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  1. Cool, thanks. Anyway brb for realsies.
  2. Brb taking a closer look at Mojo. Shade, if you don't mind me asking, was your daykill a one-shot? I don't remember if you answered this already.
  3. I don't know, but he's been in the Mafia business a lot longer than I have., so I don't really know how different he acts as town or scum. Right now, though, he does read town to me. Also, I'm basing my vote on Mojo's behavior. Trying to daykill someone before a case is really built is not a pro-town move.
  4. Yeah, no. Mojo pulled the trigger before iLTS built a proper case. To me, that's not a good Town move. ##vote Mojoman
  5. ChopBam basically opened the day taking credit for the block and revealing that he discovered one of Orange's actions. I don't think he's scum.
  6. Actually, since we've got people here, I want to ask an open question: Who here has abilities with a 50/50 modifier? We already know about FRAYDO and Shade, anyone else? A simple "I" will suffice; I don't need or want details. Also, a question specifically for Shade and FRAYDO: Are your abilities used up, or will you be able to use them again?
  7. Leave it to Verti to be reckless like that. And I could definitely see him pulling something like that. Looking back, Chop appears to be claiming a combo night block/ability cop. Given the provided flavor, I think it's likely that he's a town Kirby. Either that, or it's an elaborate ruse on scum's part, but I don't think that's the case.
  8. Shade murderfied Orange, who turned out to be scum.
  9. Well then. While I still don't think Shade did that good of a job case-building, I concede that he was right.
  10. If Orange flips town, I'm re-voting Shade.
  11. That... makes a ridiculous amount of sense. ##unvote But pls, for the sake of town... calm down a tad.
  12. Thinking about it, I wouldn't be surprised if Shade was a Lyncher and Orange was his target.
  13. Well, you're committed, I'll give you that. You've still done a bad job building a case on either Orange or myself, though, and yet you're pushing this hard. That's why my vote's on you. I'll step aside now and let others weigh in.
  14. Okay, so you think I'm scum, right? Put your money where your mouth is. Make a case. Vote me. After all, since I'm not proven town I'm completely expendable.
  15. By that logic, everyone is expendable until they're proven town. I think I'm done trying to argue with you.
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