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  1. I understand which is why in some of the points (Like the golaith) I reccomended it be moved to locations that only have 3 slots filled at the moment instead of the maximum 4. I'm very confused and concerned about this. I did some tests to confirm what I think about this purposed change. I got a Gunner, an Ezikel and a Mammoth Railgun and did some tests to see the firepower of each on the current build on IA right now. I fired directly at the front of an Ezikel to determine how long it takes to kill it. All shots were aimmed at the same spot (Front windshield). Here's wha
  2. It's a tactic nonetheless which is what I support. It's also a tactic that has a counter which is to just get rid of the Support vehicle (which are usually weak APC's). This forces team gameplay and also is able to be stopped. I don't support buffing the support vehicles however because of said tactic being used effectively already.
  3. I agree with most of what you said. However, The Anti Air Specialist is great against most aircraft besides the Hind which I think is fine. It gives Nod a cool edge in the air catergory. I believe there's hope for the Black Hand using the changes listed above. Logan AA-12 HE should do more damage to vehicles. The AA12-HE litterely doesn't do anything which confused me. Not a huge problem though. Patch. Radar invisible Patch is something I'd use. FLASH M202. I could deal with this unit only having 1 Timed C4. Although as I listed later, I would like for Nod to get an M2
  4. Here it is. The one to end them all. After playing IA for 3 years nearly daily it's obviously became my favorite game and a lot of others. There are a lot of balance concerns though that I think should be adressed. The balance topics i'm adressing here however are mostly buffs because IA at it's heart when it's fun is very buffed units vs each other and how to balance them by using their strategies. I write this speaking on the feedback and on behalf of what I believe everyone else thinks. That's why i've included a poll at the top and encourage people to give feedback so we can know what play
  5. Really beautiful song. Thank you for sharing. Reminds me of Wolfgang Viogt - GAS but more Trance/90's.
  6. Have you tried running it as Admin and/or compadability mode by chance?
  7. From an outside persepective APB has been refined in my opinion to perfection. I've never honestly seen a more balanced game in my life. I am sure more of the other players that play regularly will be able to pin point the specfics. But compared with Med Mech, Ranger/M60 outranging Coils, Early Demo's, Stinger doing building damage, V sniping of the past it's pretty incredible to see how far APB has come and will be for the future.
  8. Happy birthday! What a competition! Will try to make it.
  9. (This belongs in the IA Section) Glad to hear! The map you're thinking about is called Great_Wall. The gun is stupid hard to aim as you've said, however if you use the "v" key to free aim you can move it around and hit a lot of things. If you fly the zepplin at Max height you're also immune to a lot of Gun fire.
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy Bday Buddy!

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