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  1. Perhaps a good use of resources would be to use the concrete animated bridge and re-texture it with some other woodifications modifications, that way more maps can utilize a destructible bridge, which I think is a good mechanic to have in more maps to spice up secondary attack routes. Regarding runway stripes, I made them bold and light up in-game for GAMEPLAY purposes. Now you can have night time airfield level and the players in the planes can actually see the runway now. Obviously a real runway has some more details... But real runways are also a lot longer and have the space for it. This particular setup was calculated for optimal space usage on the usable runway space (each segment is the same size). I look forward to a night time snow level with air units enabled... @Pushwall Yes of course. But when you export a DDS file from GIMP all layers must first be merged. Sometimes I save and close the file at that point, losing the layers... When instead I need to undo the layer merge, save, and then close. It's an annoying extra step, I'm thinking of sending them a feature request for solving this, because otherwise GIMP is a good tool to have.
  2. Sorry, peasant people like me use GIMP, since it's free and for me it gets the job done. Terrain materials are a few layers at most... The only thing I hate about GIMP is having to merge all layers before being able to produce a valid DDS file. Happened a few times that I merge the layers, export, and close the file... Losing the layers permanently. It actually occurred on the airfield runway files as well, but fortunately those were 'done'. Speaking of the runway, specifically the snowy one... Does APB even feature air-enabled maps with a snow environment (besides HW)? I only seem to remember grassy maps with aircraft enabled... Edit: For what its worth, I created the dirt on the Gem Silo 'trim' texture using two separate sub-layers (using one at a time) and utilizing mask editing to blend the layers, and then topped it off with some shading via alpha layer drawing with a large painting tool (black) using low coverage strength... And a few more things like that.
  3. I wasn't really informed on how it is supposed to behave. Anyhow, while I could try to work on it, I'm not going to be able to promise a guaranteed good result. Texturing an unwrap of this complexity is unexplored territory for me. One potential deal breaker though: I presume a layered working file exists? If this is in Photoshop, I cannot help as I do not own it, I use GIMP for all material work. And if all you got is a DDS file then it will take awhile to pull it apart to make sure all changes I apply properly link up seamlessly. I still recommend moving this to someone with more experience however since I cannot guarantee anything.
  4. The advanced pen for one, but I corrected that already by reverting to the old texture.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does that vehicle not have a shader covering up most of the actual mesh/material anyway?
  6. Texture swaps isn't something I like to risk doing. I'd need to know where exactly this material is used besides those walls. More sensible would be a War Factory update if the consensus was that it needed one (not for me to decide). As a note, I would never texture a building with just one material.
  7. You got to scale the material UVW coordinates according to the most likely angle of view. A roof in this case is mostly viewed from an air unit or from a nearby mountain looking down. This means you need to scale up such locations a bit more, otherwise they will appear to be extremely over-tiled. Also note that, when you edit a texture by renaming and overwriting it, you actually affect all of the meshes in the game that use that texture. This is something APB already had an incident with with recent electronics changes; The textures were replaces across the game and in a lot of locations they no longer looked right. You're right about the War Factory door needing a polish pass though, the current live version uses a texture that itself has a shading problem that the creator did not resolve (the darker spots on the door).
  8. I confess I'm more of an environments guy. I can do buildings (touch them in ways you cannot even imagine, yes), even more difficult tasks like additional foliage isn't something I'll shy away from if I can give myself the time I need to get them right. Vehicles, and specifically unwrapping them, is something I prefer to leave to people either more experienced or have better tools for it. I don't think there is a shortage of environmental assets that need a revision though... A quick run through all the various levels makes you bump into objects that date back to 1977. Perhaps what I need is a big list of em' and I can run through each of them at my own pace. Example: Those wooden "bridges" on Bonsai always bothered me, so making a new one would be something I could do... The downside is that, as the airfield has shown me, even if I do not edit the overal shape of an object, individual map alterations to correctly apply the changes are still required. So I am not sure how to best handle something like this. Remember, I do not do this for a living. My knowledge and experience is limited to what I know of W3D development (and the occasional experimentation in other engines). To put a number on it, let's say I do the top 20 "most dated looking environmental assets". If the interest exists on @Pushwall's end, anyhow.
  9. Crazypersonthoughts: Create a modular rampart/bridge set that connects the various building roofs, with gatehouse hubs in various places that contain team-locked gates? Yes, it might look silly, but then again, some silly ideas occasionally have the best gameplay pay-off. Randomly google'd images:
  10. Personally I'm a believer of learning on-the-go via transparent gameplay communication. It is too bad that the first-purchase pop-up information windows got axed, or that the GUI has a limitation that makes it hard to expand upon it, so adding something like purchase menu unit information is currently impossible.
  11. That's the idea. Pushwall ran into a few small problems though, but nothing he cannot solve. One of the problems is perhaps worth mentioning as a curiosity; W3D building controller logic only has a limited range before it stops to look for meshes that are supposed to be part of a building. The airfield being quite large, actually could not fit within this check-radius. It has been resolved now by extended some of the runway meshes underground... Not a very elegant solution but it seems to work.
  12. Most buildings start at a 90 degree wall which means things like snow doesn't usually stick to it unless it's some extreme environment. In case of sand, it means you don't really need a special material for walls. The airfield being mostly flat however, doesn't follow those rules... But we only got one desert map and that one might not even receive air units. regardless, I might still produce a 'sandy' texture set for airfields not located in either a grassy or snowy field, it probably wouldn't hurt to have, regardless... I'll look into it another day however.
  13. Hey guys, Since I'm officially done with APB level contributions, I'm more or less free to pick up the occasional small tasks. The first thing I've worked on today was an updated Soviet Airfield, since I really did not like the existing low resolution single black asphalt texture that was on it. I've had to make sure not to modify the existing geometry much, else complications may have surfaced in various levels. The screenshots below are 100% material/texture work with no geometry changes outside of vertex coloring. The runway stripes glow, making them easy to spot in night time maps. The runway consists of 11 new textures and ~13 new 3-pass materials. Snow version: Grass version: I may do a desert version if @Pushwall requires it, but keep in mind none of the current buildings even have a desert version. If I end up doing any additional contributions, I'll post them here.
  14. It is satisfying to see that finally after all these years, Siege finally got the airplanes it was designed for.
  15. The hill gets my vote since there are no objects there and all you need to do is reshape the terrain. You might want to add an extra SAM Site near it however. It will give the Allies a neat primary target to focus their attacks on, one not covered by the Tesla Coil. It's like having an objective on its own. That being said, I am also still in favor of adding the Mobile AA vehicle to the Allied vehicle roster for high-tech airplane enabled maps... Of which Siege would be the first. It'd be the fair counter to MiGs.