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Found 118 results

  1. The W3D Export tools have been updated to version 1.6.0! Credit to @Dghelneshi, @CMDBob & @jonwil for this release! Feel free to ask them if you have any questions about all of this! This pack contains: W3D Exporter for 3DS Max 2017 - New tools for Max 2017 to export W3D files from W3D Viewer - A model viewer for W3D files W3D Dump - A tool to open W3D files and see the contents The source code to to the W3D Exporter, wdump.exe and memorymanager.dll Here's the changelist! You can find the download here: If you're looking to ge
  2. Hi everyone! As part of the celebrations for Renegade's 19th Birthday, the W3D Hub team will be doing a Q&A session on Discord, Twitch and YouTube this Saturday at 8Pm GMT! We want to know what questions you have for the team here at W3D Hub! This could be anything from what our future plans are to what we had for lunch, so please feel free to be creative with your questions! We will be curating the questions a bit however, so if your question is a bit on the controversial side, it may not get answered! Fair warning to you! Head to the question form here to submit your quest
  3. Hi everyone! Just a quick note to say [blurb]We've changed the way that the launcher displays some of our games. Find out more here![/blurb] We've gone ahead and hidden any games that have not been released yet (unless you have access to them as a Tester or Staff member), so games like Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, Battle for Dune: War of Assassins and Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero won't fully show up on the launcher until they are released. This change should make it easier for everyone to figure out what games are currently available to play. Just to be clear, the games
  4. That's right! This is not a drill! Tiberian Sun: Reborn is back on the W3D Hub Launcher as of... right now! Open up the W3D Hub Launcher to download the latest version! In a few hours time at around 7PM GMT we'll be firing up the server, so look out for more announcements on Discord as to when the festivities are really kicking off! But for now it's back and all set for you guys to download it! Important Things to Note Because Reborn is now a fairly old game, there might be a couple of things you'll need to do to get it running. It will probably install fine most of the tim
  5. Hi everyone! 2020 has been a tumultuous year to say the least. With Coronavirus really screwing with everyone's plans and locking many parts of the world down, we wanted to do something to bring us all together. We've got some bright hopes and aspirations brewing for 2021, but before then we'd like to offer up some celebration to usher the new year in properly. How do you ask? Why, with some games of Renegade, APB, IA, Reborn and other C&C titles of course! Join us on Discord from 7PM GMT on the 31st of December where we'll be hanging out, chatting and playing lots of C&C gam
  6. Hi everyone! Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for sticking with us during this tough year. Covid-19 has tested all of our collective resolve this year amongst other challenges, but we're pushing on through and looking forward to what 2021 brings! You may have noticed a certain thread popping up recently with some good news regarding Tiberian Sun: Reborn, so I just want to take a moment to address that and let you all know about what our plans are. As a special present to the fans of TSR, @Wallywood has contacted us and outlined his intentions to let any legal documentation regar
  7. I am releasing a beta version of the W3X export plugin for 3DS Max 2017 so people can test it and look for any bugs or anything that doesn't export properly or anything else I need to fix. This pack contains: W3X Exporter for 3DS Max 2017 - New tools for Max 2017 to export W3X files from The source code to to the W3D Exporter and memorymanager.dll Read the readme.txt file for details of how to install the plugin and how to work with the DirectX Shader materials (especially take note of the the need to install the latest release of Max 2017 from the provided link and th
  8. Hi everyone! We usually keep news and information on what EA is doing on the light side of things here, but Jim Vessella and the team have just released something that does directly relate to what we do here at W3D Hub. In an news post on Reddit, Jim outlined the intention to update and clarify EA's position on the C&C modding community by creating some new modding guidelines in coordination with EA's Legal team. The way that many communities mod Command & Conquer greatly exceeds the scope of how they were being modded when they were released (including us at W3D Hub and how we mo
  9. C&C Turns 25!With the 25th anniversary of Command & Conquer happening this weekend, we’re excited to announce that the C&C Community website is hosting a C&C Anniversary Giveaway for everyone to take part in. Prizes will be given away EVERY day during the event. Anyone can win a prize regardless of their skill level! The event will start on the 24th September (6pm BST) and will end on the 27th September (6pm BST). Just Play Online!For a chance to win a random prize, play the Remastered Collection; Tiberian Dawn or Red Alert Online Multiplayer during the event. Play Ra
  10. [blurb]A beta update has been released for the an update to the 3DSMax 2017 Tools. Check it out here.[/blurb]I have released a beta testing version of the W3D Export tools to allow the new BFME2 DirectX Material feature to be tested. Unless you are modding BFME2 you probably don't need to upgrade. This pack contains: W3D Exporter for 3DS Max 2017 - New tools for Max 2017 to export W3D files from W3D Viewer - A model viewer for W3D files W3D Dump - A tool to open W3D files and see the contents The source code to to the W3D Exporter, wdump.exe and memorymanag
  11. Hey everyone, A while back I noticed something in the C&C Community. A lot of people were asking how to play the games on Windows 10, but there wasn't an easily discoverable community resource in existence that made the games readily accessible. There were community resources around, but they were either fractured, or buried in websites or forums out of reach. So I got together with some friends from other communities. CCHyper from the Assembly Armada, neogrant from CnCNet, Tore from CnC-Comm, Chronostorm from Facebook/CnCMinecraft and No Strings Prd from YouTube. Together w
  12. Tradition dictates that it is End Boss Month. Frankly, with the way 2020 has been going I wouldn't be surprised if cosmic demons (Kirby series), giant fire-breathing turtles (Bowser), or the literal embodiment of evil (Earthbound series, Zelda series, the blue turtle shell from Mario Kart, take your pick) were to make an appearance. That said, you know what to do so get changing!
  13. Hi everyone, So you may notice that Tiberian Sun Reborn has been removed from the Launcher and the forums. We believe that you are all owed an explanation. It was brought to our attention this week that Wallywood has a document that claims legal ownership over some of the assets that have been featured within Tiberian Sun: Reborn. The intention of this document was to defend against Bluehell Production's claim over the project when we split away and formed W3D Hub, but after an internal dispute with an existing staff member, the existence of this document was brought into the co
  14. A new update is now available for the launcher. This update aims to improve performance and provide quality of life features such as saving server filter options and customising paths. Launcher Preferences Pressing the new 'settings cog' icon in the top right corner will open a new settings dialog to configure the UI language and the paths the launcher uses to install games and store package files used to install and repair game installations; Game Server Hub The launcher now uses our new 'Game Server Hub' service to provide its server listings. This is a new web serv
  15. Friendly reminder that C&C preorders for the Remastered box sets close at April 10th. Money may be tight for some of us lately so do carefully consider it before you buy. Otherwise, get your hands on this while you still can! This has been your C&C PSA. https://limitedrungames.com/collections/command-and-conquer
  16. No April Fool's today. We've been through enough lately. Here's a heads-up from me regarding things to look out for. Keep an eye out for an upcoming map concept design competition, a TS:R blog update, and our yearly roadmap that OWA mentioned in the previous Small Update thread. Please continue to stay safe and may we all remain in good health through these times. - FRAYDO [blurb]Keep an eye out for an upcoming map concept design competition, a TS:R blog update, and our yearly roadmap that OWA mentioned in the previous Small Update thread. [/blurb]
  17. Hey everyone! Just a quick update from me to say that whilst the COVID-19 pandemic going on in the world right now may put a bleak outlook on things currently, it's great to see everyone banding together online here on the forum and in Discord to share some good times in APB, Interim Apex, ECW and Reborn. You guys are fantastic and keep us motivated to keep working away on the projects in the way that we do, so thanks for that! Reborn 2.0 is going well right now, but we're still not quite ready to release yet. We really want to do the game justice, so we've been cramming all sorts o
  18. Hi folks. Just a heads up that we will be upgrading the forum tomorrow so you may experience some downtime. We're not yet sure what time the forum will be down, but if you come here and it is down then you'll know that we're upgrading something. Cheers!
  19. Announcing Interim Apex! Formerly Imperial Age, Interim Apex aims to bring an unprecedented amount of new units and vehicles to Command & Conquer Renegade. This pioneering experience is brought to you by the development team of Kaskins and dblaney1. They have worked tirelessly to bring this project into the light and we cannot express how amazing their work is. Interim Apex will retain all of the features that the previous Imperial Age boasted. For a quick re-cap of the features: - 120+ vehicles; 60+ per team - 20+ unique maps - Research and upgrade terminals to improve your
  20. Hi folks! Just got a small update to the forums that should hopefully make your lives easier. The Off Topic section has been moved underneath W3D Hub Discussion and the Forum Games section has been moved up into a more visible position. This should hopefully benefit all of you forum gamers by making it easier to get to your section! On top of that, I've also docked a post feed to the right hand side of the page in the Forum Game section which will allow you to quickly glance at an overview of the last 30 posts and easily get to any of them at a click. Should hopefully be u
  21. Hey all. Things have been busy for me with university and I have unfortunately been able to report our happenings. However, I have time now so let's go over some things that have happened! IA Update Interim Apex has released a November/Winter Build with an abundance of changes and new additions! Read the full changelog in Kaskins' thread here. TSR We understand the wait for Tiberian Sun: Reborn 2.0 continues to leave us with anticipation day by day. We have listened to you on our server wanting to play TSR again and we are happy to announce that you can now p
  22. The W3D Export tools have been updated to version 1.5.0! With this release, we've also included the source code, so if you're a programmer and want to take a look at how the export plugin, wdump.exe and memorymanager.dll look when they are uncompiled, you can! Credit to @jonwil for this release! Feel free to ask him if you have any questions about all of this! This pack contains: W3D Exporter for 3DS Max 2017 - New tools for Max 2017 to export W3D files from W3D Viewer - A model viewer for W3D files W3D Dump - A tool to open W3D files and see the contents
  23. More bugfixes in from @jonwil and co. Here's the changelist! As ever, the tools are located here: If you're looking to get into 3D modelling for the W3D engine, come and find us on Discord and we'll be more than happy to help! Cheers! [blurb]More fixes to the W3D Export tools from Jonwil and co! Grab it while it's hot![/blurb]
  24. Ghosts and ghouls, it is now Spooky Season! Get those spooky (or not-so-spooky) avatars up! Also some announcements: We will begin a series of Meet The Staff blogs to introduce you to our staff, in case you wonder who actually works here. Schedule TBD. Our Discord server has hit over 800 members! Now where are all those people when we are gaming? Retaliation is hosting a Choose Your Own Role mafia, Spooky Scary Scumhunting! Those interested in playing forum games may sign up today! TS:R news update coming this Thursday, 3/10. Look for it! [blurb]Ghosts and ghouls, it is
  25. As some of you may know by the coverage from our friends over at CNCNZ, Renegade X and various other C&C news outlets, Tiberian Sun turned 20 years old today! This absolute classic of a game has been inspiring us to make the ambitious Tiberian Sun: Reborn for many years now, but whilst Tiberian Sun: Reborn isn't quite ready to roll out to you all yet, why not partake in a mod of a slightly different kind. Using the power of Notepad++, W3D Hub presents to you, our Tiberian Sun Mini-Mod, a small quality of life update for Tiberian Sun! So what does this do? well, here are the
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