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  1. Oh hey! I was away this weekend and did not check the forum until now. If you had the map previously in the last 2-3 years then it was almost certainly obtained through the TT downloader aka TTFS. Those files can be found in C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\W3D Hub\games\apb-121\ttfs. If you have these files on a previous computer or something then just copy the whole folder. The map will not be in a .mix format there but rather in an extracted format. Copying the whole folder will be the only way to get the whole thing. I should have this somewhere, but I will also check with moonsense, as he was developing/maintaining this map for APB 1.2 until the server was taken offline. On that note, I'd like to get that back up some day. Its on my list....eventually. I also need to test 1.2 against the latest 4.x engine version and then release a minor patch to the game if no issues arise. I also seem to recall that there was a broken texture that needs fixing as well.
  2. Hello @ chill AX2 and welcome! If you have not installed the Tiberian Technologies patch for Renegade, please do so. Installing or re-installing this patch can correct a lot of common issues. As Chopbam said, something is not quite right with your game files, and it is affecting what is called the strings database, which holds nearly all of the text seen in the game. Everywhere that you see "TDBERR" is the game's way of letting you know there is a problem.
  3. Your errors.log file is located at Documents\W3D Hub\Launcher\errors.log You may not have to delete the whole folder in the case of IA - sometimes you can delete the individual package that coincides with the one that the process fails on (if you pay attention during the download).
  4. Thanks for reminding me! I completely forgot you added that setting! @ korninja Lets look at this option before we try something else, as it may be much easier. Thanks danpaul!
  5. Ah I see. Yes, an unstable connection could cause this. In that case, I may be able to help. We do not currently distribute the games in any form besides the launcher, but I may be able to get you the files you need. Message me and we'll see what we can do.
  6. Hello @ korninja and welcome to W3D-Hub. Based on your description, it sounds like you almost certainly have limited space available on your primary partition. While the Launcher and games themselves can be installed in any location, the folder that I think you are referring to, which contains the download cache, unfortunately can not be relocated. Beings as this is happening as you mention with cases besides our games and launcher, I think the best solution would be to clear up some drive space before trying to install anything else. If you need assistance in doing that, I would be glad to help.
  7. [Moved to correct subforum] Download the TT patch from tiberiantechnologies.org and apply it to your installation. That should be it! Remember to not try to set up the W3D Hub launcher with Renegade until AFTER the patch is installed and tested to be working. And be sure to use game2.exe as well.
  8. To clarify, 4.8 is part of what we internally call the 4.x engine family, whereas 5.0 and 5.1 are "branches" of the 5.x engine family. Without going into too much detail, the primary difference between them is that the 4.x family is aimed at maintaining compatibility with Renegade and other mods that use the traditional Renegade structure under the hood. The 5.x engine family is more custom, which allows us to more freely and easily develop new features, but also breaks compatibility with Renegade, which is why we maintain these separately. Sometimes features are developed on one branch, and then are ported to another, but the implementation might have to be different due to the differences in the engines. Hope this helps.
  9. Just going to tag @ The Unstoppable because he will likely be the guy to look at this. And welcome back!
  10. @ Macplayz Hello again! Be sure that you have gotten all the windows updates that are available. There is an update or two after SP1 that are required for the TLS connection to work properly. I don't remember which update(s) in particular, but I can find out if installing everything available doesn't solve the issue. We recently had an issue where some updates were being blocked for another player, and we had to find a way around which ended up working.
  11. Hello! And welcome to W3D-Hub! Indeed we are, and some "re-kijiggering" is already in the works, I just have not finished it. Some input from a fresh set of eyes might actually be useful, because the help info that I've been working on might overlook something that I have assumed is obvious or well-known due to my own familiarity. DM me on this, and I will make sure that your points of confusion are covered somewhere in the new help guides when I finish them. Thank you for your praise of our projects, this is much appreciated! Glad to see that someone who played a long while ago has made their way back, very cool There are events from time to time, and we usually announce them via our Discord as well as social media. As for your issues with the games, lets get some information... Refer to the posting guide here at the top of this subforum. Do you have any video or screenshots of the rainbow rocks or mini freezes? You mention some details about the issues you are experiencing, but what about your hardware? The description gives me a little bit to go on, but I don't want to assume too much before knowing some hardware and software information about your system, as well as the composition of your Renegade install. From where did you acquire Renegade? Is it updated with the TT patch? What modifications have you done to the game yourself? Let us know what we are working with, and we will go from there. And again, welcome!
  12. I'm fairly certain that if both of you are on the same network then the server should just appear in the connection list for clients on that network. You need to set it up correctly of course, with the playercount and other options, but it should be pretty straightforward. You can always use the IP address of the computer you are hosting from as well, if it doesn't appear in the list automatically. Sometimes certain networks or network settings on some computers can prevent the "advertisement" of LAN servers, so you would need to use the IP address in that case. Try pinging the computer you are hosting the game from on another computer. If that doesn't work, then there is definitely something network or network-setting related at play.
  13. Alright, so just to make sure we are on the same page, is this an IA server, or Renegade, or something else? And by what method are you trying to have a server? Via the built-in "host server" option in the game, or by a FDS installation?
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