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  1. Its known but not high priority.
  2. Heard about this awhile ago, nice to be able to talk about it!
  3. The donations have been flying in and the bill has been paid. Thank you very much to everyone who donated towards this, it is incredibly appreciated!
  4. No idea that this was a thing, good to know. I dislike Bonsai as Soviet because you do indeed to all in, try and keep a good frontal presence when you always can't. I also feel that you need a lot more teamwork for Soveits too win, removing Phase tanks would help this map out a lot. I also dislike Missile Silo maps but that's just my personal distaste for them, 7/10 times I wouldn't really try to disarm or combat a flare because half my team isn't or it's just really well defended from a good vantage point. I do like Raap's idea of a Renegade styled end beacon idea but then again I feel restricting players from an open system from so long isn't the right way either. Time scaling for flares on the other hand is an idea that I would love to see tried out.
  5. I'm inclined to agree. And Eric, that's not something we are bringing to the light of day. The fact that you want to read it is concerning enough.
  6. That's pretty great to see, looks like all the hard work on Delta is paying off again!
  7. We're going to have to fix your issue, since it may be either a language crisscross with your computer and the Launcher or a regional thing (I doubt its the latter). It would be a bit futile to put up two downloads just for the 2nd be for one person.
  8. Renegade's tutorial was going to have you control the AGT against a Nod assault.
  9. You should of seen how bad shell impacts were in Gamma's early test builds... This is nothing when compared.
  10. Really solid changes there, great patch!
  11. The Yak is amazing to fly, Pushwall has done an amazing job on it! Allies have more units in other areas, would be a bit silly to give them planes "because".
  12. How is that an applicable response to what he said? lol
  13. It's one of the reasons why anyone below 44kbps would be kicked from the old Renegade servers.