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  2. Shade939

    Because that doens't lower stability?
  3. OrangeP47

    Who's up for a party at Radical Pluralism this time around?
  4. Sunflower

    And I'm casting my vote for Radical Pluralism.
  5. Sunflower

    Well I'm sure as heck not giving any of you 4 an extra PP.
  6. OrangeP47

    We nominated me?
  7. Retaliation

    We really only lost 2 stability?
  8. Nodlied

    The votes have been counted and these are the results! First .... Wait! Retaliation suddenly pulled out a gun! He then quickly aims it at VERTi60 and shoots him. After the shock you quickly investigate VERTi60. VERTi60, also known as Aleksander Litwinowicz, a Galician, has been shot! After going through his personal documents, we discovered that he was he was part of the Status-Quo party and had the objective to achieve Status Quo by reform. He could ##Protect people during the night and his crowbar item allowed him to ##Steal during the night. Meanwhile, his Walkie-talkie could use ##Walkie-talkie to contact another person. Additionally, he had an evidence base key. All items have been transfered to the vault. It is sad to see that a friendly was hit though. Well then.... With that out of the way, let's investigate TheIrishman.... His real name is Daniel Szabo and he is a Hungarian national. He currently has no items. But what about his status? Well, after a short investigation, you found out that he's Hostile! He will be arrested and jailed for the time being. We’ll see what we will do with him later. His items have been confiscated and transferred to the vault. He was aligned with the Status Quo party and had to achieve Status Quo by reform. His only action was to ##Trap players at night. Well, that's two people gone today... So what about the reform? Well, you’ve decided to enact a political reform. However, you are not yet sure what it will look like. There are four option which you can choose. A - Radical Status Quo It is quite obvious that the minor states of the Empire only increase the bureaucracy and that they slow the functioning of the Empire. Lowering their autonomy while increasing the power of Austro-Hungarian institutions will surely do away with the lengthy political nightmare in which nothing ever gets done. B - Soft Status Quo The Empire has been functioning well for the past 70 years now. Sure, it has had some issues, but it was at its greatest strenght under a combined force of Austrian and Hungarian institutions. Let's see to it that these institutions are strengthened! C - Soft Pluralism While creation of Illyria shortly before the Ausgleich of 1927 caused Hungary to walk away, we have also noticed that the parliaments of the minor states have been useful. Not only did they reduce the workload of the Imperial institutions, they were also capable of tackling the issues in the minor states more efficiently. We should strengthen these institutions to improve administrative efficiency. D - Radical Pluralism The Empire has been at a standstill for quite a while. However, during the past ten years, the parliaments of the minor states have proven themselves to be more capable than the crumbling centralised government in Vienna. Perhaps it is time to decentralize a bit more and make those states more equal to those of Österreich and Magyarország. You can vote on the reforms by including the action ##Vote Reform <A/B/C/D> (1PP) in your night action PM. Keep in mind that radical reforms might anger the opposite party. Additionally, you nominated OrangeP47 to gain access to the vault tonight! Sleep well everyone. Remember that you can pass items around for exactly 0PP. Oh, and don’t forget to send in your night actions at least one hour before day time! 24 hours remain until the end of the night!
  9. thedisclaimitory

    ive seen this in a bhp post some were a long time ago I forgot who made this but pretty cool find. one question though, would you update this skin for kov or just leave it???
  10. NodGuy

    That worked. Thank you!
  11. Pushwall

    always.dat, extract it and put it into your data folder (the one with the level .mix files)
  12. NodGuy

    Where can I find the .ini file? I checked the game folder and the one in My Documents and I did not see it. Thanks.
  13. Shade939

    It'd be really mean to iLTS if he was by himself. Plus you remember Category 5's story about his vote being stolen.
  14. OrangeP47

    I've been of the opinion for sometime now that there is no more scummy people and we've just been headless chickens.
  15. Shade939

    I'm fairly confident my theory about two syndicate members without any killing actions is correct...
  16. Shade939

    What do you mean what? It's either him or you?
  17. TheIrishman

    Wow, way to kill for self-benefit rather than for the overall greater good. I hope scum wins because I'd rather that happen than your friggin selfish ass pluralist party (unless you just happen to be scum). Should've shot you instead of KY.
  18. Nodlied

    Not possible. But stay tuned. Counted and hammertime
  19. Shade939

    Category 5 is the last surviving syndicate member though.
  20. Retaliation

    No, because it takes up my roleblock to stop him from stealing. ##nominate Orange
  21. Sunflower

    ##strangle myself with medkit
  22. Nodlied

    All votes have been counted Will give you the full result at hammertime. Short story: He's status quo by reform He could protect people like a doctor and had a crowbar and walkie-talkie, they will be in the vault soon. Also, stability went down.
  23. Shade939

    I'm assuming you want to shoot Vertigo because every time you've blocked him their hasn't been a NK?
  24. OrangeP47

    Sunflower was literally asking for it
  25. Today
  26. Retaliation

    ##shoot Vertigo ##votereform Political
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