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  3. Interim Apex and im using the host server option ingame
  4. Alright, so just to make sure we are on the same page, is this an IA server, or Renegade, or something else? And by what method are you trying to have a server? Via the built-in "host server" option in the game, or by a FDS installation?
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  6. Ah, cool. For other issues in the future that aren't disk space related, the file that danpaul mentioned is the correct way to see what is going wrong. Glad you got it going!
  7. I really didn't have disk space and moved it to another disk, now everything works. Thanks, Einstein 🙂!
  8. Check to make sure that your drive is not close to being full. If you have less than 5GB free, then this is most likely the problem. If your drive has plenty of space, then we can look at some other possibilities.
  9. So you've tried multiple times to download and install the game?
  10. I just click install and the download is going on, and then at the end of the download this error pops up. I didn't move the file folders.
  11. не могли бы вы рассказать мне об этом подробнее ?
  12. Hey Metallix, is this happening every time you try to install it? At the same place?
  13. hello, can you tell me how to fix this error? ,,An error occured whilst installing this application. Error details: Failed to install package games ~woa~"
  14. This is exactly why I haven't done it and it's only been a floating idea! I wanted players to have a choice between those two different roles at the start of a match and when they have next to no money. It's something to certainly think about, but I am more interested in fine tuning their roles balance better first than making them cost anything. Thank you for your feedback on the idea!
  15. Tbh, one of the first nice things I noticed playing the game for the first time, was two free combat charaters, that were quite different in terms of role: close quarters machinegunner and long distance fighting rifleman. It is nice to have choice of playstyle. That's why I personally dislike the idea of making rifleman priced. However, if you think this is necessary, let it be.
  16. That's a very fair point, and I'll be reviewing the Carbine as well to see how this has effected the balance between them in the long run. I have been thinking about making the Rifle Infantry cost 150, like the Scout. This would validate how powerful they are better, what do you feel about this idea?
  17. How about rotta carabine? It is very powerful and also has great rof. You literally can rush onto three ppl without thinking about it and win. Moreover, you don't really need too much skill, unlike Iphigenia which requires good aiming skill. At least these are mine experiences so far.
  18. Yeah, it's a very strong weapon still. But now you can't go in alone against 3 people with machine guns and win without thinking about it.
  19. Hey everyone, Battle for Dune: War of Assassins Infantry Release Patch is finally here! This is the first patch of many to address the top balance issues raised, along with other bugs and improvements. Here's the full change list: Let us know what you think of the changes, and remember to measure your water usage! [blurb]Battle for Dune: War of Assassins Infantry Release Patch is finally here! This is the first patch of many to address the top balance issues raised, along with other bugs and improvements.[/blurb]
  20. @ SsaschaDE Hello and welcome! I have a few questions about the details here: What program are you using in your first picture? And in the second picture, does this error happen when you run Renegade, or at some other time? From where did you obtain your copy of Renegade? (Origin, "orange box", TFD, Ultimate Collection, Original disks, "other")
  21. Are you both on the same LAN (local network), or are you in separate locations?
  22. I'm not either! But this game is quite fun regardless.
  23. Hey everyone! Patch is now live and on the server! This patch addresses a few map issues in terms of stuck spots and some graphical issues (still working on the strange mesh flickering on BFD_CQT_SihayaRidge) and a few crashes that people have been experiencing! We're still tracking down the cause of the other crashes, thank you for being patient with us!! change list: - Removed Shader Cache - Removed screen countdown display on Timed Sabotage Devices (was casuing crashes) - Fixed a crash causing error around Ammo Swapping code - Change Harkonnen Submachine Gun muzzle position to have same height offset as Atreides Submachine Gun vs the sights positioning (this should make them feel similar) - Fixed being able to shoot the Atreides Barracks from just outside the Harkonnen Base on BFD_LonelyRoad - Fixed stuck spot at the back of the Atreides Base on BFD_LonelyRoad - Decreased Atreides Wingtip Shotgun damage from 12.5 > 12 - Increased Atreides Wingtip Shotgun Inner Spray Angle Ratio from 0 > .33 - Increased Atreides Wingtip Shotgun Inner Spray from 0 > 4 - Increased Harkonnen Mutilator Shotgun Inner Spray from 0 > 10 - Decreased Harkonnen Mutilator Shotgun Outer Outer Spray from 18 > 14 - Increased Harkonnen Mutilator Shotgun Inner Spray Angle Ratio from 0 > 0.5 - Fixed stuck spot on A Capture Point on BFD_CQT_ClifftopPass - Deleted grey cube between Harkonnen spawn and C Capture Point on BFD_CQT_ClifftopPass - Slightly moved C Capture Point towards the Atreides spawn on BFD_CQT_ClifftopPass - Added Projectile Collision blocker in front of Atreides Silos on BFD_CQT_SihayaRidge - Added some cover to the Harkonnen approach to A and B Capture Point on BFD_CQT_SihayaRidge - Added more dead Glowblobes to BFD_CQT_SihayaRidge - Replaced non-tiling rock texture on BFD_CQT_SihayaRidge - Added additional building to Temple Level for Line of Sight break on BFD_CQT_SihayaRidge - Moved Out of Bounds warning boundary closer to map boarders near the Pyrimid on BFD_ZidarValley - Added support to show loading status for clients that are in the game but haven't finished Another patch update down, now go and enjoy your Spice Coffees! [blurb]In the latest patch for Battle for Dune: War of Assassins Infantry Release we address some map stuck points and visual issues, along with some of the crashes people have been experiencing! [/blurb]
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