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  1. Killing_You

    Where do you stand on the Nodlied situation? Specifically, do you buy his neutral hider claim (that kills undeads), and should I shoot him rather than lynching him?
  2. Killing_You

    Well, here's the thing... My takeaway is that Orange wants to keep jailing me out of obligation to keep me safe. He pretty much stated it outright. Not sure, if I'm being honest. But it's not enough for me to declare that one of the BPs is absolutely scum, only enough for me to kind of suspect them.
  3. Killing_You

    This isn't meant to poke holes in your argument, but I'd like to point out that we have had unlynchable scum in the past. It didn't end well, and I don't think Irish would do that. It was enough for us to stop going "unlynchable = town," but whether that was a good thing or not is debatable. I like this line of reasoning. Kind of glad that I didn't shoot you. Interesting plan. I'm going to wait a little bit for other people's input, but I'm personally on board. My main reason for holstering my shot is in case one of the claimed BPs was scum, but it looks like that's not the case. I'd also like to use it so that Orange doesn't feel obligated to jail me anymore.
  4. Killing_You

    I have to leave for a while, but suffice to say, I don't buy Nodlied's claim. ##vote Nodlied Neutral jailer sounds far more plausible to me than neutral hider with a killing edge. While I'm gone, I'll be considering how to use this shot. I'd rather not be jailed anymore.
  5. Killing_You

    One. So you're a pseudo-vig/flavor cop? Doesn't seem right to me, but I don't really have time to try and pick this claim apart right now.
  6. Killing_You

    Then why did you elect not to use it?
  7. Killing_You

    Cool. So that leaves three possibilities for the nightkill not happening N1, now that we have a nightkill and different targets to compare it to. 1. Nodlied tried to make the kill, but was blocked. 2. iLikeToSnipe tried to make the kill, but was blocked. 3. Someone tried to hit Nodlied N1, and went for Jeod N2. That third one strikes me as the least likely, since iLikeToSnipe mentioned that he'd probably protect Jeod. I meant to say "wasn't" on that second one. Damn my fingers. So I guess my next question would be, do you have a night action?
  8. Killing_You

    Undecided at the moment. I want to be a little bit more certain before I make my decision, but at the same time I definitely want to use it today so that Orange can focus on jailing other people. It does seem oddly coincidental that Nodlied was blocked N1 and there was no kill, yet he was blocked N2 and there was a kill. @Shade939 Please correct me if I'm wrong, but you blocked iLTS N1, correct?
  9. Killing_You

    Well, I woke up with a "fuzzy head" and my action failed, so I suppose this is confirmation. Not going to lie, though, I'm a bit annoyed. And as such, I'm not sure where to go from here. Some more information would be beneficial.
  10. Killing_You

    I was going to use it, but I got talked down from it. There's a difference.
  11. Killing_You

    That's... actually a good point. Also a good point. Gonna holster my shot for now. But it's on the table.
  12. Killing_You

    It's why I'm putting it to a vote, bruh.
  13. Killing_You

    ##vote NoLynch Anyone else want me to shoot iLTS, vote that to avoid collateral. I'll give you five minutes so I can get it in before hammer.
  14. Killing_You

    Not quite. And here's where I reveal why I suspect one of the BP's, as well as give us a safe option should we wish to kill iLTS without him taking one of us: I have an unstoppable daykill.
  15. Killing_You

    That is a good point. He's also one of the BPs, which compounds my suspicion. He's just had such a good townplay that I've been willing to overlook. ##unvote iLikeToSnipe, does your ability activate specifically on lynch or just death in general?