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  1. if you have recorded games you can post it here
  2. Today (Saturday the 26th of September) marks the 25th anniversary of Command & Conquer. And in the immortal words of GDI Commando Nick "Havoc" Parker "I Got a Present For Ya". After a long wait, I am finally releasing scripts 4.7 (the latest version of the Tiberian Technologies unofficial patch for C&C Renegade) to the world. Sever owners be sure to read the information at the bottom as it is important. Also note that in this release we have dropped support for Windows XP/server 2003 and Windows Vista/Server 2008. Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 is now the minumum required version.
  3. 124 downloads

    This is the Sole Survivor mod for C&C Renegade, released in 2004 by SomeRhino. Download contains the release 1.01 installer as well as the 1.2 patch. You will need stock Renegade for this to work. Enjoy!
  4. The community is organizing a huge reunion to celebrate Renegade's 19th birthday! During the event, we'll be hopping between multiple games inspired by Renegade, along with enjoying some action from the classic itself!
  5. With the release of scripts 4.7 it's now time for yet another Bear Island update!New Stuff: • Mice now run around the base at the start of the game. Players can kill them for a little cash and to burn time while they wait for other players to join/start the game. • The top 11 players will now start the game off as distinct deer from each W3D Mod as well as a Renegade deer and Renhalo deer. • Added 4 new weapons that are purely for bragging rights: Fire Axe – A powerful melee weapon unlocked by getting over 1,000 normal animal kills. Knife – A weak melee weapon
  6. As you may or may not know, Wyld1USA has sadly passed away. Our hearts go out to his loved ones and family. He was a dear friend to all in his life and one of the greatest people you could have hoped to meet in the Renegade community. For more information on Wyld1's passing, you may visit https://multiplayerforums.com/topic/8525-goodbye-wyld1usa/. The MPF community will doing a classic Ren-style event to tribute him with beacons, and with some memorial objects that he liked, such as cookies. The server will be available this weekend as "Wyld Fun & Cookies Memorial." You can join this
  7. Hi everyone) I need your help. I recently downloaded RenegadePublicTools to edit the C&C Renegade game. So here. I opened the Renegade Map Editor, and it turned out that there are NO resources (soldiers, cars, buildings, weapons, etc.). What should I do? Maybe you need to install any resources so that I can create maps for C&C Renegade? Please help me(
  8. Problem clicking on servers.. when i hover over a renegade server it will illuminate when i click join but it wont do anything else. Idk if i need to reinstall w3d launcher or what.. I have downloaded the patches i needed from cnc.net Note: this is my first time installing the game. Please help me, im not very computer illiterate lol
  9. I made it not as good as I wanted... so, this remake now sounds like the first Red Alert. But I really enjoyed the process of making, this mood is kind of new for me, it was mostly changing from one piece of sound to another, I did many jumps.
  10. Edit: Cant launch game.. I can hover over the play button but it wont launch the game or anything from the w3d hub. This is my first time after installation. Any suggestions would be appreciated......
  11. View File Ottoman Sound Pack A blast from the past, the Ottoman Sound Pack has returned! Created for Tiberian Sun: Reborn, this pack is also compatible with Interim Apex and base Renegade! Just extract the audio files to your chosen games data folder, and hop ingame. Now, the radio commands (issued via Ctrl/Alt + num) will properly capture the panic of battle and the atmosphere of Renegade. It's an absolute blast to play with! Submitter Killing_You Submitted 0
  12. Version 1.0.0


    A blast from the past, the Ottoman Sound Pack has returned! Created for Tiberian Sun: Reborn, this pack is also compatible with Interim Apex and base Renegade! Just extract the audio files to your chosen games data folder, and hop ingame. Now, the radio commands (issued via Ctrl/Alt + num) will properly capture the panic of battle and the atmosphere of Renegade. It's an absolute blast to play with!
  13. Help ikeep trying to join a game and it always crashes after the ne check
  14. This is some funny and old video I found in my account. Sydney gotta go fast, ha-ha!
  15. Roughly 5 years ago Bear Island was first released (roughly because I didn’t use an SVN back then so all I have to go on is the first commit to the scripts .git), since then many have claimed it was their favorite map; so, for its 5-year anniversary I’ve decided to do a massive number of bug fixes and major improvements! New/Improved Features: • The Armored car has been reworked into a supply vehicle (more details below). • Major improvements to the boss fight system (more details below). • Added a new objective, this is available before the midpoint of the game. • Added
  16. Thank you whoever did whatever you did, I can play again. Not sure what happened, played renegade fine 2 days ago, tried to join yesterday and get a you have been banned, try harder and change name next time or go hack in the campaign. Just wondering what I was banned for and what I can do to reverse it?
  17. I know how to create the Refinery building controller, the car marker, and all the proper way points for Harvesting. I've made two maps prior to the one I am currently working on, so I know the process, but I am having a HUGE issue with my current map. My Harvesters just don't work. Sometimes when they are created at the War Factory/Strip, they don't move. I usually redo my map and make a new mix file and that is usually solved, but the issue I am running into here is... They are made from the War Factory/Strip, they go out to the Tiberium Field...Harvest...then travel back the
  18. http://www.moddb.com/mods/cc-assault http://en.ccassault.com Commando Assault is a mod which was first released in 2010 for C&C Renegade. And it allows to build up base from scratch on Westwood 3D game engine. Inspired by Battlezone series of videogames. Has its separate music (including Frank Klepacki's works that he exclusively approved for this mod, some of my remakes of his famous songs and even my new melodies) and unique features. Want to speed up construction rate to reduce time you are waiting for new purchase that you made? To capture existing building or steal it while
  19. Here is a lazily done C-130 (I decided to make the wing and body separate to make my life easier!). It is not very accurate, but will do for an RTS.
  20. Here's an alpine map for renegade set between a lot of mountainous terrain. There is 3 Tiberium fields total, and players will be able to purchase Harvesters and drive over to the middle field which will be blue tiberium, I was just awaiting the texture for the blue tiberium, and possibly if anyone has the blue and green tiberium spike models, but in ...... Renx format or .(dot)3ds so it can be imported with Renx. I'd rather place all my objects in Renx then to have LE versions because scaling is required for less repetitiveness. I wont be adding Uv channels to the rock faces because most
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