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  2. TheIrishman

    Sure, I don't mind.
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  4. Shade939

    Go ahead I guess? It's already a bit annoying having to completely overlook Pokemon because of how long it would take to train them, so I wouldn't really get in the way of a relatively minor cost reduction. At most, someone would save what? 2 Pokecoins if they had three different Pokemon they wanted to try and train before the game ended that could all learn that one TM? Edit: Yeah, they'd only save 2 poke coins then, since they still have to buy it the first time.
  5. OrangeP47

    Quick possible rule change. In gen 2, TMs are one shot (though HMs are repeatable). In gen 6 they changed this so TMs are repeatable too. This has overall been a quite popular change. Do we want to go with that? I'll let everyone comment on that matter for free to weigh in.
  6. OrangeP47

    Edited the first post to make it more clear everyone gets 3 pokecoins (unless you battle). Apparently I'd overlooked actually putting that in the OP.
  7. Yesterday
  8. OrangeP47

    Just another thing I'd like to add: Please get your PMs in by at least ONE HOUR before Day Start (6 PM Thursday) to allow for proper processing of all actions.
  9. Jeod

    Then why didn't you point it out? You've been pretty anti-town today.
  10. Shade939

    It's a hidden message the GM left for everyone to read in the first post of the thread...
  11. Jeod

    I highly suspect Shade knows more than he's letting on.
  12. TheIrishman

    lol, what? Yeah, I wouldn't have done any better.
  13. OrangeP47

    I'm glad we got the meme out of the way, heh.
  14. Jeod

    Well, information is information.
  15. Retaliation

    Heracross kind of got psydunked.
  16. Shade939

    Well, on the plus side it was a level 30 NPC, so the odds of having to fight multiple battles in a row isn't as high.
  17. OrangeP47

    Psyduck is faster and moves first. Psyduck uses Hydro Pump. The attack hits. It does 101 damage. Heracross faints. The battle is over! Investigation failed! This is the start of night 2. You are limited to two (2) night posts. Jeod will be PMed what losing an investigation means for him.
  18. Jeod

    Horn Attack.
  19. OrangeP47

    Jeod goes for a nice stroll down Route 34. Does anything seem out of the ordinary? Before Jeod can even ponder this question he spots something. It's Camper Todd! Why is he wearing a trenchcoat, and why is he acting so weird? "Hey, you there, stop!" The camper reacts and throws out his Psyduck, poised for battle! Camper Todd would like to battle. Camper Todd sent out Psyduck (Level 30). HP: 79 Jeod sends out Heracross (Level 10). HP: 39. Submit your action.
  20. Shade939

    I regret to inform you, but I'm allowed to speculate about game mechanics all I want.
  21. Jeod

    I'd really like you to stop acting like you're the host.
  22. Shade939

    To be fair, it's worth stating that might be multiple NPC trainers at a location, so in order to clear that location you need to beat them all. IN that case if you're lucky, you might actually get a choice to leave after beating this guy instead of continuing on, and your progress would be saved for the next trainer.
  23. Jeod

    So don't talk like it's a fact.
  24. Shade939

    Because it's what I would have considered doing for exploring locations. If everyone could pick a location it would have been a single encounter, but since only one players actions need to be resolved, that means you can have multiple encounters possibly.
  25. Jeod

    And you know all this how?
  26. Shade939

    Plus, you might run into traps, that would apply a random status effect before your next battle.
  27. Shade939

    At least1 NPC, possibly more...
  28. Jeod

    Looks like I'm battling an NPC for information. Interesting.
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