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  2. I am literally shooting Jeod at the start of every game now. Also Verti give me a civilian role I want it. I really don't know how we got the heat off us D2. Though if I had been lynched D1 it would have been fun to see people hunting down Fraydo and Voe. :D Also should have NK Jeod. I really enjoyed being scum that game. It was a shame my ##shoot didn't work. Would have been fun to hit a Soviet then kill a scum teamy by mistake. I really will never let Fraydo live down that RNG kill. Fraydo is becoming a meme :D. Who needs lynch Voe D1 when you have Fraydo randomly dies.
  3. Today
  4. @Pushwall I will mention Ridgewar no more. Simply because it was not designed for Yaks. A map like Alpine lake would've been a better idea. As far as helicopters are concerned, landing and turning off to a side pad(s) would work. (I think all production buildings have that capability.)
  5. I did. I'm not mad at them considering killing me. In fact, I expected it since I couldn't communicate with them like I intended (I would've been able to send 3-word messages every 2 nights had I not been blocked via lynch). Because of that, I chose to make them think I was holding more cards than I was dealt, and it worked.
  6. (or I just don't wanna get lynched IRL by salty town players :P) Anyway Jeod you should read the Allied Doc first!
  7. I will say, I probably played too conservatively this game. As an engineer, I figured my role was to *hide*. I wanted to be alive at a point where I could use my repair, or else I'd have been a waste. I therefore tried not to push anything too hard, because any counter-questioning of me would have eventually led to me having to out myself as an engineer, and thus be high priority on the chopping block for a night kill. In retrospect I probably could have been more aggressive in questioning others, but the entire game I was just pervaded by an overwhelming sense that if I even got town talking about engineers the scum would be able to figure out everything and quash any defense we came up with. I was too afraid to even chime in with an 'innocent' "maybe we have a second engineer' line of thought when charts were being made and calculations done. I felt kind of like I had to hide from my own team.
  8. The scum win because I allow it. The town wins because Verti allows it.
  9. I'd point out town was just as lucky choosing scum with both their day1 lynch targets. Cat5 went after mojo because he thought there was a Mojo, Voe, and Fraydo scum team. Jeod went after Alstar because I don't know.
  10. As I said, Allies were mostly lucky on D1 :D Then managed to pull all the attention off themselves by idon'tknowwhatsorcerymagic but maybe because the only guy pushing them (cat5) was dead, and other players got lost in as you perfectly pointed out, meta arguments.
  11. Also I'd like to again point out, D1, lynch was 50/50 between two scum. I'd say town actually did well D1, we just got fluked up by Alstar being a building and too much meta arguments on the Cat 5 night kill.
  12. Took me over an hour to read the scum doc >.> fun stuff, I felt only compliments towards me from scum :b and I'm glad they didn't lynch me when they had the chance. Forgot that I was the first to put forward artillery instead of a TP. It was a pretty good game, I'll try to work off your advice, Vert.
  13. Everything runs in my scripts for the APB Mafia Series. Random number generated by script basically already give me the result so I don't have to manually do dice rolls. On the above pic I just run the macro with the assigned buttons, it will generate numbers for weapons stuck and kill success at the same time, then puts the result.
  14. So FRAYDO got RNGed even in this game
  15. What?! I'm saying that all the time! It's a little to ask for all that ungrateful GM work :D
  16. Finally someone admits that mafia games aren't made to entertain the players, but the game hosts :v.
  17. I'm actually curious how the stuck/kill%/BPKill% work. I've been assuming you roll for stuck, followed by kill% with targets adding modifiers to those rolls. I imagine a negative modifier is bad or engineers would be more durable rather than less.
  18. I think we were all unlucky on that blessed day.
  19. Like I said read way to much into it. Also we were super unlucky because Mojo didn't manage to kill someone with a -25 bp modifier.
  20. I capitalized RADAR because people had just given KY crap for doing so, so the quote on him was supposed to be another dig at him.
  21. I read too much into your questions on shooting at some point (I think around the first shoot out with Jeod) and your RADAR joke.
  22. I'm just happy I finally got to shoot you Alstar. I seriously wanted to do so since Day 2, but I knew that if I was wrong I'd never be allowed to play mafia with you guys ever again for such a boneheaded move if you'd actually been the silo. But yeah, guess I better 'find' a working mic by the followup session.
  23. Also, allies, when did I softclaim silo? I tried to super super super super not claim anything. I was afraid to even say the word 'engineer' this game.
  24. So, basically, round draw. Eh, fine by me really.
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