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  2. We don't know the victory condition. However, consider that the "messing with heads" thing must have had a viable target. What if that's controlling a Missile Silo?
  3. And what could he accomplish tonight that he couldn't have done previously?
  4. Mojoman voting for Killing_You suggests that this is not true.
  5. It's basically check mate for anyone who's not Town.
  6. Though you just know it's going to be a tie in votes.
  7. Fair shake. Even if TP wins tomorrow we can say we tried.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Depends on information I can only theories as to whether it exist or not. Regardless, lynching the last Mafia member is better than lynching the Silo.
  10. So with that theory it would be better to kill me or Cat 5 today.
  11. Or basically they need to survive and have the nuclear launch event happen. That'd be a decent TP victory condition that could place them in conflict with both sides, and help out with a weaker Town.
  12. Or if we even need to. It should be related to the missile silo, so it's entirely possible the TP wins if they and a silo survive till day five.
  13. Well, that's as long as we can prevent whatever Mojoman's victory condition is by roleblocking him. I'm actually wondering if that is true.
  14. Sure, I don't really care so much either way. The only thing I'd be concerned about is opening the possibility for a TP win, which would require you block Mojoman.
  15. I have a solution then, lets lynch Killing_You and get the role flip.
  16. Fair enough, although by process of elimination, you're Mafia because you can't be the Silo.
  17. I'm not answering any more questions until you make a point that makes sense.
  18. I don't see how that has to do with anything other than proving that KY is Mafia.
  19. Furthermore, how does it benefit Killing_You to shoot one of the players voting for Orange, and then never vote for Orange?
  20. Doubtful. I suspect is was known to the Sniper via PM, but not shown correctly on the role sheet. Otherwise we'd be hearing a bitch fit about it.
  21. KIlling_You, like many of us was unaware that the Silo was immune to the sniper day kill.
  22. That argument creates more holes than it fills in.
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