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  1. If you want to see an example of this, head over to the downloads section and get the SoleSurvivor mod. Way back in 2003, a guy called SomeRhino made his own spin on Renegade, complete with a short campaign. It takes about 30 minutes to complete if memory serves. Very advanced for the time, and the first mod of its kind.
  2. Well, you know where to shout if you need to talk or anything. I'm glad you told us. Anyway, I'll stop hijacking the game now. ##shoot literally everyone here, especially Fraydo
  3. Sometimes you just gotta eat rocks Ouch. Hope it stays benign and does not grow. I went through start to finish with a friend of mine's family dealing with their son who had one. It ended wonderfully, but very scary at the beginning.
  4. Welcome back! Yes sir, please open a private message to myself and @Killing_You and we will see what we can do to make this happen. Thanks!
  5. Im not sure on that one, will have to ask someone who knows a bit more. But we found out that these older games on 4.6/4.7 engine can easily exceed 200fps on many systems, which does some very strange things in W3D. One tester managed to get around 1000 fps and he said the physics bugs were quite amazing 😛 Also hi! Its been a long time
  6. Technical notes: - If I set it up correctly, v-sync should be enabled by default. You will want to leave that on at all times unless your PC is very special (like 2005 special). Turning it off can cause strange physics issues. - If you have FPS problems when a MSG or MSA is in use, the temporary fix is to disable your shaders (settings -> extended options -> shader slider). We hope to correct this with a future patch.
  7. Hello! Welcome to W3D Hub. If I may ask, what is your native language? Your english is good! But we may be able to better help you if we can find an additional person who speaks both languages, for added clarity. Thank you for your report, and hopefully we can help
  8. Excellent! No trouble at all, glad you got it working!
  9. @aRGHathol Hi there, just checking back since we haven't heard from you. Did you get Renegade working? You will need Windows XP SP3 or newer for sure. Hopefully you have at least Windows 7 or Windows 10. Its a happy accident that Renegade still works on XP systems. Our other games such as Red Alert: A Path Beyond will require you to have Windows 7 SP1 or newer in order to play. To answer your question, Yes! The intent/purpose is to be able to direct connect to the many various servers via our launcher. If you have not already, please download the latest TT scripts/engine (versio
  10. @Bier87 If you can not figure out how to do as danpaul suggested above, ping one of us and we can assign a password to your account manually.
  11. Hello @Aceolu, and welcome to W3D Hub! Sorry to hear that you're having issues, but maybe we can help. For simplicity's sake, lets undo your Bibber's fixes, or at the very least, disable compatibility mode. It should not be necessary. Your PC's specs are fine, no issues there ^.^ What specific server are you trying to join? Or does this happen with all Renegade servers? Just to clarify, you don't have a "Renegade" folder in your "Documents" folder, correct? Also, check in your Renegade install folder for a "ttversion.txt" file and let us verify that you have the l
  12. "Invalid ID" can occasionally be caused by quitting or crashing and then trying to rejoin too quickly before the server "realizes" that you've left. It gives that message because a player (previously you) with the same nickname is still in game (or so it thinks). In this case, just waiting a few seconds solves the problem. But do post a screenshot and give as much info as you can, and we'll try to verify what is happening
  13. Maybe make this function an option/setting? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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