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  1. Killing_You

    Honestly, that's a bit undecided. There's not much difference design wise between the two, so we could theoretically go with the design you mentioned (PP for small base, APP for large) without much issue. I will say that the APP might not be in the first release, but I'd like to eventually have it for variety. Agreed. If APB doesn't, we'll have it as a prop somewhere.
  2. Killing_You

    We've gotten word lately that people have been having major issues using Teamspeak 3, primarily with permissions. I've created this thread to investigate the issues people have been having. So, please let us know what issues you guys have been having. The more specific, the better. Thanks in advance!
  3. Yes, up to and including the iconic Mammoth Tank.
  4. Hello, one and all! Welcome to the first development update for Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero! Well, sort of. It's more of an outline for our plans for the infantry. But hey, infantry will be a big deal in the game, plus outlining the design is a stage of development, so it counts! Plus, this will help serve as a handy guide for when you deploy on the battlefield!The BasicsTiberian Dawn: Ground Zero is designed to be a "tactical shooter." What does this mean? Rather than the high-octane arcadey action of previous W3D Games, Ground Zero will have a higher focus on strategy, teamwork, and observational skills. Ranges will be longer, weapons will be deadlier, and everything has a counter. A swarm of anti-tank infantry, for example, will get decimated by a complement of anti-infantry and support units. Battlefield assessment will be key. The ClassesUnlike previous W3D games, infantry will be split into "classes," each with their own defined roles in combat. These different classes will be represented by the classic types of infantry from the original game, with a new addition. TD had a rather limited (and heavily Nod-favored) roster, so we decided that this route was the best option to avoid major balance issues. GENERAL PURPOSE The backbone of each military, the Minigunner is the standard deployment outfit, and will be the class that you spawn with. Their primary weapons are assault rifles; the GAU-3 (fictional weapon based on the Calico M951) for GDI, and the M16A3 for Nod. They will also have a limited supply of fragmentation grenades (M67 for GDI, M61 for Nod) for tougher targets. This will allow them to reliably engage any foe, though specialized classes would be better suited for certain situations. ANTI-TANK While vehicles won't get the same amount of focus that they did in the past, they'll still feature quite prominently. And even when they don't, the enemy base will almost certainly have defenses up. Thus, the Anti-Tank Rocket Soldiers will be your best friends. Armed with a SMAW or RPG-29 (for GDI and Nod, respectively), armored vehicles and base defenses will crumble to dust at the hands of these soldiers. Both sides will also have access to an FIM-92 Stinger for all your flyswatting, Anti-Air needs! DEMOLITION The object of the game is simple: Destroy the enemy base. And nobody excels at this task quite like the Demolition class. In addition to taking down main structures, these soldiers will also be good at crowd control, so if you find yourself going head-to-head with one of these, you and your squadmates would do well to spread out. In addition, they are likely to explode on death. One does not simply carry around volatile weaponry without risks, after all. GDI Demolition units will be armed with the Milkor MGL, while Nod favors the sinister Flamethrower. SUPPORT Yes, you read that right. The Medic will be added to the game, fighting for GDI, and the Chem Warrior will play the role of Support for Nod. How does this work, you may ask? I'm glad you asked! The Medic will be fairly standard; armed with a UMP-45 and a Medkit for healing his fellow soldiers. It's a fairly common setup at W3D Hub, sure, but it works rather well. As for the Chem Warrior, don't worry, he'll still have his namesake chemical sprayer. In addition to that, he will be able to administer healing serums to his comrades, perhaps with a touch of damage reduction. The basic idea is that, while the difference will hopefully be within reasonable territory, the Chem Warrior will be better at killing infantry, while the Medic will be better at healing. ENGINEER Engineers will play a far more involved role on the front lines than ever before. Rather than packing a measly pistol, they will be armed with shotguns. The M3 Super 90 for GDI and Mossberg 500 for Nod, specifically. No need to switch classes to chase off intruders! In addition, they will be able to place (and remove) anti-tank mines, possibly even sandbag walls and hedgehogs! This will make them ideal for defending key areas, fortifying a besieged base, or even setting up an impromptu forward outpost. And, yes, they will be able to repair the base and capture tech structures. COMMANDO It wouldn't be a game based on Tiberian Dawn without the iconic Commando, would it? While costly, this powerful unit will pay for itself in no time at all. They will be able to scout the battlefield and remove infantry based threats from a far, before infiltrating a building, fighting his way to the Master Control Terminal with suppressed PDWs, and finally leveling the building with a block of C4. It's not likely that you'll see him, but when he shows up, his presence will be felt. GDI will outfit their commandos with the MSG90 and MP5SD, while Nod will rock the G3A4 and Škorpion. TECHNICIANS Oh, you didn't think we'd leave them out did you? But you see, W3D Hub, you're not dealing with the average Technician anymore. He has risen above the limits of a normal technician, and into the realm of legend- the legend that you fear. The legend known throughout the entire universe as the most powerful unit to ever exist! He has become... the Legendary Super Technician! Nah, just kidding. They will be your standard free repair units. Armed with pistols (specifically the Beretta 92FS for GDI and Walther P99 for Nod) for self defense, and of course, repair tools. Conclusion We hope you enjoyed our very first exciting development blog! Next time... maybe vehicles? How does a breakdown of vehicles sound? Yeah, let's do that.
  5. Killing_You

    Gotcha. Yeah we're definitely going to go that route, either the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy or the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III.
  6. Killing_You

    Thanks for the images, guys! It was pretty difficult to get a hold of proper art for the AGT, so now we've got a more comprehensive look at the structure, thanks to you guys! We'll be sticking to Tiberian Dawn, of course. However, out of mere curiosity, what issue did you have with the Renegade airstrip?
  7. Killing_You

    That's very helpful, thanks! I appreciate the offer, but we've got those covered. Plus the MCV isn't a first release priority anyway.
  8. Killing_You

    The Obelisk will function the same way that it does in Renegade and TSR, since it already works fine and there's no real reason to change it. Yes, we will have sprinting, crouch-RADAR invisibility, accuracy, and potentially more. Probably not, although if we find a good reason to implement it, we could change our minds and throw it in. There will not be a dedicated sniper class. The Commando will be the only unit with a scoped rifle. In the first release, no. However, we do plan on implementing various cutscene-exclusive units in post-release patches. Instructions on how to apply can be found here. Best of luck! That would be great, actually!
  9. Killing_You

    Not to my knowledge. And yeah, the sprite looks pretty awkward. We'll be going off of the render, and we'll have to use some imagination. I believe that he's the guy we're trying to get a hold of. @TeamWolf and/or @OWA would be able to give specifics. We'll decide via testing whether or not they need interiors for precisely that purpose.
  10. Killing_You

    I wasn't gonna, but that's a GREAT idea!
  11. Killing_You

    You are correct, those are the missile tubes. Ultimately, the decision to have interiors will come down to whether or not it'd be good for gameplay. Oh trust me, we're not going to sell the Obby short (pun intended). That thing is an iconic structure, and we definitely want to do it justice.
  12. Killing_You

    Thanks for reminding me, I actually forgot to mention that we have SS assets as placeholders! As for the virtual Westwood museum, yeah it's worth a look. Yes. More details will be available in an upcoming blog. Probably not in the first release, but we do want to have more "assault" style maps to vary up the gameplay.
  13. Killing_You

    Yes. I want to say it's part of the base game, but truth be told, I'm not sure.
  14. Killing_You

    Currently, we're using resources recycled from APB and Renegade Beta. We're also attempting to contact the developers of The Brotherhood to see if they have anything we can use, though we've yet to get a definitive response. The SAM Site will be pop-up, as it was in TD, and just like the laser turrets in TSR. We're definitely looking into adding them in post-release. It's entirely possible. The Temple of Nod, in particular, is going to have it's own map dedicated to it (It's too big to balance as a main structure, and having it small enough to be balance wouldn't do it justice.) That's still undecided, however the current plan is for them to not have interiors.
  15. Killing_You

    There are a few features (such as dynamic accuracy, sprinting, and crouch stealth) that we do plan on implementing.