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  1. But they do have to be giant.
  2. What? I'm not...you think I'm one of Jeod's puppets, his mafia players? I mean, look at me, do I look like Mojoman? *detonates demo truck* I'm sorry. I am sorr—ohh, I'm sure that's going to be okay. I'm sorry, it's just...I don't understand. Don't compare me with Mojoman!
  3. Would you believe how hard it is to find a decent picture of this guy?
  4. It is now this evening. Where is this testing session?
  5. Somehow I completely missed seeing this thread.
  6. I think the engine exhaust trails on the Mig are too long...maybe cut it down by a third or a half?
  7. Damn. I was getting pretty hyped up there for the super technician.
  8. I say we let forg greet the newbies
  9. Isn't that kind of a moot point when tanks can't hurt infantry much to begin with? Or are you departing from that particular C&C "rule"?
  10. I think if you click through, the old Renegade menu would be better also. You'd generally remember where the buttons are on the screen, as opposed to the sidebar where it would be *click click click* or *scroll scroll scroll* then *make sure it's the right one* before purchasing. Also, fewer total clicks.
  11. Does anyone actually think the old Renegade menu was better? Seems more convenient if you just know you can press E, 5, then 6 to get your Engineer, Medium tank, or whatever, instead of arrow, arrow, arrow, *takes a second to make sure it's the right one* then 4 to do the same.
  12. Is getting ships stuck in the naval yard spawn coming back?
  13. Will the Obelisk laser do that short split-second zap like in TD and TS, or will it be a more sustained beam like in C&C3...assuming the latter is possible to implement?
  14. Have you guys already gone to the trouble of creating the model? If not, I think I'd prefer it to be an "actual" tank as well .
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