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  1. Absoultely. It's actually encouraged as proxy mines are so critical to defence but can be disarmed easily if placed incorrect. Just make sure you have 1 mine sticking out somewhere so you remebered that you mined there.
  2. Sorry for being late to the party as well. Wanted to add two things to the mix! Interim Apex: As you may or may not know, a new big update was just released! The update includes new units, a redesign of Great_Wall and some major balance changes to units across the board including defences. Download now and check it out if you haven't already! ECW: As OWA mentioned the download section has been reformed and updated to include ECW and IA respectively. Adding the first file to the ECW section is an ECW sound remaster to bring the game more into the modern age. A personal project of mine, the goal here was to not only replace some outdated sounds but also remaster already existing ones with the proper HQ sound files, filters and effects. Download when you get a chance.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This sound pack for ECW aims to improve and remaster a majority of primary sounds that ECW utilizes. Unfortantely, a lot of the sounds files use low frequency audio (12,500 Hz - 20,000 Hz) that degrades quality which could be due to the age of when the game was made or simply what was avaliable at the time. However, the files included in here help to fix the problem with fully replaced sounds, audio that has been re-edit'd in audacity/filter'd through various plugin's, more detailed audio and direct sound files from other games in their crystal clear 48,000 HZ format instead of what was originally an in-game recording from earlier times. It's my hope to continue this to the point of ensuring a complete revamp of ECW sound files including specfic radio stations much like GTA. Enjoy! Changelog V 1.0: Installation is as follows: Place all files in C:\Program Files (x86)\W3D Hub\games\ecw\release\Data 2040941246_ECWSoundRemaster.rar
  4. Alright. Based off of what was witnessed through Broly's videos it looked like this wasn't a one time thing. There was consitant headshots abound while shooting at a wall the whole match. I talked with Lance3065 and requested proof of what occured. As it turns out, it's due to Renegades shit netcode and internet. What occured, Lance3065 started to download a game simultaneously on Steam (Aven Colony) while playing IA. The game is 25 GB. This in turn lead to what Lance3065 doing holding true. People were ethier standing still, or running in a straight line on his game. SImilar to the moment right before the game dissconects due to "Connection Lost to Client". I talked with Pyryle as he had the same problem a while back. Basically, Lance's game due to a massive dump on his internet was not allowing his client and the IA client to sync up properly. This caused the game to update what seems to be every 10 to 15 seconds on his end instead of real time. Based on the proof provided and history, I do not believe he was hacking or using cheats but instead (As obviously shown in the video) having his internet just take dump on him. But if this can happen once, it can happen again. I would like to say simply, "Do not download anything while playing IA" to you @ Lance and I strongly believe that you'd do that. But again, this shows that it's a possibility to do something like this. As a result and meeting in the middle.. I would like for you @Lance3065 to stream your games on Twitch.com using whatever program you'd like, as long as it streams. This will provide proof to anyone in-game and me that you're situation isn't occuring. As you've said it's triggered by downloading games from steam. If you're downloading situation starts to become a reoccuring thing then it's going to lead to punishment. I have seen you play normally in-game with some lag here and there.. so simply just don't download anything while streaming and you'll be fine. In terms of programming, OBS seems to be a good go to. If you need help, there is a guide here. If you still can't get it, just post a topic in help/support and we'll get you set up. Twitch is not a 25 GB game on steam so i'm assuming this problem won't occur again while streaming. I do not expect this to be a permant thing ethier. However, for now until a deciding point I would like for you to stream your games and provide the link to it at the end of the topic please. I believe one week should be a fair amount of time to get it set up. Unless Dblaney1 or Yap says otherwise, this is the decison i've made and that will occur.
  5. Wow. That looks pretty bad. I'm going to talk with all involved first to get every side of the story before I come to a conclusion and in-turn decision. I believe it's fair to all involved and there may be missing evidence from opposite sides. Please PM me the details of what occured. @awxyde (PM'd on Discord and will be PM'd in-game from me). @Broly @Lance3065 @sith_wampa (Was in-game at the time as well) @BeerBaron Thank you.
  6. I understand which is why in some of the points (Like the golaith) I reccomended it be moved to locations that only have 3 slots filled at the moment instead of the maximum 4. I'm very confused and concerned about this. I did some tests to confirm what I think about this purposed change. I got a Gunner, an Ezikel and a Mammoth Railgun and did some tests to see the firepower of each on the current build on IA right now. I fired directly at the front of an Ezikel to determine how long it takes to kill it. All shots were aimmed at the same spot (Front windshield). Here's what I found. Currently (All units are un-upgraded): Gunner will kill an Ezikel in 11.22 Seconds by firing at an Ezikel (Reload time included) A Mammoth Tank Railgun will kill an Ezikel in 15.3 seconds. (Reload time included) Increasing the damage per shot from 197 to 249 is a purposed 26.4% increase to the current damage. If the damage was a 100% increase, it would in theory mean it kills a unit twice as fast. So i'm going use this theory to apply for the time. 26.4% (Increased damage)/half = 13.2% . (I'm dividing in half to calculate the time. If it was 100% of an increase in damage it would mean the unit would kill 50% faster. Twice the damage = half the time.) So 13.2% of 11.22 seconds = 1.48 seconds (Rounded from 1.48104) So 11.22 - 1.48 means that with the new changes gunner will kill an Ezikel in 9.74 seconds un-upgraded. With upgrades... 197 (What was tested) to an upgraded 396 damage is a purposed 101% increase to the tested damage (197). So. 101%/half = 50.5%. So 50.5% of 11.22 seconds = 5.65 (Rounded from 5.656) So 11.22 - 5.65 = 5.67 Seconds. This means that with the new changes gunner would kill an Ezikel in 5.67 seconds upgraded. (Side Note: The time would actually be faster/shorter than calculated since Gunner would have 9 rockets instead of 6 upgraded. I would need to test this out to see if he could kill an Ezikel in 1 Salvo with the changes or is forced to reload.) Again for comparison a Mammoth Railgun kills an Ezikel in 15.3 seconds. I welcome anyone to correct or fix my math if it's wrong, messing with the time and percentage calculations is again difficult but I believe this is correct what i'm assuming if not giving an idea of the changes. The reason I put all of this is to show that Gunner's damage is fine where it is. I think he should be crushed because he can just run next to ezikels at the moment and they can't do anything about it. Making him crushed mean ezikels have a chance and he's still OP slightly but not a huge ammount. As in he's fun to use. The math above does not take into account hitting the side armor weakspots or hitting from rear which i believe would kill an ezikel faster. Gunner I don't believe needs to be buffed to fight back against anything since he can already take on everything (And really well if I may add).
  7. It's a tactic nonetheless which is what I support. It's also a tactic that has a counter which is to just get rid of the Support vehicle (which are usually weak APC's). This forces team gameplay and also is able to be stopped. I don't support buffing the support vehicles however because of said tactic being used effectively already.
  8. I agree with most of what you said. However, The Anti Air Specialist is great against most aircraft besides the Hind which I think is fine. It gives Nod a cool edge in the air catergory. I believe there's hope for the Black Hand using the changes listed above. Logan AA-12 HE should do more damage to vehicles. The AA12-HE litterely doesn't do anything which confused me. Not a huge problem though. Patch. Radar invisible Patch is something I'd use. FLASH M202. I could deal with this unit only having 1 Timed C4. Although as I listed later, I would like for Nod to get an M202 Flash as well to deal with GDI's. Havoc Power Suit. I still believe that this unit only encourages killwhoring. It's ethier at base refilling or camping Nod base that's being whored. Stage II FV005. This unit was used as a MBT before being nerfed. To make it usefull again maybe a faster deploy time so it can be used effectively? Churchill. One of the main reasons why Nod can't do anything at the start as well. The tank should be WAY slower as a nerf to make up for it's armor. Like 4.0m/s TOW Humvee. That is why the nerf's i reccomened were reasonable. This unit currently decimates anything that's light armor and medium armor in an unescapable locking missle. Nerfing the damage by 5% means it still hits HARD. The reload nerf means that it hits hard still but not as often. The speed nerf mean it's more possible to actually hit the vehicle. The Humvee 50 cal currently goes 22 M/S. The TOW Humvee goes 20 M/S. I don't see how it's fair for a $200 price difference. I believe the speed should be 17 m/s. The nod coutnerpart (The BDRM-AT Flute APC thingy) is $700 and hits pretty hard/is balanced but can be 1 hit K/O'd by a TOW Humvee. Brining all this up, I believe justifys the slight nerfs reccomened for this unit. It still retains it potency but isn't unusable for $700. It requires more skill to use but if used correctly will hit nearly just as hard. If you die, then the $700 credits start to add up. It will also be a good base point to see if the nerf's are enough instead of being massively nerf'd at the start. Mammoth Recovery Tank. I agree. As said earlier, two of these repairing each other and repairing the mammoth tanks in front of it is nearly impossible to kill. I would increase the price as you suggested to a higher price (Around $2,800) and make the speed the same as the Mammoth 120mm (7..9 m/s) along with a slight decrease in HP and Armor (50) Aegis Shield Generator. I did not bother mentioning this unit because I know that it's ethier in-game or not in-game. There's no inbetween. I would like it so you're forced to be inside the vehicle for the shield to work. However I can see people AFKing in the vehicle or just abusing it. I don't think the changes you suggested like the shield having health are possible because of the game engine. It's a neccasary evil imo. The goal of IA is to combine everything from every CnC Game nearly into one. I believe it does so wonderfully but the real goal or fun in IA is when there are a lot of powerful things that have to be used to counter other powerful things. There are in my belief a lot more underwhelming and underpowered things at the moment rather than powerful for Nod. The Rocket Soldier: I believe the rocket soldier is a neccasary evil. I understand it's annoying a $200, $300 unit can take out defences but in the next patch the rocket is being very slightly nerf'd. I can confirm this as i've tested it out. However, you need the rocket soldier to take out defences and at such a low cost that you can constantly do something during the game even if your credits are low. I agree there are too many sniper units that don't do anything. These were adressed as well above. Nod Vehicles. I believe IA encourages both solo and Teamwork based play. This is different from vinallia renegade in which it was very limited and the only way to play was through non-stop tank spamming or just being really lucky with a beacon. I think the $950 Melta Bike is fine. It has a purpose in which it kills Mammoth 36's and Tort 39 Pdrs from behind. I love the Ob guns, Stealth Suits and Wep pick ups. Instead of taking away I think the addition of things adds a great element to the game and the more dynamics to attack an enemy base and win the better. It's just a little fine tunning that I believe needs to happen. For example, I could do with the ADATS and AGT gun having limited ammo (Much like the EMP Grenade). This is better than just removing it completely and I think a lot of other people would agree based on what i've seen. Love crates as well because more Visceroids. 1. No. I have seen you and Noizzer and NFHAVOC play in-game using the resupply vehicles. The reason is so you guys can just spam Lancers to machine gun Lancer basically any GDI Tank. I actually support this tactic and think it's pretty cool. But to buff resupply vehicles so that you're unstoppable is a terrible idea, especially a T-35. You'd at this point be unkillable. The BMD-13 and Weisel do a great just at resupplying (Especially since all you do is get a tech and reheal it anyways) and they have armor upgrades from the CC to boot. 2. GDI does not need a second resupply vehicle. I do believe that the AAV could use a faster reload, but I don't see the reason to buff any reload vehicles. 3. I agree. A lot to unpack here. The Tunguska 9K22 is not over powered. It costs $2,400 and barely does it's job effectively. The rockets that you're talking about barely damage to Mammoth Tanks, Titans, Tort 39 Pdrs that much because when the Tunguska is on the field these are the only units that GDI are fielding. In addition, a $2,500 ORCA Fighter can easily kill a Tunguska. Sometimes being able to 1 Hit K/O the vehicle. If your main tactic to killing a Tunguska is using aircraft anyways (Which is specfically dedicated for AA) what do you expect. As a last point, the Tunguska can be two hit K/O'd by a TOW Humvee or a Mammoth Railgun (Of which there's usually 3 in field at a time). This is not a unit that needs to be nerf'd anymore than it has. Chinooks are slow. But that's because it takes a while to get them up to speed. In addition that has non-targeting missles that have a massive range and the Chinook has massive armor. If you're being shot down by tanks then fly higher and get up to speed in base before going to the field. Also evaluate what you're using the chinook for. It's something that has to be purposefully used each time for ethier long range building attacks or to ferry a rush. Then watch the GDI base and alert your team that there are 6-10 Kawasakis flying around in the GDI base for no reason. It just takes 1 person. In addition you said above that the Tunguska denies all of the GDI airpower so get a Tunguska. The Kawasaki is arguably one of the most lightly armored GDI aircraft in-game and most maps with an OB and Aircraft (Ulake, Cold_Valley) you have ample time to be able to shoot down the aircraft before they reach your base. Great wall is getting a redesign. I believe that map is just a bad example to use for anything balance wise due to how limited in scope the whole entire map is for each team.
  9. Here it is. The one to end them all. After playing IA for 3 years nearly daily it's obviously became my favorite game and a lot of others. There are a lot of balance concerns though that I think should be adressed. The balance topics i'm adressing here however are mostly buffs because IA at it's heart when it's fun is very buffed units vs each other and how to balance them by using their strategies. I write this speaking on the feedback and on behalf of what I believe everyone else thinks. That's why i've included a poll at the top and encourage people to give feedback so we can know what players believe what and give feedback as such. If there's a concern about a unit you have and I haven't adressed it it's because there exists a counter or strategy to counter it I believe is sufficent enough to not warrent a Nerf. Enjoy. The balance (IA) General Balance unrelated to units: An important concept that a lot of people are not taking into consideration is the balance not by units but the game itself. During games of all the way up to 12 v 12 Nod finds itself going on the defensive a lot of times to win as the only way to win. This is because of a couple reasons all of which make it that people do not want to play Nod. After 22-24 players, there are so many units that the game balances itself out. But most games on IA are below 20 players which is why a problem is being found. Nod defenses are useless. + This leads me into my next important point. Nod has to constantly only play defence to win. +Nod has little to fight back GDI at the start of the game. + Due to unit nerfs, the only realiable vehicle Nod can use (That's not a Flame Tank, Gap Gen or specialty vehicle like so) and will every game is the Ezikel Stealth Wheel. Everything else is irrelevant. So now that we have a general outline of what’s going on nearly every game with Nod. Let's talk about the maps that drive players out the game and are !vote cyclemap’d constantly and why. Orca_Heights. This map was talked about briefly above, but nearly every time I’ve played it people want to skip it. Why? Great_Under. Cold Wall. Just remove. Vile_Facility (Old): Ulake: Great_Wall. Blazing_Sands: I believe that this map is fairly balanced and is a fun time for either team. If people would like to comment on what they think of the map and also provide a solution then please do. Cold_Valley (Fjord_Classic.mix): Winter_Assault: Mt.Pass: Map Conclusion: I may add a map or two. But after playing these are the maps I see a problem with primarily. I understand a lot of other maps do have their fair share of issues but they are fun to play which is what matters. Please comment on any maps you disagree with in my reasoning if you find any issues. Unit Issues: This is it. This is going to address every single unit that GDI and Nod has along with what to do with them. If they’re ok then i’ll leave it at that. If there is a problem I will say the problem and the solution. Nod Infantry: BH Melta ($500) The unit is actually pretty good. I like that the ammo and range is low because you really have to use this unit tactically. However, a lot of people would like more ammo. Comment below if you agree. Nod Blackhand Machine Gunner ($650). This unit fights great as well. But I believe the damage should be increased very slightly to match it’s price tag. Up for debate. Chemical Warrior ($650). This unit costs way too much for what it’s worth and doesn’t make sense. For $650 the unit moves slower and still gets killed just as easily as the $200 unit. Sure a baby visceroid spawns but it’s not worth $650. Solution: Lower the price or give the unit 40 Chemical Grenades instead of just two. Nod Ballistic Sniper ($650) I don’t understand this unit because the bullet will randomly go where it wants to. Sure, you can damage aircraft and deal a lot of damage to infantry but if you’re using it for short range attacks like that then you’d just buy something else. Like a BH LCG. If you actually want to snipe then you’d use a $500 Sniper Rifle. Solution: Lower price or make the bullet accurate instead of random. It travels slow anyways. Anti Air Specialist ($700) I believe the AA missile is fine. Up for debate as i’ve heard a lot of players talk about buffing the AA missile. Comment below. Black Hand ($700) (AK-107) This unit fights like a $500 unit but costs $700. I would buff the BH LCG like above and swap places with the $650 so the Black Hand costs $650 and the BH LCG costs $700. I would make the Black hand run 8.0 m/s. (As a comparison the Military police runs 7.7 m/s) and give 30 more armor. Nod Designated Marksman ($700) (SVD Dragunov) This unit is never purchased because the weapon and the unit don’t make sense. The damage is low and the unit is unremarkable. I would decrease the price to $400. Raveshaw ($1,000) This unit is pretty good. But I believe the Railgun could use a very slight buff. Mendoza (Normal) The normal version of Mendoza is never bought. Ever. There’s just no reason to. The unit speed is 6.8 m/s which is the same as the mendoza firesuit. I would make Normal mendoza 7.9 m/s and give him 2 timed C4’s to give people a reason to buy him. He will still die by mines but now is powerful, faster and worth buying. He can’t 1 hit K/O a building because that requires 3 Timed C4’s. Mendoza (Firesuit) Perfect. Mendoza (Backpack) No one buys this unit. It’s typically skipped over for the firesuit. Why? Because !ammo exists. So to solve this I would make the unit speed the same as the firesuit. 6.8 m/s (The Backpack mendoza goes 5.9 m/s). Making the unit go faster means it’s harder to hit. Being harder to hit and not having to wait for !am means it’s better in combat. Better in combat means people will use this more for 1 v 1. Mutant Petrova I love this unit. But it needs +50 Armor because of the price. Currently has just 100 Armor. Mutant Raveshaw This unit needs to be addressed. It costs $1,750 and does not fight like so simply because it really lacks anti infantry capabilities. All it needs is a Calico Pistol with 50 rounds instead of the Beretta 93R. (Yap said in Discord the armor will be fixed) GDI Infantry: Designated Grenadie ($300): This unit has a terrible weapon that doesn’t even really do any damage to anything. I would recommend removing this unit or reworking the grenade launcher so that if the grenade hits a unit it does higher damage with burn. Maybe it fires an incendiary grenade? Just absolutely bad and it’s not even your fault @ yap. The unit has always been terrible in Renegade. GDI Designated marksman ($500): Same as above for Nod. GDI Ballistic Sniper ($650): I don’t understand this unit because it fires like the $500 Normal Renegade Sniper rifle but has this weird spread when aiming so you never know if your bullet is going where it should. Solution: Make the rounds not have spread. It’s uniqueness comes from having 10 rounds instead of 5. Logan ($650): A great balanced unit that I love. There’s just one issue which is the AA-12 HE. It doesn’t do any damage to anything and i’m very confused what to use it for. Solution: Make the AA-12 HE do a big amount of damage but only have 1 extra magazine so you have to call in !am or refill. Gunner ($650): I’ve been waiting for this one. I’m going to really try to be unbiased here, but Gunner simply needs to be able to be crushed (Again). If i’m not mistaken, crush was removed from Gunner because of the Unit Icon? If this is going to be fixed next patch then ignore. Gunner is an Anti Vehicle, Anti infantry, Anti Aircraft unit that can drive and hug anything. 1 Tow Humvee and 1 Gunner Salvo can kill an Ezikel. Solution: Make gunner able to be crushed so he can’t just kill everything by running next to it. The A.I. Support is also vastly affected by gunner being nigh unstoppable. The A.I. Gunner will 1 Hit K/O anyone and runs next to your vehicle become unstoppable. You could replace !sup with just this unit and it would still be as powerful as any other. Again, Gunner should be crushed. Patch ($700): Make Radar invisible. FLASH M202 ($700): Love this unit. Absolutely love it and don’t believe it should be changed. Only putting it here because I know people will have an opinion. This unit is used to clear out people camping with a SBH in the field or make someone unstoppable actually be able to be killed. I only wish Nod was able to get the M202 as well. Marksman (DMR Sniper Rifle) ($700): This unit has bullet drop which makes the rifle only useful at close to medium range. If this is what the unit is intended for then ok. But for long range combat, it’s just not useful. Solution: Remove bullet drop. People just buy a Ramjet or Renegade Sniper Rifle instead (The one Deadeye uses). Sydney ($1000/PIC): This needs to be changed definitely. The PIC is useless at the moment. It needs to be buffed. I don’t know the values otherwise I would give an accurate opinion of how much it should be buffed but if it deals say 100 Damage right now, it should deal 122 Damage instead. Havoc Power Suit ($1,750): This unit shouldn’t exist. Why? Because the only usage of this unit is to stay at your base and constantly refill during a sniper battle OR sit outside of Nod base and killwhore. It takes two headshots to kill this unit and it doesn’t matter because again, people will just refill. SBH’s can not 1 hit K/O this unit with throwing knives and anyone using this will just do what I said above. So you can’t use a suicide bomber to kill this unit because it’s in GDI base or in field and you’re being killed by GDI. Nod also doesn’t get an M202 so you’re SOL. Comment if you agree or not. Mobius Power armor: Great unit again. Just unsure why he’s not in the !support. I’ve tested it out and the first level of nod !Support kills GDI’s final tier of support (Havoc and Sydney). Solution: add back mobius to !sup GDI Vehicles: M113 ($500): This unit is too slow to actually be used as an APC. Other faster units are better off being used. Debatable if worth changing but worth bringing up. M132 Zippo ($800): This unit used to be good because it actually killed infantry by lighting them on fire. It’s been nerf’d in damage however and is just never used. The unit has to be close range to even realistically hit something and is killed by nearly any Anti Tank vehicle. Solution: buff the damage back so the unit has a purpose. This is supposed to be a fun unit but people just use Mammoth Tank Rockets instead. PT-91M Pendkar ($1800): I have never seen this unit used or bought by anyone. Why? Because this unit doesn’t perform as well as an M1 Abrams or Mammoth Tank 120mm. It needs a reason to use. Solution: The tank already moves faster than both. However the Pendekar has 715 Armor while the M1Abrams has 815. I would give the Pendkar a faster turning turret and more armor to match the M1Abrams. That way this unit is faster, has a faster turning turret, smaller profile than the M1 Abrams with almost as much armor. That way people will buy this tank if they want a pure Tank vs Tank and prefer more mobility rather than armor. Stage II FV005 ($1,800) This unit takes 11.5 seconds to reload. The trade off is that the range is incredible and damage is good. But there is a spread. The unit however isn’t used all that often anymore. Solution: make the reload 9-8 seconds undeployed. This will tilt the unit enough to where it will start to be used again for long range tank sniping. Churchill ($400) This unit is actually one of the few i’m going to recommend be nerf’d slightly. Why? This unit will out health anything early game that Nod has and is a reason Nod will never capture the field early game on a balanced team wise game.The cannon does enough damage that it will destroy anything early on. The tank moves at 8.9 m/s which is fast for what it is. Has 960 Armor and 960 HP with Heavy armor that’s impossible to crack without heavy firepower. The front machine guns decimate infantry. Solution: Make the tank 4.0 m/s in speed. It’s ok to have heavy firepower, but it’s literally the first tank ever made yet goes faster than most tanks and kills anything Nod has early game. TOW Humvee ($400) This unit is a major reason that Nod can not do anything early game. The TOW Humvee will track any unit and kill it no matter what for $400. The TOW Humvee can 3 hit K/O a Stingray 105mm, 1 Hit K/O a Banshee, Buggy’s, M109 Arty’s, A/T Stealth Comanches, etc.. I know everyone here has experienced it. It’s incredible against absolutely anything and everything. If you die then it just costs $400 so who cares. Solution: It’s easy to nerf this unit HARD. Instead what I suggest is a 25% longer reload, reduction of speed from 20 m/s to 17 m/s, -5% damage and $700. That way, yes this unit still hits hard but you had better be good and avoid fire or you’re dead. Mammoth Tank 120mm ($1,800): Perfect where it is. Only issue is the Tusk Missiles. They just melt any infantry that Nod has. I don’t know what to write because I’ve heard that Yap is fixing and editing them. If I had some damage values I could comment better on what to do. But at the moment the Tusk missles just track infantry, have a insane high range, chuck aircraft, do burn damage to infantry and have a massive splash damage. Mammoth Tank Railgun ($2,800): Love the unit. Again the tusk missiles. But a primary thing about this unit is that it can go toe to toe with the Ezekiel tank. It will defeat it in a 1 v 1 assuming both players are competent. But I’ve found that using a right click from your ezekiel will actually hit the Mammoth Tank really hard. Why am I saying this? Solution: Make it so the Mammoth Railgun can’t depress the guns by like 2 or 3 degrees. A slight nerf. This will make it so Mammoth Tank railguns can kill ezikels from long range to mid range, but if an Ezikel rams a Mammoth Tank railgun then the Ezikel can win a 1 v 1. This makes it a fair fight for both units. Why does it need to be a 1 v 1 counter? Because if a Mammoth Tank railgun = 1.5 Ezikels needed to kill it then here's what happens. 6 Mammoth Tanks rushing means Nod needs 9 Ezikels to defeat them in theory. The unit is so easy to use as well it's not even an argument. This levels the playing field without over nerfing and messing with the Mammoth Tank Railgun. Crusader MK.3 AA ($400): This unit is arguably the worst in-game. The damage just doesn’t do anything. The unit is weak. The bullets can’t hit aircraft. Solution: Make it so it can continuously fire or give it like 50 rounds or remove. Honestly, I don't know. Someone please help me here. Stryker 105mm Cannon ($1500): No one uses this vehicle that much because it can be 1 hit K/O’d by an ezekiel. Although the machine gun turret is nice, and the instant firing gun is potent.. The vehicle just can’t avoid being fired upon. This vehicle should be a hit and run vehicle but the Ezikel missile tracking means it can’t avoid or run from fire. Solution: Increase the reverse speed slightly. It’s a little underpowered compared with an Ezekiel. But it’s not at the same price range so it’s ok. (NOTE: Yap has said in Discord this tank will be changed in the future with a triple firing cannon mechanisim and steering/driving fixtures.) Merkava ($1500): People have complained about this tank, but for $1,500 I think it’s fine. Comment below if you disagree. It’s $1,500 after all. Mammoth Recovery Tank ($1,500): This tank is controversial. If GDI is able to get two of these at once then it’s game over. Simply put it can’t be killed when both are healing not only each other but also the Mammoth Railgun tanks in front of it. Golaiths can’t kill these because the Mammoth Tanks will just kill the goliaths most of the time. Solution: This unit moves at 8.2 m/s while a normal mammoth tank 120mm moves 7.9 m/s. They also have the same armor. So, I would make the Speed the same (possibly lower) and decrease the armor of the Mammoth Recovery by 50 Armor and 50 HP. (Edited March 16th) This tank after review is a huge issue in IA on large scale games. The tanks it’s repairing hit hard and are nearly impossible to crack open. A full salvo from an Ezikel against a Mammoth tank being repaired does nothing. Hitting the Mammoth recovery does nothing as well. This is a problem on maps like Suspense where GDI can literally just deathball the field with mammoth tanks and Nod is trapped. Only gets worse with upgrades. I’ve also found out that Yap intended for this vehicle to be able to repair ONLY Husks and Shells but, that’s not what’s going on as seen. Solution: Decrease the repair speed (Fire) by 10%, decrease armor by 100 hp/armor, make speed the same as the 120mm at 7.9 m/s. GCT 155mm ($2,400) (GDI’s only arty): It’s plain and simple. Solution: Make it so there is no spread to the arty shell and it’s accurate. Currently the unit just misses nearly every shot making people not bother using it. Mirage Tank ($2,800): Great tank. Really incredible. But just gets killed by an Ezikel in two salvos. Camera is also super annoying. Solution: Make it so that the mirage tank has to deploy to turn into a tree. Make deployment take like 1 second. This will make it so that people can choose when to be a tree and when not to. Wolverine: Increase speed please. Like by 3 times as much at least. M1134 Stryker ATGM ($1,600): Great hit and run vehicle. Not so good at the running part. Solution: Increase forward speed by 1 m/s. If reverse is buffed then this would just become a TOW Humvee V2. Unit also has an A.I. 50 Cal. As a result a very slight buff works for me. Welcome to comments on what to do. Unit is typically used as support. (NOTE: Yap has said in Discord this tank will be changed in the future in regards to steering/driving fixtures.) Mitsubishi SPAGG 57: Wow, this thing needs to be fixed. Solution: Increase firing speed by 2.2. This will use more ammo but will also increase the damage properly. Don’t increase damage. Don’t increase range. This method of large ammo count and fast firing has found succues in the Nod Zsu-57 Quad Anti Aircraft Tank. It fires incredibly fast like a true AA should. Not modifying the damage means it doesn't destroy tanks unfairly fast. The same ammo means that it still has to eventually reload. It might require some tuning but I believe it's a start. Titan (Both): Great units. Love them how they are. Just wish the speed was increase by 1 m/s. Currently slower than a Mammoth 36 inch Tank. (Edit March 16th: Hover MLRS ($1,800) Love this unit. Believe it’s balanced actually. It’s just the smoke that appears after firing your missiles is unbearable. You can’t return fire at this unit for 10 seconds because it’s literally just a white cloud in front of your screen. It’s so bad it honestly could be listed as a weapon for this unit. Solution: Please remove the smoke from being hit by the missles. It lags the game and is just unnecessary. NOD Vehicles: M1083 Supply Vehicle ($300): Primarily to resupply as indicated by its name. Instead of just removing it, I would reccomend increasing the speed to 18 m/s. Currently the speed is at 13 m/s and it has slow acceleration. If you don't want to change it then just remove. The wiesel does a better job at resupplying. An alternate buff would be to make it deployable but have 100 armor. AMX-10RC ($950): I actually like this unit where it's at. It's unfortantely overshadowed by other GDI amphibious units. I don't beleive this needs a buff or a Nerf. It should be noted that this unit is VERY potent with upgraded armor. T55 ($1,250): This unit is a single barrel T-62. While it costs 550 less than a T-62 and is slightly faster. I believe it should have the same armor as the T-62. T55 currently has 675 while the T-62 has 715. This will further it's role as a cheaper, more nimble tank and possibly make someone buy it instead of the T-62 which is typically preffered. (NOTE: Yap has said in Discord this tank will be decreased in price) MGT-A1 Microwave Tank ($1,250): Quite possibly one of the worst preforming units in-game. This unit NEEDS to be changed. The concept is cool. A tank that paralyzes other tanks and is extremely unique/cool. However the mechanics behind it are not widely known to most. Basically, to "Stun" a tank, the tank you're firing at has to be at 25-20% health. The problem however is the Microwave tank has very short range, low Armor/HP, can't do anything else and costs a good amount. In addition, it doesn't say anywhere that someone has to get the health down at 25% before the tank actually is able to do its job. So you have new people using this tank wondering why it's not working and IA regulars not even bothering to use the tank because why would you. Solution: Make it so it *stuns* tanks at 50% health. Why? Because that's when the armor is gone on every single tank and it makes sence. You're risking missing out an extra T-62 for your rush by using a Microwave tank instead. This risk should be rewarded. It also forces you to use the unit in a rush and not by itself becuase you can't damage vehicles with this unit. Only stun them. Six Wheeled BDRM Spitfire ($1,250): When making this list I try to avoid saying just to remove units. This unit is very useless because it's as week as an APC (which already is a specfic use unit) and the Spitfire weapon above isn't worth $1,250. I understand changing the prices is difficult (Because only 4 units can fit into each price at a time) so I would reccomened doing something cool with this unit. I would make the firing rate 4 times as fast but retain the ammo. Why? It basically has a Firefly SBH Laser rifle on top of the unit, but making the firing speed times 4 makes it a more potent Anti Infantry unit. It's not OP if the rate is x4 because the ammo is still 50 and the reload is still 5 seconds long. In addition it's an APC that's easily killable by Mammoth Tanks. This turns the vehicle into a Mini gun laser which I think would be super cool to have in IA. Blackhand Light Tank ($1,550): This tank is serverly underpowered. The speed at 15 m/s is very good and the armor is decent but the problem remains with the gun. In order to solve this I would make it fire twice as fast because it preforms like a $700 tank at the moment. (NOTE: Yap has mentioned in Discord this tank will be changed for the better next patch) Golaith Tracked Mine ($1,550): I love where this unit is at. I believe it's perfect. The only problem is the price. The price prevents a lot of people using it to counter Mammoth Tank spam. I would decrease the price to $900. (The reason I say $900 is there's only 3 vehicles at the $900 slot and the maximum the game can handle is 4 vehicles.) I would like the price to be at $1000, but due to game limitations $900 is fine. M31A1 Bradly ($1,550): This tank use to be really potent and hit great a couple years ago. However, no one has used it since. The reason is that the tank is meant to be a hit and run tank. Just like Nod vehicles should be. But the armor, price and speed hinder people from ever using this as a hit and run vehicle. There are two soltuions. Solution 1: Make the vehicle $900 how it is now and -50 HP/Armor. This makes it so Nod has something at the start of the game to take on GDI tanks. It also ensures it's not widly overpowered at the start of the game. Solution 2: Leave the vehicle price at $1,550 and increase the speed from 12 m/s (Currently) to 16 m/s. This will make the unit actually be able to be used as a fast hit and run tank like it's meant to be. The tank has a large profile so increasing the speed this much isn't as much of a buff as you may think. In addition the 12 m/s speed it has now typically means it can't preform like a hit and run tank anyways. TOS-1 Burrantino ($1,750): This Nod arty is so cool and after testing almost worth it for it's price but not quite there. The reload takes 9 seconds. The damage from a full salvo on a GDI building is two full health bars (Assuming you land all the shots. Also out of 10 health bars.) I would make the reload 7.5 seconds to give it that little edge to make it worth the price. The reason is people usually skip this unit and get a Koksan. 25SD-Sprout ($1,750): This was the Nod Amphibious unit that was supposed to balance the odds for Nod. The range on this unit is long which is a great positive. The only problem is it's usually 2-3 shot'd by a TOW Humvee or killed by an opposing GDI ADATS M113/Hover Craft. I think this unit could use a buff (Especially because Nod doesn't have any other Amphibious units) The solution I reccomend for the price is a Coxial Machine Gun to take on infantry, 40HP/40Armor buff and most importantly a faster reload. The reload is at 5 seconds. I would change it to 4 seconds. A faster reload means you still have to be tactical with the unit and exposure yourself more often to deal better damage. This is opposed as to a damage buff which means that you just have to hit other people then take cover. Tick Tank Firebug ($2,100): This unit is good actually. It's just not worth the price. The Firebug Tick goes 9.1 M/S, while the 120mm goes 8.3 m/s. I like to see this differentation but it's not enough. To make the Ticktank firebug worth more I would give the secondary fire (The Shotgun burnning rounds) 10 shots instead of 4. This makes it so the firebug is not only slightly faster, but cheaper, and more anti infantry rather than anti vehicle. SSM Launcher MLRS Frame ($2,100): Wow. I think I found the problem with this unit. The reload is 20 seconds long.. Solution make the reload 9 seconds long. Stridsvagen 105mm ($2,400): One of the defining units that made Nod, Nod back then. This needs to be changed please. The Stridsvagen CAN 1 v 1 a Mammoth Tank Railgun but it requires skill. The skill is involved by rotating your tank and being in the correct position while also being able to "predict" where the Mammoth Tank is going to go. Why? Because you're limited again to firing forward. I'm saying this because it shows how skillful players can use this tank properly. The problem however is the aimming. To aim you have to turn your tank, but the game ethier lag, you can't turn your tank slowly enough because renegade doesn't let you/Extremely twitchy controls, your tank will slide while you're still. I've suggested it plenty of times and I will again. This unit should be able to turn it's turret 2 degrees left or right to counter the reasons above. The reasons above are out of the players control and not based on skill but rather Renegade itself. No matter what you do, you can't fight or fix against it the reasons. Tunguska 9K22 ($2400): There's a lot to unpack about this unit here. For one, it's not used that frequently anymore because the Geko SA-8 exists. Why do people use the Geko instead? The range is farther, the missles are A.I. Controlled so it hits no matter what and it's amphbious. The Tunguska feels like a tank with a sprinkle of AA involved in it. Rather than a dedicated AA unit. The big thing however is the missles hitting vehicles. The Tunguska is great against light armor, no armor infantry and any aircraft that isn't a $2,500 ORCA Fighter. But the problem lies in the fact that late game (when tunguska is bought) GDI only gets the $2,500 ORCA Fighter. This aircraft can kill a full health tunguska with 2 shots and typically while hiding behind cover so it's impossible to retaliate. In addition the Tunguska has to have perfect sight to engage aircraft which on some maps is impossible. The armor on the Tunguska also means late game it gets killed Mammoth Railguns and nearly anything else that has heavy armor. Solution: The reload is currently 12 seconds. Make it 10 seconds instead so it's more potent. Also increase from 600 hp/armor to 650 hp/armor. This makes the Tunguska a better fighter without being OP. Black Eagle ($2,400): This tank is meant to be the counter part to GDI's $2,400 Challenger II. The problem is the Challenger II has 1300 HP/Armor and the Black Eagle has 910 HP/Armor. The Challenger II has a coxial machine gun and moves at 11.7 M/S while the B.E. (Black Eagle) does not have a machine gun and moves at 12.2 M/S. So... the B.E. is slightly faster and can't hit infantry while the Challenger II gets 390 more HP and Armor. Solution: I think Nod BE shouldn't be a copy of the Challenger II and I like the idea of Nod's being slightly different. To do so, I would make the B.E. have 1150 HP and 1150 Armor and move at 12.6 m/s. This means that you can't kill infantry as easily as the GDI Challenger II and it's not as strong. But you are more mobile than the challenger II and can use your tank more effectively in combat. Ezikel Wheel Stealth Tank: I like this tank where it is. If all the changes on here were made I would revisit it because the situation changed and I would like to see what people use then. But as of now I like it where it is. Infared Stealth Tank ($2,850): This tank is meant to be used as an Anti Infantry version of the Ezikel. The only problem is at the price point it does not make any sence because the armor is set to medium. While yes, it can easily kill anything that isn't a Power Armor or Gunner so can the Ezikel. So people just buy the cheaper Ezikel. This unit is a very simple solution though. Make the armor class the same as the Ezikel and fire slightly faster. This will make it able to kill Gunner and Power Armor. It's also not OP vs vehicles because the laser can't deal that much damage to Mammoth Tanks. It's not OP vs buildings so that balances out. Stingray 105mm Hyper Velocity Cannon ($2,850): This unit has medium armor. As a result it gets killed easily (A TOW Humvee by itself can 2-3 shot K/O this unit) However it's extremely good against light and medium armor vehicles. The problem is by the time someone buys this unit GDI only has heavy armor vehicles out like Mammoth Tanks, Titans and 39 pdrs torts. So, I would make the armor heavy and lower the health from 700 hp/armor to 500 HP/Armor. This makes it so it can ensure GDI doesn't deploy light armor vehicles late game and get punished if they do. But it's also not unstoppable and has to be used tactically. T-35 ($4,100): This unit is talked a lot about in Discord for a variety of reasons. This unit is meant to be used as a 1 v 1 brawler by out-healthing whatever it goes against. In addition it's meant to be used as a meatshield for a forward assault. The guns are great vs infantry and decent vs aircraft and vehicles. I would however give it one buff to make it worth it's price. Solution: Give it an Auto Heal ability when it loses it's armor. I believe this makes the unit even more of a meatshield role and brawler as it's intended. This is also a small buff that doesn't completely make it OP or radically change it. Pion ($6,000): Fun great unit. It's currently overshadowed however by the Koksan 170mm. I would make the reload 1 second shorter so it's worth the price and risk. Elbrus ($6,000): This unit when used sucessfully is devastating. Unfortantly, it's often a risk people don't use because of a variety of reasons. The deploy time is 21 seconds. The reload time seems to be around 28 seconds. The unit speed is 11 m/s. It takes 3 Elbrus's to 1 Hit K/O a building (I believe the damage is 40% each missle based on tests). I believe the damage should be 48%. So that Nod can actually reliably kill a building. Why? You're risking 3 people (1 Gap Gen, 2 Elbrus's), risking $14,100 Total, risking getting into position and GDI can get a shield to shut down your attack in seconds which means you just wasted all your money. 48% damage per hit to a building means GDI has less time to repair spam or turn on a shield. For such a large succesful gamble GDI should be punished. T-34 ($500): Give it back the AI Flame thrower in the front. I understand some may call this over powered. But this would help balance out Nod not having anything at the start. In addition having a flamer at the front won't win against a Mammoth Tank railgun later on or a Mammoth Tank in general. It would make people actually buy this tank. BDRM-2 ($450): Give this unit a 100 round magazine (currently has 40) and make the speed up from 14 m/s to 15 m/s. M6 Linebacker ($800): I love this unit alot. It's very potent. Unfortantly it's hindered by the TOW Humvee from ever being used early game. Late game, people just use an Ezikel for Anti Aircraft duty. So it's been forgotten. The speed is 14.3 M/S and has good damage/capabilites. I would buff damage very slightly. If it does 100 damage now I would make it do 109 damage. This is a slight buff that would make people buy it at the start of the game and still retains it's balance imo. It helps make it go more toe to toe with GDI's early game stuff but still remains a $800 APC with an AA specality. ZSU-57-2 AA ($600): This unit is a result of overnerfing. About two years ago this unit used to be able to deploy and was unkillable. Now it's just useless due to low damage and a slow bullet. Solution: Make it so it reloads twice as fast. Wisel ($600): Love this unit to. Used to be my favroite. Again, Nod can never use this early game because the TOW Humvee will usually 1 shot this unit. Reload takes 2.5 Seconds. I would make it 2.4 to 2.3 seconds so it's more of a glass cannon. I believe this tilts it to being more powerful but not quite OP. Infiltrator AT ($900): Really don't understand what happened with this unit. The missles fire extremely slow and the reload is 12 seconds. The damage isn't even that powerful ethier which makes me confused. I would increase the firing speed by 25% and decrease the reload to 6 seconds. BDRM-AT-FluteAPC ($700): Reload is 13 seconds, damage is great. Reload should be 10 seconds instead. BH Laser Light Tank ($1,600): Increase damage by 10% Tesla Tank ($1,600): This needs to be fixed. The speed is 7.5 m/s and the turning rate is terrible. The unit is supposed to be a support unit that stays behind the main attack with light armor and hits hard. The unit hits hard and has light armor but it's speed means it usually gets stuck or killed because it can't retreat. Solution: Make the speed 13 m/s. It's profile is large enough that it can still be hit if not careful and this means the player has to use skill to attack. ISU-122 ($1,600): Really cool unit actually. primary fire does 10% damage to a building while secondary fire does 20% damage. However the unit has low(er) health and is only usefull as a building siege weapon. I would reduce the reload times by 1 second to slightly so people might actually risk driving from Nod base to GDI base with it and firing. Currently no one uses it because it's only good against buildings, turns and moves slow, and is easily killed by other tanks GDI has near this price point. Tick Tank ($2,100): An intersting unit. The speed for the normal tick tank is 13.9 m/s. The damage from it's main cannon isn't good against most tanks. And the machine gun isn't that good ethier. I would buff the reload time from 2.5 seconds to 2 seconds on the main gun and also increase the damage by 5%. This way you have a more fast firing but less damaging tank than the firebug. T62 ($1,800): Yap stated this tank will be decreased by 25% in cost. Phase Tank ($1,800): I like it where it is actually. Besides a very slight increase in speed. I think it's perfect.
  10. Really beautiful song. Thank you for sharing. Reminds me of Wolfgang Viogt - GAS but more Trance/90's.
  11. Have you tried running it as Admin and/or compadability mode by chance?
  12. From an outside persepective APB has been refined in my opinion to perfection. I've never honestly seen a more balanced game in my life. I am sure more of the other players that play regularly will be able to pin point the specfics. But compared with Med Mech, Ranger/M60 outranging Coils, Early Demo's, Stinger doing building damage, V sniping of the past it's pretty incredible to see how far APB has come and will be for the future.
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