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  1. NYC is fucked currently. - U.S.S. Mercy has just pulled in to shore due to hospitals being overfilled. Apparently only 20 patients on board despite there being able to fit 1,000. - Everywhere is closed and I mean everywhere. It's a ghost town in NYC which is crazy to say the least. 7/8 people have face masks. Streets that usually pack 100's or 1,000's of people now have maybe 1 or 2 walking their dog. Out of the 78 listed near-by restaurants that delivered Chinese Food on Uber Eats only 2 were taking delivery. - Taking the Subway is suicide at the moment. - Store shelves were empty and some still are (although it's returned to normal now for the most part). - Everything is online only like school or work. People delivering food leave it at the front door and walk away. - Central Park has become a makeshift major hospital with tents everywhere and medical personal. Looking to add more. - Talks are in place about not letting people leave NYC. Florida Gov. has already said anyone from NYC going into Florida will be put into jail for up to 90 days. Same goes with Rhode Island and other places. - Talks about issuing Tickets/Fines for not staying at home are in place and i believe have occurred. - Politicians and NY Gov. keep pushing back the time scale of when the virus will reach it's Apex. - Everyone 4 blocks there is an ambulance driving somewhere that you see or hear. - Stock market has tumbled back to 4-5 years ago deleting some of the strongest gains ever seen in the shortest amount of time ever seen. Banks are on edge, restaurants are pilling up debt, cruise ships and airlines are fighting to stay in business (although American Airlines/Boeing shot themselves in the foot with stock buybacks), Delta Airlines has resorted to building Hospital Face masks to stay afloat, American Airlines are shipping Cargo now as 90% of their planes are grounded, Oil Co. are being hit hard with the Saudi - Russia mess going on and no one is driving or flying.
  2. Threve

    Small Update

    +1 Stay safe everyone.
  3. Annoyingly, 90% of games come down to who has the better team. Always love going against Where'sMyMedal, Limado, Elyspain and Roh6 at the same time while my team spends their money upgrading heavy weapons yet didn't purchase the tiberium refinement upgrade.
  4. Spybotics: The nightfall incident (Turn based strategy game that is very advanced for what it was. An all time favorite. The tutorial is skipped unfortunately but it's quite basic. Move your program around and defeat the other program. Click on your program for more info.) A very old 2002 game from my childhood that introduced me to strategy gaming. A bit childish but I still enjoy it not just for strategic but nostalgic as well.. hard to find now if not impossible. Uploading here for archive purposes. I believe LEGO Media itself went extinct circa 2008 making this free online game hard to find. Note: This game can only run on Internet Explorer. After downloading, right click the file and click open with Internet Explorer. Give it a minute and it should work. If not, notify me here and i'll provide the Shockwave flash update to help make it work. spybot_0807_sw.dcr
  5. I would say yes seeing as it's not a Tunnel beacon or undisarmable on a ledge like in Urban_Warefare. Looks like Mt.Pass.. that map has helicopters to allow easy trasnportation to disarm stuff anywhere on the map and there is also a flame tower/ob that covers attacks next to Nod base there unless of course you're a spy. @Kaskins is the final ruling on this.
  6. Can you for instance download APB or Interim Apex and use the Always.dat from from those games only and make a map? Or is Renegade required for all W3D games?
  7. I wasn't there to witness it however if the map comes up again with these players I will be watching. Next time just video it and post it on here if you can.
  8. Anytime, see you on the battlefield! To help get you started if you don't already know. ECW - Like GTA, but for Renegade IA - Renegade on Crack with 100's of new units and weapons and maps including units from RA1 and TS APB - RA1 into renegade Reborn - TS into renegade
  9. You have to install the games first by clicking "games" then going to Interim Apex (or any of the other games). Then click "Install". After clicking install, let is do it's thing then click on Server Browser and join game.
  10. Well, I believe defenses use Vehicle logic while buildings (like the HON/Ref/ Con Yard) use building logic. As a result, defences (at least as of a week ago) can still be annhilated by the Obelisk gun. In addition, the Ob gun was taken out of Infinite Isle if i'm not mistaken. You could have just been hitting the building at a weird angle that didn't register damage. For example, if you shoot the doors of a building it doesn't count for any damage whatsoever. I think the Com Center has some weird places damage doesn't register as well like the antenna/pole or a certain part of the radar dish. You could also have been missing as well or maybe your grenades were bouncing and it wasn't hitting in a finicky way. Renegade is weird like that sometimes.
  11. Imagine getting dome'd in the head by a .50 Caliber Anti Tank Rifle then walking it off.
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