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  1. You made my wife look at me funny and wonder why I just suddenly laughed hysterically. Thanks bro This. This is perfection.
  2. This is usually due to an unstable connection. Try pinging our game server's IP and see what the success/fail rate is. ping /t Let it run for a few minutes and then stop it with ctrl + c It will then tell you a pass/fail percentage.
  3. No, all the anti-cheat stuff is built into the engine these days. What error are you getting when you lose connection?
  4. There may be other places, but Jonwil keeps the tiberiantechnologies.org site up to date with all the major 4.6 releases. Btw, noticed you in the Beta event over the weekend Feel like old times?
  5. Hello! Welcome to the Help and Support section of our forum. We are here to help! But we can't do that very well without having some important information from you first! So before posting a thread stating that "AHH MY GAME CRASHES HELP ME", please provide us with the following things: An accurate description of the problem. When does the game crash? What game (because we have quite a few here)? Can you reproduce the crash by repeating a certain action? (If so, please describe the steps in detail) Are you running any "add-ons" like Fraps or other recording software, modification to the game of ANY kind, etc. What kind of computer do you have? The more information you can provide, the better! But we MUST know the following things, else we will be unable to help you! Brand of PC (and model numbers are great too if you can locate it) What Operating System do you run? (Windows 7, Windows 10, or whatever) What Processor do you have? What GPU do you have? How much RAM do you have? How large is your hard drive(s)? Is there enough free space available? What Antivirus application (if any) are you running? Anything else you feel we should know about your system. How long has the problem been occurring? Did a certain game update cause it? We need your crash dumps!! They are located in "Users\username\Documents\W3D Hub\games\GameName\". If there are none, please let us know this too (it usually means that the crash is happening somewhere in the code before the crashdump code runs, so this is useful to us too). Any extra information. Anything at all that you can think of. We are not magicians , we are nerds . The ONLY information that we have available to diagnose your issue is whatever you provide us with. Patience. We will do the best we can, but sometimes it takes a little while to figure out exactly what the heck is going on. If you insult us while petitioning our help, we may decide to stop helping So, do this for us, and ask your questions you wonderful people! We will do all that we can (within reason) to help fix what ails you. Cheers!
  6. Please list your system specs/information and any game crashdumps you have.
  7. Lets not jump to conclusions too quickly. While that may be a possibility, there are hundreds of reasons this could be happening. Lets start by looking at the system, and looking for free answers within the crashdumps. EDIT: Also moved to correct section.
  8. Listing your system specs and uploading crash dumps would be very helpful.
  9. The PT refill situation was a byproduct of the engine upgrade, but its configuration was intentional. Infinite refill was determined to be not the greatest thing, and most servers back then ran plugins to combat it anyway. One of a few small changes.
  10. Yes Also, welcome back! Spreading the word I see! No pressure eh? Haha, hopefully it will not disappoint. Today is the day!
  11. Good thing his opinion doesn't matter, else I might actually be concerned
  12. Well, its as good as the original, because it is the original. Just with updated scripts, and some bug fixes. I made it a point to not change the game itself, only update it for compatibility, and clean it up a bit, etc. I think even the harshest critic will approve.
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