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  1. I'm inclined to agree. And Eric, that's not something we are bringing to the light of day. The fact that you want to read it is concerning enough.
  2. That's pretty great to see, looks like all the hard work on Delta is paying off again!
  3. We're going to have to fix your issue, since it may be either a language crisscross with your computer and the Launcher or a regional thing (I doubt its the latter). It would be a bit futile to put up two downloads just for the 2nd be for one person.
  4. Renegade's tutorial was going to have you control the AGT against a Nod assault.
  5. You should of seen how bad shell impacts were in Gamma's early test builds... This is nothing when compared.
  6. Happy Birthday for yesterday man, (even though I said it on Facebook on time :3). And a Happy Birthday for TerrorTowers yesterday as well!!
  7. Really solid changes there, great patch!
  8. The Yak is amazing to fly, Pushwall has done an amazing job on it! Allies have more units in other areas, would be a bit silly to give them planes "because".
  9. How is that an applicable response to what he said? lol
  10. I've gone to start a map or two for APB in the past and wanted to remake one or two old fan maps fairly recently. I just never had the incentive to either get them to a good place or actually start work on an older map, mainly due to how much work goes into it when I have a game to finish myself.
  11. I nominate Silverlight!!
  12. He's saying this as a troll lol, you're looking at the best spy in the game.
  13. Or redesign how the map flows, and different base placements?
  14. Sure, I'll give it a go. I looked forward to seeing the Forms of Kanly.
  15. APB or that "other" Urban map