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  1. Threve

    So the files you're referring to/want to put in are .wav or actual sound files? Not text based? As for donations I am not sure. IA and all mod projects here are created in free time and the artists/mods here are not paid. Everything is done by heart/soul. However the servers to host the game and allow people to play are paid for by donations. I do not know how much it is a month however donations are always graciously accepted.
  2. Threve

    100% down for this.
  3. Threve

    In general not a fan of extended wait times for vehicles as I don’t see it as that much of a problem. I’d probably just buy a Kov than wait at that point. Though if it had to be implement I would say this would be the best way.
  4. Threve

    No. Putting a build time for vehicles (such as 15 seconds) would also disable vehicle rushes or make them painfully slow. Imagine building a mammoth tank, a spy steals it and you can’t even get anouther to defend your base. Also it would give more time to said defenders to learn about a sneak attack. The time limit in game also constitutes a problem with this making last minute rushes to win a near impossiblilty.
  5. Threve

    Like Renegade, the Final Evolution would be implementation into a newer engine such as Unreal Engine. But with the almost dead community of Renegade, lack of RTS titles to bring popularity to this genre, amount of work required, lack of artists/modelers to work for free on a project of this scale, the whole dev team here having to learn the in's/outs of a New Engine.. I don't believe it would happen or at least anytime in the foreseeable future. The only way it could is advertising to make it worth it and paying artists but I don't believe anyone here wants to invest that amount of input and i don't blame them. For APB in its current state it is incredible what has been done with what we got. When and if this game reaches a finalized completed state i'd still rather play this than a new era graphics version due to the aesthetic. There's something about the quirkiness and pixelated block characters that give this game a certain charm in my opinion and connect a little better with the Old Schoolness that is RA. A Path Beyond as it stands is an incredible game and compared with most titles (much less mods) is very well balanced and unique. The only irony is that such a great game requires players to really make it shine as of which it is difficult to accumulate 10 much less 20 at a single time. This type of game was made for high player count and it stands out when played as such.
  6. Threve

    Are you ok?
  7. Threve

    Im something worse than Naughty. I have to be Santa and dish out $$ that could be spent on C&C for presents.
  8. Threve

    It can be done. A while back I changed the strings (Names of things) on APB for my WW2 mod. Making the medium tank be called the Pershing and Light tank called Sherman and such. I simply found the strings.ddb file or whatever it was called and edited all the names. Saved it and put it back in the data folder. So it would be entirely possible... All I would need however is the translation for things and since there are alot of things it would require quite a bit of help from the translator on their end. This means I would need translations for every weapon, vehicle, building, Character, helicopters and such. If you can look in-game provide me with such a list of translations then I should be able to make it happen. I would do it myself but i'm 1. Not about to google translate everything. 2. I'm sure some of the google translation wouldn't make any sense as they don't have any direct translations. Let me know what you think. Unless of course you cannot do the translations yourself? EDIT: You said you use the Tiberian Technologies Launcher. Can you get the Strings.tdb from the data files in this launcher? I think you can just grab the Strings.tdb from the Tiberian Technologies version and just put it into the W3D Hub data files.
  9. Threve

    Sounds exciting. Ty for the update!
  10. Threve

  11. Threve

    I understand that it has been said there is a major update on the way. However I was wondering is there a release date for said update? The reason for this post is the Orca Fighter ($2500 one) is retarded Overpowered and this update has been said to address it. Thank you.
  12. The only thing that would be destroyed is morale. Any player will pop over a mountain and have the M6 waste it’s missile crashing into the mountain then 1 hit (use 8 missiles) to kill your linebacker and ethier crush you or simply then literally 1 hit your inf with a missile from said Orca.
  13. I played this game with you last night. I won't comment on the ban because that is KTFF and IA Mods decision however that "some GDI Tank" was a $6000 36 Inch Mammoth tank being piloted by me ($1000 Tank Ace). You drove out from a tunnel in an up hill field while sideways in a massive box ($1600 Phase Tank) firing 2 missiles at a tank with two 360mm cannons, almost full health, aiming your way and a clear view of you. I'm not exactly sure what you expected to happen. Besides utilizing Team Work to destroy me (Which I will admit almost never happens in the game) you could have used a $950 Goliath, drove up the side of the mountain and landed on me or waited behind a rock and I would have been toast because I didn't have any cover. Why does this matter you ask? If you kill me with a $950 Goliath I just wasted $7,000 I cannot get back. Directly ramming a 36 Inch Mammoth will 1 hit kill it. You wait till the 36 Inch Mammoth tank fires and then you strike because the reload time is 5 seconds of grace. The turret also moves slow so wait till it's aiming away from your direction then ram the mammy and blow up. You can also use a $1,250 Melta Infiltrator Cycle to Ram me. You can use a Tank Commander in said melta cycle to plant dynamite and also ram/attack me. The Advanced Guard Tower was down so it was a perfect op. I had no backup/cover. Also the infiltrators are hard as hell to hit. A surface to surface missile hiding behind rocks would also kill a Mammy 36 inch. In other words if you play the game using this knowledge or strat then the Mammy 36 Inch becomes a hinderance to GDI if handled with properly. Hell if you think it's so OP then blow it up near your base and capture the Husk/Tank Shell to use. The only major noteworthy imbalance I find with the game is the Orca Fighter ($2500) which is.. Every other unit can be countered some way or somehow. I find it hard to believe that a game with over 30+ Vehicles for each team would have a way to not counter other units.
  14. Thank You and you guys very much. The game is great!