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  1. On weekends and holidays the site will be run by Zee's chickens
  2. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/manchester-arena-bomber-salman-abedi-10498466 Some more info coming out
  3. I heard they are deploying a lot of military under the command of police to secure high profile events from attacks and also raised the threat level... anyone in the UK see any soldiers around?
  4. Ahh, nice! I love beach weddings =) beach, outdoor and destination weddings are my favorite types. Hahaha, I guess he has things going pretty well so far then? I guess having smaller releases would help with that in terms of not needing too intensive of testing We just moved a ton of stuff to our new place with a big moving truck and are waiting on a storage unit to become available to store it in, and then we will go through the items at the storage unit and probably get rid of or donate some of it. Awesome! I remember you saying you moved on TS =) You sound so much happier now that you have your own place with your fiancee! How is the cook job? I've always been curious what being a cook is like, though I heard it can be pretty extreme at times with the work load and how fast you have to get stuff out. Do you get tired of cooking and just want to order take out when at home? Oh nice about the actor role. I really hope it goes well! Aww cute =) Are you hoping for a brother or a sister for her? She is getting so big in the pics already, it's crazy how fast they grow up!
  5. Congrats on your graduation and wedding! What sort of wedding theme did you two have? It's crazy how high student debt can be in the USA. I heard some people from other countries talk about it like it's a major alien concept to them (then again, a lot of things about the USA are strange to them, haha). However, you can make pretty good money in the end once everything is paid off and you have a lot of years of experience, projects you've done, etc and end up pretty well off and with good job security. Ahh, I didn't know APB isn't following the strict bug testing sessions anymore. I guess now it more relies on players submitting feedback?
  6. Oh wow, I remember hearing about how people have to pay an absurd amount just to sleep on someone's couch in the bay area. Did you have to downsize a lot of your stuff to fit in there? I am really considering downsizing a lot of things and donating them so we can pick up and move really easily. Late spring through summer is wedding season so you must be getting absolutely swamped with wedding photography I'm really glad Pushwall decided to keep APB alive and there is still development happening on it! Maybe some oldbies will notice the aircraft release and get inspired to return or even make some assets for the game.
  7. What is everyone up to lately? I just moved to a new location, after moving to a new location, after moving to a new location, and will move again in a year or two, and then move again a year after that. It is kind of cool but also a lot of work to move that many times, makes me want to start living minimalist style to not deal with moving things. I saw that fixed wing aircraft finally got put into APB which is something of a miracle considering how many times this was attempted by past teams and then written off as impossible, so I am pretty excited about that. It was almost implemented before, but it was a really creative way using invisible wheels, giant invisible springs on the wheels and using the recoil of a weapon to make the plane go forwards. Who knows, maybe we will see some other previously impossible things put in one day.
  8. Very sad and horrifying =( stay safe out there, everyone
  9. It was BattleLaf who did the voice commands for the game
  10. Wondering if any of the super oldbies are around...

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    2. Venom


      That sucks D: Did you lose a lot of work?

    3. Raap


      Still awaiting Pushwall to report back regarding whether or not it could be salvaged. If it's gone, then yes, over a year worth of level edit updates to the level will be gone. The 3DS side of things is unharmed though, as are materials, and even the script sequenced base destruction 'survived' because this was never touched in all that time. But everything added and changed since then would be gone.

    4. Venom


      Oh wow D: I really hope it can be salvaged

  11. Awesome! Are any of them textured or unwrapped? Sir P, Exdeath and Darkblade are the ones who taught me how to texture many years ago, and it was usually Sir P's models. I really enjoyed working with his stuff. I'm considering texturing some of Ice's models once I have my computer available and if he bribes me with enough chocolate
  12. He had moved on a long time ago, I think he was going to school for 3d modelling and something also happened in his personal life. I really enjoyed working with him and he was a really great dude and a great modeler so I hope he can return one day.
  13. Amazing to see this finally showing up in the game! Very good work you guys!
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