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  1. Raap

    I've seen the gameplay and learned all I care to learn about it after half a minute. Monetized, level imbalanced, one-to-one tactical-level gameplay without any of the core C&C RTS pillars. As for TA, please note I described the pre-launch non-monetized version. I have no idea what they did with it after launching officially since that is when I quit due to the previously mentioned change of direction.
  2. Raap

    I haven't played Rivals, I do not intend to either since mobile games are not my thing. Phones are for calling people, for everything else I use my PC. #OldPeople? But if you compare TA to Rivals on paper then out of two shallow games there can only be one "winner", and TA would currently win this simply based on still having some actual strategy components - which of course got mostly trimmed down to make monetization work, but oh well. Oh, and Rivals has gambling boxes. Fuck gambling boxes. Actually, YES EA ADD GAMBLING BOXES! The more the better; Add enough and your game is triggering new EU laws against this predatory practice. I would not weep if they were not allowed to launch this pile of cash grabbing horse shit in the EU.
  3. Raap

    Tiberium Alliances, for what it was during beta, was actually fun for a browser game. Until the game got close to launch, where a series of patched slowed down the late gameplay to 'a few clicks a day' to make room for monetization schemes, then it just became terrible. When it was fast paced you constantly needed to keep an eye on your bases, making it the perfect game to hang on a browser tab while you did other things, you always had to keep an eye on it so you could react to a hostile player or base creeper. And I dare say that it had more strategy involved than Rivals does.
  4. Raap

    Poor timing, and it IS marketed as a main game. I mean just look at the thing, there is zero gameplay or aesthetic connectivity to any of the previous games. This is a mobile game, as generic as they get, with the C&C title slapped on it. If they named this game anything else, no one would care, but they used the name for cheap publicity - remember, for EA there is no such thing as "bad" publicity. I'm just slightly more relieved that at least companies like Bethesda still make good games.
  5. Raap

    Silver lining? The volume of negative feedback might give EA's investors the idea that there is still a demand for a traditional PC RTS game. ... And they would no doubt butcher that as well, with their horrific designers which they picked up off the streets, with zero experience or sense of attachment to the franchises they work on. Edit: Or overpaid hipster designers like Greg who literally got their careers carried by pure chance of being at the right company at the right time (Yuri's Revenge), while having otherwise created a list of games they wrecked with ridiculous implementations. Remember how RA3 became insanely micro intensive compared to past games? All his doing. Biggest irony now? He is complaining RTS games have been too difficult to get into... Yeah no shit, with people like him in charge of design, it is no wonder that RTS died.
  6. I know the material 'type' is part of the material system, but given that it is a non-visible element (the logic of it), I wondered if there would be a way to force a change on it during a game session. The idea of using collision mesh swapping... My God that would be beging for problems. All the problems.
  7. That gives me an idea/question, is it possible to change terrain types via post-load in-game events? Say you have dynamic rainy weather in your map, can you accompany it with a change that makes terrain 'wet' for character movement? I know changing terrain materials dynamically isn't possible, so no visual wet effect can be added, but it could be neat for footstep sounds/walking effects.
  8. Raap

    I can't quite put to words my thoughts on this matter, so I'll leave it at that.
  9. Raap

    You might get your wish this Saturday. NOPE
  10. I think your Yak comment holds some merit. The Yak is what you can call a high-maintenance unit with the largest barrier to entry compared to any other unit, it is also currently the rarest unit. All of that considered, when in the field the unit seems to have very little staying power. If the current typical damage pass uses up 2/3rd of its ammunition, perhaps bumping up the ammunition by 25% to allow for two full damage passes seems more reasonable - even if the damage output in total remains the same, it's more of a unit gameplay issue.
  11. It is the kind of W3D vehicle movement likely to be amplified over network play, so yeah, people crashing sounds about right. Honestly it is already interesting to see where you got it now, and this seems to be the last notable issue with 'air plane physics' on the engine. No one needs to know the whole thing hangs by duct tape when said duct tape has pretty paint on it...!
  12. Raap

    Slight bump/update, due to my original idea of a new game being frozen until I can find a C++ programmer with experience in user interfaces and gameplay logic, the initially previewed desert demonstration level will be converted into a non-core gameplay APB level. It's the best I can do in the short-ish term, and it will give W3D a level to chew on that utilizes mostly 4096x4096 textures in the materials, for graphical performance testing purposes.
  13. Yeah I instantly understood the bridges were kinda dumped there to see how the game plays with them, but that's why I focused on issues rather than aesthetics. I personally would have just added two more sets of rocky/sandy crossings like the ones already in place, although they would require more foliage cover, which is rather taxing.
  14. The hint menu worked fine for me. Upon loading the first level post-patch I got a notification informing me of the new key binding for the help unit menu, and it worked as well in-game after that with the H default key. Good to see this function returning, I'd like to see it applied for literally everything a player can take control over. Edit: Spotted a few problems on Siege, firstly since the building updates, War Factory roofs extend slightly outward. Not a problem in normal environments, but here it causes vehicles to get stuck (both sides): Nothing that a simple vehicle blocker wrapped around the corners cannot fix. The new bridges have some difficult to navigate terrain in these locations: There are a few graphical issues in these parts as well: Lastly, I noticed the Yak, while on the Airfield after a flight, has a pull towards the left or right that isn't based on user input. I have not done extensive testing however.
  15. Raap

    I suppose co-op might be more feasible now thanks due to Moonsense's MoreSense AI overhaul project (cough). I still do not like the overal behavior of infantry AI personally though. At least vehicle AI is forced to use some basic movement physics, even if they aren't very brilliant when it comes to pathfinding. W3D used to struggle when too many AI units were on-screen though. Both client and server performance goes to a crawling pace after a certain amount of units are activated. This means any form of co-op would need a level design that forces AI units to come in waves - meaning each progressive play space needs a finite number of opponents, with some scaling based on player quantity done primarily through adjusting the difficulty of the AI units rather than the quantity of them.