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  1. based and nodpilled
  2. What wally did is very illegal in most places, especially in the US and EU. Was there any contract signed about the assets or any kind of ownership regarding said assets? If there was, did it include any statement about his ownership? Since he was hiding the ownership for the assets, he committed contract violation, since everyone who has signed this, before mentioned contract, has the rights to know everything about it, before signing, or contributing to a project which is based on it. (Disclaimer: I'M NOT A LAWYER, OR A PROFESSIONAL. I STUDIED RIGHTS FOR 1/2 A YEAR AND DROPPED IT, I MIGHT HAVE JUST SAID COMPLETE BULLSHIT, BUT FROM WHAT I KNOW, WALLY HAS COMMITTED A CRIME BASICALLY. [Disclaimer 2 Electric Boogalo: This post based on the assumption of a contracts existence, if there wasn't any contract, then what wally did was legal, but questionable.]) Please correct me if i'm wrong.
  3. I do not understand wallys' decision here, As far as i know wally haven't done anything for the game for quite a while now, and even though those assets do fall under his ownership, that doesn't mean he has to disallow the devs from using it. He has the rights to do so, but this decision he made was just general douchebaggery. I respect all the work that was put into TSR and everyone who works/worked on it, but this is just childish, in my opinion.
  4. So, the last few days i've been trying to be more active in-game and in the W3D community (Discord, Forum) and, (maybe i'm wrong, please tell me if i am) i've noticed that, even though we have this many people interested in these games, and we have so many discussing about them, the actual playerbase is quite small. Usually, when i go and play some, i open the launcher and i see this The mods, that i'm the most interested in, and love, have 0 players, almost constantly. Maybe i'm just checking at the wrong time, and there is a playerbase to these games and i just don't notice it, hopefully. If someone can tell me why, please do, i'm really desperate to play them with the community. and i would love to hear opinions and explanations. (Also, excuse me for the formatting, etc. of my post, i'm a first timer forum user. :D )
  5. Last version installed, and worked fine, but this update cant connect to the W3D Backend API when starting up, thus causing malfunction, also, i'm sure this isn't the right place to ask, but why can't Tiberian Technologies Update itself? Kind Regards.: Lamasvale
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