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  1. Thanks for writing this up. I'm hoping we can find a more user friendly workflow for this in the future, that doesn't involve hacking away at the files.
  2. The Nod APC can dig, a very useful function that is difficult to counter. We're also considering giving it a harmful drill like the Devil's Tongue. It's a very small weapon, it doesn't even the vehicle silhouette. As for fun; This is subjective. For each person saying X is fun, there is someone saying X is not fun. The general assumption here is however, that units that "got nothing to do besides moving" is more likely to be considered not fun by more people. Either way, play testing will dictate if this is a keeper or not. I'm personally optimistic, since the Mobile EMP overhaul did in fact see positive feedback, and those changes were made primarily for very similar reasons (with the added effort put into making it not a frustrating unit to fight as a Nod player).
  3. We're trying to not limit gameplay design for a shooter based on arbitrary restrictions such as "the RTS didn't do it". Remember, this is not an RTS. We will respect the source material in terms of visuals and high level gameplay, but a lot of the combat and control mechanics must be tailored towards being suitable for FPS gameplay, otherwise you'd be left with a bunch of niche units only a few people would enjoy playing. Perfect example: The old Mobile EMP. This should come to no surprise for long-term Reborn followers, as the game always deviated from source material for gameplay purposes. See for example the expanded infantry character roster. The only difference now is, TSR isn't getting more new units added, but the existing ones will be more refined and more fun, to more people.
  4. Some context for the GDI APC gun, which is still in concept stages. It is most likely going to be an auto cannon weapon, something no TSR unit has right now. Damage-wise it will be worse at anti-infantry than the Wolverine, and worst against vehicles and structures than the Titan. It would be a sort of "sub-par jack of all trades, master of nothing". Useful to help finish off low health enemies, but mainly to help make the driver have something to do while driving. It's also a decent tool for communication; Being able to fire upon the intended target so the crew knows, without having to directly communicate, what the intended target is. Being an auto cannon, it would mean it has a relatively low RPM (something like 1 round per 0.75 seconds, give or take).
  5. In regards to maps, I can only say that you need to take everything you know about TSR maps right now, and delete it. When we are further along, we will share more details.
  6. In a lot of cases it was the GDI buildings that had more issues, compared to the Nod ones. Expect to see more building updates when the game launches, especially in regards to optimizations.
  7. Basically, the justification just isn't there. So much work for something people run through maybe just once. The Sole Survivor Renegade mod was fun - I remember the multiplayer. I do not remember the singleplayer, which indicates 2 possible things; That the singleplayer campaigns were not memorable nor replayable, or that I have a bad memory.
  8. I'm a bit late here but let me clarify the main issues with singleplayer. There is no technical limitation. We can do singleplayer, we can do a whole lot of whatever we want, since we control the full engine codebase. Yes, some things are hard coded, but if someone has both the time and motivation, there isn't technically much stopping us from doing something. Why we've not seen singleplayer content in released projects yet, is simply because most of us as developers/designers do not feel much for it. Most of us prefer working on multiplayer games because of the replayability and social aspects. But no, to re-iterate, right now I could make a singleplayer mission if I wanted to (I'd just have to check up on a few things). But I lack the time and have no motivation to do so, since I believe for our engine, multiplayer is the heart of it. Something else to keep in mind is that while the engine has improved a lot over the years, we've not put any work into singleplayer stuff, so mechanically we're still very limited there. It would make more sense to create singleplayer games on a different engine. AR will be using a little bit of singleplayer for a tutorial mission. (And you will want to play it, because AR works a little different from your typical C&C shooter!)
  9. The maps we have selected for launch are receiving a lot of changes, especially in the realm of optimization. If you're ever curious about whats being changed and why about that map, you should message ChopBam as he's the one tasked to it. (I'm personally tasked with bringing Field, Cliffs, and Snow up to standards.)
  10. Bzzzt. Also, I've already updated the lightning-struck effect on both characters and vehicles (EMP blast), so it is now extra crispy zappy.
  11. I'd suggest removing the older and duplicate files from that download page, at the moment the latest file is listed at the bottom.
  12. @Pushwall Perhaps its time to consider just fully supporting AI in maps (all but HostileWaters I guess, I have no idea how the AI would be able to make sense of that, perhaps @moonsense715 has some ideas?). At this point I mainly see benefits to it. The negatives might be worked out as Moonsense improves the AI. Even just 6 bots per team will improve the flow for skirmish exploration and might help populate the server a bit more easily since you actually have something to shoot at. Ideally we'd drop the bots out as matches begin to populate with players, but again, at this point I'd rather just have 6 bots per team permanently than none at all. I also like how my 2016 posts in the topic are really not that true anymore, the AI IS better now. Far from perfect, but no longer purely idiotic.
  13. Thank you for reminding me to enable gameplay is pending mode for my stuff.
  14. I always updoot on Reddit, and I can plop down some Reddit gold for particularly shiny posts. But I have no social media accounts, so I cannot help there!
  15. There has not yet been a lot of graphical improvement to W3D itself, its mostly just gaining access to beter development tools as well as a growing expertise from the people using them. We very recently gained support for Max 2017, this LOD workflow is just one of many benefits of this. Edit: I made a very slight update to the guide to explain "Export Geometry" should be enabled on the Nullmesh object. I figured it'd go without saying since without this, you cannot enable "Null (LOD)", but now it should not cause any further doubts here. Geometry Options can never ben configured without the exporter set to, you know, export them. And here is a general note: Any object not animated or part of W3D rigging logic should have "Export Transform (Bone)" DISABLED. It is a good practice to apply to all project assets. All these extra bones have a (not measured) negative impact on performance since they exist when they do not need to.
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