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  1. delta

    I think I've also heard some of the infantry death sounds from TD in various places...like here. Though it does make me wonder if these actually originated with C&C or if Westwood picked some stock sound effect from elsewhere.
  2. delta

    I was thinking more like this, around 1:14 and 6:54.
  3. delta

    Oh okay, scratch that then. Haven't actually played in a while, so I didn't know
  4. delta

    Just a minor suggestion...can we add Journey to the track list for Hostile Waters? Used to be this played on Shallow Grave, which was an snowy/icy naval map...and since it's not coming back anytime soon why not put its music into Hostile Waters for a bit of nostalgia?
  5. delta

    Unfortunately, nobody can be told what the sound effects are. You'll just have to hear them for yourself.
  6. Wait, so those two updates that happened on April 1st, those were actual updates and not pranks? Why would you pick that day to post it if it wasn't meant to be a prank...
  7. delta

    So I'm taking this class, and our instructor gave us this flash animation to look at: https://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/labs/gel/ It's about gel electrophoresis, which you may or may not be familiar with...but do those bleeps and bloops sound familiar to anyone?
  8. delta

    I'm driving my demo truck down the road, and I happen to accidentally drive into the van. The nuke doesn't go off, but the masked men see the bomb and run off. I have been knocked unconscious from the crash, and the bomb starts to beep its countdown... Oh yeah, and Killing_You is still unconscious as well.
  9. delta

    Wait so does the MiG exist in the game code right now? Can the admins spawn them for us to play around with the next time we have one of those "just screwin' around" sessions?
  10. delta

    I actually jumped onto the forum just now to check for an update so that I could get it done and over with before people presumably start playing later in the day.
  11. delta

    Hmm okay well, I don't know anything about the issues regarding reviving building functions. But as for the silos, if 4-6 of them is too much money too quickly, then you can always just tweak the income rate, right? The point would be to have several income structures that are easier to kill as opposed to just a single one that, once destroyed, basically ends the game.
  12. If it isn't there already, you think you could add a "view map rotation" function to the stats page?
  13. delta

    I feel like the weapons loadouts are probably fine. Sure, you got a guy who's kinda one-dimensional, but he's also usually pretty cheap and cost-effective to begin with. My rifle soldier isn't going to hurt that Mammoth Tank, but the supporting Shock Troopers are another story. Even if I only take out half his health before I die, I've lost zero credits and I preoccupied the enemy for maybe 20 seconds during which he wasn't shooting at something more valuable. Also I don't recall the Renegade infantry classes being that much more versatile anyway, so eh.
  14. I literally had the words "nerf Alstar" in my mind as I was reading through this post...then I got to the end
  15. delta

    Kinda lost track...how many C&C mobile/browser games have there been since C&C4?