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  2. Complex, Guard duty, And Costal influence both led to V2 or artillery bombardment. (Although I do miss how once the bridge was gone I could sail a destroyer into the bay.) Guard duty’s Yaks was a definite hedge against siege/bombardment. Sadly costal influence’s Naval is not a good counter to artillery. If a destructible bridge did not lead to artillery bombardment I would be all for it.
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  4. I just realized it's kinda funny that Voe killed Irish and Jeod in the duels. Not that he had a choice or anything. lol
  5. You'll be joining me tonight, apprentice...
  6. He only has 22 HP, he will fall soon
  7. Duel is finished, and we know the victor and the defeated. Congratulations to Voe, he will receive a well-deserved rest along with special reward. Right after Retaliation (Senaviev) got struck by the final blow, his body disappeared. It seems that he was on the Light Side of the Force all along. No further examination and investigation are necessary. The Rest Phase follows right after the Duel (it will last max 21.5 hours from this post) You are all allowed to discuss the Duel outcome. Posting during the Night/Rest Phase is limited, however. Only 2 posts per player are allowed (all major concerns are left to discuss during the next Council Meeting after all). Please, when sending the night actions, follow these guidelines: Don't send me individual actions and changes during the Night, one by one. Send everything you want to do in one PM. The reason is that if you send them multiple times, chances are something will get missed or not resolved properly. It's also taking less time to resolve if it's all tidy. In one Post. So please first think it over and then send. If you do a mistake or think that you want to change something, please, resend the entire PM with all actions. The last PM you'll send will count. If something is not right on your part, I will try to send you a reply to correct it before it's resolved, but only once since I won't have time to correct every detail during this time, even more so if Duel is still taking place. If something is not corrected or mistakes are made, some actions will simply not get resolved. Don't quote private GM communication, whether replies or parts of your PM/Character. Try to send your Night Actions in a timely manner, not 5 mins before next Day starts. PMs that are sent to me less than one hour before Day start might not count due to longer resolving time. The winner of the Duel can't perform any Night Action. You also can't target or contact the Duelist during the Night/Rest Phase Also, remember: Rest is the only Night Action that can't be combined with any other action. If you decide to Rest, you're not doing anything else tonight. By resting you recover a portion of your HP and you fully recover your Force Points. Meditation actions, Learning actions and Holo Communications can't be combined together, you have to select one. When you're Meditating, you can choose one from the Control/Sense/Alter types of Meditation. They are described in your PM. Wisdom oriented players get a bonus here. When you're Learning, you can choose one new Force Orientation from Control/Sense/Alter/Dark, or a combination. Details are described in your PM. Intelligence oriented players get a bonus here. When you want to communicate using Holo Communicator, you need to choose a player that will communicate with you during next Council Phase, if they agree. You can't have multiple Holo Communications open at the same time though, so if your Holo request gets accepted, you can't join another Holo anymore that you received. Charisma oriented players get a bonus here. Your Night Force Actions and Special Actions can be combined with any action from Mediation, Learning, and Holo communication, but you have to pick only one Force Action and one Special Action (if you have more or if you learn more). You also need to watch how much the said night action costs in regards to Force Power, if your cost is higher than you currently have (check the last Day CVC for exact value), your last selected action won't be resolved. If you have any other questions now you can PM me. And don't forget to PM me your Night Actions once you are certain what you are doing, in one PM. Updated Day/Night 8 Ending CVC:
  8. For some reason I remembered force choke as a damaging power.
  9. ##force choke ##deflecting slash ##offensive
  10. ##offensive ##force shield
  11. Note: You can't make any changes to Stance and Form Maneuver, but Form Maneuver will be automatically removed due to insufficient Stam.
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