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  1. Beyond excited to see and possibly play what's put up on here! Can attest, the shirt is awesome! @ Winners, multiple colors available.
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Dead and back Commander, dead and back.
  4. Good Evening Such. Happy to have you here at W3DHub, welcome. My name is Threve and I work quite often messing about with the strings. I am not too familiar with the Korean Alphabet so forgive me if i'm wrong. However, C&C Renegade has a set list of characters/letters that it accepts. If you go outside of this Character/letter list then anything else will just be random letters. We have been able to modify A Path Beyond to have some special characters replaced that are never used (such as ®) and turn it into a mammoth tank character for our game. I think you might be able to do this with your game where you can change the characters that are missing and put the correct ones in (this would then fix the random text issues you're having) but I have no idea how and @Pushwall would be the best to tell you or steer you in the right direction. It could also be a weird error with the Korean Version of Renegade. I've never heard or worked with an official copy. Another thing could be that you're not using the string editor correct in which case I can help you. However, have you ever used it before successfully? Could you provide pictures of what you're doing so we can better see?
  5. Never say Never. Incredible work! Can I use this for W3DHub Tacitus?
  6. Love it! Have you thought about taking this writing onto our Tactitus for APB? I enjoy reading about the tips and I think other players would to if you'd like to contribute some more ideas about Units in APB.
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. No. It's absolutely not. This has and was an issue previously months ago where Mask would use bridges to do this and there would be 5 mammoth tanks up on the ridge destroying Nod base. @mask012 If you're building bridges to reach the ridge in-game, stop.
  9. You’d have to be more specific as to which however generally, During Afternoons/Week days IA sees 5-45 players depending. APB sees 4-25 players depending. (Group events are in high 20’s and happen every month or so) ECW sees 1-5 players depending. (This is largely a single player type game however). Reborn is a little slow but there are events. As you can see a majority of population happens at this time (Eastern Time). (Add yourself as a player to the discord server of the game you want and you will be pinged whenever there is a large game going on if you would like)
  10. @LiMaDo Stop abusing the !stuck command to get into inaccessible places/places where you're not supposed to go.
  11. Make hotwire not useless if Combat Engi gets a MK.III Also i'm not a fan of repairing so i don't really care as much.. But also not a fan of repairing longer if I have to. Although this would give a larger importance to Tank Ace's/Tank commanders making them more useful or effective.
  12. That’s a big thing as well I forgot about. He probably did that as he usually does with the ref as well.
  13. 2 or 3 mines kill a normal character depending on how forgiving the burn damage wants to be. In addition the Flame Thrower/Mendoza Fire suit is retarded resistant to mines.. being able to run through about 8/9 or so before death. It seems that the mines were being over limited, as you can see in the pictures they start to disappear. I'm willing to bet a couple senerios could have happened as I wasn't in-game. 1. Where'sMyMedal suicide rushed into your building the whole game till the mines blew up and then killed the PP. After which someone mined it again despite it being dead. 2. Where'sMyMedal used his apache to clear some of the mines in the door. It's possible to do this with certain vehicles such as the X1A Bernadini by moving the turret alongside the door. After clearing a certain number of mines he went to the left/right side of the door and avoided the mines. Maybe took a hit from 1 or 2.. As i can see in the last couple of photos, the mines were badly placed on the far side and they will not activate if someone runs on the opposite side of them. 3. Where'sMyMedal called in !support near the door whilist in a vehicle. I do this sometimes as well because the bots will fall on the door and blow up all the mines for you, they then ran outside and died to AGT. 4. A combination of all of these things. I don't doubt he was able to do it without cheating for a second. He does this every game, mainly only doing this over and over and over and over and over until he blows up a building. Only thing that can be done is to just build turrets facing the doors, place mines directly above the doors, and call in !support inside of the buildings along with shooting any helicopter in sight.
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