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  1. One may assume that you do not have access to the C&C ultimate collection?
  2. You had me laughing for 10 minutes. Just had to do something close:
  3. Reinstalling should help though as "TDBRR" is a bug occuring in corrupted downloads/installs. These can happen randomly and are not W3D-specific. The new map looks gorgeous. A coop-variant could be awesome.
  4. Did you try various resolutions? (Starting with 800x600)
  5. needed a break anyway - sorry for not incorporating it directly into the spreadsheet of Jeod, was too lazy for it. *not a direct translation - needed to make as much sense as the english counterpart ** added a hint in the second sentence to look at the forum if the problem persists. As said before, if I need to correct something, I will either port it other to jeod's sheet or repost it here. Just to mention it: Server Browser translates to Serverliste [Server list] in German - I will leave that decision to you.
  6. Settings - Einstellungen. The table bugged out here. Just a fast sketchup into a German translation. If someone wants to improve these translations, feel free to do so. Tried to stay close to the character amount. If something needs to be changed, I'll copy a new table below this post.
  7. Everybody took their first steps once... Start with downloading the W3D-Hub Launcher and choose a game you will like. As Renegade player you will find into the gameplay pretty fast. And always ask if something bothers you.
  8. @jonwil: what are the plans upon the continous development of the W3D-engine? Which aspects do you think are worthy of improving [a rework of the network-code for example]? - do you have any C&C-related lego stuff you mind sharing? @danpaul88: Any plans for support of custom resolutions launcherwise? @ChopBam: Which projects over the past few years did you like the most in the sense of working upon it? If there were any, why? Anything in store that might be related to this? @Wallywood: Which aspects of TS:R are the ones you aren't satisfied with? How is life on your side? How did you get into W3D-modding and what led you to "make" Reborn? @OWA/@moonsense: Props to you (and the team) for the development of AR. As we are able to see continous progress in the artificial intelligence department, are there any plans to build upon this single-player-wise? And just for the joke, as some things in life shouldn't be taken as seriously @Silverlight: When do you think that we will expand over in TS:R and take control of every patch of tiberium? [Without you being in the role of Kane though. No reason for that.] Nodlied: As the whole testing team is already bleeding from your godly whips, are there any plans to change from a steel whip to a leather one? For Pyryle: As you are in charge of A E S T H E T I C S, are you planning to stop being so fabulous? - Any plans for future induldgement into the world of forum-mafia games and relations for advertisement? For Jerad2142: Any plans for a full-deer-mod with tanks and everything? - But to remain serious, you've added some racemechanics into ECW the last patches. Any plans to further build upon that or are you focusing upon new projects? 4 years were gone in a blink of an eye. Thanks everybody for your hard work. Cheers upon the next years. After all these years I am still enjoying every game and every match, so give yourself a clap upon the shoulder, as you still deserve it.
  9. I don't think that this needs any comment. Merry road to christmas everybody. Probably the same facial expression as everybody on his way to work.
  10. Just my fast 2 cents about it: You could convert it, as I've always seen it as reference to the fallen wall of the warsaw pact/iron curtain, a map with a death strip, which makes it easier to find pathways for less campy fights.
  11. I was a huge fan of Shallow Graves back then. Might need to take a look at it though or look back at some of my old screenshots.. My nostalgia sense is tingling on the same level as the... welp, let's call it "snowy-dam-map" from beta as both were of my favourites in the sense of snow maps. (Even though I just am not able to remember the name of it.) Bunkers, as well as TWT could be pretty fun now as Pushwall has done a great job balancing the game. And the city map looks campy but pretty pleasing for the eye. My piece of advice? Just do what keeps your interest up. You've always had great intuition in the sense of good map design.
  12. Thanks for the good laugh, raap. But sometimes some lists may even save lifes.
  13. Welcome aboard Good update. The roadmap is only available though if you have an account on slack.
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