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  1. At the very least, these icons should be like...10x smaller.
  2. lol, the last time there was a free weekend, I played a bunch of matches against the AI bots just to familiarize myself a bit with all the characters. Then when I finally decided to play against real humans, I went with Mercy because she's just "point in general direction of allies, click, heal".
  3. I guess I'm not going to hear "What I've Done" the same way again... >_>
  4. Oh, lol. That's why you stick some silly smiley faces at the end of your post:
  5. Ehh, if Nod is underpowered, then why not just buff some of their units? A Core Defender, even a considerably downgraded one, wouldn't seem to fit in.
  6. Oh well I mean, going from Renegade Alert to APB, it's obvious there was a name change...whereas with Reborn to Tiberian Sun: Reborn it just looks mostly the same.
  7. I don't suppose the Titan will have steadier aim, and the Wolverine less warp-y?
  8. Didn't even know there was a difference between Reborn and Tiberian Sun: Reborn.
  9. I believe World in Conflict is freeware now. Download link here, as well as a third party patch to play online.
  10. There's Act of War: Direct Action and its expansion High Treason for $0.75 USD each on Steam right now. It plays similarly to C&C Generals, and it's made by the same guys who made Act of Aggression and the Wargame series.
  11. I have not played this game, but I assume he's an end boss.
  12. Kind of a silly idea I came up with that might be appropriate for something like Lunar Paradox. How about you make it so that when you buy a vehicle, there's a ~10% chance that you get a vehicle that looks completely identical, but has had its weapon replaced by a demo truck nuke?
  13. Oh while you're at it, how about adding in a !r command as a shorthand for !rotation, just like we have for !d and !n.
  14. There's the Star Wars Complete Collection on Steam that's currently 93% off, which is about $222 down to about $18.