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  1. Threve

    It just needs to be said. The guy used 4chan alot, was online and that could be anyone on here as well. Again, anyone and everyone on here reading if there is something troubling you to reach out for help. The world is full of financial, spiritual and relationship problems but as a community we are here to hear you out and help wherever we can. Money can always be replaced, relationships are hard work and people have been in others shoes when it comes to almost anything. But at the end of the day, everything has a shining light and problems get solved. Whether it is suicide or hurting others, doing something irreversible for what is a temporary problem is just not worth it. As a community, as a whole, we can solve anything together.
  2. Good Evening all. I would like to make this known I am not posting this as a staff member but personally myself as Threve. As many of you know a couple days ago a gunman walked into a building and shot 50 people point blank while filming it using memes and a bunch of internet references while doing so. There are numerous and endless discussions on the politics of it none of which are what this topic is about. All to often it seems to people kill themselves or commit acts with no outlet to reach anyone or any help. It is easy to get down, it is easy to give up hope but difficult to ask for help. If you or anyone that you know is in the fray and need someone to talk to then please reach out. Talking to that one friend or asking for help can change the life and outcome of things or at the very least help. Some of the darkest days i've had have been helped by some good people here on these forums and I invite anyone that needs a helping hand or someone to talk to.. to message me if need be or talk to anyone. I talk alot of shit all the time in-game but i do genuinely mean it in good fun and not to be taken seriously. This goes not just for this website but anyone you know as well. Reach out to those friends you haven't talked to in a while and if someone joins and it seems their chat is more so about how much they are down then take a moment and talk to them about it. We are not just W3D Hub. We are the W3DHub community and having that title means looking out for each other so that we can keep kicking ass not only in-game but also in life. I am not naive and know that some will call this topic cuck or whatever (so is the internet) but it needs to be said and if it helps at least one person out from doing something irreversible then that is what matters. Suicide Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 If you need someone to talk to then message your friends here on the forums or message me and I'll do my best to help. Again, don't let yourself be in this alone. Note: Respectfully, this is not the topic to post memes related to the shooting or discuss the politics of it. If you'd like to then make a new topic and go from there.
  3. Threve

    It's like you refuse to read any and all conversation about how this problem was brought up and why others (Including @Cjx0r, @ganein14, myself and hell even F00ker) are stating that it is in fact an issue . The only logical reason you're defending it so hard is because YOU are one of the people who do this. To recap: But the most important aspect of this whole topic is the fact that no one, absolutely no one wants to spend a whole entire 1 hour and 30 minutes constantly fighting back against these suicidal rushes because for some reason this tactic is spammed relentlessly by those who use it over and over and over. I challenge you to tag anyone family, friends, whoever that is willing to join this server and continuously guard the base every single game against the same person doing the same tactic for almost every single map, FOR THE FULL TIME and actually find any enjoyment in it at all.
  4. Threve

    Agreed. Like I said, I think we could try it out (A delay feature for throwing dynamite) and see how it goes. In real life you have to light a stick of dynamite anyways with a lighter for all those out there who care about realism.
  5. Threve

    +1 “Try harder” or “Just defend/camp” is not an answer. Also laying down mines for your building doesn’t matter to someone who (has now killed your defenses) is just going to suicide right into your building then throw a one hit kill dynamite. @Kaskins I like the dynamite and think it’s awesome. However with changes in to how it is deployed you have to be careful with a couple things. 1. The beacon dynamite means you cannot throw it on a vehicle such as a Mammoth 36Inch 2. The timed throw dynamite would help midigate the problem some.. however I don’t think it would fully solve it. Worth testing out at least. 3. Limiting 1 dynamite would make it so couldn’t kill a Mammoth 36 in one go. (Which for me is what I think they should be used for primarily as well). I know this doesn’t help solve the problem per say but I think it should be said. Using dynamite against the mammoth 36’s is important in this game I believe and should be preserved. Of course as you see it makes it more difficult to balance the dynamite then.
  6. Threve

    Look i understand what you're saying. I really do. I mentioned even earlier that you can prevent this with the Tunguska. The problem is it forces you to camp. i'm going to be honest I really don't want to stay in my base solely for being on the lookout for a tank driving up and planting a bomb for an hour and 30 minutes almost every single match. It doesn't even feel rewarding killing someone who is suiciding on purpose over and over and over. I do not find enjoyment in employing this tactic unless of course it's by chance that i am at the enemy base and am still alive. I like driving tanks, fighting against people in the field and attacking the enemy base. Just.. not over and over with dynamite till my K/D is 4 - 28 but I won the match for my team. It is very empty. Everyone plays differently and I get that. There are some people that just cannot get enough camping and some that just love to harvest. But being forced to do something for the sake of not losing the game over and over is just beyond annoying. Yes there are some maps where it does not happen but for the majority of maps it's been a problem only elevated when there are little players or multiple players on the same team are doing this. I want for anyone to honestly tell me the enjoyment of being forced to camp your base over and over against a fast, harder to hit tank again and again on someone suiciding themselves almost every map.
  7. Threve

    Wow. I never thought about staying an hour and half inside my base to prevent this tactic every single map. @TemporaryName The problem isn't just the ability to kill these suicide rushes. Like I said the Tunguska can handle the situation easily.. It's about the whole entire game being based off having one person (typically me or I assume Ganein as well) constantly just patrolling and camping to prevent this for the whole entire match. God forbid two people do it at the same time. It no longer becomes tank on tank combat with special infantry units battling it out Nod vs. GDI... It just becomes a camp fest to prevent a fast, hard to hit and ok armored tank from dropping off himself off and blowing up buildings time after time after time.
  8. Threve

    Bump and also +1 I like the idea of dynamite. It helps destroy mammoth 36 inch vehicles and is also fun to throw on vehicles every once and a while so I am not voting personally for it to be removed just like Ganein. However... Dynamite currently in-game is or at least has been obnoxiously abused to the point where the tactic is to get a $500 Char and $700 Grizzly tank and suicide yourself at least 15 times to destroy every defense. We're talking a constant rush time after time after time. Normally it wouldn't be such a big deal but it's gotten to the point of annoyance. 1. You cannot proxie mine every defense and it wouldn't be worth it if you could. The grizzly tank would just take the damage anyways. At least with main structures you have to go into the mines as a char. 2. Every other player is battling or fighting in field, or buying vehicles/busy in base. No one can (or more appropriately will) watch every single defense to try and prevent constant suicide spam. 3. This dynamite suicide spam means that even if you kill someone 8 times for points. They will be awarded a shit ton of points for 1 successful defense kill. God forbid they are able to throw their dynamites on 2 objects. 4. As said earlier, because this is a thrown object. There are some points where you cannot disarm unlike a beacon (Because you cannot throw a beacon). 5. Dynamites are unannounced which is a good thing, it would get annoying.. but it goes to show that it's harder to notice should a suicide/dynamite combo go through. 6. During large games it comes to the point where 2 if not 3 people are doing this shit and it's impossible to stop because the player base cannot or will not stay in base waiting to fight back against this annoyance or they're (the player base) is busy fighting against others in the field. Long story short no one is going to drive back to base because a grizzly was spotted near a defense. By the time they get there it is usually to late anyways. 7. During small games it comes to a point where you have to forcefully camp your base to prevent the grizzly/dynamite combo from racking up points and getting any defense kill. 8. There is no motivation to keep a good K/D or any reward for not doing this. That means if you have 2 kills with 34 Deaths in-game, you can have the most points and win the game for your team simply by using the same suicide tactic over and over. 9. The destruction of every single defense solely from this tactic (which usually happens) means that the game is almost always lost to an Orca/Amphibious Tank Rush, a constant suicide rush into a building using dynamite, you name it. 10. The only way to halfheartedly prevent this is to get a 9K22 Tunguska ($2,800 btw) and kill the Grizzly Tank with your missiles. The reason I say the Tunguska is because the range allows you to not have to camp your base all day, turret and engine speed is fast enough, the missiles can kill the tank in one go and you also have the 30mm cannons to kill the Tank Commander with the dynamite. God forbid you miss and have to reload. 11. You can of course buy another (Nod or GDI) tank to try and take care of this issue but typically the Grizzly will outrun your tank or destroy it. Further infuriating gameplay because if you die or even kill the grizzly suicide combo they will just do it again 10/10 times. I vote that this needs to be fixed somehow through the reduction of damage with dynamite. I still think that 2 should kill a mammoth 36 inch and as such a beacon planted dynamite would be useless (because you have to stand to plant the dynamite and the mammoth 36 inch would just kill you). Maybe make the dynamite less destructive against buildings but the same against vehicles. Limit it to 1 dynamite with a damage Nerf against buildings ONLY. Whatever you guys end up seeing fit.
  9. Threve

    Traveling tmrw. But happy birthday Testament! Get a Tunguska for me.
  10. Threve

    Discord I've found to be extremely useful for just average, chill messaging on my phone when i'm not on my labtop/out and about. Correct me if i am wrong but i believe you're able to voice chat in Discord? I downloaded it about a year ago and I faintly remember the abitly to do it. Teamspeak for me is really where i go on to voice chat. The fact that all the different games are easily listed and shown to join are just appealing to me. Again, I faintly remember being able to use discord for voice speaking but am not %100 sure. If you can't use discord for voice chat then, you also have to understand that alot of society now and days is gearing towards messages as well. Just look at facebook, where most of the messages are sent. Same goes with twitter. I haven't left a voicemail in forever now that I think about it. It only makes sence that Discord is more popular as it's easier to respond in solely text. In regards to teamspeak, me , KTFF, Cjx0r , MARCELLIS and Dblaney frequent on there all the time. Join up sometime!
  11. Threve

    Highly recommended you download and play Interim Apex. It is exactly like Renegade except with about +90 more each of tanks, Planes, Battleships/Boats and Weapons. It is how Renegade should have been and is highly enjoyable especially with the high player count recently. ECW is a very good game for single and multiplayer. If no one is playing online it isn't a problem. Also if you'd like some help getting started feel free to check out my guide. Until then, stay a while and I'll see you in-game.
  12. It would be an Honor. PM and important stuff sent.
  13. Threve

    All good points here. Though my recommendation was for the Free to play platform. Anything else with how old this game is, would be heritic. (Looking at Fortnite the free download tactics have been working out well which is also worth noting...) Now, in the end all of this is rhetorical but I do believe it would be worth some type of shot at least to have our game be put on steam. Everyone now and days downloads from steam, so it just seems like basic science at this point to expand unto there if possible and we get the go-ahead. Currently (and please correct me if I am wrong) from what i’ve seen our propaganda and downloads come from posting on other chat forums, a little bit of Facebook/memes, and heavily on renegade forums. I don’t believe this is enough and might lose steam in the future. I think the expansion to game stores is the eventual direction to go and is worth a shot/argument with EA. And if not now maybe when C&C Remastered comes out/the time is right. If people still actively play old games such as Rune Scape and MW1 then there is still hope for massive player counts in the future! An important note here, if EA does say we can go to steam but need to charge for the game/earn them $ then all bets would be off. Having this game F2P is more important in my opinion. If it’s a one time fee that isn’t to bad to get put on the steam store then I can vibe with that.
  14. @FRAYDO as well. I have written a guide to ECW after extensively playing it for a while. I am now in the process of cleaning it up and finalizing it for a final version. After doing said i plan to write a guide to IA that will include Veh/Char stats and strategies for each and every map. This will take some time however but it is on my crosshairs.