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  1. I had my suspicions ever since he revealed the FRAYDO cop, but it didn't fully click until he claimed to have tracked me to Cat5. The convenience felt off, I started putting pieces together in my mind, and I was certain at that point.
  2. That final vote really did determine where I was going to go, and FRAYDO would've been on my side one way or another. Had I been lynched instead of Cat5, I'd be gunning for a scum victory right about now.
  3. It's on the role sheet, but basically, I lied about the nature of my flip. I'd only flip scum if I was lynched, and I'd actually flip town if I was NK'd. I was trying to draw the nightkill to myself to give town the best possible chance of winning.
  4. Well, damn. In my bid to set a trap, I forgot that Nodlied was a roleblocker. Anyway, good game. I went in expecting to shitpost and take nothing seriously, but I had a fun time putting the pieces together. Also, @OrangeP47 I'll send you a PM in the next few days, when I have some more time to sit down and spell things out.
  5. Fair enough, though I don't think early hammer is in this game. Come to think of it, it's been a while since we've had a game (at least from what I remember) that had an early hammer mechanic.
  6. Nodlied, you're here. Thank the Nine. I'd like to know where you stand on my case on Cat5 and Orange vs Orange's case on me.
  7. I don't think Chop is scum. He made a giant push on Nodlied yesterday, then backed off when he got a Town result. A scum cop, especially in a possible MYLO, would almost certainly claim to have gotten a Mafia result on their target, allowing for a quick mislynch for a scum win.
  8. No, just Nodlied. Mojo got gimmicked because of Nodlied's popularity. If Cat5 is town, then who tried to kill FRAYDO N1? So far, there hasn't been a sufficient answer besides "scum can kill and act at the same time."
  9. Thanks, Jeod. I admit, I'm a bit discouraged by this. I'm even putting more thought into the idea that Orange really is just a discouraged townie lashing out at someone he considered a partner. If that's the case, I get it. I really do. But one think remains constant: If Cat5 is not lynched today, Town will almost certainly lose. There's not a single possibility I can think of where Cat5 isn't scum. FRAYDO, Nodlied, Sunflower... you guys appear to be the deciding votes. Consider my case carefully.
  10. So it's down to me or Cat5 for the lynch. I trust Town to make the correct decision here.
  11. You're the one who put forth the idea of Cat5 being a lone scum. You're the one who put forth the idea that Cat5 and I are bussing each other. In either of the scenarios that you yourself proposed, Cat5 is the common factor. He's the one you'd benefit most from his lynch, because you'd be hitting potential scum in multiple scenarios. And yet you go for me, despite my second life and the fact that I could just as easily be blocked. Sure. I was honestly starting to consider the idea that maybe you were right, and Cat5 was just a lone scum. But this looks like a saving throw.
  12. FRAYDO's thinking clearly, and I think it emphasizes the idea that we should get rid of Cat5 as soon as possible.
  13. The only problem with this argument is Chop's cop report. >inb4 Orange saying "godfather"
  14. I'm speechless. Truly, I am. I've been going against Cat5 the whole game. I'm continuing to push hard on him, even over Orange, and yet somehow I'm working with him. @Nodlied @Sunflower I would very much like to hear from you two before the day is over. I feel like this lynch could mean the difference between a Town victory and a Mafia victory.
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