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  1. I just got out of the funniest game ever on fields right now. I don't know what's gotten into me but I couldn't stop laughing for I swear probably close to 10 damn minutes. All because a player randomly had the need to tell all of us in game that "he wished he woke up next to a girlfriend in the morning" All of us in game of course laughed our asses off but I actually couldn't stop laughing, I was also having a couple of beers but still that shit caught me way off guard. Bravo gdi player, you almost made me piss myself.
  2. Oh cool! I thought I was the only one that mixed and matched OST to other games sometimes. Like when an OST is good, its good so it very well may fit the vibe of another game too.
  3. This thing is massive, for those that aren't sure what we're talking about. Massive & Beastly! I would not want to be underneath one of these, that's for sure.
  4. I didn't really know which section it should be posted to, honestly. That's the map, yeah! You know your stuff dude! Oh man I wish I knew use use the free aim button during that game, sure would have helped. Great tip on getting to max height, will keep that in mind next time I cycle to that map again. Thanks man! I wish I could give you an up-vote but I used mine up in the C&C meme thread today already. Will be back to rep you with my tech later doe!
  5. LMFAO Nu Pogodi Renegade-da Cheeki Breeki Cyka Blyat *I Need Repairs* *I Need Repairs* *I Need Repairs* *Negative*
  6. You guys have a lot of cool C&C stuff. I only have the anniversary box collection from like over 10 years ago lol I wish I had a shirt doe, just now realized there is even a C&C book? That's cool, never knew that either.
  7. That so out there. What a left field find. Wonder why they would have that.
  8. Was playing Renegade in the Chinese map with all the lime green weed leaves scattered all over the ground with those Asian looking buildings & Castle bases. You know which map I'm talking about. Well this player named Ooflyoo told me to follow him through these 2 tunnels which we had to lower down to on a rope I would have never seen without him. So we lower down and proceed through the tunnel that takes us to this mountain base with 2 Zeppelins that apparently spawn they there when they blow up again. The Zeppelin has a very hard to maneuver auto rifle attachment & the ability to drop bombs on enemies below. I thought it was super cool & was a lot of fun to drop these Grenade turds on everyone below us. If you read this, thanks for helping me find that. Found a secret today. I never knew where people got those Zeppelins on that map. Made the map way more fun to play.
  9. I was just in a game with LiMaDo, we were in a group of techs repping the Weapons Factory when he jumped on me then started javing a seizure on top of my head then jumped up on the master control terminal where we half repped him & War Factory until he died then we lost the game. LmFaO
  10. Definitely agree, the first 2 albums get so much air time from me. Plastic Beach and B-sides get some love from me too though. Lets be honest, you cannot listen to one album without listen to another back to back though. I just can't, its so damn good. It's funny when my best friend gave me their first 2 CD's back in the day, I actually shockingly didn't like it on my first listen being so used to Rock & Hip-Hop so when Gorillaz wrapped it up in the way that they did it went over my tiny head. They grew on me in the best way and are still one of my favorite artists but I don't like much of their recent work. I actually sort of repulsed by their recent work to be honest.
  11. Yeah I was thoroughly bummed when I started to listen to the Renegade in game music and realized how I've been missing out on it for most of the decade. It just fits the gameplay so perfectly, I like the game sound & FX to be turned down slightly lower than the game sound so I can feel that bass in my chest on some of the music. Can't believe I was missing out on the Renegade OST all this time. Having said that I also used to love playing Gorillaz first self titled album and Demon Days during matches. Going to have a ren session now to this actually.
  12. I don't know anything about this game but i gave that link a spin & I enjoyed it a ton but then again I really like ambient so it fit my bill nicely!
  13. Interesting answers from everyone. Gotta say I'm surprised to learn the majority don't listen to their own music but favor the game sound above else. I used to listen to tons of bass heavy electronic music, metal & rock during matches with occasional 90s Boom Bap. But lately I've been favoring no music at all or ingame sound track, not really for a special reason like connecting to teamspeak or something similar but just for my own sakes I've been enjoying it far more that way lately. I don't have any surround sound but I have a sub so that does help me immerse myself some since I like to drive my speakers loud when I'm playing. Especially if I'm having myself a beer or a bit of whiskey.
  14. Do you listen to the ingame music or something else during Renegade matches? Maybe you don't listen to anything at all? What keeps you hyped up in game?
  15. That would be very cool & would bring more players over too I think. Look at how much meatier this Humvee would have looked. Man everyone looks so different, its so weird to look at initialy. Like how narrow the hallways are in the Hand of Nod. That GUI & scope look way different too as well as the level design. Though this footage does very much look early access given the fact the tutorial guide was playing Havoc in the demo vid.
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