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  1. Paid by MI6 for another glorious year of successful Forg-spy-shenanigans! Your pizza/server-money will not be wasted.
  2. Just dropping this here (back on my old computer I had multiple gigs of this "old stuff" flying around - it's old and someone has posted it somewhere in our forums as well, but yeah):
  3. And since when do outsiders have access to a meeting without invitation?
  4. No moleste, the camouflage pattern is already there Do you mind doing a picture of the soldiers as well? And at what cost?
  5. One may assume that you do not have access to the C&C ultimate collection?
  6. You had me laughing for 10 minutes. Just had to do something close:
  7. Reinstalling should help though as "TDBRR" is a bug occuring in corrupted downloads/installs. These can happen randomly and are not W3D-specific. The new map looks gorgeous. A coop-variant could be awesome.
  8. Did you try various resolutions? (Starting with 800x600)
  9. needed a break anyway - sorry for not incorporating it directly into the spreadsheet of Jeod, was too lazy for it. *not a direct translation - needed to make as much sense as the english counterpart ** added a hint in the second sentence to look at the forum if the problem persists. As said before, if I need to correct something, I will either port it other to jeod's sheet or repost it here. Just to mention it: Server Browser translates to Serverliste [Server list] in German - I will leave that decision to you.
  10. Settings - Einstellungen. The table bugged out here. Just a fast sketchup into a German translation. If someone wants to improve these translations, feel free to do so. Tried to stay close to the character amount. If something needs to be changed, I'll copy a new table below this post.
  11. Everybody took their first steps once... Start with downloading the W3D-Hub Launcher and choose a game you will like. As Renegade player you will find into the gameplay pretty fast. And always ask if something bothers you.
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