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  3. crashdump.20210802-100553-r8439-n1.dmp It seems I am the only one that has this crash (Also happens in Renegade). I get a random crash when I load into a game. When it doesn't crash, the game loads fine, the game looks glitched so I have to alt tab out and back in to fix it, or I don't get loaded into a game and get a constant "connection interrupted" message in the background so I have to get out of the game and rejoin.
  4. AA is pretty great, even if my disjointed playthrough spanning a decade and out of order means I have the timeline all screwed up, but hey, it's that sort of game. I can probably be in for Mafia again, though as long as it's not one of the super duper involved ones, and my activity level isn't going to be as insane as it once was. But holy hell, do I get a lot of PTO at this job and they cap us at 5 days carry over for the year so I have to find something to actually use it on.
  5. Tiberium Resurrection 5.0 Launch Trailer coming tomorrow evening (31st of July)! - set a reminder so you wont miss it 😋
  6. I'll be joining the Anime Girl Gang this game.
  7. Description I have no issues at all ,just game one time crashed and error screen tells me to send crashdump file here
  8. No, above the grip, where the slide is. When I see it I keep thinking I'm going to see Police right below it.
  9. If you mean the pistol grips, it's an attempt to replicate the checkering on the bakelite grips. It's very tricky when you've got 9 by 6 pixels out of a texture that's 16 by 16 pixels! 😋
  10. @ OWA Biggest trolling ever: mind controlling a bus with 16 enemies inside it?
  11. Then explain to me how previously I was alt tabbed in the field and randomly died. There were no walls around to splash myself on, not to mention that you can't splash yourself with a AA rocket(I actually tried it ingame). And even IF somehow you could splash yourself, I wouldn't be able to fire because I wasn't in the game. You're just being stupid at this point and you don't really bring anything useful to the conversation.
  12. Earlier
  13. I could've sworn you'd played through the original trilogy in the past two years. Maybe that was FRAYDO.
  14. Ahh. Never played an Ace Attorney game, although I'd like to.
  15. The Great Ace Attorney and its sequel got a western release this week.
  16. Not sure what you're referring to, tbh. But we're down to our last few shooting days and my time is about to free up enough for some Mafia.
  17. Forgive me if this isn't the case, but it sounds like your character fired while looking at the PT and you splashed yourself, taking a chunk of your health and the burn damage did the rest. I don't know if that's a thing in IA, but I've done that to myself in APB and TSR countless times. (Non-fatally, thankfully.)
  18. TGAA get you in a mafia sort of mood? :D
  19. Another great update. I like the style of Cold War's Makarov but what's with the Sillitoe tartan pattern on it? Reminds me of the police from Australia and the UK and not something I would expect to see on a Soviet pistol.
  20. So... should we re-notify some people to see if we get a response now that it's this much later?
  21. and you died from burn damage after whatever set you on fire had also died, which is why it didnt tell you what killed you
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