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  2. Interim Apex has a system where tanks have weakspots in their armor like in real life. For example the rear armor means you take like 10% more damage if you get shot there. The is exaggerated on some vehicles. This means if you land an extremely lucky shot as a 105mm Centurion into the middle turret ring you can 1 shot the tank. Also if you're invisible or think you are, check your radar constantly if you're being shot at for no reason. If there is a red dot where you are, that means you are being detected by an MSA.
  3. Remember to like that post when you wake up tomorrow morning.
  4. Look at the rage you guys are generating with this notification spam. You're all such jerks!
  5. You think it counts if you unlike it, and then like it again?
  6. Yesterday
  7. Description Just another missing texture. You can see my ranger through it. Reproduction Steps Go on Camos Canyon and locate wrecked Tesla Tank, south side of the map, in front of a bunker on southern hill. Look on it's rear and notice that you can see through it. PS.: Sorry for making trouble ':D
  8. Description There is a texture in Soviet Refinery on To The Core, that doesn't render properly. However it renders if player is outside of the building. Reproduction Steps Soviet Refinery on ToTheCore Look at doorstep of any door on bottom floor from inside. Get outside and look again to compare it with proper texture. Allied Refinery, as well as any other building doesn't have such issue. Door leading to refinery roof on second floor renders properly from both outside and inside. EDIT: I've heard that somebody had similiar issue.
  9. Description I have no ground texture&hitbox on New map Christmas 2020. I imported the game from different PC. Map launched on single player (that's why OT keeps falling I assume). What should i do to redownload it? Or maybe sb can give me a link to the map file so i can fix it manually?
  10. Some levitating trees on To The Core. Located on hill, north of the Allied base. A total of four trees near the map border, as marked below.
  11. I like how we're spacing out our likes, so presumably if Nodlied checks this site with any regularity, he'll have a notification each time.
  12. As in title, Soviet OT route on Camos Canyon is bugged. It goes flawlessly to the ore field, but then goes few meters PAST it, which causes in not collecting ore and it stays there forever. Only way to force it to dump resources is to push it back on Ore field, so after being fully loaded it returns to Refinery, dumps ore, but then, again, same issue happens. In the meantime, Allied OT works as intended. This is serious issue, so please, fix it asap.
  13. Sorry Im hungarian. My problem not heavy: Im invisible, but see me. And full healt and armored t-62 dead a centurion tank 1 shoot- its impossible. Thats it... And now today again: im invisible, but everybody see me. Why sense buy stealth soldier?!
  14. Cool more bot support! Now I don't have to wait for players!
  15. Not mine though, and I don't know if this guy made it himself.
  16. Missing out big time. One has to witness the amount of insanity that goes on.
  17. Last week
  18. Liking your post now sends you a notification, so I have sent you a notification. Quoting your post also sends you a notification, so I have sent you TWO notifications
  19. Hello everyone! It is time to release our holiday patch. Stop by and have some fun with us during this season as we shoot it out on the new Christmas map! Changelog (New map!) It is said to be a downright colorful place where magic dwells and niceness is rewarded. Features a Refinery, War Factory, Barracks, Service Depot, Ore Silo, and basic defenses. Allies harvest candy, Soviets harvest coal. Some new map decorations, including northern lights, reindeer, and some of our brand new snowy pine assets. Map is Tech Level 2, which is similar to the
  20. I'm definitely down for any TSR games, and it'll deter me from picking Tiberium in the next CYOR like I had planned
  21. I don't expect to have time for a game until next year, if at all. Probably going to be running a Pathfinder or DnD game, so that'll take up what would have been any time I'd have for planning/running a mafia game.
  22. Fair enough. I'll put the thread up either this weekend or Monday.
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