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  3. full of toxins.
  4. Unfortunately, due to the departure of Saberhawk (who took all our infrastructure with him) we no longer have the necessary debug information to debug those crashdumps. We will at some point of course push a new game build with new scripts that we can actually debug but those particular crashdumps can never be properly debugged due to the loss of the debug information required.
  5. Hey again! Thanks for the crashdump. We'll check it out. @jonwil
  6. Hello! Welcome to W3D-Hub. As Ganein said, TSR 2.0 is still in development. The old version is still running and the server is up sometimes. An official announcement will be made when TSR 2.0 goes public. Thanks for your interest in our games, and if you have any more questions please ask!
  7. in Hawaii are
  8. because fish made
  9. kill every fish
  10. Here crashdumps debug.rar
  11. Someone know how to fix internel error
  12. BTW, if need be because of the holiday, we could do Day 1 72 hours to give everyone plenty of time. I think it being Day 1 though with little of import going on and having the deadline Friday is still a good measure. Also Retaliation, I see you looking at the thread. If you want to come out of your reserve status and sign up for real you have to send me the PM with the required info
  13. Last week
  14. A new version of the launcher is now available. Changes include; - Login state will no longer show 'Login Failed' if a login session expired from a previous run of the launcher - Added support for resuming a package download from a previous installation attempt - UI performance tweaks to the game installer dialog - Reduced network usage when loading news article images by deduplicating and caching image requests - Fix rare crash when a news image was loaded on the wrong thread - Added UI controls for the ECW render distance - Improved installer with better support for self update installs. Will now re-run the launcher after an auto-udpate with the installer - Stopped packing dlls inside the executable to improve future maintainability As always please report any issues here on the forums
  15. Once more, thanks for the two welcomes and the general advice. @TheIrishman I appreciate the links also, that should make it a bit easier on me to get a handle on the game and how it'll likely play out. As for playing the part of the fool, I don't think it should be that difficult a challenge in this case.
  16. First, welcome to the forum! Shade, for my advice, just pretend you're a detective, that's what I do. Although I usually end up mostly relying on my gut (and charts) to determine who's scum (mafia), that said it's worked pretty well for me so far. Like 80% accuracy. Of course if you turn out to be scum, then just try your best to play the fool, since you're new it'd work very well for you. Or maybe read the Death Note game that OrangeP47 was a part of and take notes, albeit the rules are very much different from this game, he did pretty good at sliding by, pretending to be Town until the very end. Though if you do, be prepared, it'd probably take you 2 hours or more to read through it all, and depending on if you read through all the docs it could go up to 4 hours. Which is why I posted the only four docs that'd matter in case you just want to skim those. Whatever side you end up on man, good luck! Death Note Mafia Game OrangeP47 and Killing You Doc (AKA Scum Doc) OrangeP47 and Voe Doc (example of how to fool Town) OrangeP47 and ChopBam Doc (another example of fooling town) Edit: OrangeP47 and Jeod (Basically Scum Doc)
  17. This made Nodlied
  18. Just know when to throw shade and when to shut up and you’ll be fine
  19. This wiki is invaluable to learning how to play. It's where I picked up most of my early knowledge before I had time to get experience: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Main_Page
  20. Thanks for the welcome @Nodlied. Can't say I have much experience with playing Mafia, so I'm a bit curious about how this entire thing is going to turn out.
  21. and die horribly.
  22. everyone would starve
  23. I have also slipped into an avatar more fitting this game than our Halloween CYOR.
  24. Obviously without supplies
  25. other party supplies.
  26. And here I am, that random person that Orange managed to convince to join.
  27. of vodka and
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