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  3. Hey everyone, welcome to another Battle for Dune: War of Assassins Infantry Release September Update! "Two updates in one month, what??", "We barely get 3 a year!" I know, what's happened to us?! What's New In this patch? This is a fairly small patch compared to previous ones, but it sure does pack a punch! In this bad boy we've got a tweaked Grenade Launcher, Fixed Building HUD icons, and brand new Shaders! Here's the change List for all this tasty stuff: - Sniper Rifles now lerp into their scopes - Fixed missing Master Volume string - Increased Grenade Launcher Explosion Damage Radius from 4.5 > 6 - Increased Grenade Launcher Explosion Inner Damage Radius from 1.5 > 3.5 - Fixed Building Icons not appearing on the HUD - Added the new Bloom shaders - Added new Outline System to infantry that appear at a distance of 25 meter (2nd Radar ring) New Outline System and Bloom Shader As mentioned above, we've got two cool new features that improve the graphical and gameplay quality of Battle for Dune, but the Bloom Shader (already seen in Tiberian Sun: Reborn) and the brand new Outline System! The Bloom Shader adds a new depth to the look and feel to the lands of Arrakis, making the lighting stand out more and object pop to a greater effect! The Outline system is something new straight off the Romanov press! To break it down for you, it's a process to make readability better for seeing infantry that are close to you. People have been having a lot of trouble on some maps to see House Harkonnen Infantry on night maps and House Atreides Infantry on lighter maps against lighter colours such as cliffs and sand, with this new System it will draw an outline around any Soldier 25 meters away from you. The colour represents the Soldier's team being Yellow for House Atreides and Red for House Harkonnen. The Outline will fade in within the set range, and fade away when exiting the set range from the enemy Soldier. (As displayed in the image below) This was a heavily requested feature in the past, but major thanks to Rapp for really pushing the feature request recently and help making it happen! Saturday Game Night! Come and join us tomorrow at 7pm GMT for our Battle for Dune Game Night! That's it for this double whammy Update! We hope you like the sound of the latest changes and see you at the Game Night tomorrow to try them out!
  4. Hi guys, Yesterday i was playing c&c renegade in Interim Apex server. I left, and when i tried to rejoin... And what happened? I got banned without a warning or anything by ExErix3. For using another nick? I did use another nick but didnt know it was forbidden to do, since i like to use renlist because im still exploring all the new maps and im kind of new to those maps, thats why I play with another nickname. Why ban me without a warning? Why not just kick me with a warning? So i can change my mistake and rejoin? Im now banned forever? I never cheat and i play c&c renegade already since the beginning on a daily basis. Please unban me. I will use my original nickname, i promise. I didnt know it was illegal to change nickname. I play renegade everyday. Please unban me and give a warning to Exeric4 because as a former mod of jelly games i can tell you he is definitely the worst mod ever in the history of c&c renegade because 0% tolerance, 0% warnings and 100% ban! Thanks, DD
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  6. I know... I really miss playing it to. Sole Survivor was lots of fun when we had 20+ player games. I saw a late Sole Survivor fan site that mentioned people describing Renegade as "Sole Survivor 2" and definitely has the same vibes as playing Renegade despite the top down RTS perspective. The more people that joins the more chaotic and fun it gets. https://web.archive.org/web/20021214155911/http://globalss.virtualave.net:80/index.html Original archive link to said website if interested. It also shows on the front page when the servers were officially shutdown as well.
  7. Ah dang... Thanks for letting me know
  8. ok this is a good argument. One other thing which can be considered for change is the power plant. At the monent it disables only high tier turrets (sam sites, RPG turrets and oberlisk of light) when destroyed. But some maps dont have any high tier turrets, but still have a PP (like Grandcanyon, Snow, Cliffs). I didnt like the renegade aproach of increasing the unit prices. But what about disabling all turrets. That would mean, that removing the PPs on TS_Cliffs should be taken into consideration as they serve no purpose there.
  9. Can you expand on this please? In what way? The screenshot and it being a trap is a bit too vague. Where in the river, and what about it's shape?
  10. I would voice against raising the flight ceiling due to the fact that - currently - aa units won't be able to reach them if the ceiling will be any higher. So until the AA system has been introduced, keep it low.
  11. @ Timeaua We have plans to make the cliffs no-go areas, just didn't quite have time to add it for this patch. Making the flight area higher also is a good shout.
  12. Overall the patch included good tweaks/additions. Tanks feel more like tanks now and the EMP Tank has a good balance now with decreasing rate of fire and more splash. Things that can be discussed: - Orca fighter still has only 1 round of missiles. Give them at keast 2. - purchasable grenades are still quite weak - jumpjet trooper deals not enough damage for its price - TS_Dam still has fps issues (maybe hidden objects in the 3dsmax file cause them, I had such problems back then, when Ive constructed the map) - TS_OmegaCity needs more height for proper flying battles (but make the areas on the cliffs no-go areas, so you cant basecamp on them) - Nod early rushs are quite op. Maybe design the GDI AAPC to an early game unit.
  13. - TS_Field - River is perfect for trapping Disruptor/GDI Vehicles. - TS_Isles - Cliff mesh cannot be walked up - TS_Cliffs - Missing textures on props - MSA - Nod Timed C4 are MSA invisible - "Stolen" Vehicles do not have correct teamed marker - Proxy C4 - Mines in basement of barracks can be cleared by (artillery) splash. Perhaps make them resistant or immune to splash damage?
  14. Some things i like - tons of interior overhauls, especially for the War Factory and GDI PP. - bloom effect - bike movement (but the speed should be abit tone'd down, so you don't loose control that often) - sniper classes - riot trooper shield - ghost stalker railgun damage on buildings and vehicles - grinding ability for the devil tongue - chameleon spy knife, its so strong! what i don't like: - flight mode for banshees, orca fighters and bombers. its super wobbely and you crash all the time. i prefer using the orca fighter in vtol mode instead, so i don't crash. orca fighter need a speed boost in flight mode, also flight mode should stabilize a aircraft with V like in APBs yak and mig. in APB flight mode is nearly perfection - C4 = especially engineer C4 is way too strong. it blows up defenses with one shot. C4 should be balanced like in apb. - mammoth MKII health and turning speed. its basically a walking practice target for artillery and get destroyed super quick. slow turning speed doesn't help either. - gdi missle trooper - something doesn't feel right with him. i prefer an officer to fight Nod aircraft instead of using him - jumpjet weapon - his gun feels so useless imo. way to less damage and the burst fire only makes it worse. - harvesters have no horn!
  15. Greetings players! Time to reply with your thoughts on the most recent Balance pass patch 2.0.1 "Bugocalypse" If you have any non-bug related Feedback, Please post it here and don't be shy on suggestions!
  16. We've just released Tiberian Sun: Reborn version! Our focus on this release was to fix bugs and improve the overall balance of the game. The notes below should cover all of the changes we've made in the past couple of weeks. We'd also just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has picked up the game and joined battles on the server. It's really nice to see that Reborn still has the power to inspire and excite people even after all of these years, so thankyou for putting big smiles on our faces. General New objective marker system for detecting units with the Mobile Sensor Array. This fixes a bug with the HUD related to being in range of an enemy MSA Players no longer have their inputs stuck when their deployed vehicle is destroyed while transitioning Adjusted key mappings to assign default hotkeys to the extended options hotkeys list for clean installations. This may result in some keybind popup spam on the first game join, but has been shown in testing to work Color-coded the HUD health bar to green, yellow, and red Fixed server instabilities Score System Building score system has been overhauled such that damage/repairs are based on a percentage of the building’s maximum HP: 37.5% for damage, 25% for repair, 25% for bounty, 10% for defense bounty This varies for small structures Large critical structures give 250 points to the team, non-critical large structures give 300 points to the team, and an additional amount awarded to the team multiplies 250 by the player count Radar Compass Ghost Stalker/Cyborg Commando blips have been changed (set to exclamation marks) Mammoth Mk II blip has been changed (set to target) Blips get smaller if they are above/below you Maps Fixed a good number of stuck spots, terrain holes, floating objects, misaligned objects, visible objects that should be invisible, and other small, general map issues Reinforcement harvesters have generally had pathfinding improvements across the board, including fixes in a lot of cases where they were dropped by the Carryall and drove nowhere Adjusted the transparency of water on several maps to make it more consistent Adjusted the drown zone height on several maps to make it more consistent where you start drowning (and you can’t walk as deeply into the water), also added drown zone on any maps where it was missing TS_Anchorage Added basic underwater terrain Moved a GDI aircraft spawner away from the Refinery to a spot between the Construction Yard and War Factory TS_Cliffs Fixed improperly placed no-dig zone in the GDI base, and extended its coverage to the Nod base Adjusted lighting TS_Dam Adjusted a bit of the vehicle-blocking clutter in the bases Fixed a bug allowing AAPC and MLRS to drive into the deep water Made slight adjustments to the ramps leading to the upper infantry routes Adjusted the out-of-bounds zone so it doesn't affect infantry up top where it shouldn't TS_Drought Bases got internally flipped with Power Plants on the inside loop Cut a path through the Tiberium Field Silos changed to blue TS_Field Added no-dig zone to the Nod base Filled in a no-dig zone gap at the back of the GDI base TS_GrandCanyon Added two Sam Sites to Nod interior walls Cleaned up map issues TS_Isles Fixed missing ability for MLRS and AAPC to drive on top of the water Mobile Repair Vehicles no longer spawn stuck in the Nod War Factory Expanded the no-dig zone behind the GDI base Adjusted Laser Turret displacement (removed coastal turret) Adjusted Sam Site displacement (rear War Factory Sam is now on the roof) Added civilian buildings Added GDI corner walls where applicable Minor adjustments to aircraft landing points TS_OmegaCity Fixed erroneous out-of-bounds warning in the Hand of Nod basement Fixed Nod outpost repair section, including removing the stuck MRV Removed one rear Nod SAM site and adjusted the others Adjusted water zone so players can’t travel so deep without taking damage Silos changed to blue TS_Snow Added a Tiberium Silo for each team TS_TaintedLegacy Added an underwater zone to the lake TS_Tiber Removed phantom GDI/Nod Construction Yards Balance Changes We've made a ton of changes to the game based on your feedback in the Discord Feedback Hub. Please keep the feedback coming, as it's really valuable for us to know how you're all perceiving the game. Thanks to everyone who has spent time to give feedback so far! The main aim of the changes in this release were to re-centre the balance of vehicles, as the general consensus was that they were a bit weak. Upon investigation we discovered that our benchmark engagement (a Titan vs a Tick tank) was around 13 seconds, which was way to short for what the game really required. With that in mind, we've done some work to strengthen vehicles vs anti-tank weapons to draw those engagements out a bit more. Below is a full list of balance changes. If you have any feedback on the way these numbers are presented, please let us know! Global Armour Types & Warhead Changes Every building, infantry and vehicle in TSR has an armour type. Every projectile and explosion has a warhead type. When calculating damage, a projectile’s warhead will have a multiplier that corresponds to an armour type in order to determine how much damage is dealt. For example, my Titan’s cannon does 90 damage and has the Warhead “Tank Shell”. I am shooting an undeployed Tick Tank which has the armour type “Armoured Vehicle”. “Tank Shell” has a 0.65 damage multiplier when shooting at “Armoured Vehicle”, so the total damage dealt to the Tick Tank per shot is 58.5. The changes below have been made to the Armour & Warhead table to enact larger changes throughout the entire game. Jumpjet Infantry Reduced incoming damage from Rocket, Tank Shell, Plasma and Railgun Weapons Mutants Reduced incoming damage from Railgun Weapons Cyborgs Reduced incoming damage from Rocket and Plasma Weapons Enforcer Reduced incoming damage from Rocket Weapons Light Vehicle Light Vehicles have been made a bit tougher to increase their survivability Reduced incoming damage from Bullets, AP Bullets, Rockets, Grenades, Tanks Shells, Artillery Shells and Sonic weapons Armoured Vehicle Armoured Vehicles have been made a bit tougher to increase their survivability Reduced incoming damage from Bullets, AP Bullets, Rockets, Grenades, Tanks Shells, Artillery Shells and Sonic weapons Deployed Vehicle Reduced incoming damage from Tank Shell Weapons Aircraft Aircraft have been made a bit tougher to match the buffs that other vehicle types have received. Reduced incoming damage from Bullets, AP Bullets, Missiles, Rockets, Grenades, Tanks Shells, Artillery Shells, Plasma, Railgun and Sonic weapons Cyborg Reaper Reduced incoming damage from Grenades, Tanks Shells, Artillery Shells, Sonic and Melee weapons Buildings Reduced incoming damage from Rocket, Tank Shell and Sonic weapons Base Defences Reduced incoming damage from Rocket and Tank Shell weapons Base Walls Increased incoming damage from Grenade and Grinder weapons Buildings Building doors now open and close properly after the building is destroyed (same behavior as when the building remains alive) Repair rates increased for the Service Depots and Helipads Air units can now be sold at Helipads Construction Yard (both teams) Fixed a flame emitter that floated perpetually in the air when the building was destroyed GDI Helipad Minor fixes and improvements to the mesh, including enabling the pad lights Nod Tiberium Silo Points/credits are now earned from damaging and repairing this building Defenses Now detect stealth up to half their weapon range Nod Laser Turret Reduced weapon spread: 0.3 -> 0.15 Infantry All infantry now slowly auto-heal to 50% health whenever undamaged for 30 seconds All infantry are blocked from refilling at a PT within 5 seconds of taking damage Buffed purchasable frag grenades: Damage strength: 35 -> 40 Explosion Radius: 4 -> 6 Explosion Inner Radius: 2 -> 3 Proxy mines no longer stick to friendly units Proxy mine health greatly reduced: 100 -> 45 Timed C4 is now grouped under the pistol for Engineers GDI Officer Rate of fire increased: 20 -> 30 Removed spray angle increase on movement GDI Missile Trooper Weapon right click has been changed from scoping to “dumbfire” (missiles with no tracking) GDI Riot Trooper Pistol/Shield is now centered in first person view Shotgun adjustments Slug damage reduced: 110 -> 60 Slug spray increased: 0.2 -> 0.4 Slug projectile extension XYZ reduced: 0.1 -> 0.05 Slug ammo cost reduced: 2 -> 1 Inner spray angle % added: 0.5 Shifted 2 pellets to inner radius GDI Medic No longer heals enemies Self-healing to 50% is twice as fast (compared to other infantry) and requires half the time to activate GDI Jumpjet Can now drive vehicles Improved aerodynamics Increased projectile extension: 0 -> 0.1 GDI Enforcer Weapon damage increased: 4.5 -> 5.5 Weapon velocity increased: 75 -> 115 Weapon can now travel through a max of 6 targets Nod Elite Cadre Buffed Sting grenade: Explosion Radius: 2.5 -> 3. Explosion Inner Radius: 1.25 -> 1.5 Nod Cyborg Commando Removed ability to harm himself with his flames Nod Cyborg Minigun now uses correct tracer Increased Cannon Damage: 11.5 -> 20 Nod Chameleon Spy The Spy now takes damage from standing in Tiberium Nod Kerubim Reduced Damage 15 -> 12 Weapons Fixed some weapon name typos Tracer sizes adjusted slightly Vehicles Units that are underground can now drive beneath walls and gates Underwater zones now destroy aircraft immediately GDI Wolverine Spray angle decreased: 2 -> 1.25 Yaw turn rate increased: 10 -> 20 GDI Amphibious APC Reduced Price: 800 -> 700 Increased Damage: 20 -> 30 New firing sound Cleaned up Turret Ring Texture Unwrap New Dedicated Turret Model GDI Hover MLRS Fixed target locking issue Rate of fire increased: 6 -> 7.75 Burst delay decreased: 1.4 -> 1.25 Random tracking value decreased: 0.07 -> 0.05 GDI Disruptor Increased speed: 0.5 m/s Weapon can now travel through a max of 8 targets GDI Mobile EMP Now affects enemy rate of fire and reload: reduces by 34% Weapon explosion radius increased: 12 -> 15 Fixed a bug related to the panning of the tracks GDI Juggernaut Reduced gun traverse/elevation speed and minimum depression Reduced Impact Damage 75 -> 60 Reduced Explosion Damage: 75 -> 45 Reduced weapon’s explosion radius: Explosion Radius: 15 -> 10 Explosion Inner Radius: 7.5 -> 5 Juggernaut no longer takes reduced damage when deployed GDI Mammoth Mk II Adjusted turret camera New chin gun firing sound GDI Orca Fighter General adjustments to VTOL flight mode Increased Health: 300 -> 400 GDI Orca Bomber Vertical acceleration increased. 20000 -> 35000 Nod Attack Buggy Target bone added Nod Attack Cycle Increased Damage: 32 -> 52 Nod Devil’s Tongue Increased speed slightly. Torque up 16000 -> 18000 Spray angle decreased slightly: 7.5 -> 7.25 Target bone added Custom flamethrower explosion added Explosion radius increased: 4 -> 5 Camera shake radius increased: 3 -> 3.5 Muzzle Bones Angled down 5 degrees(hits targets closer to ground easier) Nod Subterranean APC Price reduced: 800 -> 700 Increased Health: 500 -> 600 Nod Mobile Repair Vehicle Rate of fire increased: 8 -> 16 Repair “damage” increased: 2 -> 5 Health reduced: 400 -> 350 Building warhead scale: 0.5 -> 0.4 Speed increased: Engine torque: 8000 -> 8500 Range increased: 12 -> 14 Nod Stealth Tank Disabled surface effect damage (The vehicle is no longer de-stealthed in Tiberium) Nod Artillery Reduced gun traverse/elevation speed and minimum depression Reduced damage: 90 -> 75 Reduced weapon’s explosion radius: Explosion Radius: 16 -> 12 Explosion Inner Radius: 8 -> 6 Target bone added Animated barrel (deploy animation) Improved the wheels slightly Artillery no longer takes reduced damage when deployed Nod Harpy Increased Rate of Fire 20 ->30 Increased Health: 300 -> 450 Nod Banshee Banshee guns now pivot up and down slightly Added barrel pitch: +5° to -15° Reduced ammo reserve: 24 -> 16 Increased Health: 300 -> 400 That's it! That's it for now. If you want to provide feedback on the game, please head over to Discord and post in the feedback Hub, or if you prefer, our General Discussion forum is also a great place to discuss the game too. See you on the battlefield soldiers! [blurb]We've just released Tiberian Sun: Reborn version! Our focus on this release was to fix bugs and improve the overall balance of the game. The notes within this post should cover all of the changes we've made in the past couple of weeks.[/blurb]
  17. Changed Status to Fixed
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  19. Need to display to the user what key to press to deploy. A lot of people were having this problem on TS Reborn recently.
  20. ChopBam

    Seam on TS_Dam

    Changed Status to Fixed
  21. CCHyper is still busy with real life commitment so nothing has changed yet currently.
  22. View File Harkonnen Flamethrower Reload- UNCENSORED EDITION [NSFW] You know and love the Flamethrower and his amazing reload animation. But have you ever noticed how, sometimes, he seems like he should say a naughty word, but stops just short? Ever wanted to hear the full version? Well, in celebration of BfD's anniversary, you can now hear the full versions for the first time! Just extract the two audio clips into the Data folder within Battle for Dune's directory, and hear the reload quotes in full! Rather than stopping short with "Mother-" and "Son of a-," he will now saw the full quotes on occasion. As should be obvious, this sound pack is not safe for work. Submitter Killing_You Submitted 09/02/2023 Category Custom Audio  
  23. Version 1.0.0


    You know and love the Flamethrower and his amazing reload animation. But have you ever noticed how, sometimes, he seems like he should say a naughty word, but stops just short? Ever wanted to hear the full version? Well, in celebration of BfD's anniversary, you can now hear the full versions for the first time! Just extract the two audio clips into the Data folder within Battle for Dune's directory, and hear the reload quotes in full! Rather than stopping short with "Mother-" and "Son of a-," he will now saw the full quotes on occasion. As should be obvious, this sound pack is not safe for work.
  24. Happy Birthday to Battle for Dune: War of Assassins! It's been 1 whole year since we finally released the Infantry Release for BFD, and as much as things have been a little quiet over the year, we've got another content update for you to celebration the occasion! Update - The Birthday Patch In Update we've got a new Game Mode, better Grenades, updated audio and Quality of Life fixes! Check it all out on the Change List: - Setup new the new Game Mode, Team Deathmatch! - Added new map BFD_TDM_ClifftopPass - Added new map BFD_TDM_HaggaGulch - Added new map BFD_TDM_SihayaRidge - Added new map BFD_TDM_TsimpoVillage - All Team Deathmatch maps have a 7 minute time limit. - Increased Frag Grenade Explosion Outer Radius from 5 > 8 - Increased Frag Grenade Explosion Damage from 120 > 250 - BFD_LonelyRoad has now been set to 10 minutes. Team Deathmatch If you've ever played a First or Third Person Shooter, you've more than likely played Team Deathmatch! It's a staple of any Shooter Genre, and we at Battle for Dune: War of Assassins thought it was about we introduced it to the sands of Arrakis. As you'll soon see in-game or notice from the patch notes, currently the only TDM maps in rotation are Conquest maps we've converted over to the new Game Mode! This is largely to test the waters, see how well it truly does fit in BFD and see about making new maps for Team Deathmatch in future. What's Next? We've got a few things in the works coming soon that didn't quite make this update, but will be in ones to come! Keep an eye out for new maps, and more in the coming months. Until then, have a nice warm sand bath and watch out for those sand worms! [blurb]In this Spicy Update, we celebrate Battle for Dune: War of Assassins' first birthday! With this, we've released a new Game Mode featured on 4 familiar maps, some Grenade tweaks and more![/blurb]
  25. When switching from third to first person in the HMRLS your camera aligns with the very front of the vehicle, this causes disorientation and may even lose your target if you are switching to get a better angle. Only vehicle I saw that had this behavior out of HMRLS, Wolv, Titan and AAPC.
  26. Changed Status to Fixed
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