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  1. Such an unusual-looking vehicle, that MEMP. Keep in mind that APB, Reborn, AR, etc. are partially restricted to the gameplay design present in the RTS games, and some of those RTS mechanics do not always translate to suitable FPS gameplay. This is why sometimes, some representation liberties are taken, and some deviation might occur here as well for the MEMP if FPS gameplay demanded it. As for APB's MAD Tank, I think you should bring that concern to Pushwall. I'm all-in for an improvement pass on niche-gameplay units. W3D as an engine isn't at fault here, it's just design-level decisions/restrictions that can prevent niche-roles from shining. Gameplay-wise there honestly is not a lot W3D can NOT do (it is why I still enjoy working with this engine).
  2. Auto-detect the local language to apply it as default, but allow changing to another language via a configuration menu. This is how most 'launchers' do it.
  3. Turns out I'm one extremely terrible pilot. No more air planes for me!
  4. Mammoth is not compatible with Renegade, it is specific to the 5.x code branch. You can currently test-drive it to create APB content in the APB SDK. A W3D Dev Kit is still in the works, but I do not know what the current plans for that are, as it isn't quite ready yet for public usage.
  5. Good post. That is putting it lightly. I suspect it will be a (very technical) topic of its own at some point. For those curious right now; It is effectively a process of rebuilding a gigantic portion of the codebase to be more optimal to work with for programmers and more closely follow modern game engine standards, and it will ultimately allow for a much more streamlined, modular, development approach. Sadly as Jon said we have no Blender plugin programmers. We also have no one around to test such plugin if it got made, as everyone here uses 3DS Max.
  6. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I guess that is one of the reasons I am still single, I do not think I can handle being told what to do outside of working hours. Typically I also no not appreciate people ripping stuff and calling it their own, but the main usage of W3D importer is not to rip, it is for when your projects lost source files, so you'd have a way of retrieving 3D assets. This is very common for some of the older projects, as files do get lost over time when being handed over from one project manager to another project manager. Or sometimes an artist leaves and forgets to hand over some random files, etc. If file security is a concern (and to me personally, it is because a lot of hours and money goes into art assets these days), the answer lies in data file encryption, so that W3D importing can still be done by people with a claim to those assets. As for W3D importer, it is not pretty but it gets most of the job done. It typically breaks up all triangles so you have to weld everything again, this causes errors that you need to correct via applying a smoothing group. Animations also get imported per-frame, making adjusting them extremely painful. But it is good to have as an absolute backup option if you need to alter an old asset with a lost source file.
  7. Well, that is a convenient choice.
  8. Hello Abjab, nice to see you back in the W3D scene. For a long time we used the RenX and Max8 W3D importers around here, although Max8 has started to become obsolete as well (for some of us more so than others due to technical issues with Max8). As of recently we have W3D tools for Max2017, which is a pretty big leap as Max8 was released in ~2006, while RenX has been obsolete since 1977. If you have not already done so, you should reach out to @jonwil to get up-to-date information of what W3D can do these days. For starters, full source code exists for the game engine, and all tools - minus W3D importer - have been rewritten from scratch or reverse engineered completely, for example we no longer use Level Edit for game logic, but use a completely new tool for this instead (which sadly does NOT support classic Renegade). I think you'd want to make sure you're aware of all those developments over the years, although the W3D format itself is still (mostly?) the same. I am curious though, what brings you back to W3D and motivates you to work on this? For some people here this comes down to being too stubborn to let the engine go.
  9. I suspect we'd have more Linux users if Westwood/EA supported the OS with the C&C franchise. Expanding Linux support might be worth considering if there is evidence of a userbase that would play W3D games on Linux. In the short term thought, I'd argue we're even lacking Windows based users. Certainly a lot of room for improvement at all times in regards to simply speaking of "more players".
  10. Woha friend, use some text formatting next time! Walls of text are unreadable! General/ZH can use Max8 using the tools EA provided for BFME. Up until recently this is what we also used here. Max8 is not free however, you'd have to look into how you obtain this yourself... Note that Autodesk no longer sells Max8 so you'd have to get yourself a copy via alternative means. Max2017 tools do not support Generals/ZH. Gmax, RenX, Max8, or any software like it can be used to create completely new art assets, that is the purpose of this software. But to make them match existing art assets, this is up to you as the artist. You know what you want your units to look like, correct? It is your job to create units that look the way you want them to look. The software does not do this automatically for you. There is no way to convert RA2 voxel art into 3D models that would work in an engine like the one used for Generals/ZH. As I said above, if you want to create a Weather Control Device for Gen/ZH you would need to, from scratch, model and texture it in the 3D software. Not to lose hope though. This could be a great way for you to learn modelling. Take a picture of the RA2 Weather Control Device and then based on that picture, try remaking it in Gmax/RenX. Please note that, unless I am mistaken however, you will need Max8 in order to install the W3D plugin so that you can export the model for Generals/ZH usage. Unfortunately I cannot help you with this process because I never created anything for Generals/ZH and do not know the exact pipeline for it. It would look like Apocalypse Rising;
  11. Hey there, I'm not sure what auto-linking is but the link button is right below the "tools" menu button (under the menu, not inside it). This link button is the one you use in W3D related rigging tasks. There is also Bind to Spacewarp but this one is reserved exclusively for WWskin (infantry rigging). Worth noting is that we do not use RenX/Gmax anymore, W3DHub artists use 3DS Max 8 and 3DS Max 2017 (this last one very recently gained W3D support).
  12. I'd wager that (ironically) Siege and HostileWaters are both more likely to attract players at 0/0 compared to a lot of maps, simply because of the tech diversity available. So perhaps making those two bot-supported is something worth considering (which is pretty challenging for HW I admit). It'd actually make Siege APB's most feature-complete map.
  13. Raap


    Just a small note as it was brought up recently. Projectile collision dimensions are NOT handled via the projectile art file or in the exported W3D file. Anything you add to projectiles such as an invisible collision box is ignored and should not be added. Instead, projectile collision dimensions are handled exclusively in the ammunition preset data, shown here:
  14. Don't forget to bring a bag of cash every month as well. Servers ain't free!
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