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  1. delta

    Hmm okay well, I don't know anything about the issues regarding reviving building functions. But as for the silos, if 4-6 of them is too much money too quickly, then you can always just tweak the income rate, right? The point would be to have several income structures that are easier to kill as opposed to just a single one that, once destroyed, basically ends the game.
  2. If it isn't there already, you think you could add a "view map rotation" function to the stats page?
  3. delta

    I feel like the weapons loadouts are probably fine. Sure, you got a guy who's kinda one-dimensional, but he's also usually pretty cheap and cost-effective to begin with. My rifle soldier isn't going to hurt that Mammoth Tank, but the supporting Shock Troopers are another story. Even if I only take out half his health before I die, I've lost zero credits and I preoccupied the enemy for maybe 20 seconds during which he wasn't shooting at something more valuable. Also I don't recall the Renegade infantry classes being that much more versatile anyway, so eh.
  4. I literally had the words "nerf Alstar" in my mind as I was reading through this post...then I got to the end
  5. delta

    Kinda lost track...how many C&C mobile/browser games have there been since C&C4?
  6. delta

    How's this for a crazy idea? Allow all buildings to be rebuilt for a high cost. Then, for most maps replace the Ore Refinery and Ore Truck with 4-6 silos (basically like TS_Field and TS_Desert_River). Killing a silo would be easier than killing a refinery, and doing so would give your team an advantage, but it wouldn't be an all-or-nothing knockout blow.
  7. delta

    Oh man, that sucks.
  8. I'm pretty sure it wasn't like this before...I dunno, unless someone wants to contradict me?
  9. Mmm, so I kinda skimmed over the past few changelogs and didn't see anything about this...when did the Supply Truck and Cargo Truck have their reverse move left-right scheme switched around? I'm assuming it's the same story for the Demo Truck and maybe the Ranger as well...why the change and why only for wheeled vehicles?
  10. delta

    Where do you work that you have time to kill
  11. What's the point of releasing an encyclopedia for a fictional universe that's not canon?
  12. delta

    Weren't you guys planning to do a TD mod at some point, but then canceled it?
  13. delta

    ♫ You're a monster, Silverlight... Your heart's an empty hole! Your brain is full of giant ants... You've got C4 in your soul, Silverlight! I wouldn't touch you with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot V2 rocket! ♪ ♫ You're a vile one, Silverlight You have termites in your smile! You have all the tender sweetness of a deformed slender Volkov, Silverlight! Given the choice between the two of you I'd take the deformed slender Volkov! ♪
  14. delta

    ♫ Last Christmas, I gave you my medium tank But the very next day, you gave it away This year, to save me the 900 credits I'll give it to someone special... ♪