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  7. Hi! Thanks for moving the thread, I wasnt sure it was in the right spot I remember years ago, there was a cheat to so called spawn npcs but never worked.
  8. I've just realized that I don't know how to do this myself, so I'm interested in the answer as well. I know that vehicles can be spawned via the spawnvehicle command, but I'm not sure about bots. The difference is that a vehicle is not controlled by a bot AI by default, but you'd want that with a character. Also worth noting that whenever bots are involved, the level must have been exported with pathfinding pre-generated so that the bots can find their way around. I'm not certain, but I would suspect that this is the case in all SP levels, since fighting the bots is the whole point. But in MP, they will misbehave because they have no idea where to go (I've seen this when spawning them by other means). Also, Hi there! I see that you are new here. I'm going to move this thread to the appropriate subforum.
  9. Hi all I'm wanting to mess around a bit in the campaign and wondered what the console command would be to spawn a GDI soldier (for example), I know the original game doesn't have this but I'm using the Tiberian Technologies patch. I found this command (CnC_GDI_MiniGunner_0) but not sure of the full line to spawn them. Thanks!
  10. Yep, I gotcha. I'm really glad everything was fairly straight forward to work out in the long run and thanks a ton for responding.
  11. Hosted by Gozy over at Renforums, it's a Renegade Community Funwar! Game Mode: Classic AOW (Renegade C&C mode without modifications) Max players: 12v12 Date: 28th of April Time: 9 PM Euro time, check your time zone here: https://notime.zone/NuPAHIB4av1xC Discord: you will need to join RenCorner Discord to play, if you don't have a microphone then this is not a problem but you need to at least listen in. Join it here: https://discord.gg/rencorner Server: normally we'll be using the ReneWars server (to be confirmed)
  12. It sounds like you had "fallen through a crack" so to speak. Renegade and IA are two separate games. It is not supposed to be possible (anymore) to connect to an IA server via a normal Renegade client, although with enough tomfoolery (or in your case dumb luck) it was still possible. At some point, more action was taken to prevent this from happening, which is likely what made your game stop working. So going forward (and I hope this clears up your confusion), just think of IA and Renegade as two separate things. Because they are. IA is so customized that it uses its own special flavor of the engine (which is why it will not prompt you for a scripts upgrade) while Renegade TT is "mainline", and will receive TT updates through the normal channels. Furthermore, our launcher has been configured to recognize this difference, and to treat them as different games (sorta). IA is as separate as APB, TSR, BFD, etc... In conclusion - Use the IA client for IA, use Renegade for all other Renegade servers. Get updates when they come available for either one, but IA will only update via Launcher updates or in-game updates. Renegade will not receive W3D-Hub Launcher updates, but may prompt for TT updates at launch, as well as in-game updates (also known as TTFS). Lol
  13. Hello, Right, I always ran Renegade by using the shortcut that was created by the game and then chose the Interim Apex by its listing in the GAMESPY menu. Apparently I've been getting by playing with the TT Scripts installed but they were automagically updated on March 1st? to the next version of scripts which was scripts-4.8.2. This update was apparently what broke my ability to join the Interim Apex server. The solution for anyone who may be interested was to uninstall everything related to Renegade, including w3d launcher (I used REVO UNINSTALLER PRO which clears any registry info, files and really everything if installed via the logging feature) and then reinstalled the game. Then I installed the W3D launcher and everything works better than before. The only question that I have is that when I went into a different server (not IA) it automatically updated the game with TT scripts-4.8.2. However, unlike the issue described above, I have no problems joining and playing in Interim Apex's server. Since I have no working knowledge of how the W3d launcher functions, the only guess that I can come up with is that the W3d launcher keeps separate copies of the game (please forgive my ignorance regarding this matter, I'm only guessing here). So, on a humorously sarcastic note, if there is one thing that gets on my nerve it is when people post a software problem in a forum somewhere but never update it when they find the solution. You know, you can spot many of them because the cry, moan, bump their posting and may even beg for someone to provide a solution but suddenly stop asking for help and then the post gets closed with no solution because its become old or something. There may often be several replies containing possible hints or solutions in the thread or not but you, as a person who might need help with a similar problem, will never know what the ultimate solve was because the original desperato never had enough of a thought to return to their post to let everyone know that they found the solution and what it was (or not but who really ever gives up on a software problem, especially when its Command and Conquer related?)... (Forgive the intentional ranting here). So here I am, returning to W3dhub and in order to not have to live a life knowing for certain that I became a hypocrite by not following up on my 'request for help', I am providing this information as to what ultimately solved my issue. I hope that this will help someone, although it really isn't some huge reveal or anything. Yep, I reinstalled everything.... And its all fine, good and ok now. The only question that I have is regarding the scripts-4.8.2 issue. And in spite of the scripts automatically installing, everything is still running very well and actually better than it was before, much better. Thank you to Einstein for the effort and insight provided, it was very much appreciated. Actually even if someone's reply doesn't contain the ultimate solution it may contain information vital to figuring things out. Besides all of the hints and suggestions its just encouraging when someone takes the time out of their day to reply to your request. Karma will most likely know, when you post your request for help, if you skipped out on helping someone when you could. Thanks again for any help provided and as always my best regards. For the TLDR crowd: THE SOLUTION WAS TO UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL AND TRYING TO AVOID HAVING THE TT SCRIPTS SELF INSTALL WAS ULTIMATELY A FUTILE EFFORT (BUT RENEGADE IS STILL WORKING VERY WELL.
  14. Unfortunately several have grown up, moved on, or passed on. But the rest of us are still doing what we can in our spare time I'm not certain if your usergroup has access to tester-level stuff, but you should check on the launcher under the Reborn category and see if you see anything "extra" there. If not, let me know and I'll get you access. A little throwback...
  15. until
    Sand, sand, and more sand! BFD included! Come on by for some game night fun! Join the Discord for laughs and communicating with your team! https://discord.gg/w3d-hub-270678524619128843?event=1223687476217118861
  16. until
    Keep the Reds from breaking through! Come on by for some APB fun! Join us on the Discord during the event for voice chat laughs and teamwork! https://discord.gg/w3d-hub-270678524619128843?event=1223686204717793311
  17. It's amazing to see the projects are still going, I always knew they'd endure, never underestimate the C&C fans It looks like a lot of the members I knew way back when are no longer active.
  18. Stick around a while, I'm sure we can do it all again
  19. Those were some very interesting days to say the least, that old feud between RenAlert and Reborn, the excitement for new releases, learning Gmax then 3D Studio Max out of a desire to contribute to the project(s).
  20. Hey, thanks for stopping by Sonic. Hope you are doing well. Please give yourself some time to process the news properly and all, as it's not an easy thing to hear about of course. Regardless of any past disagreements or people coming and going from the community, it's always nice to see how we all care in our own ways when something like this happens. I guess the only thing we can do is appreciate and learn from all of the good Zee did, and continue on.
  21. Hi all, Sonic the CNCNZ.com founder here. So I'm very late to this topic. Been away from the community for many years now. But extremely saddened by this news of Zee's passing. Gone way to young.
  22. Make a post in the Help & Support forum with screenshots and system information.
  23. Hey I'm trying to install and it's coming back with a failure to decompress during install. Can't figure out a work around. I run it as administrator and even in compatibility mode. Nothing works.
  24. View File eddie's skyline from need for speed Underground 1 This replaces the Sadan. This is the car that is on the cover of Need for speed underground 1, also known as eddie's skyline. this took me about 2 weeks, or at least 22 hrs total with adjusting imagines and testing them and recreating them again. Please leave a like or comment so i know u guys like them and i could do more. Submitter erik93203 Submitted 03/22/2024 Category Custom Textures  
  25. Version 1.0.1


    This replaces the Sadan. This is the car that is on the cover of Need for speed underground 1, also known as eddie's skyline. this took me about 2 weeks, or at least 22 hrs total with adjusting imagines and testing them and recreating them again. Please leave a like or comment so i know u guys like them and i could do more.
  26. Scripts 4.8 Update 3 is now available. I would like to thank Unstoppable, Jerad2142, dblaney1 and cyberarm for their contributions to 4.8 Update 3 (If I missed anyone else who contributed to 4.8 Update 3, sorry). Changes made since 4.8 Update 2: New scripts and changes to existing scripts by Jerad2142. New scripts by Unstoppable. Added server.ini keyword DisplayUnteamedPlayersAsGDIPlayerCount that displays unteamed players as GDI in player counts and GameSpy listing (if enabled). Added new engine call Forward_Server and FORWARD_SERVER console command to disconnect a given client and forward them to connect to another one. Added new engine call Add_Shadow_Message that adds a message into chat history without displaying the message in the chat. Added tt.ini keyword SkipWOL that skips Multiplay Internet dialog and shows GameSpy listing directly. GameSpy listing now resolves all master servers instead of trying one by one, collects the reported game server addresses from all master servers and merges them to build the final server list. Added favorite servers support in GameSpy listing. GameSpy listing now sorts the servers by favorite, then by player count in descending order, then by ping in ascending order and then by server title in ascending order after every refresh. Selecting a message in chat history (Default: U key) and hitting Ctrl+C will now copy that message into clipboard. Use a different method to smoothen the fonts when the Render Scale option is set to a value other than 100%. Added an alternative rendering method for weapon charts if the aspect ratio of the render resolution is greater than 2.5. Fix an FPS counter/team header overlapping issue when a custom font file is in use. Fix Minimize On Lost Focus remaining enabled (visually) when Render When Unfocused is checked and Window Mode is Fullscreen in wwconfig. Introduced an enum type for purchase responses. (For scripts developers) If you are running 4.8 Update 2 (or any earlier version) you will be automatically updated to 4.8 Update 3. People wanting a full installer (to install from scratch or to do a full reinstall), a server download or a tools download can find them on the Tiberian Technologies website (www.tiberiantechnologies.org) in the downloads section. Appropriate source code for 4.8 Update 3 as well as the source files for the map fixes in 4.7 (which are the latest fixes we have) can also be found on the site. People who need Dragonade will have to follow https://github.com/TheUnstoppable/Dragonade for updates.
  27. That's not a bad idea, I had made a similar suggestion. It's grenade launcher isn't very effective versus vehicles though.
  28. Description The game crashed several times, with a blank error dialogue, and a generic error I did not record, the next. I've included the three crash dumps I found. Reproduction Steps It was on the Exodus Co-Op server. I don't know how to replicate, I was running around as infantry both times. Not sure what the first map was, something custom, the second was C&C City. Windows 11 Pro, Intel i5, Radeon RX 6700. Discord was running, and OverWolf was also running, through I was not aware of their overlays being present in the game window.
  29. I don't quite understand what you mean by "upgrade". I hope you are not trying to apply a TT patch to IA, as that will most definitely break it. It should be as simple as downloading it via the launcher, making sure that it installs successfully (it will say), and then joining the server. Any screenshots you can provide will be very helpful. Let me say again, do NOT apply a TT patch to IA - it WILL break the game.
  30. Yes, TRIED EVERY WAY I CAN THINK OF. WITH CLIENT, UPGRADED CLIENT, REINSTALLED CLIENT AND REINSTALLED UPDATE scrpts 38.2. W3d client, and ren client. IT just stopped working, then night before was find and the net day nothing. yriedupdateing w3d cleint, ininstalled, reinstalled, updated... Its a shame because Interim apex is my favorite, go figure... Thanks for the help.
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