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  1. Battle for Dune: War of Assassins is a free total conversion of Command & Conquer: Renegade, which focuses on recreating the world of Dune (as presented in Westwood's Dune 2000 and Emperor: Battle for Dune) in an exciting team-based First Person Shooter. Play as the mighty House Atreides or the sinister House Harkonnen, and use a variety of unique infantry to destroy the enemy and secure control of Arrakis across several unique maps. For the first time on the W3D Engine, Battle for Dune brings a number of modern First Person Shooter features with its release. Utilising aim-down-sights, infantry movement inertia, weapon recoil and area-based conquest zones, Battle For Dune aims to provide a fast and intense infantry combat experience. Play offline against bots to hone your skills before heading online to fight against other players for control of the mind-altering Spice melange; the secret to all Foldspace travel in the Known Universe. We are proud to announce that Battle for Dune: War of Assassins will be coming to you this Spring (pending any delays). Stay tuned in to the W3D Hub Forums and Discord server for all of the info as the war begins. He who controls the Spice, controls the universe.
  2. Yeah, it pretty much died about 6-7 years ago now.
  3. Was that the game we won in under 10 minutes from two rushes?
  4. I don't know which this is more, a lover letter or a clear and strong nomination <3
  5. @ryknow69 and @Eggman891 for excellent rushes and team coordination.
  6. I nominate Momok for great team work and displaying their fearful V2 skills over and over again.
  7. Ok. Is this your attempt at an appeal?
  8. There isn't any planned public testing, we'll be releasing the game when we feel it is ready.
  9. This is where they were taking things, not cut content from actual Renegade. As the video states in the title, this is actually Renegade 2, which would of told the story for the transition from Red Alert 2 to Tiberian Dawn, this is also why there are RA2 buildings and vehicles.
  10. Hey everyone, this update took a bit longer than planned but it's finally here. We hope that everyone is keeping safe and ready for some Dune game news! New Gunplay Mechanics TeamWolf and the BFD team have taken a new direction for gunplay. Those familiar with the W3D engine may have the occasional frustration with infantry combat, whether it is with the feel of the weapons or when the enemy is a literal bullet sponge and tanks all of your damage. Using modern shooter mechanics that we experience today as our base, we have now introduced recoil and accuracy increases per shot. In balancing infantry and working within this new style of gunplay, we have also readjusted TTK (Time-To-Kill) across the board. In other words, our weapons are now more potent and lethal. We rounded up our testers for a gaming session and have recorded some footage to showcase these new features! Give us your thoughts on the new gunplay! Conquest Mode Breakdown A long with showing off our new gunplay, we have also put together a video to better demonstrate how our new game-mode works, mentioned in our last update, Conquest! Instead of giving you another run down of what it is, here is AZ-Stalker to explain it! Have no fear, you are not to be killed...That's it for another update from us, We hope you enjoyed a better look at how our new Gunplay mechanics work! [blurb]Hey there, welcome to another Battle for Dune blog! In this update we breakdown our new Gunplay mechanics and our latest game mode, Conquest![/blurb] As always, follow us at the greatest and latest over on Facebook, catch us Tweeting @W3DHub on Twitter, catch up with everything else BFD over on IndieDB/ModDB!
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