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  1. Yesterday
  2. Drop a link, now you have my curiosity
  3. I do manual counts, it’s just tabled so easier to read.
  4. It signifies the end of the day phase, and all votes are locked in. If someone was voted to be lynched then they're usually be killed and iLTS as the GM will reveal their alignment and any other information about them if they died. After that, we go on to the 24 hour night phase, when you're limited to a max of two post in this thread, and you can PM any night actions you want to use to iLTS in the role PM he sent you. If you're mafia, then you also need to plot the NK for that night and you're communicate with your other mafia members in a separate Google Doc that only Mafia has access to on how to win.
  5. The day will end, votes will be tallied, and I'll post the result of the vote count (currently at no lynch for the day, so nobody dies). Then the night phase starts and you all think about your night actions. There will be more details on the night with that post.
  6. so what happens when the hammer comes?
  7. Yeah, I keep on meaning to do more with web scraping but I never get around to it. I'm assuming there'd be no issues with having a "bot"/script to do that on the forums?
  8. Vote Counts: NoLynch: 6 Approximately 24 hours until hammer! Remaining Players (8): OrangeP47 Killing_You NodFan Retaliation Shade939 (-1 character) Jeod Sunflower FRAYDO
  9. I mean if I do die N1, at least it proves I'm town
  10. We'll see if I manage to be there at the right time or not.
  11. 3 HP, someone could be a doctor, etc. I'm not really worried about dying N1.
  12. I suppose Shade's kind of hinted that might not be a concern N1 though...
  13. All the actions will be on me, hopefully someone will watch the kill.
  14. How well does this work when you're dead though?
  15. Nah. Here's the thing. We don't need scum to cooperate. Town can simply visit me and I can verify town, then we get scum by process of elimination.
  16. Orange is obviously rusty playing town because that's need to know information and I don't think we needed to know that yet.
  17. I'll just cut to the chase: I can verify the alignments that visit me tonight.
  18. Annoyed, but yes, because you're probably pulling an obvious scum trick. If I wasn't worried about KY hitting the sorter, I'd say have him shoot me now so maybe the civilian could die so we could get the actual mod to settle this.
  19. I don't know why you need to concoct an elaborate explanation for how Orange could be scum with a town aligned character. It's like you're not considering the fact he could just be lying.
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