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  1. Raap

    Just a small note as it was brought up recently. Projectile collision dimensions are NOT handled via the projectile art file or in the exported W3D file. Anything you add to projectiles such as an invisible collision box is ignored and should not be added. Instead, projectile collision dimensions are handled exclusively in the ammunition preset data, shown here:
  2. Raap

    Don't forget to bring a bag of cash every month as well. Servers ain't free!
  3. Raap

    A more realistic angle might be to put a non-EA IP game on a platform such as Steam and package it with the W3D Launcher, which will have a player ripple effect onto other projects. But that still leaves the topic of the engine of course. The team not quite in a position yet where they can make any claims in regards to it, and then there is even the question of should the team want to or not. Lastly, Steam demands a fee for offering the download, normally this is covered by the royalties of the sale or cash shop sales. Completely non-profit games cannot generate revenue and might therefore not be financially attainable to get hosted on Steam, or a platform like it. A lot of these doors remain firmly shut however until EA perhaps one day decides to pass down this particular set of keys (in regards to engine legal matters, not the C&C IP).
  4. Raap

    Guess I'll ask a few annoying ones. For W3D Hub: Roughly, when can people expect an official W3D Development Kit? [This would be a clean-slate client/server package that lets people create new games more easily, somewhat similar to Unreal 4 or Unity, just minus all the super fancy stuff.] For the Renegade support team: The W3D Hub Launcher will be offering support for Renegade at some point this year. Will this be the traditional Renegade featuring all of the legacy community content, or an iteration based on 5.x? Bonus question: Is Renegade support intended to be something that is managed and updated, or will it be purely a legacy game in maintenance mode? For W3D Hub: What are your 2019 plans to gain further exposure for W3D Hub and the games offered within it? For W3D Hub: In terms of the under-development projects currently hosted at W3D Hub, which of these games can players expect to see more of this year? For Pushwall: With APB being nearly feature complete, what else is there for APB players to still be looking forward to this year?
  5. Raap

    So uhm, shouldn't we be calling the engine W4D now? Based on... Rational non-dubious logic?
  6. Raap

    You seem distressed! Do you need a hug?
  7. I'd really like to try and encourage you guys to stay on the path of diversifying your gameplay from existing projects. I believe that W3D is flexible enough to allow for greater diversity, and not just APB clones, so I look forward to hearing your plans for the overal game flow.
  8. Raap

    It's fine, a decade of online gaming trained me to master the Russian language to perfection, for example: Yes = )) No = ((
  9. Raap

    I'll try and be there! Although as a Communist European, I must in advance opt-out of any winnings! Winning is, after all, a very capitalistic mentality.
  10. Raap

    Recoil will help with this as it gives weapon firing some "measurable weight", you'll be able to "feel" the impact of firing a heavy weapon, and notice the more subtle effect of a smaller sidearm. As for audio, well this is a resource matter. Good sounds cost money, and for a lot of us non-US/Canada folks, recording firing sounds ourselves is not an option.
  11. Raap

    Well, there is still an absolute truckload of gameplay logic W3D does that would need to be re-invented elsewhere, from scratch. Perhaps we should list all the things W3D can do right now compared to, say, a stock copy of Unreal 4. Do not get me wrong, in the past I asked the age-old question as well, "Why stick to W3D?". Asking the question lead me to being better informed about the subject.
  12. Raap

    Indeed. And this is why any new feature additions to core gameplay should come with various configuration options (including disable). Perfect realism however, in my opinion, should not be the goal at any point, since there are plenty of game engines that already do this out there. But if a certain modern mechanic has a lot of positive feedback due to the fun-value merit it holds, then by all means I see no reason why it should not be considered for inclusion. As it stands, I think recoil patterns might be the most sensible thing here (with the added option of auto-correction). It would allow the weapons for both infantry and vehicles to handle a little more modernly without changing the fundamental gameplay flow too much. W3D already supports movement based cone of fire bloom so it wouldn't be a far stretch of the imagination to see recoil working in these games (and this would include automatic fire mode cone of fire bloom as an optional thing to consider as well). In my personal opinion, things like damage drop-off will just add another layer of needless complexity to the games without serving any gameplay value other than "realism for the sake of it". It will cause a lot of cases where people will get frustrated because of the damage fluctuations. ADS is interesting as well because honestly it does very little. It typically just raises the first person weapon to be closer to your point of view, while lowering the field of view. Given that W3D already offers a toggle between 3rd and 1st person view modes, ADS might be redundant. It already does a field of view reduction in APB, for example. The only thing missing in APB is the weapon position being closer, but then we're talking significant rigging/animation changes for all character/weapon combinations. Something like recoil patterns would not come with such steep implementation costs.
  13. Raap

    All of these things would be interesting (edit: interesting doesn't always mean good gameplay) to have, providing that they are optional and offer a lot of configuration possibilities (like different recoil patterns). Something I'd NOT want: Leaning, also known as the ultimate peek-a-boo corner camping tactic. Let's keep the games as games and focus on fun gameplay. Just because you can do something in real life, doesn't mean it translates into fun gameplay. Side note, there are other weapon-type things I personally requested from the code team. While not all of these would apply to GUN-play, they could nonetheless expand gameplay options for other usages. Edit: Besides, leaning would require a whole new animation set supported by the engine, and adds a lot of artist work. If we ever needed engine-wide animation additions, it'd have to be support for diagonal movement with greater priority than something specific as leaning.
  14. Understand that there is not "a mod team", W3DHub is a collection of W3D based projects (and quite possibly with more on the way), managed by their respective project leaders. For the creators, this is their hobby, they do this in their spare time for their own entertainment and at their own expenses (none of this is free). They are not here to work on projects they have no connection with, and forcing them to do so will get poor results, as there would be a lot less passion going into the work. We all would love to see projects like AR release sooner rather than later, but we're limited by what individual people can work on. Take me for example, I am currently trying to find time for an AR level and documenting the process, but I am still very much limited by factors such as time and motivation, and these have to align for a hobby project.
  15. Good to see a new project kick off. I had no idea you guys were planning on trying something yourselves! I hope you keep it achievable for a two man team. By the looks of it you aren't going to need a lot of new game logic so that's at least something, but you are looking at a lot of new artwork to handle all these units! In terms of visuals, are the environment screenshots an indication of your aesthetic direction, or is it still something you're planning to determine?