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  1. To use the Nona, you have to click T to deploy. After deploying use the right click to send the mortar wherever your reticle is aiming. You can send that fucker half a map away honestly, the range is incredible. BDRM is worthless against anything GDI related. To counter the Anti Tank Commanche, just fire an ADATS rocket at it while you're in a group rush. Designate yourself to being Anti Air watch while your team is moving out. Stay in the middle. You can also get a Hover MLRS and if you're lucky enough maneuver underneath the Comanche so it has to readjust and then kill it. Other than that, it's pretty difficult.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Tired of the HON Windows and having to shoot them out to see? Me to. This file allows you to see through the windows without having to shoot them out every time you rejoin a game. Drop it here to install. ThisPC > LocalDisk C: > Program Files (x86) > W3DHub > Games > ia release > IAFiles > InterimApex > ttfs > files 1E8B9509.hnd_window.dds
  3. Good evening all. @DMB @notDMB Is having a problem where a custom HUD was redone for IA by me and isn't working because the numbers fail to show. I've told him to put all the files (Hud.ini , d6Hud) into the proper places and it still doesn't work. He's tried installing and uninstalling to no avail along with messing with the settings. Any suggestions on what to do next? (P.S. The very exact same settings work for me and my computer.)
  4. I just always end up using the 2S9 Nona Mortar to destroy GDI buildings in the course of 1 minute. Gather a rush of 3 and you can destroy a building with it in 10-20 seconds. This doesn't answer the Nod vs GDI water combat thing, but Nod has this often overlooked unit that can stay very hidden they never use and it pains me i'm always the only one using it (to great effect if i may add). ADATS rush wise, I just use the Tunguska against them and pray for the best. Of course, any rush ADATS or not is nearly impossible to hold back against if your team isn't united against it.
  5. Proxie mines will stay in place untill disarmed or activated no matter what. Even if the player who placed them leaves.
  6. Nod has SBH and stealth tanks along with stealth helicopters
  7. Ironically, for the good and keen player the spy has alot of potential. The spy can see what nod is doing from a vantage point, place a basically undisarmable beacon in HON top assuming you're able to get there and If you're vetted up high enough you can place a beacon, call in support, throw fake timed C4 on the beacon to help buy you some time and right before you die use !char to buy even more time. It's more difficult the more players there are, however even in high player games the potential to destroy a building if you're very careful is high. Hell you can even go inside the CY and kill everyone inside without retaliation, clearing the way for your team to sneak in and C4 it. The spy has also had its armor taken away recently. @ everyone here
  8. Currently we have a lack of Wiki writers. If you can send us some content and would like to help we may be willing to recruit you into a wiki writer. I mean this sincerely but this wiki does not write itself. There’s quite a lot of content to be put in, pictures, sections, knowledge and tips
  9. Well to be fair, they are and when ships started out it was a simple “buy $800 ORCA to kill $12,000 battleship”. I used the banshee when it was a ship sieging our base and it’s Guns were focused on structures. This allowed me to reload fairly ok time and move fast hit and runs on the ship while it’s guns went from buildings to me back to buildings. it should be noted however that ships are incredibly expensive, slow and need to be countered with team work. The aiming on them against ground units is also questionable from range. I believe different tactics need to be made as the previous ones were not working. I also believe it is hard to give reason that such an expensive unit cannot kill an $800 ORCA Fighter or Apache. The destroyer is a bit more OP than it should be for air though with the missile it fires (I believe at Aircraft). So I can see toning that down a bit... but it is weaker and meant to serve as support, not building destruction. For the battleship, I think it should kill ORCA’s no problem. It’s massive, tons of guns and against land units it’s not all that great. Hell you can just get a battleship to fight against anouther if you’re that worried about it. If you don’t have the $ for it then you’ll realize that’s what this game is about and hope be better prepared next time.
  10. The anti tank Comanche could lose missile tracking but that would make it like the banshee, if not worse. I believe a tiny (and I mean tiny) reduction in acceleration would be best. What happens is it retreats quickly after killing its prey and hides again. Not a problem, but it does accelerate a little to quick. this is a fun unit that when used correctly is immensely powerful. Taking it out of the game would just make IA dull as fuck. The Ezikel was nerf’d (which it needed to be, yes) but now it’s just become a glorified stealth tank with a small increase in armor and hp. M6 Linebacker now has pathetic Armor and a $800 cost (any orca can just 2 Hit K/O it now assuming they attack from behind). Infared Tanks now Fire pathetically slow (it’s now balanced against infantry in my opinion but against vehicles or Buildings it’s not worth it). This is one of the few fun units left and does not need to be removed. Acceleration slowed down would be a good compromise. Also, use a M551 Sheridan middle against it for a 1 Hit K/O or an AA Infantry. Hell you can even kill it with a ramjet and the $2,750 vs $1,000 will pay off quickly. Ships are weird. I do like that they actually do shit now, I don’t believe people know how to counter them however which is why there is a lot of complaining or that last patch they could use an $800 ORCA unit and kill a $12,000 Battleship after a minute and now they can’t. Use a FV005 Stage II, mammoth 36inch against battleships and the lot or Pion/banshee/Koksan. I’ve had a lot of success with these vehicles. Also, capture your ship yard and hold your ground. Keep your Naval Gun alive. If your naval gun is dead, watch for “Threve Blew up the GDI Forg ship yard”. If someone blew it up then get an orca and go kill them or build base defenses there. This game is about economy, then using it to ether defend vulnerable areas or attack your enemies. You can build two stinger missles to ward off Comanches and a machine gun emplacement or two on the forg shipyard. Hell you could just wait for a nod unit to capture it, build a ship and then kill him to steal said ship (as happened to me).
  11. In regards to infantry, it’s supposed to be painful when loosing your barracks. While I agree that the free sniper makes no sense the other free infantry are stupid good. 1. the basic rifle infantry runs faster than most, can use incidenary grenades to burn death Power Armor or light vehicles. 2. the infantry benefit from upgrades with small arms upgrades making your rifle soldier hard hitting with incidinary rounds. You can also get armor and health bonuses. 3. you have !wep command available along with a stupid high amount of weapon pick ups. Heck you even have !char available if you’re decent (which also auto heals you by 5 hp every 4-5 seconds). 4. You have the forgotten hub. 5. use the Shotgun rocket launcher against anything. Worried about reload? Aim, fire, hit target, switch weapon quickly, hit E on the PT, hit 5, switch back to your rocket and you just skipped reloading. I’ve been 1 Hit K/O by these fucking things so many times it’s incredible. The shotgun rounds even burn you right off the bat. 6. Repair gun disassemble will burn damage a Power Armor Sydney before she can pull her Beretta 93 out of her ass and kill herself. If you’re really about it, you can try your luck with a sticky bomb as well. You can also spam defenses in base with this unit. This is a problem of just “Git Gud”. Hate free infantry? Kill more stuff, repair more or blow up a building to get the !char, !Pweap, !Wep commands. Or don’t let your barracks die. I can understand it being a problem in APB, but renegade (and IA especially) is so much more liberal in ways you can do things I don’t see an argument to be made with what I’ve just said above. Maybe make the forg units better (and the free sniper) but that’s about it here.
  12. Good post and nothing more true. It was a long time coming. While alot of people will probably be fired in the next coming months I hope they find work with a company that doesn't have a reputation for treating their employees like trash.
  13. We actually have a pretty good on hand guide for all the units. Just need help with someone pasting, cleaning it up and posting it in the APB section. @FRAYDO Thoughts?
  14. Shit like this is why you were taken off the moderation team. Something slightly affecting your gameplay happens and you make it a point to team hamper, bitch about it, then post on forums about it. When you put mines for people to die when they spawn on an empty server then post a topic about it or tell your team about overmining and then place 96 mines and post a topic about it you look like an absolute joke. I've said my fair share of shit but not posted about it on forums or do dumb shit like this. This is nothing but toxic for gameplay and a community to the point of retardation. Zero people on here care. Zero. If I posted how many times someone told me to shut the fuck up or fuck off on this forum I would crash the web host. Everyone has just about tip toe'd to try and be nice to you and let you get on with things but hopefully my message is clear how dumb this is. @ any staff moderator on here I request this topic be closed (to discourage team hampering) if not deleted like the previous one with possible topic posting privileges needing review. Thank you.
  15. Laying 96 mines in the same spot seemed to have fixed the problem.
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