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  1. Not gonna lie, the chaos that often happened within the old GDI Barracks is something I'll miss. But the new one looks splendid.
  2. I remember back in Beta that Heavies had an extra 25HP and Armour. Not a great deal (to be honest, it almost seemed kinda pointless) but I think that was the only advantage it had aside from the extra turret. Right now, I think they're good enough, in fact ever since they got a mobility increase I do like to pick them over Mammoths most of the time as their lower profile allows me to get into fights quicker and retreat if necessary. Naturally they have to somewhat match the Med in terms of fire power, be it via fire rate or better mobility, so that Meds aren't hopelessly outmatched, especially since medmechwhoring doesn't exist anymore.
  3. Voted No although at this point it probably doesn't matter. As I mentioned on the Discord server, what makes me feel turned off from the idea of a remade ShallowGrave was that it was too plain, too easy to deny the ore fields (Soviet side in particular due to AT mines) and the fact that attacking felt like a chore due to the distance. Naturally this wouldn't be so much of a problem with Delta's standards, so it's not a strong no, it's just that map left a sour taste. Plus I once got banned for shooting at subs with a LAW underwater I would also feel that it might be good idea to include aerial units, namely because I would personally prefer to have another map that includes more options as opposed to the current disparity we have right now (or at least it feels like there isn't enough full naval/aerial maps to begin with) I personally did like it, and whilst also it did suffer the problem of being bland with nothing special added onto (aside from a random crate in the centre), the biggest issue was its size. It was so large that it was almost impossible to defend, and especially disarming flares, unless of course you got a lucky spawn. The map was pretty much built on RNG and it was due to that it moreorless decided whether your base lived or not. Granted it could also be a candidate for a full aerial map, though it would still need a significant resize and a shakeup as buildings were pretty much everywhere. That being said, as an alternative I would enjoy a CamosCrossing remake (ideally with the same setup but with a few tweaks), Partium (not sure why it got canned), an ant mission co-op or indeed a new city map.
  4. I've had this idea before but I never really refined it but in any case, I would make them AI-controlled only which players would have to manually contribute 'funds' in order to release ze hounds train a group of them that would patrol the base as some sort of alternative internal defence mechanism. Problem is, it might make it too tough for the Allies to deal with aggressive Spy checks, mines and now dogs, unless the Kennel appears on certain maps like Guard Duty or objective-based maps. Just a thought.
  5. I was hoping there would be an Other option to vote in, as my vote would go to Original War. It's a seriously underrated gem. I enjoy AoE and of course C&C but over the years I haven't found myself really coming back to those games unlike the previous two I mentioned.
  6. Would you be able to elaborate more on this please? As someone who generally likes Treyarch products I am not impressed by their offering thus far but never got to play the beta. It's a shame since I did like all their titles (WaW being the best one for me).
  7. It's all right is the best answer I can give. For such a unit, it's not really "slow" but I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing considering its ability and robust frame. It deals good damage and is able to sustain fire for a bit.
  8. Red Dead Redemption 2 Two-Point Hospital Warriors Orochi 4
  9. As I spoke with Pushwall last night, there is a rather common issue where freshly made vehicles can trap your characters at the moment you're about to enter them. As I mentioned in last night's game, I bought a Medium Tank and proceeded to enter it but I got stuck when I tried to, I had no choice to use !killme (which apparently now has a delay of 5 seconds, I'm not too fussed about that as I only lost a Grenadier, BUT...), and upon doing that someone else's vehicle ate mine causing me to lose a total of $1100, including the Grenadier price of $200. Now that did hurt. Especially so because it was on a silo only map. I have posted this as a general reminder that this is a rather annoying and problematic issue that causes a lot of frustration, so hopefully others can verify and help track down this. Reproduction Steps There is no real way to 'reproduce' this other than just attempting to enter your vehicle but I do believe it may have something to do with entering them too 'fast' now you may say to not do so, it simply is impossible not to for gameplay reasons. ( for example, Soviets in particular have to get in their vehicles ASAP and prevent spies from grabbing them,and it would particularly suck if a Spy stole your Demo Truck because of it!)
  10. I shared this on a few Discord communities(which have a fair amount of people who are C&C fans as well) I am part of, so hopefully that'll bring in some more players. I would agree on a updated trailer since these ones do contain a few old assets. The Mammoths in particular and water do particularly stand out, that might turn off a few people.
  11. Whilst I agree it is a huge slap in the face for fans who grew up with the series, it could on the flip side, draw interest for the younger generations. This could lead to them looking for older games, this could peak a lot of interest for a potential revival of the main games. But no, EA still feel the need to tell us why the next FIFA game is better than the last and occasionally present a short-lived C&C spin-off that'll shortly die off soon after when they absorb the message that it doesn't sit well with the fans. That being said I still maintain my current description of this insulting piece of a product, gross. If this is indeed the series' future, then I'd rather they just let it rest in peace. Guess mobile content just isn't really my thing.
  12. Aside from the Kirov moving at that funky speed... I actually kinda like this. Especially the art direction, it does look beautiful.
  13. Reborn... Reborn this year? Colour me excited. I do generally hope there will be more media updates this year, if possible.
  14. Opening the launcher doesn't download the update, so I reinstalled. It applies it, then reverts back to the previous version. But I get no errors regardless. Running Windows 10 if that helps?
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