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  1. We're you able to install? Can you try reinstalling again, it usually does the trick just trying again. If you're unable, I can upload the game here so you don't have to use the installer if it's for some reason not working for you still.
  2. Incredible news! It actually works. You're able to see the different language displayed on the unit HUD. This means I should be able to turn all the HUD into Chinese for you. This also means other languages can be supported so it's not just limited to abcdefghIjklmnop.. etc.. I may need your help with some more unit names I forgot to include. But i'm working on IA's first outter language strings now.
  3. The dogs that become mutants were more than likely just normal stray dogs as due to people abandoning major cities in hours due to tiberium and war. We can see IRL people abandoning their homes and unfortunately pets when hurricanes happen or other natural disasters. I can imagine that this would be exuberated in TS due to how fast the conflict moved. These stray dogs probably just mutated into what we see in TS. In terms of the official attack dogs, they disappeared from the strategy of both armies as this topic is obviously discussing. I believe the reason for so during Tiberian Sun is
  4. DoDoCat. Thank you very much for providing these translations. I however, have to request that you read the above. Renegade as it’s been discussed will not handle custom characters other than what’s provided. I will input some of the Text tomorrow into the string file (the list that defines what is called what in IA). The problem is, I don’t believe it will work because as said above Renegade doesn’t recognize Custom lettering from other countries like Russian or Chinese. I will try it and post the results.
  5. No. Implying I unban you in two months I hope this shows the severity of how fed up every single person on the server is with your team hampering.
  6. Apology accepted. You're still banned for at least two months. Every single game I have to baby sit you through spectating at the start of every game. Every single game you join I have players (and now other mods) coming up to me or making topics about you stealing peoples vehicles. Every time you steal someone's vehicle you blame it and troll them about it. Every time I !qkick, 24hr !kick or PM you about it you do it again. It's a big problem when i'm in game and I can only imagine the countless other times I haven't been around when you're hampering players who don't tal
  7. Good Evening Razorz13. You were banned by me for Team Hampering once again. Ever since I started playing this game two years ago you team hamper neraly every game in some way. Whether it's throwing grenades at buildings people are trying to build on your team, stealing other peoples vehicles and selling them (Or trying to destroy them), or your typical approach of stealing someone's vehicle then saying that they are team hampering you and to ban them. I have pulled the IRC logs which unfortunately for me go back only 8 times. The fact there are 8 marks in there that aren't all just
  8. More Visceroids. Got it.
  9. Threve


    I've led 6 random people out of 10 to do rushes to end a game with mammoth tanks, T-62's or flame tanks. I am not saying you can't use teamwork with each other, but stop abusing the !swap command by leaving or telling other players to leave. Simply type !swap and wait for someone to swap. Then start to learn how to work with others on your team. Everyone is different and good at different things along with skill level. Effectively decide who should repair, who should provide support and who should constitute the main rush as a result of taking command with your team or organizin
  10. You can keep a backup or Interim Apex. The files are located in Program files x86>W3DHub>Games>Interim Apex if memory serves correct. However... you should be aware that your backup in a couple months may be outdated and you'll have to update/redownload anyways from the launcher to play on the server.
  11. Threve


    I’ve messaged Kaskins about it and he’s on the fence about punishing players who do this. Notably, there was a !squad function that allowed players to always be on the same team but it got removed because every single game would be 6 god tier players against people who do nothing but repair and use a harvester. I will always do my best to balance the teams as the most important thing to me is giving the other team a fighting chance. No one wants to play what’s essentially a 7 v 2 (in a 10 v 10 game). Yes there is a game here and there that’s a steamroller but this is generally what I try
  12. Hover MLRS for the price is very nicely balanced in my opinion. I feel the problem as said above is that nod has zero offensive ability on the water. Getting an aircraft is usually the answer but to Kickmofo's credit, your Hind can be killed by a Hover MLRS from far away by a skilled player or because you're trying to fly across the map to the Hover MLRS and taking hits during flight. The new Sprout Tank Unit is useless. It's too expensive, too weak, too slow, and I don't think it even has a machine gun. Only other option is the AMX-130 which is... a tank. It's really average in every reg
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