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  2. Dude welcome to IA. Name 1 change in the last year that wasn't a result of a fringe minorities outcries. No offence, and I mean it, but all I'm hearing is "it's easier to develop for at the expense of ingame convenience."
  3. what we do for these fleeting bits of information from the creator... tell us more lord!
  4. (Sorry I've been distracted with Fire Emblem Heroes)
  5. While they are not part of w3d.. have you played SLA Mutant co-op? That's single / multi campaign.
  6. Just wayyyyyyyyyy to much shit along with little benefit. To make a campaign you have to 1. Write out the storyboard and see if it will follow the original game by copy or be a completely new story. 2. Make, texture and develop scripts for new models/things that will be unique to help tell the story. 3. Make the map itself and also play test it through alot to ensure there isn't a game breaking pause or crash. 4. To continue the story you'd have to then make multiple maps or have one large massive map (not recommended due to lag depending on how advanced you get and texture loading elements). 5. Get the Hype started and keep up morale to see it through even through it's for a specific audience (Not alot of people play this game as before.. Furthermore alot of people just play online instead). 6. Record new sounds, voice audio and acting depending on how deep you want your story to go and feel. Possibly make cutscenes depending on how detailed you want. Can be skipped to save time but really completes the single player campaign feel. 7. Rally people to help test, build with you and keep it up which is very difficult. 8. A big thing is making the campaign actually playable. The problem with Renegade is the AI just typically runs straight at you.. alot of reviews on Renegade single player said that it was dry, you could tell WestWood had never made an FPS before and the AI was just lackluster compared to other games. This unfortunately is still true as it's just how the game is hardcoded. You can't exactly make this game like F.E.A.R. AI where they could duck. shoot, move to cover and fire behind walls along with communicate with each other. While yes it would be a single player campaign at the end of the day it would just be a reskinned version of the renegade campaign because the AI doesn't and cannot offer anything new. The only thing new you'd be getting is running around to different locations shooting dumb AI in a Soviet Tesla Tank or defending a location from Soviet Rifle Soldiers. While cool in practice and thought despite this handicap it still would be what... You just play the mission and you're done. That's it. With such a small team compared to the original Westwood studios W3DHub is focusing on the multiplayer because that is where this game really shines. The closest i've ever seen to a user made campaign would have to be Jerad and his "Colony Z142" something something map. It basically was a port of Halo into Renegade where you had to mount an assault unto a mining facility and do a bunch of shit like fight an end boss and kill aliens. Bear Hunt is also a great example of a single player campaign mission or something that has come close. Join IA and ask for these maps and i'll put them on for you to try if you'd like!
  7. Do they need to come over there and deliver that message personally?
  8. Just for the record, are all your troops at Riverrun!?
  9. I'll just state again, all my troops are at Riverrun
  10. I'm sure Kaskins can speak in more detail, but the short answer is this will require a lot of additional work for each map. I would rather see him spend time making new maps, updating the more popular maps with Conyards and Comm Centers.
  11. Why not have an option to buy the Obelisk/AGT back like the other buildings?
  12. Is because in IA the AGT and Obelisk are base defenses using Vehicle logic instead of a building logic like Renegade. There are pro's and con's for this setup and I already considered using Vehicle logic. Pro's 1st is because you can easily relocate without redoing vis. 2nd you do not need to cut holes and weld it later. 3rd you can have multiple obelisk and agt's 4th no MCT which prevent camping afk-repair ( not really but his less protected than in building ) Con's No interior thus no spawn point + PT It ties to 1 Power Plant only, so if you have more than 1 AGT/Obelisk require multiple power plants? There were work around I think but is Research & Development again to find out. However is still quite possible to restore Obelisk/Agt one way or another but I am afraid this will make the match lean more to camping and defending. I might be wrong.
  13. They should really play it on my server to get the status updates.
  14. That's up to Retaliation. After we burn the last of the bodies tonight, we'll dead in the water unless the shipyard thing we unlocked does something neat. Something to do with trading, but I don't have any coin.
  15. It would have been only half if it was his only holding. It wasn't. He has a holding somewhere else. That's why he is still in the CVC right now. Given that he apparently didn't attack me or Orange and we're limited on resources anyway, I'm fine with leaving him alone. Which is why I'm not voting the location I think he actually is holding. I'm voting for a holding that should be empty. If it isn't empty anymore, there is a problem. I don't see a reason to do anything else unless you specifically want Orange or Shade to send troops.
  16. Doesn’t shade have zero troops left? Thought we ended up taking them all to the wall despite verti saying it would be half.
  17. I can, indeed. Actually, I'm forced to any time I have more than three.
  18. Not necessarily. I don't know how VERT would resolve someone attacking a location that was being abandoned. As far as I know, it would just mean the location gets occupied by the attacker, just as what happened when I occupied the empty Dragonstone. Do I believe that is what happened? Not really. But that still leaves me to wonder why you mentioned Pyke of all places. There shouldn't be any risk in checking if he isn't there, wouldn't you agree?
  19. Maybe the kingdom cannot give away holdings like the king pleases, so it left empty for the next night phase and ready for anyone to take.
  20. I know it for a fact that he did not. And you know that too, since it would have required an attack on royal troops for Shade to take it last night.
  21. I'm only doing that if Rubeci got the facts mixed up and Shade attacked Pyke while I was leaving it.
  22. Please tell me you're not going to play Whack-A-Shade.
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