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  1. If you had to describe Renegade in one picture.
    10/10 - New York Times A return to form - Washington Post
  2. @F00ker XD "You caught me with my own trick" hahahahaha
  3. Version 1.1.0


    1.1 Change log (Current Version) A Preview of the Sounds can be viewed in the video below. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: (INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS) Installing is simple if you follow these instructions. There are 2 folders.. one marked ttfs and one marked data. You're going to take the sound files from the ttfs sounds folder and drop them into your IA ttfs folder. Navigation there is as follows. ThisPC > LocalDisk C: > Program Files (x86) > W3DHub > Games > ia release > IAFiles > InterimApex > ttfs > files You're going to take the sound files from the DATA SOUNDS folder and drop them into your IA DATA folder. Navigation there is as follows. ThisPC > LocalDisk C: > Program Files (x86) > W3DHub > Games > ia release >Data IA Sounds.7z
  4. “Man’s gotta hump 3 times a day”
  5. Besides the obvious of what was mentioned above it would simply have no practical usage in today's modern day era. Say it was built however and ignore all the logics and whatever along with Maus history. Problems would arise before, during and after development. 1. There is no point due to there not being a world war going on. Many battles today are not major nation wide but more so proxie wars fought by militant groups. The only country that could build something of this magnitude (the correct way at least and have it working) is a superpower. Russia has the Typhoon Class submarine which is the world's largest sub. They have since retired almost all 5 of them. Bigger simply just isn't better as well. The caliber of guns is irrelevant with the development of missiles, artillery and railguns. Now that I say it even artillery is going out of fashion. 2. Actual Tank on Tank warfare is extremely rare now and days due to the fact only superpowers would really be capable of doing so. It doesn't make sense to have a super tank go up against an old soviet tank fielded by some group that just found it when you can use a less costly tank (abrams) to do the same job. It's the equivalent of buying a semi with two trailers to go pick up groceries when you could just buy a Truck or SUV. 3. During production it would take alot of money, time and resources to develop this, not just build it. The design may be there but you have to figure out how to make sure this thing doesn't over heat, how it aims and such along with testing. You could forgo this but you dont want to do that in battle. 4. Besides the fact we've used enough money here to build probably 150 Main USA Battle Tanks due to research, contracting, development of parts/tech.. we now have our mammoth tank. Now we have to go find a battle to get ourselves into... We find ourselves in Iraq, as is typical, we are going for a patrol. Our mammoth tank has now held up traffic due to how slow it is. We could make it faster but it would wear out the parts faster as well and put it in the shop for another 8 months (These parts have to be custom made btw and shipped). Well fuck it, we put a Nuclear Reactor inside of the Tank and it's now faster along with being efficient at letting out heat. Driving along the sandy road (and hopefully not getting stuck) we managed to hit an IED and our tracks are blown. We now require two recovery vehicles due to the weight of our tank. The nuclear reactor is also in danger of going critical and killing us all but the professional inside mechanics help mysteriously maintain half of your tanks health. You're stuck here for a day or two in the hot sun much to the dismay of the rest of the 200,000 Marines you're supporting. 5. We had a hiccup but we're going hard still. We have just pulled up on our village and there are enemies in there which means we get to get some. Command just called and told us we can't use our 60mm missiles to level the place because there are civilians and it would level a football field worth of property. Furthermore your wide Mammoth tank would destroy the streets due to the weight, and the buildings due to the length of the turret. The threat may also hit you from above the buildings, use an IED or hide in a occupied building with children. Our nation also wants some prisoners captured alive so we can get intel. So infantry dismounts and we cover our APC's as the infantry clears the village. A predator missile falls from the sky precisely destroying the high value target as we guard our APC's. Victory is at hand but you spot an enemy vehicle from ahead. As your team loads the 120mm cannons you get ready to fire. You lock in and the target explodes... you didn't fire but your teammates M1 Abrams that uses the same 120mm ammunition scored a hit. You wanted to use the dual cannons but your friend seems to be more than enough to blow away a 150,000 mile Toyota with a M2 mounted on back from 3 miles.. You scan the air for targets with advanced sensors but fail to find anything other than a $35 ISIS drone from Walmart watching the battle unfold. Lacking any machine guns your team takes practice shooting at it with M9 Berreta’s for fun while you’re waiting for the village to be secured. 6. Your team then decides to let you become a mobile base defence because command figured out you suck at patrolling. After sitting at base for weeks on end you see a convoy coming and fire up the engines, the enemy is out 5 miles and you're preparing to give them hell. All of a sudden 5 F-35 Jets fly over head as the lock unto the tanks/APC’s with missiles as an apache helicopter kills any infantry higher than you can see. Command is high fiving themselves as you take off your tank suit depressed and tell your team to get some sleep. 7. 15 Years later and you're about to retire until russia attacks trying to take back the middle east in the midst of a world wide fuel crisis. The world is at war and it's coming down to the last couple of drops as humanity struggles with themselves. Everything is to be used including your X-1 Mammoth Tank Prototype. You fire up the tank, smell the coffee and ready the guns. As you embark on the battlefield, brushing the dust off of your museum quality tank, a missle hits the top of your tank (Weakest Armor) from a drone high above. It seems being so unique has made the enemy focus everything on you (like the worlds largest battleship Yamamoto in WW2). The tank is hurt as another missle from a javelin strikes the top severely destroying your optics. Your sensors however built inside pick up a strike force ahead of Russian Main battle tanks. Now that you’re in an open field you can use the tank effectively for tank/tank combat. 3 out of 5 manage to fire at your frontal armor and 1 round makes it through with the round exploding a specialty HE Copper shell killing 3 crew inside. You take aim and fire your cannons. You then ignite 2 Russian tanks using your 120mm cannons. and directly hitting them while the other 3 Russian Tanks hit your treads and engine. A fire has started in the cockpit from the abuse and with your tank on fire you run away before the nuclear radiation gives you cancer or the rounds explode. The fire extinguisher system works but your tank is also missing half a tread and stuck due to the intense combat. American M1 Abrams in your squad manage to cause some serious damage as well and both sides retreat with Russian hackers wirelessly hacking into what is left of your tank to get any info they can. To ensure a special operations team doesn’t save/repair your prize, they EMP the tank 4 times and fry any and all electronics that still work. 45 Years later as humanity looks back on the war, a Russian GrandFather leans into his son and tells him "A long time ago, the world used tanks in battle." as his son wikipedia's what a tank is on his Iphone 27xS. The Mammoth Tank Prototype in front of them at the museum is nothing more than a husk shell with 2 kill crosses scratched into its armor.
  6. That sounds awesome and would really help out. I’ll talk with Yap about getting you the template (if he still has it) if not we will figure it out. @Sheila not a problem! Thank you for your very hard work. I can put the changes in there to have our first IA language version. As for the PT Icons. Basically i’m Going to get a template/picture of the original one, retype it all in Turkish and paste the tanks on it so all the Icons are in Turkish. The icons are basically pictures (a texture) as where the language translation is a different file. So I have to do them desperate. Again, awesome work and feel free to change/update as needed.
  7. Wow. A lot of info. I’m about to check now and work on porting the Turkish translation to APB/I.A. Thank you to everyone’s help so far. Will post updates as they come along. It won’t be as simple as typing it in due to the fact i’ll Need to also recreate the PT icons to reflect them in Turkish.
  8. I think the toxin tractor (I never used it before so idk how op or retarded it is) should function like the GDI Zippo. That would give nod the ability to kill Power Armor suits easier and other infantry in hard to reach places.
  9. Silos needed.
  10. The only social aspect regulated is I ask everyone not to use racial slurs in-game. I kindly warn if someone doesn’t know. Other than that have fun and do whatever. I just ask as well you don’t start 3 hour political or religious debates (always fun). If there’s an issue with the game that involves paragraphs of explanations than post on forums so it can be documented and something be done. There are a lot of units which brings a lot of things that can use balance but posting for an hour in-game about it becomes tiring and ultimately fruitless when forums will be able to document it (there are discussions in the background that happen based on feedback from forums that directly influences the next build! I can say that we appreciate and love the help that the community gives back based on concerns about different units and something is being done about all of said units/issues. This game is quite expansive however so please be patient.)
  11. Your shitposting abilities are godlike but please stop. Your avatar disturbs me. The website was updated recently. Should be fixed soon(ish) and coming back. Resets after every update.
  12. The translation may be wrong but i don't exactly understand this part..? Sorry. Can you rephrase it. "I am a bit out of this and offtoping, so don't take me too serious, but... for example talk/argue with administration to improve/add/tweak rules..... (on server)" I do agree. And we will be adding more clarity to the rules for things that should be more obvious like no Team Hampering and such. There are new maps coming as well to help with areas that shouldn't be accessible that are now.
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