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  1. I used to play these sooooo much when they came out!!
  2. TeamWolf


    I don't think putting their values back is the answer, since wasn't Nod stupidly OP before the nerf? A proper balance pass should be done, then TWEAK vehicles as needed.
  3. Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. So some older prototypes or from older versions of APB has the same Pillbox model but with more health and clocked. The main issue with this was, you know just where the Pillbox is going to be each time, but it's harder to hit if you don't commit each places to mind. The other options could be, have a new model with a good design to hit it but lower and sleeker so it's still harder to hit, but have random spawn locations around the base for the limited Camo Pillboxes to spawn each map load (if I'm repeating what anyone else has said it's because I did skim over some posts and I apologise).
  5. I'm well aware of the work they have been doing, but thank you for sharing.
  6. I thought it was you, you change your name more than a girl getting ready to go out on a Friday night haha. I know you're stance on our projects and you've had this view for a long time now. It might be on the cards at some point, but not in the near future as you can see we have more immediate tasks. If you want to talk about things more about this, hit me up on Discord. This isn't really that on topic for this, but it's a fair statement.
  7. It's better to at least have an open discussion about, instead of sitting in a TS channel complaining about the issues you have with the game. Where the devs working on it see it, and other people can throw in their two cents.
  8. The redesign for Shallow does seem interesting, but I think I'm really jaded from how boring the gameplay on the previous version was. TheWoodsToday would be fantastic, if slightly redesigned and Deltaised. APB would need so much work to get it to fit into a working map, but would be cool to see return. However, I do feel that the biggest map variant that the game is missing, is city maps, above all else.
  9. Because it was done in a way to LOOK like a prank, plus see people's reactions
  10. It's a shame that your victory against the Ordos, shall be your last! (I like all three of the Great Houses, but Atreides is my fav)
  11. I've been wanting a C&C TD and RA1 remaster for years now, and really hope this is the case. If they also do TS that would be a dream come true!
  12. TeamWolf


    Hey there, weclome to the forums! Unfortunately as fun as creating a WWII game would be it's how Einstein said, we really don't have the man-power to work on it as we all have our respective projects to work on. Learning how to make something like that yourself as a hobby, even a little bit at a time can be a lot of fun! Depending on what interests you and what engine you'd like to work with, there are a lot of tutorial websites out there to help you learn!
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