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  2. I have a question will interium apex have a own launcher ore will it come in the w3d launcher and is a version of renegade required and when so is it compatible with only the cd version ore is it compatible with the origin version from the decade version ore the ultimate 17 years C&C version
  3. Today
  4. @Sunflower, @Shade939, either of you joining?
  5. Pro mafia logic.
  6. Yesterday
  7. ok that looks awesome and the modell of the chronophere is awesome too but I dont wonder you guys make a great job about AR I hope you guys dont overwelm you self with it and continue the great job you do mfg commanderjack "I got a present for you!"
  8. As if I'm not the best >.> jk But strictly speaking, Sunflower hasn't lost a game so maybe we should send her :b
  9. I'm in.
  10. Actually, that would be a neat idea for the Spy Satellite itself. Maybe not for the whole map, though, but an area around the Allied base.
  11. Yeah, I'd say there's kind of a motive here to have someone who will "represent" our "flavor" on these here forums, and either Jeod or myself can probably do that well. Cat 5 too, but there's the previously mentioned roadblock of having been the backup last time. On a different note, I wouldn't be confident sending someone under the criteria of who's the "best" as we don't really have a best here. We just have people with different strengths and weaknesses. So more reason to go for the flavor.
  12. We work well together when on the same team, so I'd love to have you as a backup or primary.
  13. I'd be up for it, though it's hard to say what I'll be doing/my situation at the time of those games. I could at least be a backup, or a primary as long as we have a backup ready for me in case things don't look too good for me in the coming months.
  14. I think the recommendation has been to not send the same champion twice in a row, though I don't think that rule is really enforced unless you made it past the first round. I didn't really compete in the championship, I just played in a sideshow after it was over.
  15. I would recommend @OrangeP47 if he's up for it, I think he has the biggest chance, attributes and good wits to win it. Cat5 should also consider re-entering (if there's no rule against competing again).
  16. They do rely heavily on the shitposting. Helps them meet the minimum, and they try to fight against the "scum talk less" meta by padding their post count with them.
  17. I shitposted in the championship too
  18. I'll leave it to the professionals to properly coach you on "How To Mafia", Mojoman. I, however, can lead you down a different path. A dark path from which you may never return.
  19. If you're looking for a backup, I could volunteer. I would just need a bit of coaching before the game starts on thr set up. Since we've never done a simple mafia like that before.
  20. I just now got to reading the Game End post and I love this.
  21. Last week
  22. Alright, I’ll tentatively ##unit ready
  23. Try hitting new lines, it usually breaks it (usually, dunno what the condition is if it doesn't work).
  24. I don't understand why I can't manually do quote tags anymore without them breaking. Preview looks fine, but then the actual post always looks like that. If I want to say something after a manually placed quote, I have to make another post.
  25. Will the power plant being destroyed shut down the chromosphere?
  26. True, but it's still intimidating. I suppose I might be tempted to give it a try. @Category 5 Hurricane and @Voe, can you tell me how long the season lasts? How much previous game content did you need to read to feel confident about reading a player? That site's loaded with past mafia games to use in determining meta.
  27. Honestly, while I was over there I kind of liked the rule. While sometimes inaction is the best action, it kind of doesn't produce good content or a fun game experience. I never had any trouble with the rule either. Granted, I was in a crazy, 40 person game or something. The rule was something like 10 posts per phase though, so simply greeting each person in turn will get you to the desired content count.
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