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  1. The quote from me above was in reference to, if any Staff moderator reading, Admin or IA administration believes the time period to be to long.. then they can overrule what I've given and I am happy to if they post here saying so (or private message me). The time has been affirmed by KTFF. You've been very respectful however so i'll meet in the middle. I might watch some videos of yours and take off a month for a total of 4. Should I do so I will private message you. Going forward, these are the terms - You record every moment you play for 5 months on the IA server. If I request footage from a time that you played in this time frame you'll give it to me no questions asked. (I have also stated that I will consider 4 months in the near future. Upon doing so I will private message you.) - You must keep the footage from your gameplay for 3 days. (This means if it's November 13th and I ask for a clip from November 12th. You should have it. If it's Nov 13th and I ask for a clip from November 1st, it's my fault and you don't need to have it/you can delete it if you want so your computer doesn't get massively full.) (It has been previously recommended you consider streaming as it saves the video for 14 days and you don't have to worry about uploading it on youtube, if you choose this option you will send me the link to your stream or if you'd like you can post it here in this topic.) (If you choose to record and upload it's been recommended to record in 360p instead of 1440p to save space. 360p and above has been accepted by me (threve). - No weird shenanigans if i ask for a video or a specific moment from a match. This means no "editing" or "cutting" of clips to mask up a time period. No editing to skip a match you were in or anything of the sort. - After 5 Months are up (April 5th, 2020) (If 4 months is established in the future it will be March 5th, 2020). You have a clean slate and are no longer required to fulfill any of this anymore. However if I ask for a video of you playing on April 1st, 2020 (Or March 1st, 2020 should a month be taken off) and you don't have it. You realize this fails to complete your end of the deal. - If I ask for a video you have 5 days to produce the video/match requested. The time begins from when I ask you and you acknowledge. The requests from me will be sent from W3DHub.com if I send anything. I will also notify you in-game if I see you. - Failure to fulfill any of these requirements/ you cannot produce the asked video (unless special circumstances arise like Server Crash, Corrupted Video) will result in the return of a Ban with full understanding. - Acceptance of this is not a plea deal. Any harassment towards Guard55 on this topic will be met with punishment. (Accordingly if someone asks you (Guard55) and you'd like to talk to them feel free to. However if you tell them to stop or people are bothering you that is where I step in.) If it is difficult to remember to record every match, I recommend setting a tag on yourself using !tagself something to help you remember or setting a !setjoin. Thank you for your cooperation in everything. Please notify me through here on the topic or in private message that you have your software set up or you're able to stream and i will then have you unbanned. Thank you.
  2. No. Unless this is about the offer I have given you, please review the points brought across by me above which were understood and responded by you. KTFF has determined that my responses were valid compared with what was offered. No one here has said it is, was or will be. Anyone harassing you online for it would be punished by me. If there is a person harrasing you for it please notify me. The only person here believing it is is you. The people relevant for future decisions (me and other moderators on IA) do not see it as an admission of guilt. Should this topic be brought up on any other server (You can request this topic be hidden if you'd like and I'll see what I can do) I will lay claim on that site that this is not an admission of guilt and should not be taken that way. A chance for you to play on our server without me spectating you constantly or there being any belief that you're hacking, upon which after the time period it will be a clean slate with nothing being required to be fulfilled on your end for the remainder of play. I may. I may watch one day. Or I may never watch one at all. However if something of question occurs, there is solid video proof from your end showing that the other person is wrong. This method also ensures that you do not know when i'm watching (unless there is something specific you'd like for me to watch on a match in which case I'll do.) I don't see why not. I might learn a thing or two on how to play better maybe. Although the real meaning of it is to ensure video proof is provided for anything in the future time frame given. I believe it to be a fair amount of time. If there is any other moderator or IA administration that believes it to be to long I will adjust it and invite you to tell me. I believe someone willing to show how they play for 5 months should be granted a clean slate. You've been granted this due to good moral character, manners and responses. KTFF has affirmed my decision and agrees.
  3. @Guard55 Good Evening I have posted my points above. Whether you agree or disagree with them is up to you. You do not, and have posted your responses to them which I do appreciate. I believe what KTFF is trying to say here is that until we have video footage from you on these events, it will not be established with absolute certainty. As a compromise and because I have judged you to be of good character we would like for you to play with video on our server. No one warns people in-game they believe that are cheating with RGH. You have however been notified you can provide your case here on W3DHub Forums which is what has occurred. Guard55. This is akin to stating that because someone was not there to witness a crime first hand, they will never be guilty, despite any evidence, videos or reasoning provided. As such, I have provided my case with videos based on the logic and reasoning of why I made my decision and beliefs. This is combined with my knowledge of RGH and how Renegade Works. You have made your case based on your reasons of why you did your actions and why you believe you are innocent along with questions/concerns I have brought up. In order for me not to be judge jury and executioner (Which I prefer not to be for sake of fairness) KTFF has been brought in to make the judgement call based on the videos, reasoning and logic I have provided and the logic/reasoning you have provided. He is an Administrator for Interim Apex along with being in charge of Moderator Discipline, hiring, firing, server rules and cases in Interim Apex. KTFF reviewed the results brought here by both of us and has Affirmed my decision. I wanted to review all the evidence and ensure that this decision I was making was well thought out and just. I also wanted for you to be able to post your reasoning here for the events and any video you may have had. (Appeal @ W3Dhub.com) If someone has a complaint or claim of cheating on the server, you have video footage to directly prove them wrong. Assuming you stream, I will never have to notify you asking for a video or bother you. Furthermore, the deal is it lasts for a finite period of time, after which you are free to not stream or video anything. Thank you for taking the time to post this video up. However, the idea here is to have any video proving to the time framed in question on the videos I have time in the match when your actions occurred. Unfortunately (And I say this very respectfully) showing behavior on one day does not counteract behavior on another. However the fact you are willing to go to the extent of posting this is why I want to say that you should still be allowed to play on our server with footage. KTFF has affirmed the decision made by me once again. Unless he reverses his decision and posts on here, - You can provide footage to the terms above or stream ensuring they meet the above conditions in someway, granting you the abitlly to play on the IA server. - You can provide Video Evidence from your computer on the time frames and match in question on that date. Should such video be provided showing you on your screen of how the actions were taken, the decision will be revised.
  4. Are you talking about typing in like !agt and !Obelisk ? (Things you can only do on the test server) and it builds them?
  5. Message me what you would like to add about what and i'll add it in for you. If you add enough and like writing it.. We might entrust you and offer you a position to help write it.
  6. @Guard55 Thank you for your responses. They are well thought out and thorough. However, With RGH you hold down shift to hit someone. - You shot Darius101 directly after he was stealthed through the time span of 13 seconds (while predicting that he would pick up a weapon that is hard to see through the fog above a tall building.) Also saying that you calculated he would run there does not add up as there are a nearly infinite amount of places he could have ran in the time span. He could have typed something, changed his mind, went into the buildings to better engage the titan. Claiming you studied his offensive tactics which lead you to believe he would be in that exact position is not enough for me. - in the video Title 1 you snapped your aiming 7 times consistent with how you use RGH to aim. - In this video Title 2 you hit PXD2000 with a ramjet while holding down shift (you previously mentioned you hold down shift to be more quiet) and landed a headshot without using your scope. - After hitting Darius101 in the video Title 1 (Time remaining 54:50) a minute later you decide that running along side where you were sniping is a better idea than walking. (Title 2 shows Time Remaining as 53:50). This is backwards to your idea of walking to stay quiet and makes your claim seem fabricated. (Let it be known that my message to Darius101 is in reference to Guard55 firing on him in the video Title 1 while Darius101 was destealthed and not in use in my argument at all.) - As said earlier, you have been very kind and responsive and I wish to go against my thoughts and have you record your games to prevent anything like this happening in the future. Instead of me constantly spectating you, I would like you to prove me wrong by filming showing that you don't use RGH for a time period which i believe to be fair. I have no reason after watching you play from your viewpoint to suspect that you use RGH. I can see the passion exhibited by you almost to the point of it being considered a court case. However unlike one, I do not hold you recording future games as an admission of guilt. No one here has said otherwise and if you do, please do not hold your peace. Any harassment from other players relating to will and would be dealt with swiftly. We now have 3 different videos pointing to things exactly consistent with RGH and a shot against a SBH that you claim to have been "Calculated". You make a point of heavily calling the things I have conjecture, yet it is you with no video evidence on your end along with points that are only adding up to pure luck (along with inconsistency when explaining why you were walking). Instead of permanent banning for this I am offering you the chance to video record, stream your games or whatever recording method would work for you to avoid conjecture in the future. I mean, this is what you would want right? To avoid conjecture? Using the above points ahead I have determined that you were using RGH. I would like for you to prove me wrong by recording your footage in the future and continue to play on our server. I believe this is the best solution to both of our arguments and am open to anything else you suggest otherwise.
  7. @Guard55 I do not find enough support in your claim for a couple reasons. - When you use RGH you hold down Shift. As noted earlier you did not destealth which means you were not looking down your scope but instead holding shift. You then snap 7 times in the video "title 1". Consistent with how RGH is used while holding down shift (Walking Animation). I have seen people aim before with Rifles and they do not appear to snap multiples times as you did when sniping or lag so much that it looks like what you did. - You claim that you wanted to be silent. You also wanted to move around and not be in one location which is fair. But after playing for 17 years as stated above you know as well as I do that crouching makes you more quiet. Why didn't you crouch instead of holding down shift? I decided to make sure I was not lying and tested it out for myself. I went to the rooftop where you were and the walk sounds were the same (footstep concrete). Just to prove that crouching is more quiet, I took the audio and input it into Audacity upon which I found that walking was measuring 31 on audacity playback level (Measured by the blue lines on the top right that show the loudest that noise level achieved that was played back) and 45.5 for crouching. (A higher number indicates a more silent sound) With music (other people have theirs on), the titan railgun blasts, you having already revealed you were there by firing at darius101 earlier, EVA announcements, server sounds I find it a bit hard to believe that you were walking to hide your sound. However if you were that specific about hiding your sound then someone who played for 17 years should know that crouching reduces your sound alot more. It also does not affect aiming up there as i've tested out. If you see an enemy you can stand up (not making any sound) and fire or aim. - I don't buy that you were able to calculate darius101 through measuring how fast he would run while stealthed, where he would go, knowing he would not run zig zagged, knowing he wouldn't go to a building to properly engage a vehicle, hitting him on the first shot for -140 armor. Not incrimidating but for such an incredible shot you didn't even mention it or were surprised by it. Literally made the shot of the year and nothing from your end. - You've shot 3 times before on the roof revealing your position (Using your Firefly Rifle Earlier, Hitting Darius101 in his video and also killing him in Title 1). You have proximity mines protecting you, you are a SBH. yet you're worried about someone finding your position on the rooftop based on your footsteps while they (would be) downstairs running up to go fight you? - You were in the first 11 seconds of "title 1". You do not have to be scoped in to use RGH. Just holding down shift to whatever you want to target. - Using RGH (aimbot) allows you to look at players through the map and shows their names on your screen. It was determined by you targeting with the same consistency of RGH in "title 1" along with all the other points I talked about here. It was speculated at first when you shot Darius 101 directly while he was a SBH 13 seconds after he picked something up. This is not Conjecture. This is you telling me that your shot was based on a calculation of where someone went within 13 seconds of being invisible and directly hitting them along with me spectating you immediately afterwards doing things that were in direct connection to using RGH. In order to prevent actual conjecture. I would like to unban you and have you twitch stream your games or video them according to what I said above. I believe you are guilty still. You believe you're innocent. It would be irrelevant what someone else on the server thinks as you would have your game recorded proving them wrong. If you were to be harassed please notify me and I will take care of it immediately. If you are concerned of this being visible in the future I can talk about having this whole topic hidden or deleted. Noise.mp3
  8. Good Morning @Guard55. I see your concern and what you're saying. I have however noticed that your quality from the video above extends all the way up to 1440p which is incredibly high quality for recording. That being said to help you with your problem - I recommend recording 360p. This will significantly reduce the size of your files to something a lot more manageable and (the quality) is fully acceptable by me. Unless you're playing for 48 hours straight I believe this will solve your problem. - I'm willing to say you have to keep matches you played for 3 days instead of 5. This will mean every 3 days you can delete earlier footage if you'd like. All the other terms otherwise, I do not wish to change (unless overridden by a staff moderator or above). *Update* - Would you be open to using Twitch to Stream? This would ensure you didn't have to save videos or bother uploading them to youtube. You can also record in better quality. I've notified Pushwall and Chopbam on discord (Two long time staff moderators on here) to weigh in on the options I've given you and give their take. If there is another staff moderator you wish to inform please feel free to tag them.
  9. @Guard55 The images below on my end are on the server. (Fog is only activated on the server due to scripting). I'm going to honest. I don't believe what you're telling me and the claims you're saying do not add up for me. Between measuring 13 seconds and "predicting" the exact location of Darius101 to the holding shift down to use RGH but claiming it's to be silent (You make the same amount/volume of noise walking just not as quickly. You were also walking back and forth.. if you really wanted to be silent then stay still.) I don't buy it. However.. You have been very courteous, responsive and kind in your responses and i really do appreciate that alot. As such I think me and you can meet in the middle. What i'm offering here is instead of being permanently banned - You record every moment you play for 5 months on the IA server. If I request footage from a time that you played in this time frame you'll give it to me no questions asked. - You must keep the footage from your gameplay for 5 days. (This means if it's November 13th and I ask for a clip from November 10th. You should have it. If it's Nov 13th and I ask for a clip from November 1st, it's my fault and you don't need to have it/you can delete it if you want so your computer doesn't get massively full.) - No weird tomfuckery if i ask for a video or a specific moment from a match. This means no "editing" or "cutting" of clips to mask up a time period. No editing to skip a match you were in or anything of the sort. - After 5 Months are up (April 5th, 2020). You have a clean slate and are no longer required to fulfill any of this anymore. However if I ask for a video of you playing on April 1st, 2020 and you don't have it. You realize this fails to complete your end of the deal. - If I ask for a video you have 5 days to produce the video/match requested. The time begins from when I ask you and you acknowledge. The requests from me will be sent from W3DHub.com if I send anything. I will also notify you in-game if I see you. - Failure to fulfill any of these requirements/ you cannot produce the asked video (unless special circumstances arise like Server Crash, Corrupted Video) will result in the return of a Ban with full understanding. The idea here is that it'll be impossible to use RGH as you do not know if there will be a moment i'm asking to see you play. It will furthermore give you an ability to play on our server without me constantly spectating you or assuming something. It also offers a fair chance for a 5 month probationary period where after which you have a clean slate. Assuming you accept and play, I may ask for a video twice, everyday or maybe not even ask at all for a whole entire 3 months. If "Corrupted Video" excuses seem to happen frequently then that's going to be an issue. I can see you have a video recording program and get pretty good FPS as it is so I don't imagine this will be to harsh on your side. I think that this is the fairest agreement for both of us and I do believe in second chances. If you accept my terms and believe it to be fair please type "I agree" somewhere in your response (separately) and i'll be happy to have you unbanned. Do be aware that means from here on out you'll need to record your gameplay or I have the right to ban you.
  10. Good Evening Guard55. Thank you for your response. Looking over it, I am still left empty with some of the things provided however. To let everyone know here as there has been some misconception unto how Renegade Hacks (RGH) works. RGH is a program you start before renegade that allows you to see everyone's name (ESP Hacking) , see radar at all times enemy/friendly (including Spectating Moderators which show up as a gray dot on that persons EVA Radar) , and most namely hold down shift to target someone and hit them with whatever weapon you have. Upon targeting a person you will "snap" to that person almost robotically. It is also possible in some versions to remove fog. - You mentioned walking so that the enemy could not hear your footsteps. However that is suspect considering there is a Titan Railgun continuously firing, music, EVA and your general position was revealed earlier anyways after firing a Laser Rifle on the rooftop. Furthermore someone can see you stealthed more so than they can hear your foot steps when they get close enough. - The whole walking topic comes up because holding shift down is what's used to target people in RGH (this can be reprogrammed but by default it's shift) Holding shift is also what's used to walk. You walk when you're using your scope in Renegade. When you use your scope as a SBH you revel yourself.. During my video of "Title 1" you were holding shift down, not de-stealthed. This lends credit to using RGH. (In which you hold down shift to auto aim at people. - @Guard55 You wanted to hit Darius101 with splash damage in that Area and were tracking apparently using what he picked up. Fair enough. The problems however are that between the moment he picked up an M4 to when you shot him was 13 seconds. There is no way in any reality you could have calculated a Stealh Unit to have moved to that specific spot in 13 seconds especially assuming that he is moving there at the same speed. In addition watching from the rooftop and seeing through the fog is hard to believe at that distance without using your scope. While I want to give the benefit of a doubt and say i'm wrong, the holding shift down as stated above does not lend any credit to a random lucky shot. - It makes no sense why you didn't just hit Darius101 when he picked up the M4 instead. His position was right there, the splash damage would have burned him and got you damage along with him being visible.. In the 2nd video "Title 1" you have no problem engaging him 1 v 1. - If the MSA detected Darius101 but glitched than the Titan would have shot Darius101 first as he would have an arrow above him. This is irrelevant though because the MSA was next to GDI Base. Furthermore, no mention above in your statement points to any claim of Darius101 being reveled through an MSA. You state that you were tracking him through picking up stuff and hit him by calculating. Saying this you're also admitting that your kill was not based on Darius101 being on Radar at the time you killed him or being on MSA. - You wanted to hit Darius101 with splash damage yet ended up getting a direct shot on his body/arm for -140 Armor. - As seen in 18:24, there was no GDI MSA present in the Nod Staircase where you pointed out. - No one hacking kills SBH on a consistent far away basis (if at all) unless they make a mistake which is what i believe happened here and why you didn't kill SBH prior.
  11. Good Evening @Guard55 You were banned by me today for using RGH on October 30th specifically on the map Urban Warfare @ 4:31 pm You joined GDI and acquired a Stealth Black Hand and camped the roof tops with a ramjet rifle racking up some kills which is ok. The problem however lies in the fact that on top of the building as you'll see in the videos below is you managed to hit darius101 using a Ramjet. However he was not uncloaked in any way judging by the proof provided to us. The EVA radar leading up to him being shot by you do not show him as a Red Dot which would signify that he was being detected by an MSA (Mobile Sensor Array). The closest MSA (only one as seen in the video) was in GDI Base. Me and KTFF put the MSA there to recreate the situation in another server but our SBH did not show up on the radar. Another theory was that a MSA was hiding in a ditch but again we would have shown up on radar and there was no MSA visible in the tunnels in my video. Any unknown MSA placed by GDI still would have shown a red dot on Darius101's HUD (Meaning he was revealed), of which it did not. (If you would like the videos of me testing out the scenario on the other server using the settings that happened during the incident i will be happy to post them and the results.) The Titan in front of Darius in his video was competent enough to also shoot Darius101 when you shot him with your Ramjet Rifle as he was revealed. This leads more credibility to the fact that Darius101 was stealthed as why wouldn't the Titan has just shot darius first. Something of note as well is the fact that when you aim with a SBH and your ramjet you never were decloaked (When you aim down a scope with a SBH you're revealed). Yet you're walking and holding shift along with what seems targeting a little erratic. While not directly incriminating it is something of note. To everyone here, when using RGH or ESP hacking you're able to see everyone's name on your screen and how far away they are. You also hold down shift to aim at the nearest name. Usually the RGH is programed to aim for the head though it is possible to set it to the chest. The videos here are provided proof. *From Darius101 Perspective* The video evidence is based off of 18:00 - 18:59. My Video here shows the map layout, MSA at GDI base (Tested, it was to far out to detect Darius101) along with you questionably aiming as if using RGH. Using all the evidence here, I determined that you used RGH to see darius101 from far away on top of the building and accidently shot him (Even though he was stealthed) while aiming at others through the map. If you can explain to me how you were able to make this shot against someone who was stealthed and undetected by MSA from the top of a building far away, other than random luck i'll gladly test the given scenario, unban you and issue an apology. - Threve
  12. Good Evening all. I am posting the link here and proud to help spread the word about the W3DHub Tacitus! While previously introduced some are finding it hard to access the link. For those that don't know, this wealth of knowledge harbors the Wikipedia for - Interim Apex (Unit Guides, Map Specific with Side Specific Guides, Overview and History!) - A Path Beyond (History/gameplay) - Reborn (W.I.P. with a new version about to render some old info useless) - ECW (History, Pictures, Threve's extensive ECW Guide for every single unit, player, stat, location and vehicle) - Everything and anything about the W3DHub Engine! Currently it's still a work in progress with new massive amounts of information and tutorials being added on a daily basis so please excuse the dust. If you'd like to contribute or add then send me what you got and I'll add it in should the information checks out.
  13. Welcome to Forums Rennan! W3DHub IA Tacitus Yes. Interim Apex does have a wikipedia. It's part of a larger wiki tittled "The Tacitus" on here you'll find information about W3DHub, the engine, how to modify games, terminology, walkthroughs/guides and so much more! While it was conceived last year, it's still in development (Putting the words, time and pictures of old websites, current ones, new methods and tech for modding is extensive). I myself am incharge of inputting information about Reborn, APB, ECW, and IA along with some other stuff here and there that needs to be copied from W3DHub.com. The IA Guide (In the works since last Nov.) as it stands has a plethora of information. You'll find - Map Specific Guides for Specific Sides as well with what to do Early, Mid, and Late Game. The tips provided are things to do on that map that will help you gain the advantage and are not well known. There are currently 10 finished guides with pictures provided. - History/Development - Unit Guide for Infantry and Vehicles alike. This isn't some basic guide ethier but what special things you can do with the unit and situations it's best used in that may not be immediately apparent. For example. Mendoza Firesuit can run through proxie mines with little damage or the AMX-30mm outranges the obelisk when using secondary fire. It's still a massive work in progress due to every unit having to be put in there. In terms of information, I believe I have the know how due to playing the game for so long since it's release here on W3DHub.com and using every single unit in almost every situation. Helpful contributions on the Tactius are always welcome. If you have any information you want in there, please send it to me. This goes for everyone! W3DHub IA Tacitus
  14. I am beyond positive that they could tweak the RA Tanks (or TD Tanks) to be the same for a skirmish mode.
  15. Recommend this to them while you can!! Anything to increase replay value, i am sure that they would love to put in!
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