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  1. What, no mortar cycle? *sad RA3 noises* That vehicle/weapon texture needs a resolution increase, though. You should also consider raising the 'open truck' floor so the surface traction particles do not visibly bleed through the vehicle. /nitpick! It was probably a good call to not give it passengers - not without some tech that lets you actually damage those players when shooting their character models.
  2. You'd have to poke the W3D Hub team for that. I'm not sure they ever passed final approval though. There were actually a LOT of environmental assets that have yet to be publicly showcased, due to a large portion of them having been left in various stages of development (mostly stuff like fixing bad normals, collision meshes, and LOD's).
  3. I honestly do not remember why I added the Test Level to TSR2. I believe we were initially planning on using the new environment art for TSR2, but things got shuffled a bit at some point and they ended up being moved to AR. AR's version of that level got a bit more developed before I left the team. Bit surprised some of the other environment tests aren't in there anymore, like the new Tiberium flora tests, etc. But then again with the changing of the guard so too comes expected changes of direction. You could have probably showcased the GUI/HUD improvements, the encyclopedia has a fair amount of content in TSR2, which took quite a while to set up!
  4. Do not forget to add a larger projectile collision mesh around those flare models, otherwise you'll not be having a lot of fun trying to disarm those and the mildest camera shake causes you to miss. I'd also make the team colour more prominent. The little red/blue line is easy to miss - remember, in game these models will appear a notable distance from the player camera (unless in first person and crouching)
  5. Hey, one of those deer doesn't seem to represent any known W3D project!
  6. I think it is great that you've managed to catch Frank for some questions, but it is also nice to see how Frank rarely shies away from doing small scale community interviews. Hoping to hear more from you, GreY!
  7. The old version you played was no longer going to be supported. We were working on a new version until we were forced to cease development. I do not know what the future has in store for TSR. If development is ever resumed, it'll have to be with a new dev team.
  8. We had a good number of solid 30 vs 30 matches during EU hours, which was great to see.
  9. Sounds good! This is not a submission. If anyone is looking for an example, here is my take on the (classic) APB Hostile Waters: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2127506046
  10. You spent a good amount of time on these, and for Renegade a lot of these are solid! I do think you went a little overboard on the quantity, as you're unlikely to ever use all of these. If you made just 10 good ones, you'd have been fine as well. Do keep an eye on excessive in-texture tiling, and try to keep the texture density roughly equal between textures - in some cases you are much further 'up close to the grass' than others, so if you were to blend those 2 textures side by side, it'd look like part of the grass is absolutely huge compared to adjacent grass textures.
  11. It was very nice of Synaesthasia to share those relics with you. Hopefully you guys can use them as a foundation for testing.
  12. While the folks above my 'payroll' sort out the legal details, the safest course of action was to comply with the request and suspend all support and development indefinitely. As for making it public, unfortunately this was not our choice. Our counterpart decided to go public and people were asking questions, so we had to come forward with a statement of our own, as keeping our community in the dark with unanswered questions would not be fair of us to do.
  13. Honestly, W3DHub is a united front over this matter, and across the line stands Wally, by himself. Rights are a funny thing and differ per region. I'm sure there are laws in place as well that would brand Wally's actions as illegal, because he hid this secret legal ownership documentation (and continues to do so to this very day). He let people work on TSR under false pretenses, taking advantage of people to work for his personal benefit. Unfortunately until he provides the legal evidence we're unable to move forward. The entire TSR2 team felt abused by Wally. Note how I say TSR2 team - Wally was never ethically part of this team due to his complete absence the past year. He'd only come up occasionally to complain about things and plainly never just be satisfied with the work and decision we made as a team. He'd constantly second-guess everything without having any expertise or rational arguments to back up his thinking. But perhaps we need to be glad he decided to reveal his 'contingency plan' now and not shortly before TSR2 was release-worthy. The assets he walks away with now, are not a functional game. He has no means to spin up anything other than the 2013-era iteration of the game that he claims to hold ownership over. Ultimately it is the players who lose here. TSR2 was mere months away from a release, and there was work put into it which will now never see the light of day. Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and I do not speak for W3DHub.
  14. Mod is actually dead. APB won.
  15. MiG unfun fact: I am a terrible pilot and the only way I can score any kills is via crash landing into things.
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