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Found 204 results

  1. Griever reported me for sending him a message to get him playing games with us again and now myaccount is banned for life "FOR MULTIPLE RULE VIOLATIONS" Chris, come on bro.. not gonna help you on tinder
  2. Coolrock

    APB Game Night 9

  3. Happy Sunday everyone! I've got a very exciting update for you this week, so I hope you're ready to lay your eyes on what @ChopBam has been working on! Trees!@ChopBam has been putting a lot of work into updating the trees and foliage you see on maps. He's done an amazing job, and it'll be a very nice visual upgrade to the game. He was kind enough to give us a few screenshots, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! New Willow & Pine Trees Assortment of Trees (Oak in center) & New Foliage APB Game Night!We're excited to announce another Game Night ev
  4. Since the latest update ( my FPS has been taking considerable hits. I'll be at 75 FPS and something happens somewhere that causes it to then drop to 7-13. I thought I was the only one but from the last time I played I got confirmation that others have also experienced this. Additionally, APB has lately caused my CPU to hit 100% when it never has before. We suspect that one thing that may the cause is the Yak landing gear animation or maybe just the Yak in general. When Guard55 deployed his landing gear, my FPS tanked below 10. When entering the Yak, his FPS slowed and w
  5. Hello everyone! It is time to release our holiday patch. Stop by and have some fun with us during this season as we shoot it out on the new Christmas map! Changelog (New map!) It is said to be a downright colorful place where magic dwells and niceness is rewarded. Features a Refinery, War Factory, Barracks, Service Depot, Ore Silo, and basic defenses. Allies harvest candy, Soviets harvest coal. Some new map decorations, including northern lights, reindeer, and some of our brand new snowy pine assets. Map is Tech Level 2, which is similar to the
  6. Hi, I was just on Ridgewar and the Soviet Ore Truck was stuck in the ore/gem field for the 5-6mins I was playing. I tried ramming it even trying to push it towards the Refinery didn't help. Not sure what caused it but I haven't seen that in a long time.
  7. Changelog General Made an adjustment on AI Ore Trucks that should assist in resolving the issue with random SFPS server "deaths." Fixed wing Aircraft can no longer fire while sitting and refilling at the Airfield. This solves an issue with aircraft stolen by spies effectively getting unlimited ammo to fire on the enemy base. Fixed a bug where there was a duplicated weapon in infantry's hand while climbing and swimming. One of the sets of ruins used on some maps could make players stuck in one of the corners. This has been adjusted so players won't get stu
  8. Does anyone remember the game? Did anyone notice server is constantly empty lately? Is APB... dying? Honestly, APB was and still is one of the best game I ever had a pleasure to play. But apparently, latest changes are not what me and as I assume - other players - would like to see (with all respect to Pushwall and all other Admins&Mods for their hard work over making the game better). Still tho, server is empty, no games played and noone honestly like playing the game with bots in a long term. I didn't even downloaded current update - because there is no point in it.
  9. We had a few talks in Discord again over the missing things in APB and i brainstormed some of them for a fitting gameplay experience in APB. Allies = Heli Carrier: I know it's a cut unit from aftermath but i still enjoying it when i use it with my custom rules.ini or mod in C&C RA Remastered. The Heli Carrier is a pure support unit like LSTs and the RJ and need protection from boats and longbows and delivers ammunation for Helis. In RA1 it can carry 5 Longbows/Hinds but in APB it should be just a mobile refill pad on water. It would be a great addition for HostileW
  10. But not really, I love it. Keep up the good work!
  11. Happy weekend, folks! Seems like a good time to update APB with a hotfix. Hotfix General A bug has been fixed with MAD Tank explosions which previously made them do a lot of damage they weren't supposed to do, and rendered other things immune to them that aren't supposed to be immune. New sneak indicator is on the HUD, next to the radar compass. When you are visible on radar to opponents, it gets muted. When you hold still and are "sneaking," or invisible on radar, it becomes mostly opaque. Low ammo count now displays with a red color. Map
  12. I recorded it half a day ago, but composed even earlier. Harmonica with slap bass guitar, simple rhythm, sweet nostalgic pad and other sounds. And again, inspired by Command & Conquer Red Alert.
  13. Game Night Approaches! To kick off the first off the month, let's have some APB fun! This weekend, starting September 5th, join in for a Game Night! 7 PM BST. Featuring the latest update, this game night is sure to be a blast! We will be collecting footage from this event to compile a new trailer to show off, so if you want to help produce this or want to simply appear in the trailer, this is the time to play! Get the Game! Make sure to get the W3D Hub Launcher and install the game so that you can play: PrizesPrizes will be awarded to the top 3 players b
  14. Download the W3D Hub Launcher to get your hands on the latest update for Red Alert: A Path Beyond! Here are the changes coming with version General Increased font size for player list. Light dazzles blinding you at very specific angles is (hopefully) fixed. Fixed a crash when a person being followed by a spectator dies. Reduced the performance impact of the "opaque" gap bubble (for when you're looking at a GG/MGG that doesn't belong to your team). Bots Added a few more kill/death taunts. Bots no longer have cheaty no-gravity vers
  15. Another topic we’d like to hear the community on. I’m sure there’s at least a few people who would love to see Attack Dogs get added to the game. The biggest issue I always hear is are Spies powerful enough to warrant adding them into the game? I’d like to see some brainstorming on this topic. What could make the Spy better to allow the team to add the Attack Dog?
  16. It's game time!Coming to an APB server near you, it is the official Game Night with prizes! We'll be giving out Steam cards to the best players of this event, and we promise it will be an amazing turnout! The event begins next Saturday (the 27th) at 7PM GMT and ends the same time on Sunday (the 28th), so you'll have 24 hours to score as many points as possible! Mark the time and date down in your calendars! If you want to know when that is in your time zone, click here. Prizes! Players who have the most points over all the games played as part of the event will w
  17. I’d like to use this topic to get some general feedback from the community. If these buildings were to appear in the game at some point, what would you want them to do? What would their purpose serve to gameplay? Let’s get those gears turning!
  18. I'm appealing my ban from discord due to this quote from a separate discord: Killing_You is biased against me due to some "colourful" and distasteful things I have said to him in the past which I had previously apologized for. In my opinion, it was a personal attack rather than sensible moderation. This screenshot from an acquaintance of mine on the server showcases this in full form. I am under the impression no one has appealed a ban from W3DHub Discord and succeeded which seems rather unjust. If I was moderating, I would have muted me again for however long. But the fact of the mat
  19. TL;DR: this game is really nasty to play on my computer. Vanilla rene and IA (scripts 4.x) don't seem to have this issue. I played APB online this morning and suffered horrible frame-stutter issues across the few maps I was there for. These are the first proper (player-filled) APB matches I've ever played, so I'm not sure if this is a new problem (due to scripts 5 overhauling the renderer) or not. I'm running my games on Linux using Wine, so I'd like to see if any Windows players are suffering similar issues. Please comment if you think you are seeing the same thing in the new RA:
  20. Did you know: - Vs. buildings, Migs do more damage than Longbows. Numbers needed for buildings: Silo: 2 Migs or Yaks Allied buildings other than War Factory/NY/CY: 3 Migs/Yaks War Factory/NY: 4 Migs/Yaks - Vs. vehicles, Migs do 66% of damage of a Longbow. Still, Migs can two-shot (in one run) or less all Allied vehicles except the Medium/Light/Chrono Tank. - Migs have 66% of LB's health. - Migs fly at twice the Longbow's top speed (50m/s vs 25m/s), but because they need to circle around to attack and slow-down to land, realistically they don't always travel a
  21. APB is a game that favors specialized units. Need to rush a building's MCT? Buy a Shotgunner/Flamer/Shock. Counter Allied armored? Shocks/RS/Volkov. Speed rush the other team? Use LTs. Counter Soviet Armor? Mech/Med combo or Longbows. Counter mech/med combo? Use Hinds/Shocks/TT. Counter Longbows? Use a TT or Yak. Ambush and infiltration? Use Phase or Chrono Tanks. Overall, almost all units have one or several unique "battlefield niche" that they occupy. The Devs have done a really good job designing fun to play with units that are strategically deep. This brings us to the ever (un)po
  22. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update General Added another unit help system built off of Renegade's Encyclopedia system; this can be accessed by pressing F1, or the Unit Help button in the Esc menu. Right now this exists alongside the H system (and shares a lot of text) and I'm not sure if we'll ditch that. Fixed water protecting against falling damage. Fixed flickering on global radar markers (like the ones for bases and A-Bomb flares) when you move while they're outside normal radar range. Fixed sounds playing globally while loading into the game (which ty
  23. Here are the sounds I shamelessly found from War Thunder and decided to use for A Path Beyond The 105 L7 gun (Centurion MK10) replaces the sound for the Medium Tank The 75mm M3 gun (M24 Chaffee) replaces the sound for the Light Tank The 120mm M58 (M103 Heavy Tank) replaces the sound for the Mammoth Tanks twin guns The 100mm gun (T-55) replaces the sound for the heavy tank The 128mm PaK 40 (Jagdtiger) replaces the sound for the Artillery The 90mm M3 gun (M26 Pershing) replaces the turret Apologies if this is the wrong place to upload it, if someone else can do it for me,
  24. Going to bed brings alot of ideas for everything, so i brainstormed in the night (when my brain decides not to sleep) how we bring back the Camo Pillbox in a good way. So first of all, the CPB is a tactical - optional- defensive structure for the allies obviously. But first we have to flatten it from his previous versions. The old version from Renalert has good textures but it was way too big. The texture is perfectly fitting with the enviroment, thats a big plus, you can't notice it from far away. The I.Apex Version has a bit better size but is also too high, i would fl
  25. The light tank and what is it in RA1 was discussed years ago and so a Chaffee was settled but even though I'm sure people noticed the Light Tank seen in CGI cutscenes was consistent and was pointed out in the C&C fan wiki as pictures. So I think it should be recreated, ignoring the fact the M2 Bradly in-game icon was reused from C&C1. It took me years to realize the tank in this cutscene wasn't the M1 but infact the light tank since the turret tricked me. The hull is completely different and seems like a combination of late 40s/50 American tanks but with a modified M1 Abrams Turre
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