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    • I'll start with some charts, gimme a bit.
    • While I don't want to rush you, there are other things I want to do with my life, and I think all that's going to be said has about been said. The most helpful thing to do is probably just to reread all that's been posted. ILTS thinks it'll help him, but really, it'll expose him, because he's being disingenuous.
    • Can we extend this game the entire year so it ends on Dec 31? That way I could use that time to make my decision and watch while these two fight it out that entire time.
    • Like Shade's right. ILTS is the anti-Orange. No matter what I do, I get scum read, and no matter what ILTS does, he gets town read
    • Maybe my inital scum read of ILTS was just actually right. Maybe my call out of his non-engagement this entire game such as the "that's interesting" being a scum tell, is not "grasping at straws", but is actually.... wait for it... CORRECT!
    • You can't call my argument meritless while also admitting it has some merit. That's pure doublethink! By D2 I was pretty much settled on KY and was persuing that line of thought but you were refusing to engage with me and then just up and turned on me.
    • @ChopBam Might I suggest you go here and read a few posts?
    • If iLTS is Mafia, that is some serious chess going on because killing you was suspecting Orange and I was suspecting iLTS. this would be easier for him as Mafia if I was dead and killing you was still alive.
    • Could it technically provide some level of benefit to town? Yeah, it could. But would that benefit to town outweigh the benefit to mafia? Absolutely not. You're full of crap right now and I'm done debating with you. "I think you need to try again.  Also, if we were voting purely on who's scummiest, I'd probably vote for you, just so you know." That was your immediate response to my post that suggested a nolynch. My post that didn't target a single person, it just put forward the case for a nolynch and expressed concern that one of the players who was on the Voe lynch could be mafia. If anybody has had a knee-jerk reaction it's you. You're the one that jumped headfirst into baseless attacks and continued them with crappy reasoning.
    • Fuck both of you guys for putting me in this position. Whichever one of you killed killing you did a hell of a job
    • That's not what I expected either, but that basically means it has to be ILTS cause it's not me. I investigated ILTS and got town, but I'm pretty sure I'm the naive cop. ##Vote ILTS
    • This is not what I expected... I investigated Orange and got a result of town. ##vote Orange
    • DAY THREE @Killing_You was killed! Current Vote Count: OrangeP47 voted no one iLikeToSnipe voted no one ChopBam voted no one Day ends in 24 hours.
    • FYI, daystart will be in ~3.5 hours because I'm feeling ill and won't want to get to it as soon as I get home.
    • No, you're the one that's wrong, it DOES have merit to town. Maybe on balance less merit than no lynch, but the bolded is a contradiction and not a valid argument. Furthermore, I didn't attack you. YOU ATTACKED ME. My D1 spat with you was over by the time you came roaring in with whatever the hell this is. This is on you. Framing this as my crusade is just outright false.
    • I wouldn't call your logic totally without a single point of non-good value. But I will call it logic that does not actually work in favor for town under any possible scenario we could have had. Proposing that plan doesn't make you scum, people do make mistakes. But continuing to push for it, attacking someone opposing you with wimpy meta and WIFOM, that's super scummy in my book. What you all need to do is take a step back and realize that I'm not tunneling Orange. He's the only player in the game right now with anti-town actions. I'm not going to rehash my arguments, you can all look back at them D3.
    • I mean, I'm not saying my logic was optimal D1, but I will defend it as *valid*. However, what you people need to remember is being wrong =/= being scum. That's why, for the life of me, if Chop dies, I'm going to have a hell of a time actually deciding if ILTS or KY is scum, because I have a massive blind spot when it comes to if people are actually casing me or if they're just wrong.
    • If you actually die this evening, as you have predicted, then you will no longer be a suspect in my book. That would be very useful information to me indeed, and of course I would revisit your posts and Orange scum read with a new perspective, so it wouldn't exactly be 50% between Orange and KY, would it? IDK man, iLTS seems very volatile and is acting exactly as he did when he was scum during the game that I was being tunneled hard by him. The way he wanted to lynch Orange suddenly... it wasn't a way to convince me because departing from the "no lynch on D2" plan would need a much bigger reason than the one he provided. He describes his railing on Orange today as a , which by itself shouldn't warrant such a thing. Also I would be interested if the sane cop is still alive to come out with some claims on D3. Cause that could be an awesome show and definitely give us more information.
    • Hammertime. NIGHT TWO Nobody is lynched today. 2 night posts per player.
    • I was expecting a slew of posts for the past two hours I've been busy. Welp. Hammertime in 7 minutes, NoLynch is in the lead.
    • I mean, that is the question The thing is, fortunately for you and unfortunately for us, the thing to do is to just wait and no lynch still and decide tomorrow, so we don't really get to put that question to the test, as satisfying as it would be.
    • Or you could just be trying to railroad us now.
    • The whole reasoning behind a no lynch was to gather more information to find mafia. I've already explained why I don't believe the remaining town on D3 will get any useful information. With what I've found in your posts and the way you reacted to my posts, I have no doubt that you're mafia. So by my own logic, why wait?
    • I mean, as another bit of evidence, ILTS is the one that wants to jump the shark now, after trying to paint himself as the one being the creator of no lynch.
    • Here's where I stand: Right now, I think Orange is scum.  I don't like his line of reasoning, as it seems oriented around making his decisions seem right rather than helping town. iLTS, on the other hand, has been very helpful, and his logic seems very pro-Town. That being said, I am sticking to the plan. Tomorrow will be the final debate. I'm very interested in the results.
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