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  1. nope it happends in the 3 years of the war, near at the end of TD and most of the time the missions are on other continents besides africa and europe. kane still "lives" and isn't hit by the ion cannon yet
  2. thats why i would use player-controlled placement of these boxes. because it's a tactical team shooter, you also should use a bit of tactic with the camo PBs
  3. Going to bed brings alot of ideas for everything, so i brainstormed in the night (when my brain decides not to sleep) how we bring back the Camo Pillbox in a good way. So first of all, the CPB is a tactical - optional- defensive structure for the allies obviously. But first we have to flatten it from his previous versions. The old version from Renalert has good textures but it was way too big. The texture is perfectly fitting with the enviroment, thats a big plus, you can't notice it from far away. The I.Apex Version has a bit better size but is also too high, i would flatten it by half and the turret should be set a bit down into the ground. Also the Turret should also get a camo texture (maybe) The Green Version is ofcourse too high in this example. For Balancing this "extra" base defense, i have a few pro's and contra arguments. Pro's: - CPB has more range, more health/armor and higher damage/ higher shot rate than the normal PB (not extraordinary much but more like a "advanced" PB) ---- for a range extra, attacked units can't see the shot angle until they come closer to 30 meters (or so, just a example) - Camo is freely deployable on certain points of the map with a special terminal (found in the CY/PP maybe or whatever building) with the preview-map system from the Chrono Tank - in combination with the previous argument, the CPB is perfectly adjusted on the terrain textures, so the CPB need 3-4 texture versions (snow, rock, desert, grass?) ---- maybe the CPB also gets a invisible bonus without the gap generator (but i'm not sure if that makes the CPB too strong) Contra's: - The CPB isn't available on every map obv. - The CPB should cost a decent amount of money (1000-2000 credits) - The CPB amount on the map is restricted to 1-4 (depending on the map) - Allies can't rebuild the CPB if it's destroyed - The biggest flaw/weakness = because it's very flat, you can't use the CPB on top or in front of hills, it can't look up/down on units that are not in a horizontal angle a few examples where the CPB can't shoot so... yeah i hope we can start to re-implementing the CPB again with that ideas, feel free to adjust my idea!
  4. Description On Seamist, you can swim in the trench in front of the allied Base Reproduction Steps Go over the Hill in front of the allied Base to the first horizontal trench try to walk the entire trench magically you can swim now in the air!
  5. building design question will be both power plants in the game? (normal and advanced) - in my mind for a artistic touch, a normal power plant in a little base would make sense for only power up barracks, vehicle production and a few smaller buildings like SD or ore silo. so for big bases with extra buildings like CY, radar, super weapon and lot more defenses a advanced PP would make sense. in addition to these arguments, the A.PP don't take more space as the A.PP from APB/RA1 (but APB, give me the A.PP back, i miss it!)
  6. oh i have another bunch of questions! will there be advanced gameplay improvements like shift button to fast run in APB? Will there be a minimap for the player like the chrono tanks teleportation map? (still hope that this get standart in APB/TSR and other W3D mods because my orientation on maps is fucking bad) will therer be a sniper extra-class like in APB or will the commando the only unit with a sniper rifle? will there be cutscene exclusive units also in this game like various aircrafts from gdi and Nod? how could i and others join to a test member staff?
  7. you should also look into the virtual westwood museum and sole survivor mods for renegade, there are also a plenty of models for references! will be the commando available for both factions? will be mission-like maps? (like in APB where allies have to defend the radar dome and getting reinforcements over LSTs)
  8. which old mods are you using for early start references and resources? will be the sam site of Nod have a standby to drive-out animation like in TD or will it be always out like in APB/RA1? i think it's clear that we won't see the little naval part of TD in the first release, but maybe in later patches? hoping for gunboat and hovercrafts also sure not in the first release but will we see big buildings like temple of Nod, tech centre (like in APB on NorthbyNorthWest Map) and Hospitals later in the game? Obelisk and GDI Advanced Tower still have doors or second-tier buildings like silos, service depots and Tesla Coils from APB?
  9. Are new modeled visceroids in the game (renegades model is pretty ugly)? Airstrike Power for GDI? Nods Nuke could be a base destroyer and ion canon a One-Building Finisher so it would be logical to balance it with a second power for GDI. Dinosaurs for the Game? (APB gets Ants so Dinos for GZ!) will be game exclusive new units in this game? (like APBs Captain and Shotgunners) Will you use some assets from APB and TSR (as example, the walls in TD are exactly the same as in RA1 so it would be logical to use them for the bases)?
  10. - Dogs should only for Soviets - Spy detecting should be only work on 10-25m to the spy - barking is a must-have - i would consider a one-hit or two-hit kill with the dog attack against hoomans - they shouldn't enter buildings, that would make dogs in smaller rooms pretty op and make building inf rushes pretty hard for the opposite side - no vehicles for doggies - overall they main focus of dogs is base defense against infantry, and sub focus for the big battlefield in combo with tank destroyers, with that dogs can kill the infantry that came out of tanks - not much life because doggies have no armor, but they should a bit faster than normal infantry -chitzkoi plsssssssssssss
  11. i forgot something to say - this mod could be have a fucking dinosaur map like antillion in APB - but the rigging would be a pain in the ass. but i would love a funmap where you can get a dinosaur unit per random box
  12. First of all, that just my thoughs about a mod, not that i plan something in that way. And forgive me, when my grammar or english skills overall sucks as hell. Maybe somebody know at a few times a tiberium dawn mod was in the discussion and never became reality. "BUT YOU HAVE RENEGADE AS A FPS GAME THAT TRANSFERS TD INTO 3D!!!" - thats true but not in that way what i imagine. Renegades placement in the timeline is first more like at the end of the first tiberium war and have more developed units, weapons and structures and seems like more a futuristic skin for tiberium dawn. and also most of the time its happen in america so thats why maybe many things looks so different in the game (maybe for european and african missions, the battalions of gdi and Nod use slight other versions of their tech) so imagine a westwood Tiberium dawn like 1995 in 3D. we have serveral things we could use it for. first the ground would be "A Path Beyond and renegade. these games (or more called that one "game") have everything to use all units and mechanics from TD. Nothing complex like chronosphere tech or mind control our sub-terrain units. most of the units are quite similiar in apb = light tanks allies = LT Nod, Mid Tank Allies = MT GDI, Mammoth Soviets = Mam GDI, APC is quite the same too from the model perspective and destroyer boats also like the gdi gunboat. also we have serveral inspirations what we can use. ages ago in the early renegade mod era, sole survivor released and was a mod to capture the "sole survivor" feeling into renegade. if you want a short look https://www.nexusmods.com/commandandconquerrenegade/mods/43 every unit and structure in that game looks way more TD like. also the Virtual Westwood Museum had a few units that looks way more like TD http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-virtual-westwood-museum-mod also a guy that try to make another TD mod has a few nice models https://web.archive.org/web/20150205011258/http://3dholmes.com/images/project/ccnz/ and nyerguds had a sweet collection of renders from TD http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cncimg/img_archive/ we could even have a special map where you must defend the prototype of the gdi powersuit, since in TSR walkers are a thing. so the problem right here is not that much the coding, it's more the artist stuff and mapping. we know W3D Hub lacks of 3D Modelers, Mappers and Texture Artists. Thats why we don't have cruisers and migs in APB or a faster progress on the models in RA2AR :/ for the maps you "could" use a lot of Renegade, APB and TSR Maps but first i don't know if the groups of W3D share stuff and second the game wouldn't have unique maps to play. Also we would need alot of free people since all teams have enough to do with their own projects. i'm not a proffessional 3D artist, i've just started with a little bit 3D modding in dragonball xenoverse 2 and can't even make textures :/ i only dream about if would be nice to have a real TD Mod for renegade. it's sad that many mods like scud storm for generals or the 2-3 tiberium wars mods are just fast builded mods with the 3D models of the rts games and are mostly dead in development (despite it also exists tiberium twilight maps, i think a real mod about that would be interesting to play) and RA3 got only one or two Renegade mods that died realy quickly so only W3D hub had fucking great renegade mods and even a Dune Mod!. You guys are just awesome.
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