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  2. Sunflower

    iLTS has been pretty quiet. I wonder if he's actually the one that was waiting to find out who Chop visited before saying anything.
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  4. Category 5 Hurricane

    I'm all but certain iLTS is lying about at least one part of his claimed role. I haven't been able to confidently decide from which angle he's pulling his gambits from. Part of the WIFOM bomb we've got here is that iLTS stated he was going to RNG protecting himself or Jeod. If iLTS is actually a doctor, then this gambit should make scum unwilling to risk hitting either of them. Yet, they did so anyway. This could place suspicion on iLTS (and indeed, I'm kinda inclined to go that way myself), but if scum has unstoppable kills, thinks iLTS is lying about being a doc, or even just guessed right on who he would target, scum could use this situation as a trap.
  5. VERTi60

    iirc wasn't iLTS suppose to protect Jeod last night? Apparently he didn't. Jeod wanted to confirm choppy's claimed ability too. As for why was Jeod targeted - if he was indeed a target of janitor, the reason could be his claimed ability to copy other abilities. And scum would probably not want that... If it wasn't for that, or if Jeod was scum, it may have been caused by Orange's curse, or some other action backfiring on him. We also suspect Nodlied or iLTS could be the culprits since they were not blocked last night, and Nodlied was Jeod's #1 suspect yesterday.
  6. Category 5 Hurricane

    If I remember correctly, Jeod was involved in some sort of plan? I don't recall the details, but it will be difficult to defuse the goals if true. Classic WIFOM bomb. We need outside information to have a chance of disarming it. Outside of that, you or Shade not being a target is slightly suspicious. But only slightly, because the WIFOM bomb does muddy the waters as far as who "should" be getting targeted.
  7. Category 5 Hurricane

    Why did you pick KY? Was him being your target discussed before? I'm not undead. I do have a mention of hidden effect on a certain target, so I do suspect that someone is a counter to my ability. That person might not even be scum. I don't know.
  8. VERTi60

    Is that your defense? Any comments on Jeod's death?
  9. Category 5 Hurricane

    It's getting pretty tiring coming home and seeing people complain that I wasn't around when they wanted me to be. My schedule does not comply to your needs, and even beyond that, I'm under no obligation to be here at your call. I didn't "wait all day", I was at work until close. And after coming home I wanted to relax for a while, so I didn't feel like making a status report the moment I was online. Especially given what the status is. I have absolutely no news to report. To be perfectly clear, this means I have done nothing, could do nothing, and nothing I'm aware of has happened to me.
  10. VERTi60

    Is that your defense?
  11. ChopBam

    It's all I came to say right now.
  12. Shade939

    Actually, it's probably not that relevant who Jeod visited since you were basically following right behind him?
  13. Shade939

    Is that all you wish to say on the matter?
  14. Sunflower

    You sound like you need a hug.
  15. ChopBam

    Yeah I stopped because I realized it'd be a stupid reason to die.
  16. Sunflower

    What? Noooo! Don't do that. Keep your eyes on the road Choppy!
  17. ChopBam

    Testament is cute when he's angry.
  18. ChopBam

    I was driving home from work, been busy basically driving/volunteering/working for the last 17 hours and now I'm finally home. Tried reading in the car but it didn't work out too well and I don't want to cause a crash. That's probably when you saw me reading the thread earlier Shade. Anyway, I stupidly followed Jeod's plan to track Jeod and learned/proved absolutely nothing. I was tempted to lie and claim I tracked Category 5 to put some pressure on him. It's fun that he's waited all day for me to come to this thread and to make my claim before he says a thing.
  19. Shade939

    And he's gone?
  20. Shade939

    @ChopBam, mind stating who you targeted last night and what you saw so we can proceed forward, if nothing more than for future reference?
  21. Killing_You

    Well, I woke up with a "fuzzy head" and my action failed, so I suppose this is confirmation. Not going to lie, though, I'm a bit annoyed. And as such, I'm not sure where to go from here. Some more information would be beneficial.
  22. Testament

  23. Shade939

    At a minimum, you should wait for Chopbam to show up in case he decided to visit you. We have a time frame to work in, and a limited number of lynches we could do per day anyways. Although, we're basically at the point where only three players haven't really claimed anything.
  24. You have me there, all of the Petroglyph games I've played afterwards weren't very good, and kept trying and failing to recapture the C&C magic(I've played 8-bit Armies and Forged Battalion, both were very dull games. FB had some interesting ideas, but it was still very one-dimensional, and the campaign felt tacked on like the devs were going down an "RTS checklist". Same thing with 8-Bit, just a skirmish map with objectives slapped on). You're correct that EaW was their first game, at least according to the Wikipedia page on them.
  25. OrangeP47

    For the moment I think others are more interesting/need to be under pressure more than Sunflower.
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