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  1. Actually, that would be a neat idea for the Spy Satellite itself. Maybe not for the whole map, though, but an area around the Allied base.
  2. Unfortunately I'll be too busy with moving to really participate. Can I has dead doc on game start, though?
  3. GAME END POSTAlright, that took longer than expected, but I've got my lease signed and ready to go, so that's good. So, here it is, the official long game end post! THE PLAYERSFirst, I'd like to commemorate the players that participated in this game! Jeod as Thor Odinson! Jeod was a pretty powerful town role, since he was able to track players and was unable to be targeted by night actions. This effectively meant that he couldn't be blocked, but he couldn't be protected either. The Skrulls would've been able to kill him with Orange's passive, or if Sunflower hit him with her action. In a sense, he was able to assist town, but he was on his own as well. OrangeP47 as Skrull Phil Coulson! OrangeP47 was the Skrull's early game powerhouse, and was designed to be a partially unstoppable kill. I say "partially" because he himself could be roleblocked, but he would be able to ignore ChopBam and TheIrishman's protection abilities, iLikeToSnipe's one-time night BP, and Jeod's passive. He flew under the radar for the first few days, and if he had been chosen to do the first nightkill, he could've picked pretty much whoever he wanted and taken them out. His other ability was probably my biggest mistake this game. He could silence players, which was counter-intuitive to my original goal. He never used it for this reason, so it didn't cause as many issues as I thought. iLikeToSnipe as Doctor Doom! Doctor Doom was a role I kind of threw together last minute. iLTS wanted him to be a Governor, and I ran with that. Shade correctly guessed that he had Diplomatic Immunity (which made him lynchproof), but he could also see who visited him at night. This never got put to use, as he was blocked and then later hit with an unstoppable kill. He was going to be tough to take down, but also unable to do much apart from exercise his political power. TheIrishMan as Elixir! Our resident doctor, TheIrishMan actually helped me put this role together. He sent me a massive number of requests, few of which I actually knew anything about. So when he threw me this when Town just so happened to need a doctor, I punched it in and dialed back a bit from his initial request. I'm starting to think that the resurrection was still a bit too powerful, but it didn't break the game, at least. Mojoman as Moon Knight! Mojoman got the cop role. Moon Knight's not really a character that I know a lot about, but I knew he had magical gadgets and conducted investigations, so I went with that. His equipment was more for emergency situations, so his decision to equip his javelin N1 seemed to me like a mistake. It ended up helping town, in the end, because he used it with laser-guided precision against scum. Category 5 Hurricane as Sage! Another character I knew nothing about, Category 5 pretty much asked me to make him a "voyeur" that could copy actions, which I went with. He was going to be a character that could get more powerful over time, and thus would've been a priority target for scum. Irish, if this isn't how this character should work, I apologize. Please let me know how she would likely fit into mafia, for possible future reference. FRAYDO as Howard the Duck! Wait, what? FRAYDO had a rather interesting role. He was a "Miller," which for those unfamiliar with Mafia terms, is a town role designed to be a "red herring" to throw town off. His limited roleblock with a high chance to fail, daykill, and passive ability were all designed to throw a wrench into any investigation. If Category 5 had been lynched, I think it's entirely possible that Mojoman would've investigated him, gotten a Not Town result, and the game would likely be still going. Shade939 as Skrull Colossus! The other partially unstoppable kill, Shade was designed to be a late game powerhouse, as he would've shrugged off roleblocks (including ChopBam's ability) and day BP. He would've also gained Day BP, allowing him to plunge the game into MYLO/LYLO and finish the game quickly. I'm not sure how well this role worked out, because he made a lot of mistakes. There were a lot less people he could target, so by making the nightkill, he ran the risk of failing, which he did. He then fell into Irish's obvious trap to try to take the attention away from his partner, when it would've been far better to try to put the attention on someone else. Granted, the discussion would've came back to them eventually, but that would've bought them valuable time. Sunflower as Scarlet Witch! Sunflower was essentially Town's ace in the hole, as she would've been able to remove the Skrull's unstoppable modifiers. She had to be careful, as if she hit the wrong person, she could've cause some major damage to town. ChopBam as Captain America! ChopBam was there to keep town in check with his day ability, which would've required some good timing on his part. Other than that, he was able to sacrifice himself to save other people, since if he protected a player targeted by a nightkill, he would've died. REFLECTIONI feel like mistakes were made with this game, and as such, I'm going to run this again at a later date, and then save Flashpoint for later. I'll be making the following adjustments for the next game: -Tone down night actions I think Retaliation was spot on when he said we've adapted to action-heavy games too well. I think that by limiting the amount of players with night actions, this can be worked around. -Tone down notifications I went with a "Visit = Notification" mentality this game, which honestly gave town the power it needed to win. I like Cat5's mentality, so I'll try that next time.CONCLUSIONI think this game could've been way better, but it seems that it wasn't the train wreck I initially thought it was. Thanks for playing!
  4. GAME OVERYou gather around OrangeP47, and hang him by his neck. Before long, he morphs into a skrull! OrangeP47, as (Skrull) Director Phil Coulson, has failed his mission! I am out of time, away from my computer, and unable to access my google account at the moment. If @Retaliation shows up before I get home tonight, I'll have him close out the docs and share with the class. Otherwise, I'll write a more detailed game end post when I get home tonight.
  5. Votes counted. CVC: Jeod voted OrangeP47 OrangeP47 voted nobody iLikeToSnipe voted OrangeP47 TheIrishMan voted OrangeP47 Mojoman voted OrangeP47 Category 5 voted OrangeP47 Sunflower voted Sunflower ChopBam voted OrangeP47 OrangeP47 is in the lead with (6/8) votes! Hammer time.
  6. No early hammer.
  7. Vote counted. CVC: Jeod voted nobody OrangeP47 voted nobody iLikeToSnipe voted OrangeP47 TheIrishMan voted OrangeP47 Mojoman voted nobody Category 5 voted nobody Sunflower voted nobody ChopBam voted OrangeP47 3/8 votes cast. OrangeP47 has the majority for the lynch (3 votes). Time Left: 26h, 45m
  8. Votes counted. CVC: Jeod voted nobody OrangeP47 voted nobody iLikeToSnipe voted nobody TheIrishMan voted OrangeP47 Mojoman voted nobody Category 5 voted nobody Sunflower voted nobody ChopBam voted OrangeP47 2/8 votes cast. OrangeP47 has the majority for the lynch (2 votes). Time Left: 29h, 1m
  9. TheIrishMan kneels next to iLikeToSnipe's corpse, and places his hands on it. iLikeToSnipe stands back up, and is back in the game! TheIrishMan then collapses. He's in bad shape, and cannot use any actions other than voting.
  10. DAY 3You meet once again to discuss the Skrull threat, but you immediately notice something is wrong. iLikeToSnipe has not reported for duty- and after a quick check of his castle, you discover that he had been killed! iLikeToSnipe, as Victor Von Doom AKA Doctor Doom, has been murdered by the Skrulls! You must not stop now! Find and eliminate the remaining Skrulls before it is too late! CVC: Jeod voted nobody OrangeP47 voted nobody TheIrishMan voted nobody Mojoman voted nobody Category 5 voted nobody Sunflower voted nobody ChopBam voted nobody 0/7 votes cast. Time Left: 48h, 0m
  11. MOD ANNOUNCEMENT: Everyone gets an extra night post to wish Sunflower a Happy Birthday!
  12. That's EXACTLY what I had in mind when I wrote this! XD
  13. NIGHT 2You couldn't decide whether to lynch Category 5 or FRAYDO, so you flip a coin, and the result is... FRAYDO. You gather around FRAYDO and laugh. I mean, seriously? This has to be a trick. Too easy. You hang him and wait for him to morph back into Skrull form... and wait... and wait... and wait... oh. Whoops. Apparently he wasn't a skrull after all. Oh well, you agree to roast him and pretend this never happened. FRAYDO, as Howard the Duck, has been smoked! Day 3 will start in 24 hours. Until then, please send in your actions! Maximum 2 posts per player.
  14. Nope.