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  1. Hello everyone, it's that time once again. With this year's C&C Renegade anniversary happening this week, and today's Battle for Dune: War of Assassins game night, we thought it's about time for a new game Patch! Offerings of the Deep DesertGrenades of all Shapes and SizesIn this Patch we have focused on reworking the Throwable Grenades again as we have something new to play with, Drag Co-efficiency. With this amazing new feature to the engine, we're able to change the Grenade's arc apex, at which the Drag Co-efficiency will take effect and make the Grenade fall to the ground more sharply than the downward trajectory of the remaining arc would of allowed. Along with this, we've also given Infantry Classes that don't have anything to throw Throwable Grenades now. The Shock Trooper, Trooper and Designated Marksman now have Frag Grenades, and the Atreides Sniper has Smoke Grenades! The Grenade Launcher has also had a rework! The Grenadier hasn't been able to fulfil it's role of being House Atreide's Crowd Control unit since it's nerf about a year ago, and this has becoming painfully obvious as we make continuous tweaks to the game's balance and overall Combat Design. As a result the Grenadier's Grenade Launcher has received a direct damage, Range, Explosion Damage and Explosion Radius buff. Now, I know what you're thinking, all of these buffs at once sounds like he's going to be pretty broken! We've done a lot of testing around how the weapon performs, how it feels like to play against. Concerning the weapon's damage output, we've done small changes to give it the small kick it truly needed.Snipers and Bolt-Action Rifle Velocity We've also taken a look at Sniper Rifles and the Bolt-Action Rifle. Looking at these Rifle's performance had made us realise how effect these weapons are and how easy to use and master they are, making them incredibly deadly and oppressive in a skilled player's hands. In light of this we've reduced the Bullet Velocity of the Sniper Rifle, Designated Marksman Rifle and the Bolt-Action Rifle. The knock-ons of these changes result in you needing to lead your shots more often and at ranges of around 80-100 meters, you'll need to start accounting for Bullet Drop/Arcing. The Outline ShaderAnd as a final note, we've made the difficult decision to remove the recently added Outlines that appear around Infantry at a close distance. As much as this is a fantastic feature to see Infantry from both Houses on different backgrounds easier to see when fighting, it also completely broke the effect of Smoke Grenades. When an enemy Infantry was concealed inside of a Smoke field, their Outline would appear when you reach within 25 meters of them. So with this, we chose to remove this feature, however it may return if we figure out how to avoid this issue! Here's the change list for Patch Misc - Re-enabled Anti-Aliasing - Disabled Infantry Outlines Rifles - Decreased Hawk Sniper Rifle Velocity from 1400 > 700 - Decreased Brain Needle DMR Velocity from 1000 > 600 - Decreased Iphigenia Bolt-Action Rifle Velocity from 1000 > 700 Grenades - Shock Trooper and Trooper Infantry Classes now have Frag Grenades - Sniper Infantry Class now have Smoke Grenades - Designated Marksman Infantry Class now have Frag Grenades - Decreased Grenade Launcher Explosion Grenade_Splash Warhead against AP Mines & Claymore Armor Mines from 0.750 > 0.400 - Increased Grenade Launcher Damage from 30 > 50 - Increased Grenade Launcher Range from 75 > 150 - Increased Grenade Launcher Bounce Damage from 30 > 50 - Increased Grenade Launcher Bounce Range from 75 > 150 - Increased Grenade Launcher Explosion Damage Radius from 6 > 7 - Increased Grenade Launcher Explosion Damage Inner Radius from 3.5 > 5.5 - Increased Grenade Launcher Aim Helper Rate of Fire from 1 > 8 - Increased Grenade Launcher Aim Helper Range to 150 - Decreased Ducal Frag and Heartplug Grenades Range from 75 > 50 - Increased Ducal Frag and Heartplug Grenades Velocity from 60 > 80 - Increased Ducal Frag and Heartplug Grenades Gravity from 2.25 > 2.50 - Decreased Ducal Frag and Heartplug Grenades Elasticity from 0.05 > 0 - Decreased Ducal Frag and Heartplug Grenades Max Bounces from 10000 > 250 - Increased Ducal Frag and Heartplug Grenades Drag Coefficient from 0 > 0.09 - Decreased Ducal Frag and Heartplug Grenades Explosion DamageRadiusInner from 3.5 > 2.5 - Decreased Ducal Frag and Heartplug Grenades ammo count from 4 > 2 That's it for another Game Update! This was a pretty wordy update, but I hope you guys found it informative all the same! As a reward, why don't you join us for our Battle for Dune: War of Assassins game night tonight (if you're reading this on the 28th of Feb), we hope to see you there! [blurb]Hello everyone, it's that time once again. With this year's C&C Renegade anniversary happening this week, and today's Battle for Dune: War of Assassins game night, we thought it's about time for a new game Patch! [/blurb]
  2. Hey, sorry I thought the person behind the design choice was going to respond but it looks like they got distracted. We don't really agree that it's immersion breaking, since we're basing it's movement more off the in-game unit and not the cutscenes where it moved at a pretty high speed for the unit. This is also because it fills a role of an early, cheap anti-infantry vehicle to move out into the field and try to challenge the buggy. But we don't try to actually match it's speed to the Buggy, so we give it better armour & firepower. In a Shooter, the balancing doesn't usually match up the same as an RTS. In this respect, we match infantry against infantry and vehicles against vehicles and build the Meta around that. This should hopefully give you better context to my above explanation about why we make it a different, semi fast, anti-infantry, cheap vehicle, kind of like the Nod Buggy, but with clear differences such as firepower output and armour. Thanks for bringing this discussion point up though and I hope that answers your question. Also as a heads up, all caps posts aren't the best to be taken seriously with ;).
  3. Is this directed at Interm Apex? If so, specify next time. Now, you're reporting bugs with being unable to pick up the stealth suit and Obelisk Gun power ups. Can you give us more information for this?
  4. I actually missed this topic completely when you first posted it. I think this would be a great idea, since some of our trailers are years old at this point and don't fully reflect the current state of our games!
  5. House Ordos is planned, but not for the next major version release due to the amount of work the Vehicle Release is already going to take. But I do have some high-level designs for how each Ordos infantry and vehicle is going to work/play out, but the balance is hopefully going to be able to line up pretty well with the already established weapons. The first place we always start when it comes to House vs House is the Light Infantry, making sure they are evenly balances, then work out the balance from there. In terms of the Flamethrower vs the Chemical Spray, I'd say with the current balance of the Infantry Release (the publicly released version), the Flamethrower would win every time. However, we're looking at potentially mixing some things up for our Vehicle Release, so things might be a bit closer between the two weapons, but we still need to figure out how we can make the Chemical Spray mechanically different from the already established Flamethrower.
  6. We didn't include the Kindjal Infantry in this version, due to how fast paced the combat is, a deployed stationary unit wouldn't stand much of a chance. Also, the Kindjal Infantry is a unit that excels at anti-armour combat, which isn't currently present. However, they will be making a return in the next version!
  7. Hey everyone, welcome to another Battle for Dune: War of Assassins Infantry Release September Update! "Two updates in one month, what??", "We barely get 3 a year!" I know, what's happened to us?! What's New In this patch? This is a fairly small patch compared to previous ones, but it sure does pack a punch! In this bad boy we've got a tweaked Grenade Launcher, Fixed Building HUD icons, and brand new Shaders! Here's the change List for all this tasty stuff: - Sniper Rifles now lerp into their scopes - Fixed missing Master Volume string - Increased Grenade Launcher Explosion Damage Radius from 4.5 > 6 - Increased Grenade Launcher Explosion Inner Damage Radius from 1.5 > 3.5 - Fixed Building Icons not appearing on the HUD - Added the new Bloom shaders - Added new Outline System to infantry that appear at a distance of 25 meter (2nd Radar ring) New Outline System and Bloom Shader As mentioned above, we've got two cool new features that improve the graphical and gameplay quality of Battle for Dune, but the Bloom Shader (already seen in Tiberian Sun: Reborn) and the brand new Outline System! The Bloom Shader adds a new depth to the look and feel to the lands of Arrakis, making the lighting stand out more and object pop to a greater effect! The Outline system is something new straight off the Romanov press! To break it down for you, it's a process to make readability better for seeing infantry that are close to you. People have been having a lot of trouble on some maps to see House Harkonnen Infantry on night maps and House Atreides Infantry on lighter maps against lighter colours such as cliffs and sand, with this new System it will draw an outline around any Soldier 25 meters away from you. The colour represents the Soldier's team being Yellow for House Atreides and Red for House Harkonnen. The Outline will fade in within the set range, and fade away when exiting the set range from the enemy Soldier. (As displayed in the image below) This was a heavily requested feature in the past, but major thanks to Rapp for really pushing the feature request recently and help making it happen! Saturday Game Night! Come and join us tomorrow at 7pm GMT for our Battle for Dune Game Night! That's it for this double whammy Update! We hope you like the sound of the latest changes and see you at the Game Night tomorrow to try them out!
  8. Can you expand on this please? In what way? The screenshot and it being a trap is a bit too vague. Where in the river, and what about it's shape?
  9. Happy Birthday to Battle for Dune: War of Assassins! It's been 1 whole year since we finally released the Infantry Release for BFD, and as much as things have been a little quiet over the year, we've got another content update for you to celebration the occasion! Update - The Birthday Patch In Update we've got a new Game Mode, better Grenades, updated audio and Quality of Life fixes! Check it all out on the Change List: - Setup new the new Game Mode, Team Deathmatch! - Added new map BFD_TDM_ClifftopPass - Added new map BFD_TDM_HaggaGulch - Added new map BFD_TDM_SihayaRidge - Added new map BFD_TDM_TsimpoVillage - All Team Deathmatch maps have a 7 minute time limit. - Increased Frag Grenade Explosion Outer Radius from 5 > 8 - Increased Frag Grenade Explosion Damage from 120 > 250 - BFD_LonelyRoad has now been set to 10 minutes. Team Deathmatch If you've ever played a First or Third Person Shooter, you've more than likely played Team Deathmatch! It's a staple of any Shooter Genre, and we at Battle for Dune: War of Assassins thought it was about we introduced it to the sands of Arrakis. As you'll soon see in-game or notice from the patch notes, currently the only TDM maps in rotation are Conquest maps we've converted over to the new Game Mode! This is largely to test the waters, see how well it truly does fit in BFD and see about making new maps for Team Deathmatch in future. What's Next? We've got a few things in the works coming soon that didn't quite make this update, but will be in ones to come! Keep an eye out for new maps, and more in the coming months. Until then, have a nice warm sand bath and watch out for those sand worms! [blurb]In this Spicy Update, we celebrate Battle for Dune: War of Assassins' first birthday! With this, we've released a new Game Mode featured on 4 familiar maps, some Grenade tweaks and more![/blurb]
  10. Hey everyone, As mentioned in our recent update here, we are hosting a Battle for Dune: War of Assassins Game Night! Date: Saturday 2nd September (02/09/23) Time: 20:00 BST/15:00 EST Where: The Battle for Dune - War of Assassins Server on the W3D Launcher We look forward to seeing you there!
  11. Hello, fellow Worm enjoyers! It’s difficult to believe that the end of this month will mark a whole year since Battle for Dune: war of Assassins was released. (I know, I know – where did all that time go?) Our next Game Night! People have been asking for another Game Night, and we aim to deliver. So, we thought, when better than as an anniversary celebration? We’ve got content planned as part of an upcoming patch for the event, but we don’t want to give away all our secrets just yet! So, watch out for more updates on what to expect… The games night will take place on Saturday 2nd September – 20:00 BST / 15:00 EST. It’ll be coarse, rough, and might get everywhere… but we hope that you actually like it! As usual, we will be using Discord for voice comms. Time to... Slide Away. We’ll be working hard to ensure we have something for you guys to celebrate. So, if there is anything you would like to see, please let us know! In the meantime, (do) try not to eat all your cinnamon in one teaspoon… [blurb][/blurb]
  12. Tiberian Sun is turning 24 (what? When? How? But I remember when they were only knee high!) and just like the last few years, we're having an Anniversary Celebration Event! Where and when does this all start? That's a fantastic question! The Anniversary Celebration Event starts on August 18th and finishes on the 27th (times and event details for the full event to follow soon!). Tiberian Sun Reborn Game Night - 24th August To celebrate, we are releasing a new build of Tiberian Sun: Reborn! This build will incorporate a lot of changes that we've made over the past several years, as well as bringing the game onto the latest version of the w3d engine. We hope to develop it as an open beta from there, which means more frequent updates for everyone to enjoy. Join us on the 24th for some epic games on the new build! For more info, check out the thread below:
  13. Hello and welcome to a June update (if we don't put an update out in the month that sounds like the theme of the game, what are we even doing?)! It's time to talk about what we've been up to and what we've got planned next!! Infantry Release Recap Cast your minds back to the end of August, last year. After almost a decade and a half, Battle for Dune: War of Assassins finally released! But in true W3D Engine fashion, we pushed out an Infantry Only release (because Tiberian Sun: Reborn is our cool, older brother). What did we achieve with this release? We were the first brand new released game from W3D Hub, breaking that long running stream of updates, big and small, from Red Alert: A Path Beyond, Expansive Civilian Warfare, Tiberian Sun: Reborn, and Interim Apex. We were the first W3D Hub title to release with new Gloss and Specular textures and shaders, full infantry inertia movement, First Person only, fully Aim Down Sights gunplay and to show off the wide range of flexible modernized weapon features. We went with a different approach to traditional W3D titles in terms of game modes, which was Conquest (Capture Point based objective gameplay) instead of focusing on Base vs Base. We released with 6 maps in total, 4 Conquest, 1 Base vs Base and 1 Hybrid (Conquest with Bases), with all the intention to follow up on that map count, but alas that hasn't happened yet. Ultimately, we achieved what we set out to do. We had every intention of sticking to a healthy post-release support plan, but getting Battle for Dune out the door took it's toll on us and we were left pretty burnt out. We've managed to get some Quality of Life and bug fix updates out, but none of the maps that were being worked on which were in high demand by you guys. We still do have plans to get some new maps out and a few more QoL improvements pushed out for the Infantry Release, but it's not currently where our biggest motivation lies... What does this mean, TeamWolf? Vehicle Release Development As the title suggests, we've entered development on the next Chapter of Battle for Dune, but I hear you asking... Why are we deciding to do this now? It's pretty much self explanatory at this point, that our lack of motivation largely comes from wanting to work on the full version of the game - Battle for Dune's Vehicle Release! It's the most requested thing we get when asking what you guys want to see next, and we're no different. With the 1 year anniversary of our game's launch 2 months away, we felt that we should be getting on with the next installment and bring the full Battle for Dune: War of Assassins experience to you all ASAP! High Level Plan Currently we're looking to add new Base Structures, Infantry, Weapons, Vehicle maps and a wide range of audio! More on these will be shown off and explained in future updates! We're looking at reworking some areas of the game, such as general damage lethality, Shields, Infantry Classes, and a few more. We're also going to be expanding on existing features, such as Capturable Objectives, Weapon handling, and potentially economy. For now, allow me to introduce the backbone of the Imperium's massive drug addiction and what fuels your Great House's economy, the Spice Harvester! Concept art by squidempire. The Spice Harvester is a huge, hulking machine that is designed to operate and withstand the harsh desert environment of Arrakis. These behemoths work in tandem with Carryalls, being ferried to Spice patches on the open sands and back to the base's Refinery. Spice Harvester model by Romanov. Signing Off We hope you enjoyed the update and let us know if you liked what you've seen so far of our New Chapter in Battle for Dune, we'll be showing off more progress as we go. Remember, stay Spicy![blurb][/blurb]
  14. until
    Hey everyone! This Saturday (22/04/23) we are having a Battle for Dune: War of Assassins game night! So come along to shoot each other in the far far future over territorial gain in W3D's modern First Person Shooter!! So be a Sandworm and roll on over to our Discord for some fun voice coms while shooting each other .
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