines that rely on a mechanical distributor instead of a set of sensors and a ECM, everything you're going to find in both gasoline and diesel engines has a computer or multiple computers that are necessary for the basic function of "running". And that doesn't include other stuff like the gauges, automatic transmission behavior, every other system on the vehicle, each of which likely has its own dedicated computer module. Modern stuff has computers everywhere, so unless this is a 1953 M38A2 or such like, an EMP will definitely kill it. At least until a knowledgeable-enough mechanic gets ahold of it.
  12. Oh you know it! Good tutorial @Veyrdite, this is definitely well-put-together.
  13. Found him! He was just hiding in a corner busy working on this!
  14. Einstein

    APB 1.2.0 [BETA] Manual



    This is the official game manual from 1.2.0 Beta. This was in 2007, and the project had once again changed hands somewhat, and was being developed at Bluehell Productions. This manual was originally distributed with the game installer, and was in html format. Technically it still is, but I've packed the whole thing up into this nice self-contained executable that also locks it to a specific size (1024x768) because viewing it on a modern-day-sized screen stretches it out and things get out of place and look weird. A single file is also more convenient and easier to preserve and distribute.