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  1. Thank You and you guys very much. The game is great!
  2. Grizzly Tank = Fair enough The current drop weapon can be use !drop command or press "o" or "p" = There is no way to turn it off from the hotkey p. Everytime I type !wep fast i accidently hit p which drops my weapons. Can you reassign this key away from p or make it customizable? The obelisk and AGT gun is currently can be a random powerup pickup, it has been in for many years and I would need to bring up to dblaney and reconsider this, but is a reward for player who has proficiency to use it. Sometimes 1 man army can wipe out the entire base defenses if he/she knows how to use it. = The other 39 Players in game (particularly me) find it annoying to not be able to do jack when a competent person has it. There is nothing fun about someone hiding in a cave taking out 3 vehicles in the span of 30 seconds. Orca Fighter = I was refering to this thing. It can 1 hit inf, hard as fuck to hit, strong ass armor, annihilate any vehicle Mammy Airdrop. The reason I bring this up is the map with the classical music in a cave. I forgot what it was called has the 36 inch mammoth getting stuck out of the War Factory.
  3. @Kaskins a couple things about interim Apex I was wondering if would be addressed. I understand a lot of things are out of balance but for a very weird reason I like it a lot like that and it’s interesting to counter things. The 36 Inch mammoth is incredibly OP but it forces your team to come together and get creative and also makes it more important to not lose. With that said the stuff below are things i’m Really not liking with in the game - The Orca is incredibly hard to kill and the rockets absolutely rape anything. There is ZERO negatives about it besides it’s $2,500 which can even be seen as a positive. - The Nod Super Heavy Tank main cannon is balls out useless unless you’re ramming into something. The secondary shot also doesn’t make a lot of sense. Compared with the 36 Inch Mammy it’s a hard buy for me.. - The Pioneer has an upgraded Repair gun and the sapper does not. Mk. I vs Mk. II - The obelisk and AGT guns just need to go away. - Please change the “drop all your weapons” key to something other than P. Whenever I type in !wep really fast I sometimes drop everything. - Viceroid Spam is annoying. - horn and charge should be added back to chat sounds - Airdrop all mammy 36 inch please - Grizzly tank damage is laughable - ZS7 Piony Nukes should have a bit more spread or do a bit more damage against 36 inch mammoth tanks. Currently they are in range of the 36 inch mammoth and killed easily for 6000.
  4. Don’t touch the music Don’t touch the Units and don’t touch Kane.
  5. Threve

    For those who are unable to open it or want to read here —————— “Fellow Command & Conquer fans, My name is Jim Vessella, and I’m a Producer at Electronic Arts. Ten years ago I had the pleasure of being on the production team for Command & Conquer 3 and Red Alert 3, along with being the Lead Producer on Kane’s Wrath. During those years, some of my favorite moments were interacting with our passionate community, whether at our onsite Community Summits, on the forums, or while attending various events such as Gamescom. As most of you may know, we recently announced Command & Conquer: Rivals, a mobile game set in the Command & Conquer universe. Following the reveal of Rivals, we heard you loud and clear: the Command & Conquer community also wants to see the franchise return to PC. And as a fan of C&C for over 20 years, I couldn’t agree more. With that in mind we’ve been exploring some exciting ideas regarding remastering the classic PC games, and already have the ball rolling on our first effort to celebrate the upcoming 25th Year Anniversary. We are eager to hear your feedback to help influence our current thoughts for PC and what comes next. Over the next few weeks we’ll be talking to fans in a variety of ways. In the meantime, please share your thoughts here on the OpenRA forums. As a long time C&C fan and developer, I am just as passionate about the C&C franchise as you are, and look forward to hearing your thoughts as they help us shape the future of C&C at EA! Thanks! Jim Vessella” ——————————————————- I think it’s interesting to see what EA will do (if they do anything at all) as they are talking about the cream of the crop classic games. However what games they will restore is debatable as well and a couple things should be taken away from this statement. “Upcoming 25th anniversary” EA is WELL KNOWN for rushing and forcing to meet deadlines which makes me worried but remastering Classic Westwood games (Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert, Tiberian sun) alone will require quite an extensive amount of time. Forget adding Renegade, RA2 and Generals to that list.. I’m worried about all this. But, I am also highly interested to see what and how they will be remastering.. COD4 was remastered using higher graphics which is what it needed and it looked awesome because it was the begging of modern era graphics as well. However Ra1, TS, TD and all the other RTS games have their graphics as part of their charm. So i’m very interested to see how and “what” exactly they will be remastering. At the end of the day though, even if everything faulters... at least it will put some life into C&C and will allow modern computers the chance to play C&C without problem.
  6. Threve

    Renegade is a very dead game comparatively to most anything else. No C&C is in sight to be made by EA to help revive any interest in the franchise. IA has allowed people who typically play APB and Renegade to come together as one in a fresh, very extensive world and play. Before IA... people typically played 20 player max games on APB and with the introduction of IA... all those players moved unto IA. So 20 people who typically played APB now playing IA causes others from Renegade want to play on that server and now that number becomes 40.. sometimes 55. You can delist and take away IA from your server listings all you want but at the end of the day the players (like me) are going to demand and find ways to get what we want. And as a player I think I can speak on behalf of a lot of people that IA has been 1. Incredibly Fun 2. The admins and Mods have been very helpful 3. The tie in with W3Dhub has given new breath into the community. 4. A new experience in W3D modding and only growing. 5. Unique with the promise of updates and support from W3D. 6. Understanding Do whatever you want, but as a player I'll be going back to IA and I think a lot of other people will to.
  7. Off topic but have you ever played Total Annihilation?
  8. Thank you very much. The guitar riffs and industrial undertone really bring out the track and make it incredible. As you already know no one in game gives a shit so thank you for this. I’ll check it out!
  9. Good Evening all. I've recently been playing Interim Apex and on the map Urban Warfare there is a lot of acclaim that the music is good. One of the tracks however has eluded me and searching the data in the Interim Apex folder (Always.dat 1, 2, 3 and all 27 IA.mix files) has led me to nothing. Therefor.. If anyone would like to listen to the catchy song from the Urban Warfare map it is here for your pleasure. Enjoy All and if you know the author, title or name please let me know so I can update accordingly.
  10. Threve

    Building games takes an incredible amount of time, man power, creativity and will. Further more no one is getting paid and even if you finish the game you still have to get others to play it. APB has been in development since 2003 or so to get to this point and people still play it seldom now and days. you’re talking about creating new sounds, characters, textures/skins (the paint/faces of everything), vehicles from 3D, maps and promoting it all on a system from 2002 that runs very sketchy at times. If you’d like to go for it, i’d recomend researching what you want, studying how to design games and going with Unreal Engine as that’s where you’re going to have a lot of popularity and better success.
  11. Threve

    @TemporaryName Please keep us posted on the status of your computer. That thing could fry a fucking egg. “In general you should consider 60 degrees Celcius the absolute maximum for long periods, but aim for 45-50 degrees to be safe.” (https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/desktop-pc/cpu-temp-3498564/)
  12. Threve

    Thank you Based God. (Edit) As you can see it just turns it white. I believe the website is trying to comp for the invisible part (The Alpha)
  13. Threve

    F i’d love to. Only problem is when i alpha it out, it turns black in an attempt to fix the empty space.
  14. Threve

    If you're considering harming yourself or others please message me or someone so we can help. God Tier Post ^ Fair Enough. I'll make do. Ty
  15. Good Evening everyone. I am attempting to upload a GIF Profile picture using GIFY. The website that allows you to turn a video into a GIF for a profile picture. The only problem is the server only allows GIF images lower than 0.94296847 something MB. Is it possible to increase the limit or would this lead to problems for you guys. Idk how much GIF images typically are. However my image is a little larger I would guess in size because I converted from FRAPS to AVI to GIF. If there is a website that makes smaller GIFs and it is a problem from this website then I would gladly use a suggested site as well. Thank you.