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  1. I have no answer for you unfortunately, save for some historic experience from the days we still used LevelEdit in newer W3D projects; LevelEdit loved to 'corrupt' files often beyond repair if you so much as gave it a funny look. The fact this is presenting you an empty preset list might be an indication that your objects/temps files are busted. Usually this is where you'd have backups or version control if you used a Git repository, but chances are you used neither... So perhaps a code wizard has a means to save your project - best bets here are Jerad or Jonwil. For future projects, make regular backups so you have fall-back points. LevelEdit is especially sensitive when dealing with scripts and can already freak out if a single parameter has an invalid or missing input.
  2. The amount of work you put into this isn't always recognized, but I see it!
  3. Another reason for the 300 FPS cap is that some GPU's do not handle 'run-away FPS' very well, to the point where it can inflict damage to a GPU. If you leave the game open on the menu at 2000+ FPS for a while and your GPU has some faulty components, chances exist something breaks. If your GPU has coil whine issues, you'd start to hear it very loud in these extremely high-FPS situations, as well. So it is purely a safety measure, and one tested for quite a while in W3D 5 already.
  4. Looking forward to see this get released. The gunplay in this project is a breath of fresh air for a W3D project! A real difference from APB for example, as I was actually able to defeat enemy players...
  5. Nice work! I've never had the chance to play this game. I had no idea it had a 50+ player capacity on what looks like larger maps than the regular RTS game allowed.
  6. What, no mortar cycle? *sad RA3 noises* That vehicle/weapon texture needs a resolution increase, though. You should also consider raising the 'open truck' floor so the surface traction particles do not visibly bleed through the vehicle. /nitpick! It was probably a good call to not give it passengers - not without some tech that lets you actually damage those players when shooting their character models.
  7. You'd have to poke the W3D Hub team for that. I'm not sure they ever passed final approval though. There were actually a LOT of environmental assets that have yet to be publicly showcased, due to a large portion of them having been left in various stages of development (mostly stuff like fixing bad normals, collision meshes, and LOD's).
  8. I honestly do not remember why I added the Test Level to TSR2. I believe we were initially planning on using the new environment art for TSR2, but things got shuffled a bit at some point and they ended up being moved to AR. AR's version of that level got a bit more developed before I left the team. Bit surprised some of the other environment tests aren't in there anymore, like the new Tiberium flora tests, etc. But then again with the changing of the guard so too comes expected changes of direction. You could have probably showcased the GUI/HUD improvements, the encyclopedia has a fair amount of content in TSR2, which took quite a while to set up!
  9. Do not forget to add a larger projectile collision mesh around those flare models, otherwise you'll not be having a lot of fun trying to disarm those and the mildest camera shake causes you to miss. I'd also make the team colour more prominent. The little red/blue line is easy to miss - remember, in game these models will appear a notable distance from the player camera (unless in first person and crouching)
  10. Hey, one of those deer doesn't seem to represent any known W3D project!
  11. I think it is great that you've managed to catch Frank for some questions, but it is also nice to see how Frank rarely shies away from doing small scale community interviews. Hoping to hear more from you, GreY!
  12. The old version you played was no longer going to be supported. We were working on a new version until we were forced to cease development. I do not know what the future has in store for TSR. If development is ever resumed, it'll have to be with a new dev team.
  13. We had a good number of solid 30 vs 30 matches during EU hours, which was great to see.
  14. Sounds good! This is not a submission. If anyone is looking for an example, here is my take on the (classic) APB Hostile Waters: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2127506046
  15. You spent a good amount of time on these, and for Renegade a lot of these are solid! I do think you went a little overboard on the quantity, as you're unlikely to ever use all of these. If you made just 10 good ones, you'd have been fine as well. Do keep an eye on excessive in-texture tiling, and try to keep the texture density roughly equal between textures - in some cases you are much further 'up close to the grass' than others, so if you were to blend those 2 textures side by side, it'd look like part of the grass is absolutely huge compared to adjacent grass textures.
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