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  1. Is there actually a consistent tank model in the cutscenes that we can infer to be the light tank?
  2. Wait that walker assault cutscene was from vanilla TS correct? Or at least part of it? Then how come there's Juggernauts and music from Firestorm? Unless they already had the expansion pack stuff planned out even before the core game was released...
  3. Wait so what exactly are the changes that are going into this? I just figured that Beta was perfectly playable right off the bat, besides some n00b-unfriendly stuff like ships getting stuck in the naval yard.
  4. I think what would be nice is if they had a "classic mode" where everything is the same as before, and a "revamped mode" where they tweak a bunch of units to make them more useful.
  5. Nah, in RA1 tanks were just so much faster relative to everything else. In TD, a few Orcas can easily deal out a ton of damage to tanks because tanks are slow. But in RA1 Longbows and Migs will barely scratch a tank as long as it's moving.
  6. It might be kinda weird though...in TD you've got tanks that move around really slowly, but in RA1 they're the speed of recon bikes...
  7. Might've posted this somewhere before, but is it possible to hold the aim steady with the Titan? Or is that something that isn't fixable?
  8. Huh. I guess that means still no skirmish then? Or a rules.ini?
  9. Mmm yeah, I was just saying that if we're going to nitpick about deviations, the Mobile EMP change looks more significant than the AAPC one
  10. Wouldn't the Mobile EMP change be much more of a violation of this than adding a gun to the AAPC?
  11. Hmm couldn't find the old ΔΔΔ pumpkin pictures, but then I got the idea to search for this instead. Apparently it's two years old.
  12. Okay, well I took my sweet time with capturing the entire Nod base, and eventually the ion storm did come back. So I guess that answers that.
  13. Now that you mention it, they look like the mobile suits from Gundam Wing.
  14. Give T-62 to Nod. Please I was driving a T-62 in real life...okay not really.
  15. Huh, so I was playing Weather the Storm on hard difficulty, and dealing with all that horrible artillery the hard way. I slowly made my way across the map, captured that one stealth generator up on the northern hill, and I was about to try to attack the main Nod base when all the sudden...the ion storm ended. I don't remember, is this supposed to happen? Does the ion storm resume again? Or could I have just sat in my base, waited out the storm, and then used Orca Bombers to pound those Nod fools into dust?
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