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  1. Hello APB players! I’d once again like to say thank you on behalf of the W3D Hub staff for another thrilling event! This event was even more successful than the last, and we appreciate you guys making it happen <3 Congratulations @GaryOak, @SilverShark, and @Guard55! They’re our winners of the main event. We also took the score from only 10 games where there were 40+ players for @ryknow69’s giveaway. This was a very close battle between a few players, and came down to the very last match. Those winners are @forg0ten1, @SilverShark, and @GaryOak! The scores were forg0ten1 - 25910,
  2. OWA's Birthday Game Night! Hello APB players! We're excited to announce another Game Night event! This Friday, starting February 12th, join us at 3PM EST (Time Zones for everyone else) for a thrilling night of gaming with the W3D Hub community. We'll be celebrating @OWA's birthday! We're once again calling on the fans to make this a night to remember, so mark your calendars! Prizes!Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 players based on the event scoreboard. Players who have the most points over the course of the event will win the following: 1st Place - $20 Steam Gift Card
  3. The community is organizing a huge reunion to celebrate Renegade's 19th birthday! During the event, we'll be hopping between multiple games inspired by Renegade, along with enjoying some action from the classic itself!
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