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  1. Threve

    Thank you Based God. (Edit) As you can see it just turns it white. I believe the website is trying to comp for the invisible part (The Alpha)
  2. Threve

    F i’d love to. Only problem is when i alpha it out, it turns black in an attempt to fix the empty space.
  3. Threve

    If you're considering harming yourself or others please message me or someone so we can help. God Tier Post ^ Fair Enough. I'll make do. Ty
  4. Good Evening everyone. I am attempting to upload a GIF Profile picture using GIFY. The website that allows you to turn a video into a GIF for a profile picture. The only problem is the server only allows GIF images lower than 0.94296847 something MB. Is it possible to increase the limit or would this lead to problems for you guys. Idk how much GIF images typically are. However my image is a little larger I would guess in size because I converted from FRAPS to AVI to GIF. If there is a website that makes smaller GIFs and it is a problem from this website then I would gladly use a suggested site as well. Thank you.
  5. Threve

  6. Threve

    Being honest gameplay wise, any C&C was just not as good as Company of Heroes. The only thing you're going to do in almost any C&C Title is mass buildings or units. This being said it very heavily makes up for it with - Incredible soundtracks every game. - Meaningful campaigns - Legacy - Very good story Arc/Lore - Interesting dynamics and with Tiberian sun at least... very good, well built environments. - Very creative units - Easy pick up and play (especially for an RTS type game) - Those old video cut scenes. With this said, C&C is able to do these things and no other RTS game has come close or made the same impact. If you're playing alone then C&C as a whole really is a 10/10. But in my argument I believe that Company of Heroes really captures a perfectly balanced realistic gameplay. Furthermore it has a lot more tactics to be applied with every single unit and every single game no matter what does not feel similar. The typical massing of a single unit has also been for the most part eliminated and you're required to have very different units come together to win at times and adapt to what's happening. However, COH cannot make up or do what has been listed above for C&C. Therefor I think it comes down to preference on what you're looking for in an RTS Game. COH also really only shines when you're on multiplayer as opposed to C&C where it rocks straight out of the box.
  7. Threve

    Interested in knowing other people’s opnions as well. Games as a whole and especially RTS games I feel are not really advertised ever in media. Have you ever played Company of Hero’s? I accidentally discovered the game while at Target. Ironically it’s been the highest rated RTS game and it’s the one I voted for. With it being so easy to get stuck on a game I wonder how many people here have actually played it
  8. Threve

    An old abandoned game with a loyal player base and unique gameplay? (APB) Nothing wrong with that!
  9. Threve

    Are you ok?
  10. Threve

    To be 100% fair supreme commander was the “Spiritual Successor” of Total Annhilation. I felt that with the technological breakthroughs, legend and mystic of this game it would only be proper to put this in place as such an earth shattering RTS game. Of course it could be biased due to only seeing the game played. But I thought it be best. Halo wars was also mediocre I heard. It never hit my radar for any interest. However options as you can see are and will be updated as people suggest more options!
  11. Threve

    Fixed. Never played it but have heard a bit about it. Maybe it's civilization I'm thinking about.
  12. Good Evening everyone. I have a legit question I've been thinking about recently. More often then not, there seems to not be a lot of RTS Games coming out or at least any of particular interest to me. It could possibly be that I have not been looking or paying to much attention but I've also been stuck on the old school ones as well. In my theory, RTS games have come down to Twitch/Competitive Gaming type games which means the quality has been drastically decreased to the point of the story being non-existent, horrid or irrelevant. I also believe that It can be agreed that 1995-2006 was a really good golden decade for RTS games in general. With this said I want to know which RTS game is the best, examining not just the game but a lot of other things such as What makes a great RTS game? Total Annihilation Company of Hero's Starcraft I have never played this and I’m sorry. It is good and popular enough that I’ve put it on this list. I am sure someone can vouch for it Command and Conquer (Any game) Star Wars Empire at War (w/ expansions included) I understand obviously there may be other titles that I may have missed out but these are what I found to be the best and that I have played so far. If your choice is not listed on here then feel free to comment your favorite RTS game and what makes it so special!
  13. To be fair alot of it came down to lag as well. Towards the end you can see me lagging in the Refinery alot.
  14. Texture or model wise?