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Found 46 results

  1. Just for the information of everyone who might be interested; a few of us who play APB are also playing Minecraft on: It's vanilla and there are no mods at the moment
  2. Coolrock

    Why does he suck so much now? I know that people said to try it against a tank, but that's why Soviets have a rocket soldier for, right? I can hardly seem to kill infantry at all with him now. Maybe I just remember how good he was on maps like FoI and Fissure. Not exploding on death was kind of a let down too. What're your thoughts?
  3. Coolrock

    I'm curious on what everyone's thoughts are on the current state of the Shock Trooper? I could be wrong, but is the range shorter than I remember? I find it hard to believe that the Rifle Soldier was always able to out range it. Also, I really miss the splash damage. Probably because out of habit, I'm constantly aiming for the legs. Still seems the same when it comes to vehicles. Haven't noticed anything that sticks out. Seem to do roughly the same damage to them that I remember.
  4. I have not listened to this in a very, very long time. I remember constantly listening to this song when playing TibSun and Rebarn. Good times.
  5. Coolrock

    Last one for tonight! What happened to unit pricing and money in general? I found it so odd getting my first Ore Truck dump after returning all these years, only to get $350. I decided to check the PT, and noticed a lot had changed. Ore Trucks are only $700 now? That seems a bit crazy to me. I see plenty of people buy an Ore Truck right away, and by the time you get your next dump, the game has already entered end game. What I mean is, it feels like there's no early game now, minus the usual infantry rush to the other teams base. This has also changed, as you now start with $350. This leads to people rushing with Rocket Soldiers early on, which also means that you hardly ever see V2/Light Tank rushes anymore. Maybe this is what people prefer now, but I personally don't. I've also noticed that Volkov now has a price of $1800. I'd assume because of his recent weapon changes, but even then it doesn't seem he needs such a high price. For $1800, he shouldn't be killed in a single head shot (which I thought he had protection for at one point). Seems a little steep to me. Tanya also remaining at $1200, while he's at $1800 seems odd. Tanya can destroy an entire building in 30 seconds, while killing most things coming her way (depending on the player), while Volkov has been made to be more of a sniper now (I haven't had much success). I liked the pricing how it was before. What're your thoughts?
  6. Killing_You

    So before long, I'm planning to make a 5-part series on how EA has handled the C&C franchise. The first part will be establishing the franchise as a whole, as well ad defining what makes a "true" C&C game, before I examine Generals, C&C3, RA3, and C&C4 in the second, third, fourth, and final parts, respectively. For this first part, I'd like to ask you guys: What do you think makes a "true" C&C game? What elements need to be present in order for a game to be considered a "true" entry, and how important are these elements to you? Keep in mind that there is a difference between a "true C&C game" and a "good C&C game." For example, Generals is considered to not be a "true" C&C while still being praised as a great game, while RA3 seems to hit the mark as far as being a C&C game goes while also falling short of being good.
  7. NodGuy

    I guess whoever designed the faction logo is a fan of Command & Conquer, specifically GDI.
  8. For past couple of days Atari becomes even more annoying than he usually is - however at this points its straight teamhamerping. Various examples (that can be confirmed by other players): - Pushing other players vehicles (which sometimes makes mine laying a bit more problematic than it usually is) - Straight up doing nothing or just casually jumping around, even when right in front of attackers assaulting the base - (already known for everyone) Continious shittalk whenever he dies - In big TL;DR acting like an asshole. Yesterday the only thing he was doing for longer period of time was running after me and shooting me in the head, while i tried defending the base. I'd be fine with that, if he wasnt in my team. Sadly he was. Every time i died he teabagged my corpse. His presence usually ends up wasting a good player spot, because anyone else would be more useful than him - and that results in the games lost because of lack of playing players.
  9. catting

    pushwall and justas you both seem to have it out for me pushwall when i have a C4 put on me i complain nothing happens , but when i put one on you its magically teamhampering also justas you know you told me to get into the apc and attack their defences i did not mean to "steal the apc" you told me to use it on the ft get in apc + attack their defences = shoot ft with apc [01:50:22] Justas_Prime: np [01:50:58] [Team] Justas_Prime: why the f u follow [01:51:15] [Team] Justas_Prime: get in apc [01:51:34] Meta: forgotten no [01:51:38] [Team] Justas_Prime: moron [01:51:39] Host: [BR] The mines placed by Minelayers depend on the team of the driver - Allies lay anti-tank, Soviets lay anti-personnel. Stealing an enemy Minelayer will NOT allow you to lay their type of mines. [01:51:42] [Team] Justas_Prime: catting# [01:51:44] [Team] Justas_Prime: move ur ass [01:51:52] Justas_Prime: catting u fucked moroon [01:52:10] Justas_Prime: srsly stole APC and wasted it [01:52:22] JackSparrow: wasted [01:53:19] JackSparrow: oh thats cute lol [01:53:42] JackSparrow: §½ [01:53:45] JackSparrow: ä [01:53:56] Meta: what [01:54:25] [Team] Justas_Prime: f off [01:54:26] [Team] Justas_Prime: mron [01:54:35] TrollekPL: XD [01:54:55] Host: Leon_Klaus currently has 49 recommendations [01:54:59] Host: [BR] For the server rules check the forums (http://w3dhub.com/forum). [01:56:38] [Team] Momok: mmt [01:56:56] Swirly: nah, just forgs# [01:57:01] forg0ten1: has died [01:57:44] Swirly: dirty mines... [01:58:19] Host: [BR] Visit www.w3dhub.com/ranks/apb/ to check your stats and the rank ladder! [01:59:07] Host: Ginosaji currently has 76 recommendations [01:59:26] Swirly: RUN CUNT [01:59:27] Host: Swirly has been warned by BR for 'using a disallowed word or phrase'. They now have 1 warning. [01:59:31] Swirly: oops [01:59:36] Leon_Klaus: [01:59:48] Host: Mihai does not have any recommendations yet [02:01:00] Justas_Prime: nah that pice of shot [02:01:04] Justas_Prime: piece of shit [02:01:09] Justas_Prime: ban him for once [02:01:19] Pushwall: ok [02:01:23] Pushwall: outta here, person who hasnt been named [02:01:28] Leon_Klaus: lol [02:01:39] Host: [BR] For the server rules check the forums (http://w3dhub.com/forum). [02:01:39] Justas_Prime: u know well who i meant [02:01:41] Pushwall: guess justas plans for me to ban the whole server till i find this random guy [02:01:45] Leon_Klaus: Idk who you meant also did anyone on the soviets team notice when i nearly destroyed the enemy naval yard
  10. Do you have a pet? Let's talk about them and share your experiences on having a pet or the things that you want to do with your pet.
  11. erickgch

    As I have mentioned before in-game, I think there are many flaws with the carcinogenic map known as RA_Siege, A.K.A "who even made this map?" or "!skip pls". I know there are some people out there who like it, but it's my impression that most players don't. I might be wrong, though. I also have the impression that players usually leave when this map comes in. Now, what's wrong with siege (note: this is my very own personal opinion): 1- It's way too big (we all know that). 2- Also due to the size, it takes a lot of time for the harvester to get the ore. 3- A lot of unused space in the castle (See first picture). Some AI "ghosts" would be good, like in the church on Stormy Valley. 4- The rainy weather makes that map depressing. This may have a psychological effect on players. Rainy weather = bad weather; rainy map = bad map. 5- This section of the Soviet base (see second picture, compare to third picture). Additional suggestion: How about a secondary path for vehicles/infantry over the lake? (See fourth picture) I think it would be good to make a community-designed map, so we could all contribute with ideas and make something great. Also, what happened to Fissure? And who designed Siege? I am open to discussion.
  12. ST Bridge Crew recently removed the VR requirement making it playable for poor saps like me. It was also half off when I picked it up, but since their end-goal is a larger playerbase (I believe they had ~200 or so before removing VR), it'll undoubtedly go on sale again in the future. http://store.steampowered.com/app/527100/Star_Trek_Bridge_Crew/ The game itself plays like an updated version of Bridge Commander. There's a solo/coop campaign of five long missions and then the Kobayashi Maru challenge, and Ubisoft built in randomly generated missions which I've yet to try. Multiplayer works with up to four players, each taking the role of a primary bridge officer: Captain, Helmsman, Tactical, or Engineer. In solo play, the AI commands everything else while you're the captain. But in multiplayer, every player has their own responsibilities. You could be a great captain but a worthless pilot of a helmsman, for example. I don't have the luxury of friends who own this game (pretty sure I'm the only ST nerd--and even game nerd--in my group interested in this), so I haven't gotten to try the multiplayer out yet. Even for solo play though, I do recommend it.
  13. Hey guys. I'm just taking another look at the Rocketeer and I'm unsure about what his weapon actually is. I originally thought that it was some sort of revolving flechette launcher, but I'm not so sure. Here are the details: In RA2 the Rocketeer's weapon is listed simply as "20mm" On the EVA Database page, the weapon is listed as being "Integrated twin 20mm assault rifles with suppressors" which I believe to be wrong, due to the way the Rocketeer only fires one shot at a time and the impact effect appears to display an element of spray; as multiple impact points are visible. Reference In the concept art, the Rocketeer's weapon appears to have a revolving magazine. The same kind of magazine that you can see on weapons such as the Milkor MGL. The question I want to pose to you guys is simple. What do you think the Rocketeer is armed with? Was I right the first time by saying that it's a Flechette Launcher or could it be some kind of Shotgun, Rifle or Grenade Launcher? Here's the original concept art by TJFrame: Here's also an additional piece of concept art that's a bit older: Cheers!
  14. An old web site called CnC Source is where you went to talk on forums and get mods for all the CnC games. that web site is fizzling pile of mould now that's falling apart the last i checked. IT was a nice big one stop shop. Now EA could care less about the franchise. The community is not where it used to be and looks little scattered to me. I found this site and another one a few years back called strike steam portal for multiplayer and or mods. I also saw that EA put Tiberian Sun out for free as shareware few years ago and pulled the DL link after a year or 2. Would any of you whippersnappers care to tell me about the popular communities, forums and or subreddits you frequent and what's changed since the 2006?
  15. http://www.moddb.com/mods/cc-assault http://en.ccassault.com Commando Assault is a mod which was first released in 2010 for C&C Renegade. And it allows to build up base from scratch on Westwood 3D game engine. Inspired by Battlezone series of videogames. Has its separate music (including Frank Klepacki's works that he exclusively approved for this mod, some of my remakes of his famous songs and even my new melodies) and unique features. Want to speed up construction rate to reduce time you are waiting for new purchase that you made? To capture existing building or steal it while it is not deployed yet (or even MCV)? To drop player-controlled tanks in the rear of enemy base? To win with one useless structure? You have all in one. Welcome back again, commander, crush your enemies with your own 3D-hands and lead your forces to fight. More tactics, more fun, more teamplay. Some videos are under spoiler: Feel free to discuss and share this stuff =)
  16. Jeod

    Anyone with a smart device want to play Risk? Android or Apple? It's free. And no handing out your phone number over W3D Hub It has its own friend list with usernames. Unfortunately, they're randomly generated. While I wish I could be Jeod, the app has bestowed upon me the glorious laughable name of "Delmar Justice 7". Was able to change my Game Center name, been forever since I used it. I go by 'JeodCripto'. Add me! W3D Players Jeod - 'Delmar Justice 7' to add (ingame name: JeodCripto) FRAYDO - 'Luigi De Luca 7' to add (ingame name: hellofraydohere) OrangeP47 - 'Stefan Bismarck 7' to add
  17. ganein14

    Can anyone recommend me and others here for future reference, some mods for C&C 3 and how to install them for the steam version?
  18. akhero47

    Years ago I remember on the MP forums there was a 'show yer faces' topic that I believe was started by AmunRa (rest easy brother.. I'll always look back fondly of our random 3am webcam shenanigans). I thought it might be kind of fun to do something similar but rather than putting up hideous mugs of ourselves, show off where you go to unwind and play some W3D games instead! So let's see 'em! What's your "get away" at home look like? 1: Walking into my reclusive lair. 2: Where APB comes to life 3: Old Dell desktop with Windows 98 installed to play older PC games without having to deal with the headaches of compatibility issues. 4: Retro station. 5: Had to throw one in there of a few of my AKs for anyone else like myself that enjoys gun porn If you're wondering what's up with the ridiculous amount of incense all over the place - Well I had planned on starting up an online store a few years back and then just didn't.
  19. As of the most recent patch or perhaps earlier, the Allied Rocket Soldier can reach the Soviet Refinery from atop the hill at the back of the Soviet base. It's possible for a group of 3 Rocket Soldiers to go up there and take down the Flame Tower and Refinery within the first 4 minutes of a match. I get that the map is Soviet-sided according to the stats, but it would become severely Allied-sided if this rush method were widely known. It is currently unknown if Soviet troops could even retaliate without having to climb the hills, where the Allies will have the high ground advantage. I feel like this rush method should be considered an unintentional exploit. The Flame Tower cannot properly fire up hills, and even then, the Rocket Soldier can outrange a Flame Tower.
  20. I'm probably not the only one who has thought about playing C&C Renegade and RA:APB on game consoles. The W3D Engine is the predecessor of the SAGE engine, which is used in C&C Generals and C&C3: Tiberium Wars. As someone without any experience in game dev, I have no idea what the scope of the updates from W3D to SAGE are. I do know that C&C3: Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath, and Red Alert 3 were released on the Xbox 360 and entirely playable online. I for one would love to see APB make an appearance on Xbox LIVE as an ID@Xbox game. However, I also know of two primary challenges: EA owning the rights to the franchise and engine, and the lengthy process and adaptations that would need to be made in order to publish a full release on a console (including making the launcher and games 'universal apps'). The benefits would be fantastic--imagine gamertags and achievements and the amount of exposure W3D would get--but the challenges likely outweigh those benefits. Question for the developers: What engine limitations, besides the two primary challenges listed above, make APB on a game console impossible? Or is it possible yet too tedious?
  21. Here is another vehicle model and texture. This time I used the Soviet Mammoth that I had done earlier as a base, and made the necessary adjustments.
  22. Madin

    Here is a lazily done C-130 (I decided to make the wing and body separate to make my life easier!). It is not very accurate, but will do for an RTS.
  23. Madin

    A quick, simple, model and texture of the RA2 Gap generator. 3 stage GIF
  24. Madin

    Here is a a Mammoth tank that I completed, based on references of the TD & RA1 Mammoth tank. This turned out average. 5 Stage GIF
  25. Jeod

    Don't know if anyone here is from Manchester or has friends there, but here's at least one American paying attention to worldwide events today. At a concert of all places...