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  1. Killing_You

    Man, that was close to happening, too. I initially wanted to kill Jeod (since I knew that the cop was no threat), but after rereading D2 I thought Nodlied was softclaiming Doctor, and was worried that he'd block my NK.
  2. Killing_You

    Translated for your convenience. Further proof Liten is a nutter.
  3. Killing_You

    Bye mate, see ya later!
  4. Killing_You

    Liten get out of here if you're not gonna play 😛
  5. Killing_You

    It was, but it almost wasn't. It was one of the options we had as scum.
  6. Killing_You

    ##vote early hammer Yeah. I was super unprepared for this, and I was kind of hoping to be able to control the situation after Irish died. I was so close, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.
  7. Killing_You

    I think I know when I'm beat. ##vote Killing_You Good game everyone. I'll be honest, if I had been lynched because of that questionnaire earlier, I would have been pretty miffed. But you backed me into a corner I can't argue my way out of fair and square.
  8. Killing_You

    What the space fu-
  9. Killing_You

    I do not. Does it matter?
  10. Killing_You

    To add onto this, what was his old role? That might clear things up.
  11. Killing_You

    I'm Vanilla Ice... Warrior. No night targets. I'm unconvinced by FRAYDO's answer, if I'm being honest. If we didn't already have a Third Party flip, it'd have more weight to it, but it's not the magic confirmation that he seems to believe it is.
  12. Killing_You

    MAFIA EDIT: Aw crap, I had something else to say. I'll be around for hammer tomorrow. My vote is going to be between Cat5 and FRAYDO. I'm convinced one of those two is our remaining scum.
  13. Killing_You

    Come on, you're a smart man. It was an "if/then" scenario, as in "If Cat5 and Irish are scum, then everyone else is town." I don't know how else to explain this. Interestingly enough, this lines up with the theory that Nodlied was poisoned. And Cat5 dismissing the possibillity soon after is a bit suspicious. ##unvote
  14. Killing_You

    MAFIA EDIT: The reason I proposed Irish was the poisoner is because one scum with a Godfather and poison effects seems farfetched to me.
  15. Killing_You

    If that's the case, then what if Irish was the one who poisoned Nodlied? And if we assume the scum team has knowledge of the poison effect being a delayed kill, FRAYDO "visited" himself because he knew there was a tracker on the field, and he wanted to let the delayed kill do the work for him? After all, he was confident to vote me up and use just a snippet of my analysis as evidence. ##vote FRAYDO Ball's in your court. Convince me otherwise.