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  1. In all honesty, I think we may be overthinking the camo pillbox a bit. We're all thinking of it as only being useful if it was 100% unpredictable 100% of the time. Personally, I don't think we need to go that far. It's not like it's instantly useless the second that it's spotted. I honestly think we could get away with giving it a terrain-matching texture, some minor cover, and place it in ambush locations. Sure, people would learn where it is, but they'd still have to hunt down and destroy it. Simple texture change, armor buff, and clever placement would be enough to make it fun to find and fight, without being too powerful. Stuff like randomized locations would probably be a bit too much in practice.
  2. I'm also disappointed that no scum tried to claim doc at the end.
  3. I think this game, especially compared to the last, is very telling. At first, this setup seems weighted heavily in scum's favor. This was accentuated by last game, where they both cleaned the cop kill and knew where the Oracle was due to a claim. Neither of those things happened, and as a result we had a much more difficult time trying to coordinate. Not just for the nightkill, but also for constructing our arguments. I also think that the "everyone claim cop" plan is a bad idea. As shown here, we were able to narrow the potential cop down rather easily based on claims, and we only misfired because the real cop lied. However, if Retal told the truth, that probably would've been it for him. All it seems to do is help scum. All in all, I think this is a fairly well balanced setup. I'd like to play it another time just to be sure, but it definitely feels right.
  4. Meta. His behavior matches up with past games where his role either benefitted from or didn't have to worry about being lynched. In this case, the Oracle can clear a townie/condemn a scum on death, so I thought he was doing that to get information in a roundabout way. I'll let the GMs answer that, if they so choose.
  5. Alright, so for the record, I won't be answering any questions. I'll probably sit back and wait for the day to end. That's so surprising. I was certain that Chop was the Oracle. Oh, and since I know when I'm beat, ##vote Killing_You
  6. Okay, I have one simple response to this revelation...
  7. Probably, but if someone wants to present one I won't stop them.
  8. If you have another case, feel free to present it.
  9. Yeah, he's doing a real good job so far.
  10. Every time I get the "Shade quoted you" notification, I prepare myself for a lengthy argument...
  11. I can get behind Louis, honestly. Aside from trying to hastily justify her D1 vote on Irish, she hasn't really contributed anything. She was probably trying to hide under the radar, hoping to coast past D2 and let her scummates take the reigns D3. ##vote Louis
  12. We could definitely look into it. What area would you be willing to contribute to?
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