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  1. Personally, I wouldn't display it in team chat, but I'd probably have the sound distance cover a decent chunk of the base. The distance for the sound and the range at which the Kennel would start barking would have to be played with quite a bit. Ideally, they'd be wide enough to alert the team and point them in the general direction, while allowing for a big enough "search area" for the Allied player to hide and/or escape without the Soviets immediately zeroing in on their position. It'd be a bit tricky to get right, but not to the extent that playable/AI dogs would.
  2. In practice, getting player controlled dogs to work well is tricky, and I feel like AI dogs might be difficult to get right for many of the same reasons; Despite low health, they're smaller than humans, generally faster, and deal a ton of damage. In many AR tests, a half-decent dog player has shut down the enemy team rather easily (I've done this with the explicit purpose of testing how powerful dogs really are). Personally, I have an alternate solution; Leave the dogs, but introduce the Kennel. Have it be a small, low health building that starts barking whenever enemies are near- including Spies. Less of an active defense that would be frustrating to deal with, and more of a passive defense that's basically an alarm system. This would be a nice boon to Soviet defenders without doing their entire job for them. Yes, the Kennel is barking up a storm, but at what? Is it a spy sneaking around, or an enemy Tanya? Where are they hiding? How do you deal with them? That, comrade, is up to you!
  3. I'm totally down! I voted for unthemed or Kaiju, but either of those I'm probably going to play a Kaiju anyway.
  4. There's a lot of issues with that movie, but it's still quite fun. There's quite a metric fuckload of Kaiju out there as well, so I'm curious to see who people would pick. Even the monster from the 1998 movie, which has since evolved into his own character.
  5. My vote would be for Kaiju. I'm not super familiar with Cyberpunk, but if that's what's chosen, I'll give my best shot.
  6. <The wind flows dejectedly. You feel as if your request has been denied, lest the wrath of Jeod be invoked.>
  7. Including the GM :P This is quite the long hammer.
  8. Understood. I shut up now okhe
  9. ##unvote GIven the circumstances, I believe it.
  10. All of that taken together, I think you have a point. ##vote Mojoman
  11. I see. Personally, I don't consider vanilla Mafia to be a "special" role. That usually applies to roles like Roleblockers, Cops, Doctors, Godfathers, Ninjas, etc... So all I saw fro you was wanting to lynch the Miller, Doctor, or Cop. None of those would be helpful if lynched, especially D1. So, ##unvote. I do wonder why you consider me Mafia, though. (Also, no worries, man. None of this is personal, it's all in good fun )
  12. What exactly do you mean by "special roles"? As it stands, it looks like you want to lynch someone that you suspect has a power role, which doesn't sit well with me D1.
  13. Placing a vote on me because I *might* have a special role? Okhe, go suk a deek. I don't like that mentality, though. Here, have an OMGUS. ##vote Alp
  14. I mean, to be fair, there is no early hammer anyway. But it did seem just a mite opportunistic.
  15. It is settled. A triggering Mojo is a Town Mojo. ##unvote
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