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  3. Which leaves me the question of what are you supposed to do against ships as Nod? The 10-RC, BDRM, Geko, all their amphibious units have very low damage to deal with ships. The ADATS primary fire is the only amphibious unit I've really seen up to the task of taking on ships, and only because they're so big and slow you can't miss. If the only real counter to naval is more naval, I think that's poor balancing. Air units get eviscerated by naval, even Battleships have an overabundance of AA and can take out Hinds and Banshee with ease. Though the worst part about dealing with huge ships is just their perpetual screen shake due to multilayered salvos turning my game into a Magic Wand Massage Tool.
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  5. 1st Map-making video from City Cleansing is out! Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGPw8ddiqVI&list=PLjjwlzyJni7WnH91oqhM84NgQ9eLYkq8S&index=5
  6. I think we could probably do themeless.
  7. Ok, I'll wait to hear from @VERTi60 about when he's wanting to start his game before throwing up a thread then. But In the meantime, I'll go ahead and ask about what sort of theme everyone would want for the CYOR. Or if you even want one, since I consider the main point of the theme to help players come up with character ideas.
  8. I have some basic ideas for it, but I've kind of been waiting on some more input from KY and I just assume he's been pretty busy. I mean, it's *his* game after all not mine, I'm supposed to be the junior partner in the set up.
  9. I’ll sign up for the mafia and stay for the trainwreck.
  10. Assuming it wouldn't interfere with Verti's Star Wars Mafia game, I wouldn't mind hosting a CYOR. I figure that wouldn't be that difficult to get up and running assuming at least some of you have a general idea of what role you'd want to be.
  11. Where’s the Star Trek game you guys were going to do?
  12. I volunteer Shade as GM so maybe he gets some perspective before he runs amok with what he's been telling me about his game design.
  13. We should do another APB B0tes!
  14. I’d like to play in one again.
  15. Last week
  16. But let's do a CYOR, because I have a role idea I've held onto a long time and I don't want to forget it
  17. Honestly, like 70% of games on MU are mountainous, IE no power roles at all, so just reading the social cues.
  18. I like how mafia was originally meant to be this fun social game of reading people and catching clues. I guess the folk at MU found the "social" and the "interaction" part of the game too difficult
  19. Yo can I just lynch Shade for being a party pooper?
  20. Likely. Being "too optimal" is boring and something we all understand here. Despite the "optimal" ways of playing this setup the players still managed to stir the pot a little. But yes, there is a reason this is only the second Cop Mafia game in 4 years.
  21. I also assume they avoid closed setups with unknown power roles in them correct?
  22. I mean, the guys at Mafia Universe do it so much that they decide lynches by math, and doing anything other than the "mathematically optimal" option is shunned.
  23. Yes, because that's literally how this setup runs every single game. So if you don't mind basically doing the same thing over and over and over again...
  24. Currently seeking members to join our Public Relations Team. Interested persons please read the posting. Our Mission Build the W3D Hub community and grow our member base, while establishing and maintaining close interaction with our fans and contributors. Responsibilities Create content for press releases and developer blogs Disseminate project news through our media networks Develop marketing strategies to broaden our reach Evaluate opportunities for advertising and promotion Monitor, analyze, and communicate PR results to the team Requirements Passion for our work with the W3D engine and its projects Experience with social media Strong relationship with our community Etc etc. Just tell me what you bring to the table and we'll go from there. Accepting applications in my Forum Inbox. [Message me!] Happy to answer any and all questions regarding this. Thank you for your time. [blurb]Currently seeking members to join our Public Relations Team. Interested persons please read the posting.[/blurb]
  25. This was a good game to watch! Had I been in Chop's shoes, I would have played into iLikeToScum's hands and voted Orange. Props to him for reading both of their posts and finding the truth between the lines. Never seen Darwin's Game, though I would be curious to watch it sometime if you say it's good.
  26. I have no postgame commentary--I feel the final day's content speaks for itself. Congrats to Town and thanks everyone for playing and observing!
  27. Still having reservations about the setup?
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