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  1. JigglyJie

    Would you be able to elaborate more on this please? As someone who generally likes Treyarch products I am not impressed by their offering thus far but never got to play the beta. It's a shame since I did like all their titles (WaW being the best one for me).
  2. JigglyJie

    It's all right is the best answer I can give. For such a unit, it's not really "slow" but I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing considering its ability and robust frame. It deals good damage and is able to sustain fire for a bit.
  3. JigglyJie

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Two-Point Hospital Warriors Orochi 4
  4. JigglyJie

    Vehicles trapping characters

    As I spoke with Pushwall last night, there is a rather common issue where freshly made vehicles can trap your characters at the moment you're about to enter them. As I mentioned in last night's game, I bought a Medium Tank and proceeded to enter it but I got stuck when I tried to, I had no choice to use !killme (which apparently now has a delay of 5 seconds, I'm not too fussed about that as I only lost a Grenadier, BUT...), and upon doing that someone else's vehicle ate mine causing me to lose a total of $1100, including the Grenadier price of $200. Now that did hurt. Especially so because it was on a silo only map. I have posted this as a general reminder that this is a rather annoying and problematic issue that causes a lot of frustration, so hopefully others can verify and help track down this. Reproduction Steps There is no real way to 'reproduce' this other than just attempting to enter your vehicle but I do believe it may have something to do with entering them too 'fast' now you may say to not do so, it simply is impossible not to for gameplay reasons. ( for example, Soviets in particular have to get in their vehicles ASAP and prevent spies from grabbing them,and it would particularly suck if a Spy stole your Demo Truck because of it!)
  5. JigglyJie

    I shared this on a few Discord communities(which have a fair amount of people who are C&C fans as well) I am part of, so hopefully that'll bring in some more players. I would agree on a updated trailer since these ones do contain a few old assets. The Mammoths in particular and water do particularly stand out, that might turn off a few people.
  6. JigglyJie

    Whilst I agree it is a huge slap in the face for fans who grew up with the series, it could on the flip side, draw interest for the younger generations. This could lead to them looking for older games, this could peak a lot of interest for a potential revival of the main games. But no, EA still feel the need to tell us why the next FIFA game is better than the last and occasionally present a short-lived C&C spin-off that'll shortly die off soon after when they absorb the message that it doesn't sit well with the fans. That being said I still maintain my current description of this insulting piece of a product, gross. If this is indeed the series' future, then I'd rather they just let it rest in peace. Guess mobile content just isn't really my thing.
  7. JigglyJie

  8. JigglyJie

    Aside from the Kirov moving at that funky speed... I actually kinda like this. Especially the art direction, it does look beautiful.
  9. JigglyJie

    Reborn... Reborn this year? Colour me excited. I do generally hope there will be more media updates this year, if possible.
  10. JigglyJie

    Opening the launcher doesn't download the update, so I reinstalled. It applies it, then reverts back to the previous version. But I get no errors regardless. Running Windows 10 if that helps?
  11. JigglyJie

    I didn't think they'd actually do it but it was a nice surprise certainly. If they are following the timelines correctly, it's likely they may do the 19th century but they are pushing it. The AoE2 and AoE3 remasters are also certainly a surprise but I don't know if I'll buy AoE2 again just for prettier graphics I wonder if this means that AoE2HD is NOT receiving another expansion at all? The DLC entry over at Steamdb continues to be a mystery.
  12. JigglyJie

    Personally, I'd prefer the repair tools in Reborn, they just looked and functioned better, in my opinion. Can't remember if it was the same for Renegade but yeah... I just kinda dislike the dial-up thing. It was also neat at how engineer tools repaired somewhat better but I suppose that was warranted considering the lack of a wrench.
  13. JigglyJie

    Just throwing this out here but... I think HostileWaters would be a great candidate for Yaks. The map is large enough (would be cool to see Yaks engaging the Allied navy), the Hind was sparingly used there, and the Chinook saw next to no use... I think it could be a real possibility, perhaps?
  14. JigglyJie

    And due to the two ore silos, that hardly matters. I remember a game where the Allied OT was being constantly wrecked and everyone could still afford hordes of longbows. It's less a question of size and more how far the ore fields are from base (but again, two ore silos makes that less relevant). Ridge War's Allied ore field is within kissing distance of the refinery, that doesn't make it a tiny map. With the Allies, it's not so much of a problem, they are able to be rather conservative with their assets, which is quite difficult for the Soviets. Soviets naturally have more expensive assets and can lose them relatively quick. Which brings upon a point I wanted to add; it's still incredibly difficult to root out the camp cannon strategy, no matter what I do, it's just really frustrating that I cannot cost-effectively remove that threat and even if me or my team does... they can just repair it back to full health in a matter of seconds. The nerf on cash-on-damage really hurts. particularly as the Soviets, at least on that map, relied a lot on it. It's not hard to C4 the outlying SAMs and even C4 the silos and Helipad. The Soviet base design in general is something I'm not too keen on. I did vote in that poll to keep the map but this has changed my opinion somewhat, mainly because it is just frustrating and it becomes a bit boring. I also agree with a secondary route, I voiced my opinion on this before but got shut down on that.
  15. JigglyJie

    I personally think the Medic is fine, as per my vote. But that doesn't necessarily mean I disagree on some of the issues raised regarding him. I will say though, do remember that Medic groups often require a number of people to pull off and yes whilst it makes defending a bit hard, it does often leave their base vulnerable to attack. I think it more depends on certain maps (which has been documented, strong on a few, often useless on others) and player counts. I don't mind the potential changes, especially the flamer being the first counter to them. One thing I want to ask though, I know that Shock Troopers aren't really meant to counter infantry but I noticed that shocks now deal tiny damage (even when landing a direct hit) and will out heal the damage being done. Is that supposed to happen? In other words, the self-healing seems to override direct damage of time from the Shock Trooper.