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  1. Haha yeah. It's still independent, but it's a massive project nonetheless. Hope y'all don't mind the shameless promotion, but if you want to know more, here's the website: https://www.deadlegionseries.com/ USER WAS BANNED FOR THIRD PARTY ADVERTISING
  2. I should probably mention: Dead Legion started filming last weekend, and so I won't really have time to run a Mafia game until the end of October. So TSR Mafia might end up being a November or December thing.
  3. You can still be sneaky sneaky cheeki breeki, you just have to be a lil smarter about it.
  4. (imma bring this back okhe) With Rodan successfully driven off, my valiant Chinook crew and I turn around, lowering our crane and helpfully put delta's tesla tank right side up. But as we begin to fly off, something crazy happens. The helicopter stops, we're dropped onto the ground, and we look up at a very angry robot. Our chinook was secretly a transformer this whole time, and it's had enough of us using it for good deeds! Save us before it kills us!
  5. That, the tracking, and the fact that FRAYDO is generally good at sniffing out scum, and my scumtells in particular.
  6. Really, the more I look at it, the more it seems FRAYDO was tailor made to stop specifically me.
  7. My initial instinct was to claim item usage, but I didn't know what to claim and I was afraid of being instantly outed via item thief. That and I was prepared for a tracker to follow me to either one target or the other, but not both.
  8. I'll start work on getting the roles set up, then. That way I can have them on hand whenever's convenient.
  9. I do enjoy the chaos of unthemed CYOR. We also might be overdue for another "classic" style game. (Well, classic by our standards, anyway.) After Verti runs Star Wars II, I've been thinking about running a TSR mafia (essentially modifying elements of past Verti60 APB mafias). After that, I'll try to work on Star Trek with Orange a bit more.
  10. Mostly because modern CYOR feels a bit more... restrained, I guess? Especially with the reduced amount of RNG. Then again, maybe the FRAYDO kill in CYOR II and everything about Halloween CYOR were anomalies and I'm misreading the situation. As stated previously, roleblock immunity right here.
  11. It should be in the docs, but basically it generated an item that gave him access to the Scatter ability. Said item was subsequently destroyed every day start, and regenerated every night start.
  12. Because I was immune to roleblocks.
  13. I'm so mad that I didn't go with my gut and kill you N1. This game would've been very different.
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