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  2. Our operatives have reported that GDI is using a nearby village as staging grounds for a top secret device, we need you to move up the canyon into the village and destroy this device before GDI completes it.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hey again gdirish. :D Moonsense is aka dtrngd if that name sounds familiar at all.
  5. welcome

    Moonsense, I enjoyed doing it when I did it! I didnt stop drawing either, but now I mostly draw bugs, houses, flowers, and snails for my three girls. I dont have time to do much of anything except raise my kids and be a good husband to my wife. Its been the best thing I have ever had in my life though. Bar none, the best experience. I find time by making time. If my wife wants to watch TV or read a book, I play video games in the two hours before I have to go to bed. Has it really been 10 years? I think I started playing when I was 14-15, so what, 14 years total?
  6. welcome

    Hey, welcome back! I remember a few of your concept arts back in the days. Some good memories... And man, 3+1 kids? That changes life a lot, even getting married alone does. How do you even find any time at all to play? :D Anyway, good to see you around, after 8-10 years
  7. welcome

    Ive been playing APB for about a week now but I figured I should get back on the forums. In game I go by the tag GDIrish. I started playing APB back in... .9934? .9935? I have a memory of playing the map "A Path Beyond," and being introduced to a bunch of folks, some of which are still here! Looking at you, ChopBam. I think I joined literally a few days before One Winged Angel did. Sadly a lot of folks are gone, or I cant remember them. Coolrock? Was that one of them? V0lk0v? TruYuri, pointlessambler....I dont remember. Anyways, I also was a conceptual designer for the mod for a short period, working on doodads, the service depot, the silo, and the power plant. I left after college got too busy (and I only had a mac), and have since gotten married, and have 3 children and one on the way! Its good to see all the progress and the community still alive. It does my heart good to see it. And Ill be around for a while!
  8. Last week
  9. Don't play much (and rarely but that goes for gaming in general lately ) but feel free to add me. Omar007#2202 I'm always playing in the European region unless I'm specifically joining someone that's in another region.
  10. @Voe PM?
  11. @Misa
  12. so the Ontos is in War Thunder... a SIX BARREL TANK..... Can I expect a Mammoth or Heavy Tank ingame anytime soon?

    1. FRAYDO


      But you see, Mammoth and Heavy Tanks only have two barrels. Going down to two barrels from six just won't do.

    2. Kaskins


      But they are recoiless.

    3. MPRA2


      yes indeed they are

  13. first comment and no wonder the servers were down I was gonna play but meehh. And this is what tri attack was doing to the discs
  14. Oh, right, that's kinda important isn't it. It's been sent now.
  15. I signed up everyone who sent me a pm so...
  16. Kam did you miss Cat5's entry?
  17. Main Post updated.
  18. Oh, and forgot to add, there's a separate forum there IIRC for the non-fully automated games that you might have more luck in.
  19. The Mass Effect game was anything but vanilla, and it was a closed game setup, as opposed to the open type which I can agree tends to not be as fun. It's main problem was it was like a 35 player game. The rare and exotic games do exist there, they're just harder to find, partially because the automated system can't be used to its full extent so it requires an active GM.
  20. everything is up and running again thanks for the patience
  21. it is taking a bit longer then expected it should be back within 30 min
  22. due to some low disk space issues i'm currently moving some files around for which the servers ave been taken down temporarily. once i have moved all files to another disk the servers will be started again. ETA from the making of this post is about 30 min
  23. They're using automatic vote counters, so good luck detecting and correctly assigning misspelled names. The official response to the "problem" was to make the system loudly report a vote that is invalid, in addition to officially making fake voting against the rules.
  24. Oh, I didn't see the section advertising games for different sites, I should check that out.
  25. Speaking of game composition and roles, it does seem that basic vanilla setups are most popular there. Hell, I just saw a guy drop from the backups game because the setup included one alignment cop. No other roles, just vanilla town, alignment cop, and vanilla mafia. That said, there are always several different games open, so if you're looking for a game there, there's multiple to choose from. Failing that, there's even a forum section where people advertise games that they run on other sites.
  26. I agree about the latter half, but I don't think I can agree on voting tricks. Simply because it's essentially the same thing as a fake action, which is considered illegal. Also, if a person accidentally (obviously not in this case) misspelled a person's name for a vote, that should also count, imo.
  27. In one of the Championship games, during LYLO, a player tricked the automatic GM system by spelling a players name incorrectly "Yetl" instead of "Yeti". The scum player in this game immediately pounced on the vote thinking he won the game. When the game didn't end, the both town players figured out what happened and thusly won the game. Most players on the site considered it an illegal move and wanted the town victory annulled and the player removed from the competition. I feel that in a game of deception, voting tricks are one of the few tricks town has, and scum need to be careful about jumping on something when being incorrect about it would mean certain loss.
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