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  2. am i still a good boyo i still medic IRL at my local hospital here have a ball cradle santa
  3. So like Can I be on the nice list if I release APB Beta for Christmas?
  4. Faptain America, reporting for duty.
  5. Cool username. Welcome to our community, brother
  7. hmmm more good people this year wonder if anyone will be on the verry naughty list again
  8. Worry not! Nice list so you don't get meteor! No u Nice list for this laugh Your volunteering will not be in vain, good sir. Nice list without a doubt. Arigato weeb-kun kawaii-desu Hiroshima moshi moshi (^o^)v(◕ᴥ◕)( ˘ ³˘)
  9. Yesterday
  10. @Scallywag Did you get it figured out? If you're still having trouble, let us know!
  11. Zippo rush FTW took out Power plant , Hon and comms
  12. Maybe turn off voting till in-game population is above 12 players. Then have all non-voting players be automatic no votes (also I’ve loaded a level after the vote announcement and had no Idea a vote was taking place till the results were announced.) Edit: I don’t blame Rennan for liking Vile Facility that nap is becoming my favorite too
  13. I can't find an actual video anywhere though. But There should be Kane, a Chronosphere, and a Cruiser somewhere in our schematic for present delivery.
  14. I remember the video, but I forgot where is it on YouTube, lol. Sweety Bell was saying "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" for one minute or more. Yes, I agree with this, we need to use this schema to help us to deliver christmas presents to poor children.
  15. 6 000 views on CnCNet, 5 400 views on PPMforums, 800 views on W3DHub and 700 views on CnCNz Thank you for your support! I hope you are excited about the update 2.5, so I decided to tell you more about its maps! the Prologue: This map should get player into the story and introduce new tiberium type. Beating this map is pretty easy and took me under 5 minutes. Bet you won't expect the ending . Me and my colleagues are currently testing the map. Gameplay premiere from this map coming 21st December! Propaganda Forecast: This map talks about Nod propaganda system and challenges player to destroy it piece by piece. The map is pretty big and it is not finished yet, but expected length should be approximately 1 hour. Map is hard, but gets easier over time as player gains more bonuses... Tiber River (2-5 players): I'm trying to finish Propaganda Forecast as soon as possible, so this map may have to wait for the next update... The biggest challenge should be the map itself as I'm working on multiple triggers to make this interesting. Oh, and here are some more screenshots! PS: Map-making video is going to be out on 14th December! Cheers
  16. @VERTi60 Where's that Star Wars Mafia II?
  17. Hey @Mihaita12 is this better? Credit to @Ice for helping me identify the fix for this issue!
  18. Just to help spread Christmas cheer to others.
  19. Last week
  20. I'm down to play some, but I'm too busy to host anything. Going through the exact same situation as Jeod. Pretty soon I'm going to be the only person in the office for a couple weeks.
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