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  1. Interim Apex LONGPLAY Video. 4 Hours of Non-Stop Threvealicious Action! The good parts for anyone that doesn't have time to watch IA for 4 Hours. 0:57:09 - Start of Infinite Isle Match 1:53:04 - Start of Mt.Pass Match. (Had to get some lunch, Game was underway and Nod lost Refinery) 2:27:09 - I get fucking RECKT by Eblan 2:34:05 - HEROIC save and redemption from Eblan 2:40:30 - Fucking Engi wont die 2:38:54 - Start of Industrial Strength Match 3:33:01 - Start of ColdWall Match 3:42:58 - PS @Cjx0r 3:58:00 - Heroic Last Stand against Nod. Enjoy and happy playing! Thank you to all who participated this Saturday throwing it down on Interim Apex, the server can't be what it is without you guys!
  2. "Your face, your ass. What's the difference."
  3. I don’t know but the answer is always spam more units.
  4. Sorry i'm late to the party but to everyone here if you haven't already head on down to The CnC Com Center to not only download TS for free but also check out alot of rare Westwood Photos from back in the day. Seriously worth a look, it's like a museum for Westwood! No matter how cool you think you are.. You'll never be playing Tiberian Sun Beta in Westwood Studios Las Vegas on a TS Apocalyptic Chair/Computer in the 90's cool.
  5. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This file changes the strings or names of everything into comedic funny things. There is quite alot of names to explore! The names of things when you kill stuff remains server side and the same therefore it doesn't get confusing. To install simply drop the file here. ThisPC > LocalDisk C: > Program Files (x86) > W3DHub > Games > ia release > IAFiles > InterimApex > ttfs > files Drop them in and start playing. Enjoy!
  6. This over priced HP Piece of Shit deserves a worse death.
  7. Good Evening all. Just tonight my computer dropped again and it's about 5 seconds away from being Thanos'd out of existence. I made a thread almost a year ago asking which computer should be bought for work and received alot of great help/links while what i wanted. This is going to be a little different however as this will be my personal Gaming Laptop. Main games I play are Company of Hero's, Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun and of course Interim Apex. To help out here are some things. Computer I have now is HP Pavilion - 15z Beats Special Ed. Touch Laptop with; 8GB DDR3L System RAM. This peice of shit has a micro penis like 1.7 GHz, 800 GB Worth of Storage, AMD A8-5545M (idk what the hell that means but ok) along with a 15.6 inch screen. I have more trust in a live hand grenade than the quality of this HP Trash. It cost $599 when new. The computer i'm thinking about getting is a 2015 Toshiba Satellite S55-B5280 High Performance Laptop Intel Core i7-5500U(up to 3.0GHz), 15.6-inch HD Display, 12GB DDR3L, 1TB HDD for about $500 (Used). I used to own this thing and it absolutely kicked ass for everything i needed. The build quality was also very nice. Only problem is after a year the headphone jack broke so i couldn't put in my headphones. I sold it shortly afterwards. THINGS IM LOOKING FOR IN MY NEW OR USED COMPUTER - As much Storage as possible. (750 GB and above is where i'm liking) - Able to run programs without lagging or just being stupid. - Budget of sub $800 (Cheaper the better) - No HP Computers please. High Quality keyboard/build is really preferred. I've just had bad luck with HP since. - A normal or good sound card. I got a $200 computer once and it had such a horrible sound card I had to go out, return it and buy a Beats computer because I DJ'd music and also could barely hear anything properly. - 8GB RAM or better (More preferred but bias given to price at the end of the day.) - Large Screen (15.6 or better) , labtop Thank you very much to any and all who respond. I'm thinking of going with the Toshiba Satellite S55 but idk if anyone has heard horror stories from it, if there were any better options etc. I think i also heard that toshiba stopped making laptops? Ty all regardless.
  8. Winter_AssaultE053.Mix? Has a bunch of ships and tiberium in the middle? Apparently through coding it shouldn’t be possible.
  9. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As i've said earlier. Building Restores are not a problem overall due to the fact they are random based and placed on maps Randomly as well. Furthermore a winning team should have map control to prevent anyone from the opposing team from getting it. Even better is that if a losing team gets the building restore and the winning team blows that building up it gives massive points to the winning team furthering their victory. If an enemy team comes back from it then it's the winning teams fault for not finishing them off. It (Building Restores) helps diffuse situations not just like the one mentioned above (Kill Whoring) but also if the winning team kills ref early on. I can see the double edge sword to them, but to me (and i believe alot of people) they help more than they hurt. Now as i've said as well.. This would be the most fair way of judging what the community and player base would like/think about Building Restores wouldn't it? @TemporaryName
  10. Just wayyyyyyyyyy to much shit along with little benefit. To make a campaign you have to 1. Write out the storyboard and see if it will follow the original game by copy or be a completely new story. 2. Make, texture and develop scripts for new models/things that will be unique to help tell the story. 3. Make the map itself and also play test it through alot to ensure there isn't a game breaking pause or crash. 4. To continue the story you'd have to then make multiple maps or have one large massive map (not recommended due to lag depending on how advanced you get and texture loading elements). 5. Get the Hype started and keep up morale to see it through even through it's for a specific audience (Not alot of people play this game as before.. Furthermore alot of people just play online instead). 6. Record new sounds, voice audio and acting depending on how deep you want your story to go and feel. Possibly make cutscenes depending on how detailed you want. Can be skipped to save time but really completes the single player campaign feel. 7. Rally people to help test, build with you and keep it up which is very difficult. 8. A big thing is making the campaign actually playable. The problem with Renegade is the AI just typically runs straight at you.. alot of reviews on Renegade single player said that it was dry, you could tell WestWood had never made an FPS before and the AI was just lackluster compared to other games. This unfortunately is still true as it's just how the game is hardcoded. You can't exactly make this game like F.E.A.R. AI where they could duck. shoot, move to cover and fire behind walls along with communicate with each other. While yes it would be a single player campaign at the end of the day it would just be a reskinned version of the renegade campaign because the AI doesn't and cannot offer anything new. The only thing new you'd be getting is running around to different locations shooting dumb AI in a Soviet Tesla Tank or defending a location from Soviet Rifle Soldiers. While cool in practice and thought despite this handicap it still would be what... You just play the mission and you're done. That's it. With such a small team compared to the original Westwood studios W3DHub is focusing on the multiplayer because that is where this game really shines. The closest i've ever seen to a user made campaign would have to be Jerad and his "Colony Z142" something something map. It basically was a port of Halo into Renegade where you had to mount an assault unto a mining facility and do a bunch of shit like fight an end boss and kill aliens. Bear Hunt is also a great example of a single player campaign mission or something that has come close. Join IA and ask for these maps and i'll put them on for you to try if you'd like!
  11. If ever you do, count me the fuck in! Thank you once again for this map, I promise you it’s got a massive cult following on IA!
  12. Jerad. While I have you here. Any plans for Bear Island Part 2? Return of the Viceroid?
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