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  1. Killing_You

    Alright, that might be it for me. May not be here tomorrow, definitely won't be here tonight if we early hammer. I'm gonna send in autobattle instructions to Orange just in case.
  2. Killing_You

    A consequence of the nature of the setup, unfortunately.
  3. Killing_You

    I know, I'm shitposting :P
  4. Killing_You

    Question: Since when is Ariana Grande a rocket executive?
  5. Killing_You

    Is this loss?
  6. Killing_You

    I ship it.
  7. Killing_You

    Capital idea! ##trainer Retaliation ##rocket Irish
  8. Killing_You

    So what you're saying is; If you end up being my partner, then I'll have to take out the other two before you three collectively can kill me.
  9. Killing_You

    Also, another busy weekend means that I'll have to auto battle, early hammer or no. Cool. ##Trainer Jeod ##Rocket Killing_You As much as I'm playing up the bad guy, I still do want to have a fair fight. So if you guys could team me with someone who won't try to turn a 2v2 into a 3v1, that'd be divine.
  10. Killing_You

    Orange, what exactly is the penalty for attacking someone you're teamed with in a double battle?
  11. Killing_You

    Rocketing yourself? Do you wish to take my side in battle?
  12. Killing_You

    I hurt him badly, and since I had the extra coin I decided to grab something while I was there. Speaking of, does this bow make me look fat?
  13. Killing_You

    Is your Snorlax still primaried?
  14. Killing_You

    Quite profitable. I'll let Shade give the details.
  15. Killing_You

    I could also use a training. :P