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  1. The only social aspect regulated is I ask everyone not to use racial slurs in-game. I kindly warn if someone doesn’t know. Other than that have fun and do whatever. I just ask as well you don’t start 3 hour political or religious debates (always fun). If there’s an issue with the game that involves paragraphs of explanations than post on forums so it can be documented and something be done. There are a lot of units which brings a lot of things that can use balance but posting for an hour in-game about it becomes tiring and ultimately fruitless when forums will be able to document it (there are discussions in the background that happen based on feedback from forums that directly influences the next build! I can say that we appreciate and love the help that the community gives back based on concerns about different units and something is being done about all of said units/issues. This game is quite expansive however so please be patient.)
  2. Your shitposting abilities are godlike but please stop. Your avatar disturbs me. The website was updated recently. Should be fixed soon(ish) and coming back. Resets after every update.
  3. The translation may be wrong but i don't exactly understand this part..? Sorry. Can you rephrase it. "I am a bit out of this and offtoping, so don't take me too serious, but... for example talk/argue with administration to improve/add/tweak rules..... (on server)" I do agree. And we will be adding more clarity to the rules for things that should be more obvious like no Team Hampering and such. There are new maps coming as well to help with areas that shouldn't be accessible that are now.
  4. It's a good thing. You guys are all good players and everyone here knows how to play the game, I don't think the drama needs to escalate to 24hr banning if it can be avoided. Just let the feud go and if someone is team hampering then video tape it and don't TH yourself. Next person I witness that team hampers will be kicked.
  5. @WNxHeadShot @Kholdiel0x I was not in-game at the time all of this went down. However when I joined all I saw was Kholdx TH to player RandyMarsh. This seems like someone did something to the other and it escalated every match from there till it got to this point. So.. Khold. Can you please not Team Hamper anymore on purpose to Randy or Headshot(SilverSmurfer)...? RandyMarsh. Can you please not Team Hamper anymore on purpose to Kholdx..? Everyone listed above was team hampering to each other as proven by logs and what I saw when I joined game. Instead of banning all three of you guys or mass punishment I think a warning to everyone would just be better if you can all come to an understanding that someone fucked up and it got out of hand. If you're pissed off and want to team hamper as a result just PM me, Video tape it or chill out a bit. When I'm in game I will watch both to ensure neither of you guys are causing any harm on purpose and the game is played fair so that that way you don't have to worry about any of this BS. If either of you join and team hamper each other on purpose and I am in-game watching you it will just get stupid and we don't want that. It's a game, just play it. If you're worried about being team hampered by each other then just record when either of you are playing so that you can post on here. I think what I said is fair but if either of you object then let me know why/what I can do to better help you guys. I will also be telling RandyMarsh (Rohiemm) this so that we're all on the same page. As for JO_MOMMA_USA I'll talk with him and get his point of view as well so I can have a better understanding of what went down in his mind.
  6. I love your suggestions and fully agree with all that you talked about in terms of their weakness's and strengths. I will say as a whole that it's (the Forg units) are just lacking in general but great post! I think you're unto something here.
  7. That would awesome. As Jeod posted earlier, I transferred everything above into that google document so you can work on it that way if you’d like. (It’s a lot more organized way of translating imo). Muito Brigado
  8. It is possible albeit a very big pain in the ass. As Yap said earlier he is cleaning up the strings file which will help out and it should be noted that since the kill messages are generated server side they may not display correctly. However.. "Player left the game" , every unit name and basically the whole game can still be modded so while it's not a %100 translation I think people can settle for 98%. In addition I will edit the PT Icons when a fully translated string file presents itself as I will know it will be worth the time/effort. I'm unsure. Those servers may have been custom servers. To my knowledge and understanding here is how it works and hopefully this will clear up any confusion anyone has. (This will also be aimed at @Kaskins who asked earlier about fonts ). So, the strings can all be easily changed with the string editor I've included in the file download from another topic. When people post their language up I will edit the string files in IA to reflect it and in-turn every single vehicle/text based object will be displayed in said language. The language translated will have to be (at the moment) in these characters abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890-=_+[{]};:'"<>,./?`~!@#$%^&*() Basically the standard english keyboard layout. This results in a couple of things that do not work in our favor. The languages translated will have to be using these characters otherwise they will not load on the server or work. The reason for this is that the server uses scripts to determine what characters can be utilized. As said earlier for most servers they are using the letters abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890-=_+[{]};:'"<>,./?`~!@#$%^&*() Another problem that we run into is that you can only use a certain number of custom lettering. As pushwall displayed in another topic for APB and in the picture shown you can only use about 40 or so custom letter "Spots". So say you replace the custom lettering spots with Chinese lettering and then set the server scripts (by convincing the server owner to update said scripts) so that they display them. You probably don't have enough "Custom letter spots" to display all the chinese characters and you also don't have any leftover to add Russian Lettering/Any other language you fancy. The result of all of this is that IA at the moment cannot display custom characters other than listed above and even if we added custom letters there is not enough "room" on the font file to make every language work. However what can work is changing the strings to match other languages that don't use alot of custom lettering and also change the PT icons as well (which I will do myself).
  9. Good Evening all. IA has boosted over 40 players daily and has become quite possibly the last hold out for Renegade in the world of today. What originally started as a prime game played in the United States has become a game modded and loved by those worldwide. With this said, there are many players that come from various countries and would like to enjoy a game in their native language. To date and to the best of my knowledge there is no translation files supported for IA, however with your help we can change that and in-turn create multiple language supported versions of IA. With the popularity of the W3DHub Language translation topic taking off I believe we can implement it into our games. I have pulled the string files from IA and have all the names of the various weapons, characters and vehicles as typed below. I am asking for the help of anyone to translate from their language to the game. I would preferably like to start off with Spanish and move on from there. Before posting translations below I would like to note a couple things. 1. I have provided numbers and different sections. When posting your translations simply post it in format like this. Also provide the language you're translating please as I will have multiple languages that I will be typing into files. The idea of breaking it into different numbers or sections allows different people to work on the same language (Like spanish) at the same time on different parts. Before translating I would post ( I am translating section 2..) and then edit it to include the translations so that others know to leave that part alone. ENGLISH ORIGINAL TRANSLATION 2.. Visceroid (Adult and Small) Visceroideo Forgotten Service Depot A Coisa de Forgotten Etc.. 2. If you would like to type it in Word or already have some data typed up then please attach it by file and don't worry about formating or posting it into this topic. The formatting on the forums isn't the best for something like this anyways so I would recommend using google docs if you'd like. 3. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT AT THIS TIME CUSTOM LETTERING (RUSSIAN CYRLIC LETTERS OR LETTERS SUCH AS Ö Ü) ARE NOT SUPPORTED AT THIS TIME. WHAT THIS MEANS IS THAT YOU'LL HAVE TO READ YOUR LANGUAGE WITHOUT THESE LETTERS. IF YOUR LANGUAGE USES A LOT OF CUSTOM LETTERING OR ALL OF IT AND IT BECOMES UNREADABLE/UNTRANSLATABLE IT CANNOT BE FIXED OR INPUT CORRECTLY AT THIS TIME. IF YOUR LANAUGE (Such as German) USES SOME CUSTOM LETTERING BUT IS STILL WIDELY READABLE THEN PLEASE POST TRANSLATIONS. 4. IA at the moment has 10 string files all of which are different and similar at the same time. I will have to mix/match through trial and error to see which files change what. This may take some time to do even after you post your translation. Please bear with me. I understand typing this stuff is alot of work and I would do it myself but alas I cannot. Thank you for any help and any contributions. 5. I have tried to shorten as much as I could to shorten the list. For example instead of putting in GDI AA Specialist and Nod AA Specialist I have simply just put one of them in. So while some things may look like they are missing from GDI or Nod side the words are shared actually and can be used for both. Furthermore I don't think there is a translation for CZ-75 so I am leaving it like that unless told otherwise. And now.. The translation list. (This will be updated from time to time. I still need to input weapons.) Again please post what language you'll be translating first and take your time if need be. Thank you @ everyone. IA Language Translation
  10. Incredible support so far! Good job @everyone on this topic.
  11. For anyone reading or desiring for now or the future... Here are the String files for almost all W3DHub games as follows. Furthermore included in this Zip is the String editor I use made by Tiberian Tech. @__nEmPoBu4__ This should help out with your efforts in-case you decide to translate it to another language without special characters or are able to figure something out yourself. (INCLUDED IN ZIP) -APB, IA, Reborn and ECW String Files - String Editor *Please note that IA has about 10 string files.. This has been discussed with Yap and he is working on it. However to edit the strings in IA involves some (alot) of trial and error to see which string edit works on which file. Enjoy. Strings for W3D.zip
  12. I might have some good news for you then comrade. I have created an EXTREMELY extensive guide to ECW already (Maybe it can be posted or translated into russian?) And I am currently in the process of creating a Guide to Interim Apex on our Tacitus (Basically the W3Dhub Wiki for everything W3D based engine. This means tutorials, tools, and guides along with history or W3DHub and games.) http://tacitus.w3dhub.com/ We have however had some drama happen with the Tacitus so it's currently not up and running unfortunately. When it is I can notify you if you'd like. Hell, maybe you could even help write the guides unto the tacitus with me about the games?
  13. I’ll get you the strings.tdb files and post them here. However Pushwall does bring up a couple good points. i don’t think APB can have cyrlic (Russian) characters. APB can only handle a limited amount of custom characters/letters (like 40) and currently out of those 40 about 38 or so are being used for Icons when you kill someone. What this means is it’s impossible unless you want a Russian letter to show up when you kill someone or the game says you got killed by a Russian letter. as for ECW and Interim Apex, they do not use the custom kill icons so you might be able to make it work on these games because you’d have the room (those 40 characters I was talking about that can be replaced because they’re not used in-game). In regards to changing to the scripts to read the new characters (your Russian letters) and input them. I have no idea how. Now that i’m Thinking about it (and I think Pushwall said this if i’m Not mistaken..) it might be impossible all around with these custom Russian characters. The reason being is in English the game will say ”player has left the game” if you made the game in Russian it would say “игрок вышел из игры” (google translate so maybe it’s correct but you get the idea) Anyways, you would have to replace the letters p l a y e r h s l f t and etc. then tell the server itself that a Russian letter replaces said English letter. This might be a bit confusing so long story short... if you’re translating English to another language without the use of special characters then it’s easy and smooth. If you input custom characters (like Russian) you have to have the server apply that for EVERYONE who plays otherwise the custom characters will not work/be activated. The server can only use one set of scripts at a time. This goes for every game on Renegade..IA, ECW, Reborn. The only solution to not make people who don’t understand Russian be able to play would be to create a new server where Russian custom letters are applied. This of course is counter productive. At the bottom of Google translate, it also says “igrok vyshel iz igry”. Does this also mean “Player has left the game” in Russian? If it does then you can simply replace the text with that and it’ll work smoothly since they are “normal” English characters.
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