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  1. Oh shoot I should probably unvote myself, shouldn't I? ##unvote
  2. Do tell. Not like you'll get to use it anyway :P
  3. ...I can't decide if I'm confused or amused.
  4. And here I was trying to link peanuts to Avatar...
  5. Ahh, I didn't know that. I thought Shade was jumping to conclusions. As an aside, I wonder how many of us followed a theme when selecting their characters.
  6. So the shadekill was a "surprise mechanic." I wonder if it would've done something similar to someone else, or just Shade.
  7. As far as I'm aware, none of my characters are allergic (although that would be hilarious, and make no sense). I guess it depends on his intent. @Jeod out of curiosity, what would the airbending action have done?
  8. I don't really suspect you, so I'll hold on to that for the time being.
  9. @OrangeP47 Now that actions are going to become active (I think), I'd like final confirmation before doing this. I'm also open to hearing opinions from the rest of town.
  10. It's not a one-shot, but I have to wait a day for it to recharge.
  11. Well... I can help you out there. I'll see what others have to say first.
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