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  1. Scum* Jeez, typing on a tablet can be annoying at times.
  2. In fact, I'd wager that scrum might be among the people who haven't spoken up a whole lot in light of this incident, preferring to slip under the RADAR and jump in when the time is most right for them.
  3. That's fair. In my defense, however, D1 is usually quiet, so I wanted to use that bit of action to try and learn as much as possible. What I've learned is this; You're trying to keep Shade under control as much as possible, but also trying to help town. Shade is letting his character loss get to him, perhaps a little too much. Orange feels just a tad bit off, but he supposedly has a way to clear himself if a certain one of his characters dies.
  4. Possibly, but I want to hear if he has any points first.
  5. I'd like to hear your reasoning, good sir.
  6. I was about to ask when you posted that... Given that lynches are party wipes, is it possible that we have a higher than average scrum count? I do agree with your reasoning, though. ##vote NoLynch
  7. Valid answers... ...and this bit of banter sort of matches up with that. Yeah, after taking a second look, it does appear that Jeod being unaware of Shade's peanut allergy was genuine. I don't think there's much more we can learn from this angle.
  8. Gonna build on my earlier comment here. Even if I disregard Shade's assumption that Jeod caught onto his "hint," Jeod's actions haven't exactly sat right with me. So, @Jeod, I'd like you to answer a couple of questions. 1. Why did you open the day by attempting to roleblock Shade? ("Because it's Shade" is a invalid response, please be specific.) 2. Why did you decide to use the peanuts action once actions were unlocked?
  9. I'm going to give Shade the benefit of the doubt here, and assume that his comment would be interpretable as a softclaimed peanut allergy, and Jeod could've picked up on this. If this is the case, I find it very interesting that Jeod switched from attempting to roleblock Shade to an action that, based on these circumstances, would be reasonably more damaging. I don't necessarily think Jeod would do such a thing as town, but he doesn't stick out as scummy right now, either. I'll keep my eye on the sotuation, but I'm starting to think that Shade might have a point here, and Jeod might not be that trustworthy this time around.
  10. Please tell me how "I'm not in food service anymore" equals "I have a deadly food allergy," because I'm having trouble connecting the dots.
  11. Oh shoot I should probably unvote myself, shouldn't I? ##unvote
  12. Do tell. Not like you'll get to use it anyway :P
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