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  1. For those that have the same question in the Future, go to your profile and click account settings then click Signature.
  2. I have no idea why you would ever buy a microwave tank compared with a T-62. The price difference is minimal but the performance is substantial.
  3. Everything you're saying is true and what IA is and makes it great. What ends up happening is someone complains about X unit and instead of it getting a slight nerf or minor speed decrease it gets nerf'd into oblivion despite me answering said person on how to deal with the vehicle/character or a !poll being conducted to see what the whole entire server thinks. Fair imbalance is what makes a game fun. The disappearance of fair imbalance in my belief results in an over reliance on teamwork and diminished strategies other than "We have to mass rush with teamwork, so that we have a overwhelming amount of units against enemies". This just makes you (or me) feel like a placeholder and leads to very boring gameplay.
  4. On the topic of making a game based off of multiple styles. I just remembered that Star Wars BattleFront offered the galactic conquest which allows you to tactically view the universe and take over planets. Then you would fight FPS style on that planet. Capturing it meant you got a bonus such as 10% more health or so on other battles on other planets. You may be able to use this to motivate players as a team objective on something so it's not "Just another FPS/RTS Match". For example, if you take x town you get more tank armor. You might also be able to have a match where there are 40 players (Like say on team Nod) and everyone is looking at a map. Depending on the rank that player has determines not only the upgrades they get (Like custom guns or cool stuff like COD4) but determines how many votes they get on what battle they will take next. This way a player with the rank of Private has 1 vote and a player with the rank of General has 10 votes. This means that players who are just starting out don't feel left out or frustrated that they don't have a say.. but higher tier players still feel important and in command. This encourages more game play as well. If you want a RTS/FPS experience a lot more in depth than Renegade or Battlefield. That's how i'd do it.
  5. Hmm. If i'm not mistaken and you would like to purchase C&C from EA.. I just want to let you know that C&C (Westwood) was purchased from EA for $122.5 Million in 1998. Adjusted for inflation this comes out to $194,723,144.17 for 2020. This includes all of Westwood (Producers, Products, Computers, Developments, Rights to other games etc..) So lets say EA does sell the rights of Command and Conquer to you somehow for 1/10th the price. This would come out to 19.4 Million Dollars before taxes assuming you were able to get such a great deal. The feasibility of this is honestly up in the air. Considering that their latest release of Command and Conquer Mobile App is generating around $100,000 a month on average, it's not too bad considering the average. Although it could do better considering it's still generating a good profit (which EA is all about.) I don't know if they'd be even willing to sell the rights considering this. In addition they've recently started to sell remasters of Command and Conquer.. possibly signalling something else in development concerning the title. Say you've purchased C&C for 19.4 Million. You still have to find people to work on such a game professionally (Which is why I assume you're here.). This game is not only something that must hold up your investment (god forbid you buy the Command & Conquer rights and do nothing with it/make no $) but this has to uphold a legacy. Although I agree C&C 4 sucked.. all eyes will be on whatever game you develop. And I mean *alot* of eyes from the public, game world and beyond. I also want to remind you RTS games have largely died out in favor of Mobile Games. In addition FPS's are starting to take a dive as well into battle royal type games or open world. You also need to spend more money on development of the Story, Custom Soundtrack (Lets be honest, you have to hire Frank Kaplaki), Filming and Licensing costs for Unreal Engine or whatever you choose to use. You cannot produce a mediocre game simply because everyone is watching and you spent so much money. This has to be perfect. This could lead to alot of delays and more money. I'm not exactly sure what you do but unless you own Facebook or a Fortune 500 company, I don't know if it's such a good idea to spend this amount of money and even then... The obvious route would be to make a new game to help reduce costs (Namely the 19.1 million or so). If you're looking for help here, there may be some people willing to have a go. I hope they comment as there is some good talent here. Although if you're this serious about it, I would highly recommend you start a LCC or Company with your ambitions and hire people about to graduate to help you develop this game. I would develop the story line possibly in this topic or another until you have it absolutely down to what you want and then hire the proper people, revise it and release it. Maybe become the next Westwood yourself...? Looking at your idea, I do like it. Although I think the biggest problem is that I would have to listen to someone else. If I did what I want (as I believe a lot of other people would) there would have to be some sort of punishment. Although there could also be rewards for taking the objectives outlined? You might have a good hook and keep people coming back to playing if you can figure out the rewards. You (Like renegade) will need a lot of people to play this for the game to work how it should.. so it's gotta be damn good and keep players in-game. I reccomend looking to ArmA for inspiration as that's the only game I can think of that relates to what you're trying to accomplish. If you go with this, god speed and please keep us updated. Just be aware of the current market trends and risk at the moment unless you have billions to spend. In terms of donating. Thank you. Every little bit helps. Reborn was unfortunately put on hold due to internal situations. AR is actually chugging along believe it or not.. but I can promise you the delay's are due to more detail and quality from the Textures, Models, Characters, A.I. and such.
  6. Good Evening Lt.Col. V. I agree with a lot of what you've said. I think that forcing a player to take orders from another player would cause conflict along with frustration. Finding a way to balance RTS to FPS is extremely difficult as one is fast paced action and the other requires players to plan things out with information taken from a variety of viewpoints. Furthermore, it raises a lot of questions deciding who would be a commander and who wouldn't. The idea of rank was made so that people who specialized in one area or had a lot more experience could not only be paid more but gain more responsibility in important decisions. In video games it could have a very negative effect on players being told something by another player when all they want to do is destroy something and have fun (especially in a fast paced FPS type setting). Gameplay wise, I think it could be done some way.. however it would require something revolutionary. What I mean by this is, the only games I can really remember that have tried are Renegade, Battlefield and a certain Mission in Call of Duty Advanced warfare where it was FPS + RTS style. RA 2 and i'd say every other project on here have been developed with a very big amount of dedication and commitment. The problem here really isn't so much resources like finances but instead people that can and will actually work on the product. We're using a W3D engine from 2002 on a game that not a lot of people know of even when it came out. The quality bar is also very high before something is released including multiple maps, units, testing and scripting to make Renegade do what it was never intended for. All for free as you know and living our lives. People to work on the projects are in short supply as of these reasons above which slows down the work. But I believe the biggest reason for AR delay thus far is ensuring that everything works how it's supposed to along with detailing in buildings. Testing as well is a major part of it. As you know we want it to be damn good when it comes out even if it takes a while longer! You may have to ask OWA or Moonsence about the specifics. But we've received permission from EA so long as it's non profit and not commercialized to modify the W3D Engine and release mods. I don't know how much it would costs to purchase the rights to command and conquer from EA. However, I'd imagine it would be in the millions if they were willing to sell it at all. I think the idea of more funding is great. However I don't believe it would help the efforts seen here as we're held back by more developers/people knowledgeable on the W3DHub engine. APB took 17 years to get to where it is now. These things take a long time and a lot of dedication and standards have been raised. Even if we had unlimited funding, I don't know if we could make projects go any faster unless we hired like 50,000 free lancers that suddenly learned the W3DHub Engine and made models. This would be better answered by Staff and Admins I believe. If you're asking for the developers here to go a new direction and create a new game with a lot of funding I don't know. I'm a little unsure of what you're purposing. If you'd like to donate to W3DHub, we have a "DONATION BOX" button on the main page however. Any help is appreciated as always!
  7. +1 Even to utilize the whole "This unit needs to stop to be invisible" nerf, it's nearly impossible to stop to 0 m/s. You have to spend like 15 seconds in the air getting to that exact stopped speed. In addition offsetting it by giving it more armor doesn't make sense either. Not only is it still retarded weak but you're better off buying an Apache for cheaper more ammo. One of the most fun units in the game destroyed because other players couldn't simply shoot at it with anything. It litterly goes down in two hits from a ramjet or one hit from an AA Stinger. (May I also note how AA units were buffed even more so I really don't see why people are complaining.)
  8. Still one of my all time favorite videos. Trying to get this guy to come on over to Interim Apex.
  9. With EA having purchased Westwood, yeah. Definitely not. I would even go as far to say Renegade was the product of EA trying out something to earn more profit. If there was a chance it would have to have been due to Westwood really trying to adapt to the market at the time frame or survive bankruptcy by adaptation. As a result the game would have been subpar unless they spent even more money in development or hiring other people. Which of course defeats the purpose of making Renegade 2. Anytime! While it's always great to watch game companies past/future speculation, it's also very important to look at the economic factors surrounding the time period to help gain insight into why things occur or would have. EA at the end of the day is a corporation. They are alive now due to the actions they've taken in the past. While it's dishearting for players like us, when you can pump out shit and people will buy it in droves... it doesn't matter when you go home in your Mercedes and you're an executive. Why would you ever stop doing what makes you money in any business. This outlook directly conflicted Westwood when they were purchased by EA. Westwood took their time with games and made revolutionary fun things. Their importance and focus was "We want to make fun games that we can't stop testing, playing and staying at work for". EA in an attempt to gain more money cut costs and rushed out production so that they could make more money. Westwood did the best with what they could untill 2005 when most if not all quit and went to work at Petroglyph Games. To give you an idea of how much Westwood cares about their games and players.. they restored the internet to a 14 year old game so people can play multiplayer again for free. It's just not profitable enough. Even if Westwood stood on their own and made it through they would have to create something other than RTS games. What we knew westwood studios for is a product of their time unfortunately in my belief. Although I saw a trailer earlier on our discord I believe of Westwood making a Renegade Clone. Idk if someone can pull it up but it's basically the spiritual successor to Renegade.
  10. To think about Renegade 2 we have to think about the possibility of Westwood Studios never being acquired by EA along with the time period (Early to late 2000's) that Westwood Studios was in at the time. Renegade was ultimately a market failure. While the title I don't believe lost them alot of money (if any) it didn't live up to the Halo/Half-Life expectations EA was trying to shell out for it or get close to it. What this means is if Westwood Studios wasn't owned by EA and released Renegade the way it come out (since this is the only reference we have at the moment) I would imagine that Red Alert 2 would have followed definitely. After that Tiberium Twilight (CnC3). At the time period of CnC3 (2007-08) the market for RTS games would have shifted and not been as profitable. Coupled with increased competition, the emergence of more profitable mobile games/Iphone, the Great Recession and the explosion of FPS Online Multiplayer at the time period this may have forced Westwood studios to have made Renegade 2. I also believe that at this point they would have been suffering funding and eventually be bought out due to the decrease in sales for RTS games.. this might lead Westwood to have made more experimental games (I.E. this is how we get to the possibility of Renegade 2). Renegade 2 story and concepts could have and be anything honestly. I know we have some pre production stuff above.. but when Renegade 1 was released there was never going to be a Renegade 2 immediately due to failing sales along with pressure for RA2. However, Renegade 2 being made in this timeline at or around 2009-2010 would most likely have included a closer focus on multiplayer (With Campaign style games starting to fall out of favor due to the popularity arising out of Call of Duty titles at this period and such.) The story would most likely have focused on a recent title or upcoming title to help boost sales in both categories (Such as RA3 or CNC3.. having a campaign returning to Red Alert universe, then releasing a red alert game would have helped players remember or get hyped about RA3. This same tactic was used by EA with the "Tiberium" FPS and CNC4) Assuming Westwood studios survived the great recession and managed to fend off giant corporations like EA/Blizzard/Activision from being bought out or killed out right.. I would say that the future of Westwood Studios 2014-2020 would have followed more and more into a focus on Pay per Play or Battle Royal/Freemuim games like Fortnight. It's the only way they could have survived. Ultimately, the things we know Westwood Studios for in terms of quality like Deep stories, Campaigns, RTS Bangers, would have been snuffed out come 2015 at the latest. The market has instead turned to Mobile Phone gameplay, RTS games have all but died, nearly all games only come from massive corporations, the games today are either a FPS style type battle royal game (Fortnight) or a mobile game or an open world game such as Forza Horizon/GTA.. Games that Westwood never developed or had any experience (or could Renegade ever really fit into properly). Westwood Studios primarily made RTS games. That's what they're known for best. I believe Renegade 2 at this time period (2012 - 2016?) would have been a rushed mess to make up for sinking profits. If not, I believe Westwood to ensure the game was great quality would have hired more FPS developers/specialists to create a banger. Who knows, maybe after Renegade 2 Westwood would start to focus on FPS's instead of the failing RTS market.. I don't believe Westwood Studios would have survived at all today and if so they would be vastly different, compromising what they're known for in terms of quality. Their peak years of 1990-2005 (Basically their existence) were the years where Gameplay was considered a story, the environment expected quality long gameplay, and games were played on PC primarily (90's). Everything that isn't today.
  11. If i'm not mistaken, your password and Username should be the same for this site. Therefor you should reset your password to this site and upon successful login, then login to the W3DHub Launcher. @yoimdrunk69
  12. Oi e bem vindo. Se voce quer me fala em Portuguese.. depois eu vou. Mas, meu portuguese nao de mais e eu fala mais bem em ingles. Entao, eu vou escrivo o coisas em ingles. There are quite a few things in Interim Apex that are changed from Renegade but the jist of it is the same. However, some new aspects that I believe you're asking about or commands are the following. Interim Apex has a veterancy system. If you kill or blow up buildings you get veterancy. In order to check your vet type in !v. Level 1 Vet. commands (what you start out with) include the following !am (tpying in !am will give you ammo anywhere on the map for 500 credits. Use to refill.) !v (type to check your vet) Level 2 Vet. !wep (Type to get a random weapon) Level 3 Vet. !sup (Type to get 3 AI Robots to help you out for 500 credits) Level 4 Vet. !char (Type to change to a different character for free.) (you also gain +5 hp every 3-5 seconds.) Level 5 Vet. !pwep (Type to get a Powerful Weapon like an AGT gun.) (you also gain +10 hp every 3-5 seconds.) Level 6 Vet. !veh (type to get a vehicle anywhere on the map). (you also gain +15 hp every 3-5 seconds.) Press "T" to deploy Tick Tanks, Artillery.. etc. When you want to build stuff like sandbags or something. Press "T" to deploy, then repair it with your repair gun. To purchase upgrades for you team. Go to the Communication Center and click "e" on the upgrade you want. You can also rebuild buildings in the Construction Yard by going downstairs and doing the same thing. To buy Helicopters, Repair the Helipad and go to the purchase terminal (little box) and just click "e". When playing/Driving a vehicle that has A.I. weapons (like the T-35, Chinook Helicopter, Boats or A39 Tortoise) they will automatically fire at enemies. However, if you want them to target a specific location. Press "T" key and they will fire at the location no matter what. Hold down ALT, CTRL or a combination of both keys to read the radio commands. For example Ctrl+7 = Affirmative. Press the "end" key on your number pad to check how many mines you have and the limit. Press the "-" key (Next to the 0 Key) to request more vehicles for a rush. Press the F10 key to say you want your team to focus fire on that object. Type in !d threve to donate credits to a player. There is also a MASSIVE database worth of stuff here. http://tacitus.w3dhub.com/display/WH/Interim+Apex Although some of the units need to be updated to reflect in-game updates. Alot of the information and tactics are still good. Boa sorte.
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