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  1. In RA1 it was classified as a building. The Larvas could be a object to destroy OOOOOORRRRRRRRR if you want a map where one side play purely ants, thats basically the Purchase Terminal for ants. i noticed myself thats a bit unfair but you could do it like in Apocalypse Rising. The Dog noticed the Spy only in a range of 15-20m and then the spy got a "!" over his head. But i had the "Bark" idea for the Chat so dog players can't purely communicate with other players but can warn them if something is wrong in the base.
  2. To revive that topic i had some time to overthink some aspects. Since i learned (and still learning) stuff in 3DSMax, some buildings and units are definitly possible. I made a prototype of the Helicarrier in 3DSMax and for a first attempt i am pretty proud. I will not show it just in case my work will be accepted. I also tried a Camo PB in 3DSMax and it became really flat. That might be an issue for hit detection. To balance this out the CPB should have a bigger damage detection box to be more vunerable to splash damage from V2s, Grenades and Rockets. To balance out the spies an
  3. Description Multiple Trees are floating on the opposite site of the lake, left from the soviet base on GuardDuty Reproduction Steps Drive to the Spot Look at the floating trees and wait for pennywise, maybe you will float too
  4. Nah, don't make it like a defense building. But not all is wrong with your argument. Unlike AR where dogs weakspot is the enitre barrack building in APB it's just the Kennel. Get rid of the weak armored kennel and dogs are no more.Why people targeting Service Depots? To get rid of annoying mines. Simple as that. Dogs aren't op in APB, there op in AR because their weakspot building is much better armored. The best way to test the dog and kennel things is just to test them how they work in APB Test matches. Back in the day the Cruiser was impossible to implement and now it's just 3x ar
  5. Another thing why people think dogs are too op in APB is, it's a one shot infantry killer and thats true and the spy will not have a chance. But the reality is that dogs have enough down sides. Besides the fact dogs can see enemy spies super easy, they are the counter to the allies op infantry force. Alone the fact Medics and Mechanics can heal the allied forces everywhere (except on the big sea) is op as fuck. Dogs are not only the counter to spies also to the other unique allied infantry, even Tanya. They attack with a near-close jump (2-3m) and kill players in a instant. Dogs
  6. nah i don't like to buy a npc buddy for the match, i wanna be the dog myself and kill this filthy spies
  7. Copy from my thread for the idea discussion "The Attack Dog is the most important counter against allied spies and infantry in general and we need them in game (because we have some really good spy players in APB). They are faster than all other infantry and kill a soldier in one hit, even Tanya. "But Meta, what if the soviets destroy the allied vehicle production and the enemy comes with a lot of dogs? it's unbalanced" - People driving with Anti Inf Minelayers into the enemy base if allied Vehicle Production is dead, also allies rushing in the same case with APCs and Rangers into the S
  8. We had a few talks in Discord again over the missing things in APB and i brainstormed some of them for a fitting gameplay experience in APB. Allies = Heli Carrier: I know it's a cut unit from aftermath but i still enjoying it when i use it with my custom rules.ini or mod in C&C RA Remastered. The Heli Carrier is a pure support unit like LSTs and the RJ and need protection from boats and longbows and delivers ammunation for Helis. In RA1 it can carry 5 Longbows/Hinds but in APB it should be just a mobile refill pad on water. It would be a great addition for HostileW
  9. Tech Centres should disable all powers. (Except Superweapon powers, they bound on their respective builidings) Soviets should lose the parabombs, spyplane and paratroopers - allies the sonar pulse, gps satelite and the parabombs that they get through spy inflitration
  10. nope it happends in the 3 years of the war, near at the end of TD and most of the time the missions are on other continents besides africa and europe. kane still "lives" and isn't hit by the ion cannon yet
  11. thats why i would use player-controlled placement of these boxes. because it's a tactical team shooter, you also should use a bit of tactic with the camo PBs
  12. Going to bed brings alot of ideas for everything, so i brainstormed in the night (when my brain decides not to sleep) how we bring back the Camo Pillbox in a good way. So first of all, the CPB is a tactical - optional- defensive structure for the allies obviously. But first we have to flatten it from his previous versions. The old version from Renalert has good textures but it was way too big. The texture is perfectly fitting with the enviroment, thats a big plus, you can't notice it from far away. The I.Apex Version has a bit better size but is also too high, i would fl
  13. Description On Seamist, you can swim in the trench in front of the allied Base Reproduction Steps Go over the Hill in front of the allied Base to the first horizontal trench try to walk the entire trench magically you can swim now in the air!
  14. building design question will be both power plants in the game? (normal and advanced) - in my mind for a artistic touch, a normal power plant in a little base would make sense for only power up barracks, vehicle production and a few smaller buildings like SD or ore silo. so for big bases with extra buildings like CY, radar, super weapon and lot more defenses a advanced PP would make sense. in addition to these arguments, the A.PP don't take more space as the A.PP from APB/RA1 (but APB, give me the A.PP back, i miss it!)
  15. oh i have another bunch of questions! will there be advanced gameplay improvements like shift button to fast run in APB? Will there be a minimap for the player like the chrono tanks teleportation map? (still hope that this get standart in APB/TSR and other W3D mods because my orientation on maps is fucking bad) will therer be a sniper extra-class like in APB or will the commando the only unit with a sniper rifle? will there be cutscene exclusive units also in this game like various aircrafts from gdi and Nod? how could i and others join to a test member staff?
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