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  1. I've done both, and my recommendation would to just go air cooled unless you get some outrageous chip... water is cool'n'stuff, but fans are much easier and cheaper to maintain in the long run.
  2. Nice. Well then I'll start by recommending Asus for a motherboard manufacturer. Yes there are alternatives, and yes the alternatives can work just as well, but after ~10 years of being in the computer repair field, I can safely say that Asus has a leg up vs other manufacturers. Good stuff. Also found in many HP and Alienware machines just re-badged 😉 Same for the GSkill brand of memory, though I'm a little less attached to them. I did see my first ever failed memory stick of that brand last week though. Crucial, Kingston, Mushkin, Samsung, all are good brands of memory though fairly speaking. For a CPU, just get something you can afford...lol Power supply, any "80+" certified unit is good, I highly recommend the Seasonic brand, but Thermaltake and others are fine too. Just make sure it can drive everything you have. GPU....again, whatever you can afford. For OS drive, I highly recommend Samsung SSDs, highly discourage buying A-Data SSDs. Other major brands are fine, but I've been selling Samsung to my customers for years and I've only ever had one to fail and it was physically damaged somehow. If your board has the option for a NVMe or m.2 then definitely go that route. For storage, definitely recommend Western Digital. Anything works, I've just seen long life and reliability from the WD drives. I think thats about everything....all the high points anyway ^.^
  3. This ^ is exactly what I was talking about haha. Remembered the name wrong. Its been years since I've encountered that particular issue. Don't feel bad, I messed it up the first time too, and it was a customer's computer (when I worked at a computer shop), and I was also lucky that system restore was working (although I despise system restore overall). There will be filter entries for each drive, so its just a matter of determining which set to delete (and I don't remember how to do that unfortunately). Building your own PC or going the easy route?
  4. @Goliath35 Do a google search for deleting drive limits in the registry. Its difficult to explain, but basically sometimes you can get a temporary/leftover/incorrect/other registry value that affects how your disk drives work (any drive), and it can cause the type of issue you're seeing. Be very careful performing this process, because you can make your computer not bootable if you delete or modify the wrong value. Good luck!
  5. @FRAYDO Wrong space bud Thats better
  6. Now you listen here, I can be bad where ever I want. Even in places where I am not! Physicsssss
  7. Playing is a requirement? What kind of circus are you guys running here!?
  8. Don't do drugs kids. Wow I have fans. I feel so special.
  9. I'm being quoted, does that mean I'm cool now?
  10. Hey why aren't I in this list?
  11. I think he probably means all staff.
  12. Perhaps you need to re-examine this... I'm being as candid as possible right now. How you perceive that is up to you though.
  13. Believe it or not, I was being serious when I said we would look into it. I just wanted you to realize that its difficult to not be biased when we know how your behavior tends to be. If Kickmofo has done something unbecoming then he will be punished, its really simple.
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