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  1. This was a concern brought up internally, but not to worry! We are looking at giving each class a knife to keep them safe, at least until they can resupply.
  2. The former. They will also have a slower turret turn rate... but will comparitavely take much more punishment. Perhaps, although due to the larger focus on infantry, engineers and technicians will also have to be more worried about fireteams storming the structure. More importantly, however, we're looking at ways to add different objectives to the main C&C mode to shake up the gameplay and add alternate win conditions.
  3. Eh, I like it where it is, personally. More intense recoil would give me a headache. I would love to remaster Sole Survivor. We'd have to contact SomeRhino first, as it was his mod. Thanks man!
  4. In all fairness, what we showed is literally just a test map. We weren't trying to rip you or anyone else off. :P
  5. Hello, and welcome to another update from the Ground Zero team! In this update, we go over limited ammo mechanics, supply depots, the new Heavy Gunner class, and more! Limited AmmoYes, you read that right. As we push ourselves in a more realistic direction, we are reintroducing the concept of limited ammo for all weapons, including those mounted on vehicles. But fret not! While you won't have the traditional unlimited ammo, you will have plenty of ways to keep yourself supplied. For starters, you will always be able to resupply at your base, either from purchase terminals or service depots. As for resupplying outside of your base, don't worry. We have some options there. Supply Depot In Ground Zero, there will be several neutral structures that you will be able to capture, but one of the most important will be the Supply Depot. While we haven't hammered out the specifics of how it will work *quite* yet, we do know that it will resupply your ammunition. Aircraft, vehicle, or infantry, you can rely on this structure to keep your munitions in top stock. So you'll have your home base, supply depots, and of course supply trucks to keep you supplied in Ground Zero. But wait, there's more! In addition to dedicated structures and dedicated vehicles, we'll also have an infantry class whose job it will be to keep you supplied. Heavy Gunner While our original roster was mostly well-rounded, it was determined that we could use a class who could resupply his comrade's ammunition. Thus, we have decided to add the Heavy Gunner class. Here's how he works; His primary weapon will be a machine gun, and his secondary weapon will be an ammo cache. His machine gun will have a high ammo capacity and high rate of fire, but low accuracy. He will also be able to deploy his MG to a stationary position in order to greatly increase his accuracy at the cost of movement. His ammo cache, on the other hand, will be able to be deployed and resupply any ally in a short radius for a limited amount of time. All of this heavy equipment will make him a bit slower than his squadmates. This will hopefully keep him from being a "better Minigunner," while still giving him an important role to fill. At 200 credits, he will more than pay for himself in the field. Now, there is one more thing that will keep him from being a better minigunner. I hope you're sitting down, Commander. RecoilYou read that right! The scripts team has made a monumental breakthrough and implemented recoil into the W3D engine. While it's up to the heads of the individual projects whether or not to use this feature, you can expect Ground Zero to make extensive use of it. Check it out in action! (NOTE: None of the models, textures, or sounds are final) Big thanks to the entire scripts team, but especially to @Yah-Nosh and @CMDBob for putting in the work to make this happen in the first place. ConclusionThanks for reading! We'll have more juicy stuff in the next update! [blurb]The Ground Zero team has provided another update! Check out details on the new infantry class, limited ammo, and more![/blurb]
  6. Testing sessions showed that the MEMP is actually getting a lot of use. I think the main difference between it and the MAD Tank is the fact that the MAD explodes when it's weapon goes off (so it's a one-time 2400 credit investment), while the MEMP can fire multiple times in one life. I won't go into too much more detail in case things change (or so I don't spoil future updates), but rest assured that the MEMP is far more useful and far more likely to be bought than a MAD.
  7. Hello, and welcome to another Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero development update! Like last time, this is more like an outline for the gameplay. However, this should be the last one before we get into the real meat of the updates. As in, some of the stuff we've been cooking up under the hood. To start us off, huge shout out to @CCHyper! He made us a new logo, featured above, and it's super awesome! OverviewAs mentioned, vehicles won't have quite the same amount of focus as they have in the past. Don't expect to see, for example, large battalions of Medium Tanks rushing the enemy base with the same amount of regularity as in APB, TSR, or IA. Rather, they will be designed to play a supplementary role. Furthermore, expect them to have a few more weaknesses than in the past, namely closer cameras, slower turret turning rates, and a more advanced weak point system. The compensation, however, is the sheer amount of power they will pack. They'll be able to both take and dish out a significant amount of punishment, and in the right hands, can turn the tide of battle. In short, while you probably won't see Mammoth rushes, just one Mammoth can do a lot of damage in the right hands, but a skilled and coordinated team can take it down. Shared VehiclesSUPPLY TRUCK Standard affair here. Supply Trucks, much like in APB, are low-tier, cheap transports that will allow players to refill their armor and ammunition after being inside for a short period of time. HARVESTER You gotta get money somehow. The Tiberium Harvester is the most important vehicle in your arsenal, being the source of your income and all. TRANSPORT HELICOPTER Flying buses. Take yourself and up to 5 friends around the battlefield. I'd love to say something more interesting, but you guys already know what's up, so I dunno what to add. GDI Vehicles HUMVEE Your basic scout vehicle, this low cost option is the perfect choice for getting the lay of the land early in the game. Lightly armored and armed with an FN MAG, this is also a good choice for chasing down enemy infantry... provided they have no Rocket Soldiers or vehicles. ARMORED PERSONNEL CARRIER Similar in visuals and function to APB, this is a squad's best friend. It's armored shell can protect up to 5 passengers, and it's deadly M2HB machine gun can ward off infantry and lightly armored targets. MEDIUM TANK If you want to go hunting enemy vehicles, the Medium Tank is your best friend. While a slower turret rotation means it won't be able to hit infantry as well as past W3D games, it's range and firepower more than makes up for it. Any GDI team would do well to have a few of these escorting the team. MULTIPLE LAUNCH ROCKET SYSTEM GDI's artillery unit subscribes to a single philosophy: "Paint an area with death until it dies." While it may not be the best choice for destroying vehicles, it is good for taking out bases from afar, as well as devastating dug-in infantry. MAMMOTH TANK The vehicle that has become the face of C&C. Armed to the teeth and heavily armored, this is GDI's go-to siege unit. While it's slow speed and slow turret rotation might not make it ideal for taking out enemy vehicles, it's more than capable of taking on Nod defenses. And let's not forget the TUSK missiles, which will help give it an edge against pesky infantry and aircraft. ORCA As the First Tiberium War raged on, GDI quickly realized that it needed a fast attack unit to counter Nod's hit and run tactics. Enter: the ORCA. Chase down enemy vehicles, drop a bunch of Hellfire rockets on their faces, return to base to re-arm, rinse and repeat. Nod VehiclesBUGGY Lighter, faster, and squishier than the Humvee, Nod's classic buggy makes for a good early game scout unit. It's machine gun makes it ideal for taking out squads of infantry. Against vehicles, though... Nod has a solution. RECON BIKE Now for the other half of Nod's early game Dynamic Duo, the Recon Bike. The fastest unit on the battlefield, and armed with missile launchers, this is the perfect hit-and-run vehicle, as well as the best choice for chasing down enemy ORCAs. Be careful, however, because with it's fast speed comes the lowest health of the vehicle roster. LIGHT TANK Since the announcement of GZ, some of you have raised concern about our decision to stick with an upgunned Bradley as opposed to looking for a different tank. Well, the decision wasn't made purely on visual merits. Nod's Light Tank will pull double duty as an APC, able to carry 3 passengers. This, combined with the 76mm gun, will help secure Nod's footing in a war against superior firepower. ARTILLERY Nod's preliminary field support/siege weapon, this mobile howitzer is ideal for shelling the enemy base or taking out dug-in infantry. Not that it won't do considerable damage to vehicles as well; there's just more optimal choices for it. Oh, and don't worry about trying to line your hull up with your target; Ground Zero will be using the Raad-2, which means you will have some limited access to a turret. Said turret will have a traverse limit, so you'll need friends to watch your back. Literally. FLAME TANK Heavily armored, short ranged, and packing a ton of literal firepower, this is Nod's battering ram. If you can get them into the GDI base, they will happily burn it to the ground for you. It's a risk/reward unit, especially since it won't have a turret and will be outranged by most other units, but it will have a high DPS and could be crucial for destroying the base. STEALTH TANK A natural evolution of the Phase Tank, this is perhaps the perfect ambush unit. It waits in silence on the highway's edge, waits for it's prey to pass, quickly launches it's anti-tank missiles... and then disappears as quickly as it arrived. Bear in mind that the Lazarus stealth shield will be your only defense against the enemy. If you're caught, your low health will drop fast. SSM LAUNCHER A lot of thought went into making sure the SSM didn't overshadow the Artillery. Ultimately, in my mind, it came down to comparing them to Age of Empires 2. Hear me out; the Artillery is the Scorpion, the MRLS is the Onager, the Flame Tank is the Battering Ram... and the SSM Launcher is the Trebuchet. Slow and steady, somewhat squishy, packing serious firepower (as in, two napalm-tipped Honest John missiles), and sporting incredible range. Be mindful of your surroundings, though, as the SSM will not be able to fire at close targets. APACHE Nod's air support unit is focused less on hit-and-run tactics and more on staying power. Armed with an autocannon and frag rockets, this will serve as an excellent support unit for Nod, and will be able to reasonably engage GDI infantry and light armor. Skilled pilots may even be able to soften enemy defenses and do some serious damage to ORCAs. ConclusionYeah, this took longer than usual, but I've been busy in my real life. Plus, development has kind of slowed to help focus on Reborn (2.0 HYPE!!!). Next time, we've got some cool stuff to show off, so stay tuned!
  8. Thanks for the notification, but I'm going to pass. I don't really watch GoT, and I don't really have the time or skill for an RPG this complex.
  9. In all honesty, I think we may be overthinking the camo pillbox a bit. We're all thinking of it as only being useful if it was 100% unpredictable 100% of the time. Personally, I don't think we need to go that far. It's not like it's instantly useless the second that it's spotted. I honestly think we could get away with giving it a terrain-matching texture, some minor cover, and place it in ambush locations. Sure, people would learn where it is, but they'd still have to hunt down and destroy it. Simple texture change, armor buff, and clever placement would be enough to make it fun to find and fight, without being too powerful. Stuff like randomized locations would probably be a bit too much in practice.
  10. I'm also disappointed that no scum tried to claim doc at the end.
  11. I think this game, especially compared to the last, is very telling. At first, this setup seems weighted heavily in scum's favor. This was accentuated by last game, where they both cleaned the cop kill and knew where the Oracle was due to a claim. Neither of those things happened, and as a result we had a much more difficult time trying to coordinate. Not just for the nightkill, but also for constructing our arguments. I also think that the "everyone claim cop" plan is a bad idea. As shown here, we were able to narrow the potential cop down rather easily based on claims, and we only misfired because the real cop lied. However, if Retal told the truth, that probably would've been it for him. All it seems to do is help scum. All in all, I think this is a fairly well balanced setup. I'd like to play it another time just to be sure, but it definitely feels right.
  12. Meta. His behavior matches up with past games where his role either benefitted from or didn't have to worry about being lynched. In this case, the Oracle can clear a townie/condemn a scum on death, so I thought he was doing that to get information in a roundabout way. I'll let the GMs answer that, if they so choose.
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